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I have one question.

What do I say to people who are so indifferent when they respond to this question,

“Aren’t you nervous that everything you do, every bit you spend, and everywhere you go is being watched?”

And they usually just say, “If they want to watch me, and find out that I walked to the grocery store and bought a can of beans, then let them!”

Any tips for a response?

A reader of the blog recently asked this question, a very good one…

They went on to say,

I’m stumped on what to say. (And dumbfounded that there really ARE so many sheeple out there.) I’m frustrated and want to shake their shoulders. But after I get over that and realize that you “Can’t fix stupid,” I just kinda grin and bear it, and then remember that I should be secure in my own knowledge and critical thinking / observation skills in the world around me, and where it’s going.

Here are my thoughts off the top of my head…

In response to the notion of “so many sheeple” and apparent ignorance,

I believe that the approach one takes towards discussing (with sheeple) issues related to preparedness or risk awareness, depends on the sheeple-person in question… of which many are not critical thinkers, and are blinded and distorted by the system’s propaganda, and are sometimes just plain difficult to reason with.

Having said that, there are some who seem more open to the notion of the risks that we’re facing and the preparedness thereof.

Personally, if I detect that the person in question is a hardcore sheeple-person (completely ignorant), then I do not bother wasting my energies towards enlightenment.

If I detect that the sheeple-person may posses a hint of logic or reason, then if the opportunity arises during a given conversation, I may gently interject opinions related to my beliefs regarding preparedness, risks, etc. (rather than hitting them over the head, so to speak). They can choose to ponder or continue the discussion if they wish… it’s up to them. I’m not pushing them – because it does not affect me.

Over time (the older you get) the more you realize the magnitude of the situation we’re in (that there’s no stopping the demise until we’ve gone through collapse of some sort)…and also over time, the more you realize that you better get your own house in order (preparedness, plans, etc) while realizing that the majority of sheeple will suffer the consequences that they impose upon themselves by not recognizing the risks and not taking any preventative actions towards them.

While I thoroughly enjoy promoting the notion of preparedness and risk awareness through articles/posts on this blog, and while I only hope that I make some kind of a difference to one or two people once in awhile, I’m not an in-your-face proactive ‘preacher’ type, especially on the street. I’m more of a keep-to-yourself kind of person who is naturally skeptical towards some things, possessing some cynicism -not enough to be unsociable 😉 and when I see or experience (sheeple/ignorance/propaganda, etc.) which gets me frustrated, I channel that towards the realization that we’re going to be in deep doo-doo when this ship goes down. It actually motivates me further to be better prepared…!

So, if I were actually to respond to the sheeple-person who said, “If they want to watch me, and find out that I walked to the grocery store and bought a can of beans, then let them!”

I might answer it with a question… Where does it end? If someone has “nothing to hide” and they’re perfectly okay with govt/NSA tracking this kind of thing, then why not let them come in to your home whenever they want to, just to make sure that there’s nothing to hide…? Let’s have random checks of people’s premises, random stops and searches on the streets without probable cause while you’re walking down the sidewalk…? It would all be for your safety of course, so it would be okay, right?

The problem of course is that this kind of behaviour violates our Constitution which states the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures.

Unfortunately, most people do not know their Constitution, and have been moulded and shaped into the sheeple-people that they are today. There’s too many of them now. It’s too late. Each new parent that has been morphed into a sheeple-person has raised a child (or two or three), who in turn are transformed into more sheeple-people. When there’s more of them than critical thinkers (like right now), then one can’t help but to be pessimistic about our future.

In summary of this ramble, I more than likely wouldn’t even ask the sheeple if they are concerned about such things while out and about, except if I detected a hint of reason-ability and I was in the mood for such discussion at the time. I save most of it for this blog. I guess I’ve lost some patience with many of the sheeple types, or maybe it’s just something that happens when you get a bit older and ‘crankier’ 😉


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