Be Balanced In Your Preparedness


A balanced approach to your preparedness plans, goals, and actions – is (one) key to a fulfilling life(style). Life is much to do with balance.

Be balanced in your preparedness…

Life has lots to do with balance.

If you’re behind and trying to catch up to where you think you should be – or are hard-core focused on this project or that project, just bear in mind that after awhile you may be neglecting other important aspects of your overall goals (or life!). While you may get ahead in one area, the lack of attention to other areas could become a detriment. Be aware of this and balance it (your time and focus).

Strive to keep your life and your time balanced between the many demands, needs, and desires. Take time to step back and re-evaluate once in awhile.

Manage your time by having a plan.

You need a plan. Without a plan you will not have clarity and focus. You may be unknowingly spinning your wheels and wasting time – even though you may feel like you’re going somewhere or that you are very busy.

Write it down.

It works. A clearly written plan or set of goals. Refer back to what you’ve written so as to stay on track.


Decide what you will do first, and then the next. Be aware of becoming too narrowly focused all the time. Refer back to ‘the bigger picture’. Know when it’s time to take a break and do other things. Force yourself to step back once in a while. Schedule it if you have to. Stay balanced.

Act on it – with balance.

Act on the plan. Don’t necessarily try to do everything at once. Balance your time with other work and activities. Just keep working on it a little at a time or according to your life’s schedule or demands. Shrug off frustration. Take some time to do other things. Allow yourself some ‘you’ time to enjoy whatever it is that you enjoy.

Live life fully.

Preparedness is for life. It is a lifelong lifestyle that goes way beyond just rice, beans, bullets, and band-aids. It is also an attempt to achieve balance in many aspects of life. It means different things for different people, but one key to life success and happiness is balance in what you do.



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