What Are You Prepping For?

People have all sorts of reasons why they are prepping. Some reasons are very specific and others span a range of risks. The wide array of reasons that people prep sometimes invite criticism as to the rationality of this or that logic, as some of the reasons may seem far-fetched or highly unlikely to some while at the same time there are other risks and rationale that seem more likely to others. In my opinion, regardless of the reason, the action of prepping is a responsible thing to do as a human being.

Prepping can be taken lightly; it can be taken to the extreme, and all sorts of in-between. Without looking at the extent or methods of prepping, lets look at the reason ‘why’…

Reasoning. Use of reason, especially to form conclusions, inferences, or judgments. Evidence or arguments used in thinking or argumentation.

People ‘reason’ that there is a risk or group of risks sufficiently dangerous to one’s survival or well-being that they feel compelled to prepare for it. They believe that the ‘it’ will be something that requires preparedness action on their part, in order to survive the effects.

So… what is ‘it’?

I believe that the majority of preppers have become preppers because their reason is the apparently broken economic system of today.

An economy consists of the economic system of a country or other area; the labor, capital, manufacturing, production, trade, distribution, and consumption of goods and services of that area.

In the U.S., it is apparent that much of our manufacturing (and its labor jobs) are gone (overseas).

Government unemployment figures are well known to be manipulated with seasonal adjustments and such. Unemployment numbers are truly a joke, as those who fall off the roles are no longer part of the workforce and conted.

Capital for the most part is being withheld from main street.

Production is stagnant (efficiencies have already been optimized and there’s not much left to increase profits other than price increases).

Trade is mostly one-way (products from China to the U.S. and debt from the U.S. to China – and others).

Distribution systems are just-in-time with virtually zero inventory (a dangerous thing for life-dependent goods).

Consumption is down (people are maxed out with debt).

The FED is buying U.S. debt to keep the federal government afloat.

Big banks get bailed out and no one goes to jail.

TBTF banks area now bigger and more susceptible than ever with their massive derivative positions.

There has been no real recovery since the last financial collapse of 2008.

The stock market is up only because of the policies of the FED and the Banksters (not because of you and I investing in the stock market). Government intervention in the Bond Markets as well as in the stock market.

Our Representatives and Senators feather their nests and finally leave their office as millionaires.

Do I need to go on? People have lost faith.

There are many warning signs, not just here with the financial system of the U.S., but throughout the world. In all of history, there has never been so much debt and apparent UN-sustainability in the economic system. Nations have spent themselves into oblivion and they will NEVER be able to pay it back, at least without MAJOR corrections that will destroy the present system.

Those who have a grasp on this inevitable outcome are those who are becoming driven to prepare. The risk of outcome is so severe, that many people are realizing the $hit storm that will result… the social chaos. America will turn to a Police State of slums. Come to think of it… we’re already a Police State of sorts – while it only continues to worsen.

The outcome of a wrecked financial system seems a foregone conclusion. However there are various methods and severity as to how long, and how we get there. Some figure that a short and severe nose dive is best in the long run. Others believe a long slow crash is safer. We shall see what nature (and/or the powers-that-be) have in store for us. Regardless, it seems prudent to prepare for something not so pleasant…

What are you prepping for?

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