Preparing for the worst, or prepping in general, is not something that you should do just once in a while…

It’s something that you should get in the habit of thinking about (and/or doing) every day, even for just a little.

Many are very busy living their modern lives and it can be difficult to schedule time for things that are outside of daily routines. But the thing is, doing a bit of prepping doesn’t need to take all day — but it should at least occupy some of your time…

Take just a little time each day for prepping.

It is a wide category and doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be filling buckets with rice and beans to fit the definition. In my opinion, prepping simply encompasses everything and anything to do with taking more responsibility for one’s self in a manner which eliminates or minimizes risks associated with the life we live, especially having to do with becoming better prepared for emergency or disaster (natural or man-made).

First it involves identifying risks. Some risks are rather obvious while many others are hidden. It requires much due-diligence on your part to discover what some of these are, and to evaluate your comfort level with these risks as they relate to your own current life situation.

Much time can (and should) be spent in this area, because all of the work and energy spent that follows will be hinged on your identification and assessment of each risk. I say this because when I ask the question of “How are you preparing for the worst?”, an answer could be as simple as you are becoming more situationally aware of what’s going on around you so that you can identify what some of the risks are.

This might involve reading alternative news, searching for the opposite side of a story, ‘thinking’ about the consequences of some of the happenings and goings-on in our world, using the internet to browse through the myriad of opinions and ideas in these areas, researching beyond the main-stream, thinking outside-the-box, etc.

What are you in the mood for today?

You might decide that one day you’re in the mood to organize your food pantry and see what else you might need to shore up your supply.

Or maybe you’re in the mood to look through all your hand tools to discover if you have the necessities for surviving a period of time without electricity.

Maybe you just feel like going fishing to practice your skills (sounds like a good excuse to me ;) )

Someone might decide to try and cook a loaf of bread from scratch. Or to try out that hand mill that you bought earlier this year.

Others might choose to go shopping for some of the supplies that they’ve been adding to their list.

Maybe today’s the day you want to figure out how to properly store a sack of beans for long-term storage.

Perhaps you’ll decide today to go out and buy a few extra gas cans for your generator, fill-em-up, and add some Stabil for longer shelf-life.

Today you might decide to split some more firewood to add to the stack.

Maybe you’ll decide to schedule a meeting with your spouse to discuss some of your preparedness concerns and to help be sure you’re both on the same page. This one actually is a very good habit to get into (meetings) because it is amazing what new information, ideas, and solutions can be discovered while discussing issues with others who are on board.

The point I am trying to get across is… to do something every day.

A-lot to do with prepping for the worst (or any level) has much to do with planning. The ‘doing’ afterwards is often the easy part (although requiring time and energy). Good planning is critical to success. When prepping (for whatever), you really should devote a significant time to using your noggin for thinking through “what-if” scenarios and how each of them would affect you right now, where you live. Planning involves identifying, reasoning, brainstorming, critical thinking, risk assessment, assigning tasks, scheduling, contingencies, and more… so be sure to give it it’s fair share of time during your prepping.

The title and question of “How” are your prepping is really a lead-in to “Are you prepping each day?”. Even just a little?

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