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While having an analytical look at some of the articles which inspired more people to comment, and while also analyzing which articles have received a higher number of reads, I’ve looked at the categories and subject matter to get a feel for what our visitors are tuned in to…

Do these results match with your own interests?

Gratefully (thanks to you), Modern Survival Blog has grown from a tiny blog to where it is today. I believe that our success reflects the concerns of so many people today regarding the state of the world, the many risks which we’re facing, and the desire to become prepared for what seems a potentially dark future…

Every once in awhile I have an analytical look at what people are reading and commenting the most about. I thought that I would share it with you, and get your opinion about it.


The Most Commented Articles

The analytics show that more visitors are inspired to comment when an article has to do with:

1. Current events – particularly those which touch the nerve of liberty and government corruption / intrusion on one’s rights.

2. Current events – major disaster having taken place

3. One’s personal security and situational awareness

4. Nuke / nuclear clear related issues

5. Prep lists

I suppose it makes sense that visitors are more likely to comment on a current event issue which they feel passionate about – particularly issues which are at the core of one’s ideological beliefs. This is reflected in the ordered list above (#1).

When a disastrous current event takes place (or is threatening to take place), people are more likely to vent their emotions and/or anxieties about it – as is reflected by it’s #2 position.

When it comes to one’s personal security and issues having to do with what’s going on around them (situational awareness), people are expressing their opinion more (#3).

People are also passionate about topics surrounding issues of nuclear weapons (including EMP) and nuclear power plant disaster (or risks), which is not too surprising given the potential magnitude of disaster (#4).

Preparedness lists are always food for thought. Everyone has an opinion and hardly any two lists are alike. It makes for good discussion and is always a venue for new ideas (#5).


The Most Read Articles

As opposed to articles that have been receiving the most comments, the analytics also show that visitors here at Modern Survival Blog are simply reading more articles having to do with:

1. Preps / Lists

2. Preps / How-to

3. Security / Situational Awareness

4. Nuke / nuclear related issues

5. Government intrusion on liberties

Being a preparedness website, it’s no surprise that articles which touch upon preparedness supplies, lists, and practical ‘how-to’ are getting the most reads.

On a similar note, preppers are concerned about security issues and those which relate to situational awareness. Rightfully so, because being aware of one’s surroundings (near and far), being aware of issues which may affect one’s security, and being aware of the importance of security itself – is paramount to survival.

Again, there is a healthy interest in any and all issues having to do with ‘nuclear’. Makes sense because of the potential SHTF outcome.

People are also very concerned and reading about encroaching government bloat, intrusion, regulation, and outright corruption. And they should be!

While this list is general, and only partial, my question is this:

What are the issues which are important to you?

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