The modern day prepper / survivalist is at the core, a reflection of the fragility of the complicated and intertwined systems that we depend upon today that enable modern comfort, lifestyle, and the ability of millions to live in close proximity with each other.

Many non-preppers look at this movement as a bunch of doom and gloomers who are actually hoping for the end of the world so that they can finally put their survival plan into action. Granted, there are those who are at the extremes of any group and no doubt there
are some who actually hope for TEOTWAWKI. But it is my opinion that the majority of preppers today are middle class working people who recognize the current risks within today’s modern day systems, and are quietly preparing for what may or may not come to be.

I do not believe that the majority of preppers have a negative doom-and-gloom outlook, but instead are more than likely to be self motivated optimistic people with good sense and awareness, and living ordinary lives like most everyone else. Having a positive outlook on life is itself one reason why some develop preparedness plans. Desiring freedom, happiness, and life, for yourself and family are all positive attributes that are shared by all preppers.

The prepper may appear to be seeking out doom and gloom, but in actuality is staying current with the risks that are facing the world, knowing that being one step ahead of the crowd could very well save them from unnecessary hardship, or life itself.

Today’s modern day survivalist is not the one who is all ready to go live by themselves in the woods, although I’m not criticizing those that are, but instead they are the ones who have stored up some extra food (maybe a month, maybe 6 months), have been eliminating their debt, and have been thinking about and acquiring other supplies that attribute towards living a more self sufficient life, one that is not so dependent upon the systems that enable today’s modern day society.

Modern survivalism really is a way of life, not necessarily one that is drastically removed from the creature comforts that we enjoy today, but a state of mind where one instinctively questions the news around them and has the ability to recognize when something isn’t quite right, prepares oneself to adapt to circumstances around them, and where choices are made from common sensibility.

The modern survivalist does not take for granted the things that make life so easy right now. The times we live in since the industrial revolution are a mere blip on the time-line of humankind. We recognize that things can disappear just as fast as they came, and keep a wary eye looking for signs of that day, all the while continuing our daily lives in ‘the system’ with everyone else.

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