A Christmas Wish For You

Here’s wishing all of our Modern Survival Blog Readers a Merry Christmas. It is a time for family and friends, so put aside the stresses of the modern world that you live in and spend some time relaxing and enjoying the company of those important to you. For those who are alone, remember that you really are not alone… Merry Christmas

~ Ken and Lauren


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  1. Christine 12/23/2012
    • Ken (MSB) 12/23/2012
      • Christine 12/23/2012
  2. James NZ 12/23/2012
    • Ken (MSB) 12/23/2012
  3. Lori 12/24/2012
  4. Randy 12/24/2012
  5. Texasgirl 12/24/2012
  6. Ken (MSB) 12/25/2012
  7. Tammy 12/25/2012
  8. Texasgirl 12/26/2012
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