Since we cannot know for sure what is to come or what is in store for us in the future, he who takes responsibility for himself, expects the unexpected and prepares accordingly, will be better prepared than the rest.

One difference between a prepper and non-prepper is that we know we are at risk for some form of disaster. Therefore we prepare accordingly.

Becoming or being prepared for circumstances beyond our control is a proactive process involving varying degrees of adjustment to our way of life, and typically employs a more self-sustaining lifestyle and high level of readiness while you take control of your own destiny.

Preparedness is having the means and know-how to face head-on the potential problems of supply and commodity shortage, systems breakdown including distribution and utilities, and threats to your security.

Essential to preparedness is risk awareness, being aware and alert to the possible reality of a disaster happening to you. Once aware of risks and their potential effects, you can then minimize them and plan for them.

Being prepared invokes an extremely powerful and secure feeling of self reliance. It will completely change your outlook and will make you an independent force among the rest. While you will ultimately need the help and cooperation of others, and while no one is ever truly fully prepared, the process of ridding yourself of a number of ‘system’ dependencies is invigorating, rewarding, and calming.

Why not try it for yourself?


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