We recently had some great comments on the following article,
“You Don’t Need To Prepare For The End Of The World To Be A Prepper”

…and one question that came out of it was the notion of one’s age versus ‘being prepared’.

There are some interesting philosophical thoughts surrounding the notion of a typical preppers age, so I decided to put out an anonymous poll to discover the age demographics for those who consider themselves to be preppers — those who are preparedness-minded.

Given today’s ‘modern’ (and ‘busy’) societal way-of-life along with its associated expectations, obligations, and technological capabilities (and distractions)… many believe that the ‘younger’ among us are less likely to be concerned enough about systemic risks (and such) to be preparedness-mind, especially given their normalcy-bias (because everything has always been relatively ‘okay’ in their lives ‘so far…’).

On the contrary, many believe that as one gets older (and wiser?) that some begin to realize the ‘realities’ (and risks) within ‘the system’ we live in – as the curtains are pulled back and veils are unveiled… “The Matrix Is Real, And When It Goes Down You Are On Your Own”

Poll: If you are preparedness-minded (a ‘prepper’), what’s your age-group?


Prepper Age Demographic

After having run the poll this week, here are the results:


After 786 participating votes, the cross section of age is quite interesting. The bulk appears to be within the 45-70 age group, although there are a good many who are younger too…

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