I recently read a comment where the question was asked,

What if the SHTF never happens? What if all these preps are for “not”? What if in 2-4-6-15 years nothing has happened and these preps that we work so hard for seem to be rotting away in the dust? What if all these skills we are working so hard on seem to never get used? What if we all grow old and look back and wonder if the “prepper thing” is just a stupid “fad” that some companies dreamed up to make money?

Here’s what I think…

While I do believe that there likely is ‘SHTF’ in our collective future, the premise of the question is that it never happens…

First, lets try to generally define ‘SHTF’ ($hit Hit The Fan). The acronym implies a seemingly rapid and horrible event resulting in ‘bad stuff’ suddenly hurling into our lives. In the context of preparedness, many or most people use ‘SHTF’ to represent a hard collapse, a major catastrophic societal collapse (such as what might result from a major and sudden economic crash, a financial system ‘reset’) which would disrupt major critical systems of dependency and distribution supply-chains to the point of life-threatening demise and subsequent chaos.

There are many popular causes for a SHTF event – beyond the most popular or plausible (likely?) ‘economic crash’ scenario… such as an EMP event (electromagnetic pulse weapons) which theoretically could knock out our electrical power grid, or a major solar flare event (with similar effects), or a major cyber-attack upon our critical infrastructure, or a major geophysical event (e.g. Yellowstone eruption, asteroid impact, physical pole-shift), or WWIII, or the next Civil War, or nuclear war, or other theories of scenarios which could bring on major disruption…

‘SHTF’ has become a popular ‘catch all’ phrase in the preparedness community, and is often the perception of what preppers are prepping for. A seemingly single event which turns the world upside down. Personally, SHTF is one of the several reasons why I am preparedness-minded. However I don’t ‘just’ prep for SHTF. While I have my own opinion regarding the ranking or likelihood of the many various SHTF scenarios, and while I do believe that we could be facing a potentially rapid and devastating economic collapse in our future, I CERTAINLY HOPE THAT IT NEVER HAPPENS. There is no practical productive value in ‘hope’, and therefore I prepare.

With all that said, if SHTF never happens, will it all have been a waste?

Hell No!

Here’s why…

Becoming and being preparedness-minded (a prepper) is a natural state of being for a responsible independent critical-thinking human being (or at least it used to be for generations gone by). My preparations are more than just physical tangible assets. They include sets of practical skills and a mindset which bolsters my own self-sufficiency and independence. It has become a way-of-life, which still fits into the current ‘modern’ system that we all live in today… I utilize my preps. They don’t just sit there (mostly). While some of my preparedness inventory (long term foods) will sit for longer periods of time, much of it is used and rotated and integrated into daily life. When I consider what to buy or what to do next regarding preparedness, I look at it from a practical standpoint such that it’s not a waste if SHTF never happens.

One goal as a prepper is to become more self-sufficient (in all areas of life). While no-one can truly or realistically be 100% self-sufficient (we need others) the fact is that by being just a little bit independent is so much more than the mainstream… and even that little bit will not only give you an advantage during a hard-times collapse, but it will alter your mindset during so called ‘good times’ (at least it should)…

If you’re someone who simply buys a bunch of preparedness supplies (food and other ‘stuff’) and stores it in your basement until doomsday, and then doomsday never comes, well that’s okay too! You know why? Because what you bought was INSURANCE. No different from homeowners insurance in case your house burns down. Do you look at homeowners insurance as a waste if your house doesn’t burn down this year and you didn’t actually ‘need’ your insurance? While I recommend going beyond just buying preps and keeping them in the basement, if that’s what you actually do – that’s far better than 97% of others! Make sense?

I must say (and this is probably the same for lots of you) that when I began becoming more preparedness-minded (many years ago), it was like my eyes opened wider – I began to discover and see things that I had not noticed so much before. Today’s modern world and modern life is shaped (by many means) such that we ‘fit’ into ‘the system’ so as to ‘feed the beast’ so to speak. Once you take the ‘red pill’ (Matrix reference), your mindset is changed forever. The quest for independence (from the systemic risks of modern day systems which literally keep most of us alive today) evolves into a life-altering and empowering thing (which may be why the current .gov doesn’t like us for our independent thinking 😉 ).

Without breaking into 1000+ words here (which I could easily do on this subject), I’ll leave more opinion up to you in your comments.

For most of you, your preparedness efforts will not be a waste, they will not be rotting away in the dust, and you can only hope that you do grow old while not having experienced SHTF!

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