Preppers / Survivalists have their own reasons for why they prepare, and / or what they are preparing for. For some it is very specific while for others maybe more general or for multiple reasons.

It may be helpful for those reading this who consider themselves to be preppers, to add a comment to this post indicating your own reason or reasons why.

Here are some of my reasons for being preparedness minded and considering myself a prepper…

The older that I have become, the more I have recognized the fragility of today’s modern world and the parts that make it work. I recognize how so many millions upon millions of people depend entirely on the many integrated systems to function in order to literally stay alive, even though they do not recognize it themselves. This fact alone is enough to scare me into prepping.

During the later years of my previous career I began witnessing the accelerated movement towards excessive greed, profits, and ‘cheap’. The keyword here is ‘excessive’. I’m all for capitalism, but in my opinion when greed becomes excessive to the point of hurting others while losing site of the bigger picture of business fitting in and sustaining a community or nation, it’s too much. I’ve witnessed first hand the Wall Street mentality and how it changes the corporation. I see the downward spiral that it is creating today.

I see the younger generations who are being brought up without any of the practical skill sets that most people my age or older learned (I’m in my early 50’s). This adds to the dependance on modern systems to keep these people alive.

My interest in natural disasters and such phenomenon has revealed many of the vulnerabilities that face us which our entirely out of our control. Although many of these are low in probability during our life time, they ‘could’ happen – some more likely than others. The ‘what if’ scenarios, like a 1859 Carrington event which generated a natural EMP, would literally send us back to the 1800’s without electricity, for example. Their are many more.

I see and understand the magnitude of the great world debt bubble that has been created, and I understand how the ‘compounding curve’ works. We’re entering a critical stage of this compound curve, a stage we cannot escape without great change. I know it is coming, I have no doubt. It’s physics…

I’ve also simply always had an inner self-reliant ‘gut’, mostly with a somewhat Libertarian viewpoint on things coupled with fiscal conservatism and a splash of liberalism here and there. I guess I’m a political ‘mutt’.

I feel it is mostly our responsibility as individuals to the best we can to ensure our own individual survival. I believe that if the majority of a society felt this way and were prepared in some way, that the likelihood of horrible consequences of disaster would be minimized greatly.

Well that’s the short explanation… What about you?


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