Often times on preparedness websites (including ours) there are articles and discussions having to do with deep levels of being prepared. Regular visitors and many of those who comment may be well on their way to ‘Preparedness 401’ and may themselves be already living ‘the lifestyle’ in near optimum conditions to take on SHTF…

For some of those who are just starting out or for some of those who feel that they are genuinely ‘stuck’ with their lot in life, it may seem a bit discouraging at times to hear about others who have been able to succeed at securing a deep level of preparedness, perhaps already living in the seemingly perfect ‘bugout’ location and living a reasonably self-sufficient lifestyle. But here’s the thing…


Here’s why…

We all started somewhere. Many of us were more or less in your same position at one time or another (or some variation thereof).

It takes time to achieve most major goals. But here’s a little secret… it doesn’t take as much time to achieve minor goals.

You may be living in an apartment in an urban or suburban environment, maybe saddled with some seemingly excessive debt with a very tight budget. You go to your job everyday and you have your routines and commitments. But there’s no extra time, no extra money, and there’s little hope to break away from it. You feel like there’s little or no hope of getting out of that rut. You might feel absolutely stuck.

I could plug in other hypothetical examples of how the newbie might feel stuck or discouraged due to various circumstances that seem daunting or impossible to overcome. But you get the drift… If it’s ‘you’, then read on…

I am going to let you in on another little (big!) secret…

It’s all in your mind!

You are in charge of You. And if you want to make changes, then you absolutely can make changes. Will they happen overnight? Some, yes. Other changes will take time. HOWEVER, once you decide to make a change, then it’s already in motion. Your mind will start working on ‘how’ to do it. It will find solutions. You will find a way.

The enemy of change is “I can’t do it”. If you think that you can’t do it, then you won’t do it. If you think that you can do it, even though it may be difficult or take time, then you will absolutely have the right attitude to actually do it. You must really want to do it. A half-a$$ed approach may not work. You have to go all-in (especially in your mind).

I have made some very big changes from time to time throughout my life, and let me tell you something – I don’t care what anyone says but big changes are scary. And therefore psychologically difficult to get started. If a big change is what you are looking for, then start down the road with your thoughts towards your destination (whatever that may be).

I’ve been being general so far in that I haven’t cited any specifics regarding ‘preparedness’. So let me throw out a few thoughts.

  1. Decide that you really want to do it. To somehow become better prepared for ‘xyz’. Just make the decision and cast off your doubts.
  2. Chances are that it involves having more money to do what you want to do. So make the changes necessary to get that done. You can do it, although it may (will?) involve sacrifice. Just stop hemorrhaging money (if that’s the issue).
  3. Start small. Make small incremental goals in different categories- whatever they are.
  4. Food storage. Don’t tell me that you can’t buy extra cans of food at the grocery store every week. Buy things on sale. You can buy alot of rice-and-beans for cheap!
  5. Put together a 72-hour emergency kit for your vehicle. Start with whatever you have on hand. Be creative with what you have.
  6. Browse this website and others for ideas. Use the Search-box up at the top of this page and type in your queries. Browse the categories. Read books – check out our Survival Library .
  7. Ask questions. Use the weekly Saturday open-forum discussion to ask others or read what others are doing.
  8. If you would like to move from where you live to another location, start looking! You will never move if you don’t start the process. Look at real-estate (e.g. Zillow, Trulia, etc..) and look at jobs there if its beyond your current region. (Admittedly this is a difficult one, but it can be done if you really want to, and if you actually start the process of  ‘looking’.)

Preparedness is not out of reach.

Okay, lets hear some advice from you out there. What would you say to those who may feel that they are truly stuck. What can they do to break that mindset and to actually get started?

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