The Elections: What Has Changed?


After 2 Billion 6 Billion dollars spent on campaigning, the answer is, nothing has changed. No change in the House and Senate. No change in the presidency. No change in the policies of the past four years.

The 51% to 49% voting results, tells us how closely America is divided. When you look deeper beyond the ‘blue-red’ states and peer into the overall county by county breakdown, it tells us that for the most part, the population-dense cities favored Obama whereas Romney took the vast majority of the geographical area of the nation and rural America. This is interesting in itself because the lifestyle and expectations of those who live in the city is quite different from those who do not.

What does it all mean for you and I? Well, unless you’ve been on-board with the direction that our economy has been headed (towards a fiscal cliff), it means for those of us who are concerned, that we should continue to adjust and prepare as we were before the elections. Whatever you thought about the direction before, will remain as is, today, or accelarate.

That nation has reached a tipping point, which I actually believe occurred 4 years ago, in that we’ve gone beyond the 50% point of those who TAKE from the government versus those who are fiscally conservative. Once that point was reached, it was inevitable that it would continue, especially as more and more have become dependent on the government, and more people that enter the country are doing so for a handout.


The federal government has grown enormously over the past four years and will continue to do so. It has spent Trillions $ on its own expansion and will continue to do so. It has encroached on our liberties and freedoms (for our own… ‘safety’?) and will continue to do so.

Nothing has changed. Except for a possible acceleration of the policies of the past four years.

For those who realize the probable result of four more years of this, will probably renew or heighten their preparedness efforts. Personally, I believe the greatest current and likeliest threat to our well being is that of our fiscal health. Government spending will continue. The debt will continue to pile up. Spending will continue with money printed out of thin air.

Now that the president is in his last term, and will have no concerns of adjusting or tempering his actions to be re-elected in four years, there is the possibility that he could revert to his core…more extreme left views, and push forward those policies, taxes, and programs on America (even more so than has already occurred).

The president remains in control of the Senate, and while the Congress is still Republican majority, they lost a few more seats – indicating that the country is heading further and further left.


The nation was at a critical point, and America has chosen its direction. That is, one of bigger government.
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