Focusing Outlook On Positive Thinking To Adapt And Achieve Success


During a time of survival (and through our day-to-day lives), our outlook is so very important to successfully adapt and achieve success, for not only our well being, but even our happiness.

Here’s how to maintain an outlook which will help you to accomplish this:

A Positive Outlook
It’s about attitude. It’s generally true that we become what we think about most. If we’re always thinking negatively, complaining, focusing on the things that have gone wrong – it becomes difficult to achieve the positive, to succeed, to effectively move forward. By focusing our energy on positive thinking, thinking ahead (not behind), looking for the ‘silver lining’, thinking of a way through the problem at hand, figuring how to adapt with what we have, making the most of what we have – we will more quickly achieve success, our goals, and we will be happier for it.

Trust Yourself
While it’s good to take the consideration of others, believe in yourself (while not constantly seeking the approval from others). Trust your life experiences and judgement, and use them to trust yourself. It doesn’t matter what others think of you. It’s about ‘you’. Don’t try to ‘impress’.

Take Charge And Responsibility For Yourself
You are the one in charge of your life. Don’t let others control the way you are. You decide – not them. Also take responsibility for what you do – and don’t blame others for setbacks. Learn from them and continue forward.

Know Your Strengths
Each of you have our own unique strengths, talents and skills. Use them to your benefit. Focus on what you do well and you will achieve.

Don’t Be Afraid
Fears are natural, but they can hold you back. Venture out of your comfort zone. Learning new things, going new places, adapting to new circumstances – they are not always comfortable (at first), but will help you grow or adapt to a new situation.

Don’t Try And Do It All Yourself
There’s no sense trying to control everything yourself or doing everything yourself. When possible, utilize others in their areas of strengths to help accomplish the mission at hand.

The Best Things In Life Are Free
Happiness often comes from quality rather than quantity. Don’t over-complicate it. Simplicity rather than clutter and stress. The breathtaking moments you’ve had. Think back to those times – you’ll see…

Think About The Positive Successes
Think about what has worked (rather than focusing too much on what has failed). Give ample time to thinking about your success or the good things you’ve experienced today.


The relevance of this message relating to a survival blog:

While focusing and preparing for the countless risks that we face in today’s world, there’s often a coinciding sense of negativity, doom-and-gloom, or anxiousness. But we must also remain positive to be able to effectively adapt, to take control and achieve our goals, our successes, and to be happy in our lives…


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