A list to get you started with some of the survival & preparedness acronyms and terms that you may read or hear while delving into the community…

Guest article, by ‘NRP’…

Huh? What did you say? What does that mean? Have you ever read and noticed all kinds of Acronyms that you really don’t understand? I figured it would be fun to toss out a few and let the SHTF land where it will. Let’s have a little fun with this.


SHTF, TSHTF; “$hit Hit The Fan” or “The $hit Hit The Fan”, An event or occurrence that disrupts the “normal flow” of life; probably not a world changing event (although it could be), but something that affects you personally, your family, community, region.

TEOTWAWKI; “The End Of The World As We Know It”, Now we’re talking about potential total wide-reaching or global problems, this is a worst case scenario. Probable total breakdown of society, economics, food/water supplies, other systems, life and civilization as we know it. Probability of varying degrees of ‘Caveman’ lifestyle and ‘Mad Max’ all rolled into one.

EMP; “Electro Magnetic Pulse”, the result of a nuclear explosion high into the atmosphere (~300 miles above Earth for max effect), causes a massive instantaneous cascade of electrons bombarding the surface below. The resulting effect would (theoretically) cause extreme failure in electronic devices, electrical services and equipment.

CME; “Coronal Mass Ejection” is a powerful eruption on the sun (solar flare) that breaks free from the solar atmosphere and is ejected into space as ‘charged’ plasma. If it is directed at earth and if powerful enough, it could knock down the electrical power grid.

Bug Out / Bugging Out; Leaving / evacuating your primary place of residence/living/home. Usually associated with one of two things; Bugging Out to a different location or some think of it as Bugging Out to “live in the woods” (although very few can actually survive long-term in “the woods”!).

BOB; “Bug Out Bag”, usually a larger “bag”/suitcase/container for all the items you want to take with you when leaving your primary place with no intentions of returning any time soon. Most/Some have more than one BOB, one for each person in the household or more than one per person, each bag geared towards specific means of exiting/leaving and the trip ahead.

BOL; “Bug Out Location”, a secondary (or other) destination that may have previously been equipped and set up prior to the “event” or reason for leaving. This could be anything from your own remote cabin, friend or family who lives in an ideal location, or maybe a $3million Bunker.

BOV; “Bug Out Vehicle”; A Secondary (or Primary) vehicle (Car, Truck, SUV, Whatever) you intend on using when/if you Bug-Out. Normally these are well equipped for more than usual driving terrain.

Bugging In; Staying where you are, usually at your home; where most people keep majority of their preps, and the place you have probably fortified the most.

Hunkering Down; Staying put where you are, this could be at work, friends, relatives, so on. This can/would happen for several reasons, too far from Home, conditions are too dangerous to move, Primary location is “gone”.

GHB; “Get Home Bag”, Mostly a backpack or bag that’s easy to carry for traveling “Home”; it will contain items you will need to get home, probably walking. Don’t forget the Water/Food.

EDC; “Every Day Carry”, Items you carry on your person ALL the time without the additional “bag”.

VB; “Vehicle Bag”, this is a container that’s kept in the vehicle at all times containing everything (mostly) you may need to repair your vehicle. Normally this contain items that you can and know how to repair.

MRE; “Meals Ready to Eat”, originally a military food package and may be made up of one or more sealed packets of food (ready to eat) comprising up to a full meal. These are often used by Preppers as a simple and easy emergency backup food source (along with other diversified storage foods).

JIT; “Just In Time” referring to the just-in-time ordering and receiving process of store inventory (retail, grocery, etc..) relying on efficient and accurate forecasting (to be restocked just before they run out of product on the shelf). A very fragile system of resupplying needed items for the general public and vulnerable to conditions out of the ‘normal’.

Sheeple; People herded like sheep by “the system” or Government or other thinking. These people generally don’t question authority, they do as they are told (literally and/or subliminally) by their masters and shepherds, they don’t know how to think critically, they don’t prep, and they usually ignore the dangers in the world around them.

WROL; “Without Rule of Law”, the lawless state of society if/when disruption happens.

Zombies; Zombies are the unfortunate people who did not plan or prepare and are pictured as the ‘Zombie Horde’ leaving the cities looking for food and supplies after TEOTWAWKI. Or it might be my neighbor when he has a drink or two to many.

This is obviously an abbreviated list (there are lots more) for those who may need a quick “look-see”. I believe these may help some of those that are new to “prepping”.

So, when TSHTF from a CME/EMP and I see TEOTWAWKI Zombies thinking WROL I’m grabbing my EDC, GHB, BOB, some MREs and heading home in the BOV with the VB Thinking BOL with no Sheeple around, then just Bugging-In and Hunkering Down waiting for the JIT system to crash.

WOW, that was fun HAHAHAHA

On a last note, I know you all have a LOT of good information to give and share to those that visit this and many other sites. I have heard over and over from visitors that MSB is one of the first and best stops on the Prepper Site list. Also I want to compliment all of those that comment (positively) on Articles. It really does help others to hear different and opposing points of view (please remember be nice).

So, what different or odd-ball acronyms do you have/use?


A few more that you might hear or read:

MSM; Main Stream Media

TPTB; The Powers That Be

G.O.O.D.; Get Out Of Dodge

BIB; Bug-In Bag. A kit designed for “hunkering down”, in place.

ELE; Extinction Level Event

Fiat; (Currency) ‘Paper’ currency that is issued without tangible backing or convertibility to precious metals or other tangibles.

FUBAR; Fouled (or F’d) Up Beyond Recognition

OPSEC; Operational Security

Paracord; Parachute Cord. Also 550 cord (rated to hold 550 pounds – if it’s the ‘real’ stuff).

ROTFL; Rolling on the floor laughing.

ROTFLMAO; Rolling on the floor laughing my a$$ off.

YOYO; You’re On Your Own

ZIRP; Zero Interest Rate Policy

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