It’s sad really, to watch so many people trading and wasting their time for “shiny things”. To what end? Debt?

Hustling and bustling as they all get in lines together, traveling to work in cars and in trains. Lines on the sidewalk, shoulder to shoulder making their way to their cell for the day.

They plan and they plot as they scheme their new ways to trap others into their system of debt. Snaring the young to be caught up in peer pressures to buy their fashions, gadgets, and toys. “The Beast” markets its brand through ever increasing technological outlets, all the while secretly burdening its victims with increasing debt and heavy chains tied from their feet to its walls.

In the corridors, independent talk is frowned on… instead, stick to the plan, stay in lock step and keep your game face on. The system knows no real life, it only knows greed and entrapment to debt while its Zombie members walk with frowns or fake grins, having lost their souls.

When the system encounters a glitch, some of its members see it for what it is, but for most, it’s too late as they realize and tug at the chains of debt on their feet. You see, the big lie is that debt is OK and good. Well my friends, debt is the blood of the Beast, requiring that you spend your precious time feeding the system its food.

It seems no matter the level at which each system member lives, many are never quite happy with all the things that they have, as they themselves have been victims of the system’s big lie while having increased their own debt acquiring even more shiny things.

Working in the system, the higher one gets, there reaches a point where it will require a full LIFE commitment, and is the point where it may be truly over, defeated and destined to the Zombie life of a programmed robot.

Life is all around us and for some, true happiness resides outside of the system, not within. In my humble opinion.

Having said that, there are those that truly enjoy a 24/7 commitment to the system that pays them, and thrive there, without falling in debt. The reality is that most people have no choice but to work within the system to survive, and while some must work more than others, my experience tells me that today compared to times gone by is far more demanding of our 24 hour day, regardless of our “level”.

Our time is our life, which itself is finite and will end one day. There used to be a better balance of the system versus our own time, but then again, today’s economy empowers the machine to take advantage of us… to-be-continued…

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