Prepper Wannabe’s, Take Action!


“The path to success is to take massive, determined action.” – Tony Robbins

Take action. Take Action. Take action. I can’t say it enough. If you want something, you have to take action. Plan, learn and absorb as much as you want, but without action, you will never get to where you want to be.

For those that are, or want to prepare for uncertainties ahead, it takes more than just browsing web sites and researching or planning what you should be doing. Those things are definitely first steps, but after that you must take action and do something about it.


For example,

If you are in credit card debt and your gut is telling you that it’s a bad thing, well then take action and do something about it. First, stop using your credit card. Second, pay more on your monthly payments than you ever have. Sacrifice spending somewhere else and actually use that money to pay more on your debt. When you actually take action, you will feel nervous about it (you’re out of your comfort zone), but you will be rewarded for your actions!

If you are serious about wanting a decent surplus of extra food (just in case), let’s say a solid 3 month supply for starters, then do it! Spend the money and go get it. You can buy food-kits of all sorts, and a 3-month supply is easy to find. Or you can decide to buy it all at your grocery store over a period of weeks. Unless you already have a storage location for it all, go buy some plastic storage bins, shelving, or shelf organizers to store it all on. Take action.

If you have been wishing to accumulate some extra cash to have at home for emergencies, knowing that it could really come in handy during certain types of disaster, well then take action. Buy a small home safe. This will encourage you to start adding cash a bit at a time. Each week, go ahead and set aside $ for the safe. Watch the pile grow until it reaches the amount you want! Don’t just think about it. Do it.

If you know that it would be a smart thing to have some sort of 72-hour kit in your car including some extra food, seasonal clothes, blanket, etc., then take action and actually start putting one together. Buy a backpack. Then start adding items of your choosing. Get some calorie-dense power bars and throw them inside the pack and keep it in the trunk. You’ve already thought through the items that you want, now go get them. Don’t procrastinate.


It is EASY to think, plan, and have good intentions about doing things.
It is HARD to actually get off your butt and do it.

Take action!


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