Why Are We Creatures Of Habit And Routines?

(the road not taken)

We are creatures of habit. Think about it. How often do you park in the same general spot every day at work? Do you always park in the same general area when you go to your grocery store or other ‘regular’ destination? Do you always buy the same things at the grocery store week after week? When you go on vacation (to the same place as before?), do you do the same things that you did the last time? Go to the same places, restaurants, same spot on the beach? If you’re a church goer, do you sit in the same approximate pew location every week? Do you drive the same way to work every day? Or the same way to ‘the store’ whenever you go?

If you eat lunch in a work cafeteria do you sit at the same table nearly all the time? At home or at work do you always eat the same basic foods most of the time? If you’ve ever attended a seminar for more than one day, do you (and everyone else) always sit at the same table as you did the day before? Do you always visit the same websites when you’re browsing the internet (among the choices of millions)? (Keep coming back here though! 😉 )

Think of all your routines and how you (we) often repeat so much of it time after time while rarely getting out of our ‘comfort zone’? Why is it that we so easily fall into the same routines while rarely trying new things, new ways, new places, new routes of travel, a different schedule, new or different ‘anything’, etc..?


While I know this is not true for everyone, it certainly seems to be for the majority based on my observations of life.

The world is immense. And throughout most of our lives we only see and experience an extremely tiny slice of it while we ‘travel the same roads’ of life. We rarely venture out – even in our neighborhoods and localities. There is so much more to see, so much more to experience – all of which affects our own view of the world, who we are, and how we fit in it.

It might do us good to push ourselves out of our routines from time to time. Get outside the herd or experience a new direction or ‘thing’. Learn something new – just because you want to… If you’re about to do something a certain way, ask yourself is there another way? One day take the back roads to where you’re going. Go for a walk through your neighborhood. Look around. Park in a different place next time. Do something different.

I believe that you will be better prepared in general if you train yourself to think outside the box and break your habits and routines. If the shite ever really hits the fan one day, nearly all the routines of all the people will be disrupted…and they won’t know how to handle it… will you?

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