So many of us will complain about how you can only find things made in China (or other foreign countries) these days, in nearly all stores across America. We complain about how manufacturing has left the U.S. for the most part, and how it is so greedy of the corporations to have moved their manufacturing overseas while having laid off and closed down manufacturing plants here in the U.S.

We complain about how companies are outsourcing their work to other countries where labor is cheaper. We complain about how when we call for customer service, we usually get someone on the other end with a distinct foreign accent. We complain about the excessive apparent greed of companies who will seemingly do nearly anything to fractionally increase their profit margin (and quarterly earnings reports) at the sacrifice of American workers.

We complain about the quality (lack thereof) of many of the goods that are made cheaply overseas, some of which is the fault of the company itself who is specifying the products to be manufactured only one level better than its ability to ‘stay together’.

We complain that the American middle class is being destroyed by the loss of jobs over the years as these companies continue to leverage the cheapest workforce available to them – no matter where they are in the world. We complain about how we are stuck in this global economy where everything is slowly being lowered to the least common denominator while the fat cats and executives reap huge bonus awards for squeezing another percent out of their costs.


You know what though? Do you know how many people that I hear complaining, are the same ones going to Walmart to buy most of their products?

If we truly feel angry enough to complain about it to others, we should do our due-diligence and seek out places or products that are truly made-in-the-USA. Yes, you will pay more. Yes, it is often difficult to find sources. But if you do nothing, then you are 100% supporting the very thing that you are complaining about. That is hypocritical.

If your primary concern is to pay as little as possible for a product, then you will get what you pay for. Stop complaining about it then.

If your primary concern is to do your part to protest against this philosophy of outsourcing products and services out of our country, then seek out and buy made-in-the-USA. Pay for it. Be happy. You are supporting someone, somewhere, in a manufacturing job in the U.S.A. It could even be your neighbor.

The challenge is finding what you need that is made-in-the-USA. I will go to Walmart if I cannot find it elsewhere. That is the unfortunate truth. But I won’t automatically go there.

Look at the product labels. Where are they made? Find stores or companies that support made-in-the-USA and spend your money there instead.

Stop complaining. Instead, do something about it!


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