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We at Modern Survival Blog wish to thank our readers and visitors for a successful first year, in that from when we started in January, 2010 until now at the end of the year, you have provided nearly half a million views, many of you returning for more. We are very grateful for your interest.

MSB has been mostly a hobby, and a way to interact with interests and concerns with the world that we live in today. Hopefully some of the information has been either informative, thought provoking, or interesting for you.

A variety of topics have been touched upon throughout the year, while lately it has gravitated towards geophysical earth events (earthquakes, volcanoes, the sun).

Going forward, we will try and provide a broader set of topics related to the theme of modern survival as it relates to current events and the times we live in. There will likely be some seasonal focus, e.g. gardening in the spring, etc… but with a constant eye on current events.

Both Lauren and I are more-or-less moderately Libertarian minded, meaning, we are sensitive to current events and issues that effect our freedoms, personal responsibility, and liberty. Therefore these types of issues will likely provoke new posts and discussion.

We receive great E-mail from many of you, and encourage others to E-mail your thoughts, ideas, recommendations, or to post comments publicly at the end of a given article.

The site has consumed many hours of our lives this year, and will continue to 😉

Going into 2011 we hope to bring on some direct sponsors, those that we believe will truly provide a benefit to you in some way. We appreciate your support.

The bottom line is, we are very happy with your interest in Modern Survival Blog, and hope that you will continue to visit, and recommend to your friends!

Best regards,

Ken and Lauren


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