Doom and Gloom

Did that title capture your attention?

Doom and Gloom sells. However it doesn’t sell like it used to.

Why? Partly because the doom & gloom market has been saturated to the point of ridiculous. And it has gone on for years.

Many sites have been falling to the wayside given the shift in political landscape which had been helping to fuel the scare factor in years gone past. Not as many people are ‘worried’ about doom and gloom these days (despite the real threats) and it has affected the doom and gloom industry in general.


Doom and Gloom gets old…

Back to the title, Doom and Gloom is for Losers…

What I mean by that is this: It gets old pretty quick when day after day, month after month, year after year, all you hear is doom and gloom (from those sites that continually propagate it). And that it’s right around the corner…

After awhile it’s like “the boy who cried wolf” syndrome. It never happens and people begin to discount, ignore, and turn away from the message. This type of continuous messaging unfortunately actually hurts the real message of preparedness.

I do sincerely believe that the state of the modern world and modern way of life presents some VERY SERIOUS RISKS. And I could easily whip you up into a frenzy over some of them (and I have in the past). However a constant focus on the terrible things that could happen and ‘worst case scenarios’ is not good for your (and my) well being on a regular basis.

That’s why here on Modern Survival Blog I have tried to limit my own doom and gloom reporting. It has been to my financial detriment that I don’t constantly barrage you with scare tactics. However it’s just not me and I would get bored with re-posting the same apocalyptic scenarios day after day.

Again, I’m not saying that I don’t believe we’re at risk for some of these worst case scenarios. I do prepare for them to an extent. What I am saying though is that preparedness can be (if you let it) a HUGE categorical topic that could encompass a VERY WIDE variety of subjects outside the immediate doom and gloom arena.


Doom and Gloom TEOTWAWKI Predictions

Seems like there have been endless predictions over these many years that ‘The End Of The World As We Know It’ is right around the corner. Any day now…

Here’s the thing. It might be true! Then again, more likely, we will continue to see an ongoing decay. A decay of our society. A decay of our morality. A decay of our financial economic situation. A decay of our civility. A decay of our world.

I, for one, had been convinced that there would have been a major economic meltdown by now, given that the real underlying situation is evidently worse now than during the period leading to the crash of 2008. But ‘they’ (the FED and the global bankster cabal) have so far held it together. On it goes. To this day I do not believe in the roots of the stock market ascension that we have witnessed, other than that it has indeed happened. I believe it is largely propped up and fake as opposed to an underlying strength based in reality. However it continues it’s march upwards. Predictions are mostly useless. And this is just one example of how predictors of doom and gloom can be wrong or off in their timing.

So what do I do? I ignore the crazy stuff. I observe but I take for a grain of salt the predictions. I balance the probabilities of doom and gloom scenarios with those that are more likely to affect me.

I focus on what’s real to me. The real world that I live in. The things that I can do to be prepared for the present and future without going into debt or taking on unnecessary risk.

I focus on gaining knowledge, practical skills, discovering truths, acquiring physical preps and assets that directly assist my preparedness, self sufficiency, and independence. Things that won’t simply sit on the shelf until one day I ‘might’ need them… (a few exceptions).


Spending Money on Doom and Gloom

Yes there are survival & preparedness related websites where the pure focus is on separating you from your money. Every niche has them. ‘Scaring’ people is a great motivator to get them to open up their wallet. Lots of places also sell useless junk.

I am not implying that buying ‘preps’ (a general term) is not a good idea. It is indeed a good idea to acquire the right assets, things, (preps) that will help ‘you’ during a time of need. Modern Survival Blog is filled with recommendations in that regard.

Just keep in mind though that we all have our own unique talents, skills, and interests. It’s logical that we acquire related ‘tools’ to assist our own situation. Something that’s good for me might not be good for you. And vice versa.

That said, sites like this one need a certain amount of revenue to compensate for the time and money required to implement and manage it. I put out content with thought and purpose with intent of providing value to some who may read it. We have our own advertisers, we promote certain products via AMZ where appropriate, and we sell ad space below each article. Revenue generation is necessary, and I know that our site is distinguishable from some of the others which may be solely motivated by monetizing. I would like to think that most people (especially you regulars) would see the difference in this regard 😉

Just don’t succumb to panic buying for preparedness. Think it through first. I would avoid acquiring outlier products until you have your house in order with the basics. An ample supply of food (quantity based on your own risk tolerance). Water procurement and filtration. Various kits. Then get into other areas such as your security. And so on. Just be logical about it. Don’t go into debt to get these things.


The Preparedness Mindset

Instead of prepping for doom and gloom, I look at the big picture as a preparedness mindset. It shifts my way of life. Not severely, but it adjusts how I think about things and what I choose to do with my time, my life, my outlook, and my money.

Preparedness secures me more as a independent individual. A preparedness mindset liberates me to an extent from being stuck in a status quo mainstream way of life. Preparedness shifts life focus from “the system” to “my system”. Although some of my preparedness prepares me for doom and gloom (in case it ever happens) it primarily sets me up for bumps in the road and self responsibility.

We all have a choice, although many do not recognize that we have choice. We can choose to be swept down the river currents of the mainstream or we can choose to explore alternate routes to different destinations of our own choosing.

The potential for doom and gloom exists. Indeed. However constantly focusing on it is for losers. It will bring you down if you think about it all the time. “You are what you think.”

Instead, while recognizing that there is doom and gloom out there (and the potential thereof), think of and focus on aspects of a preparedness mindset which might include:

Self sufficiency
Self reliance
Financial freedom
Health and well being
Pursuit of happiness

Focus on the positive. The things that will help you achieve. If you focus on the negative, you may become mired in the sludge making it difficult to move…

-Ken J.

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