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The following is an attempt at a definition of Liberty… a natural human right which is being increasingly infringed upon by our ballooning federal, state and even some of our local governments. While all civilizations have rules out of necessity to protect the rights of the society within, as a government grows in size and power, liberty itself is diminished. It is a directly disproportional relationship. More government results in less liberty, while more liberty requires less government.


Definitions and Thoughts of Liberty

The quality or state of being free from restriction or control.

The power to do as one pleases with freedom from physical restraint.

The power of choice.

The right and power to act, believe, or express oneself in a manner of one’s own choosing.

The condition of being physically and legally free from confinement, servitude, or forced labor.

Freedom from unjust or undue governmental control.

The liberties protected by the Bill of Rights.

To exercise human rights in any manner a person chooses so long as it does not interfere with the exercise of the rights of others.

Keeping government out of our lives.

The understanding derived from freedom, devoted to freeing society from the shackles of the state.

Permitting people to work out their problems for themselves, build lives for themselves, take risks and accept responsibility for the results, and make their own decisions.

The linchpin of a complex system of values and practices: justice, prosperity, responsibility, toleration, cooperation, and peace.

The core political value of modern civilization itself.



Libertarianism is the belief that each person has the right to live his life as he chooses so long as he respects the equal rights of others. Libertarians defend each person’s right to life, liberty, and property. In the libertarian view, voluntary agreement is the gold standard of human relationships. If there is no good reason to forbid something (a good reason being that it violates the rights of others), it should be allowed. Force should be reserved for prohibiting or punishing those who themselves use force, such as murderers, robbers, rapists, kidnappers, and defrauders (who practice a kind of theft). Most people live their own lives by that code of ethics. Libertarians believe that that code should be applied consistently, even to the actions of governments, which should be restricted to protecting people from violations of their rights. Governments should not use their powers to censor speech, conscript the young, prohibit voluntary exchanges, steal or “redistribute” property, or interfere in the lives of individuals who are otherwise minding their own business.


Where Are We Today?

Our country was established with the greatest ideals and respect for individual freedom ever known. Yet look at where we are today: runaway spending and uncontrollable debt; a monstrous bureaucracy regulating our every move; total disregard for private property, free markets, sound money, and personal privacy; and a foreign policy of military expansionism. The restraints placed on our government in the Constitution by the Founders did not work. Powerful special interests rule, and there seems to be no way to fight against them. While the middle class is being destroyed, the poor suffer, the justly rich are being looted, and the unjustly rich are getting richer. The wealth of the country has fallen into the hands of a few at the expense of the many.

Many people are deceived into believing that government can make them safe from all harm, provide fairly distributed economic security, and improve individual moral behavior. If the government is granted a monopoly on the use of force to achieve these goals, history shows that that power is always abused. Every single time.

Our existing rights have been fought for, over the span of time, with much bloodshed. While a right can be given up very easily, it will likely not be returned to you without further bloodshed to get it back. Remember that the next time you’re willing to give up another slice of your liberties in the name of ‘safety’.

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