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We have crossed another milestone here at Modern Survival Blog.com having reached our 2 millionth visitor sometime around 6PM Eastern on Feb-14,2012!

This most recent million milestone took just half the time as our first million, and we are very happy for the continuing growth of our website and the addition of many new ‘regulars’ who return often to check out our recent article posts. Thank you!

We are also happy that more of you are leaving comments on our post articles (no registration required here), and knowing that historically only a tiny percentage of folks take the time to leave comments, we thank you for that. For those of you that lurk, we encourage more of you to express your opinion and comment too! It’s easy, anonymous if you want, and painless!

One of our general goals here regarding article posts is to cover a range of survival-preparedness and risk-awareness topics rather than always focus on one or two things. We welcome your questions and suggestions for topics too.

We’re not too hard-core here. We try to post for the main-stream prepper, mostly folks with normal lives within ‘the system’, and for those getting started, while also enjoying occasional posts dripping with conspiracy or on the edge of reality or probability – it’s fun and thought provoking to think outside of your normal safe little ‘box’…

So anyway, we just want to say ‘Thanks!’

~ Ken and Lauren

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