Why is it that when we see, read, or hear a report about someone surviving a near death experience, or someone who has been diagnosed with a terrible condition, the person will drastically change their life, their outlook on life, and the things that they do from then on?

From that point on, those who have experienced such a game-changer will usually stop and smell the roses, so to speak. They will slow down their life. They suddenly gain the ability to see and recognize the apparent falsehoods in life. Many things that were important to them before, are no longer so important. Conversely, many things that were not so important, suddenly become much more important. Strange, isn’t it? Maybe not so much…

Surely it’s not always the case, but I’ll bet that for most it is. Could it be that our more ‘real’ self and purpose is often suppressed in today’s modern world? Could it be that our modern way of life, and the system that pushes it upon us is fogging up our real vision? Our real senses? I think so…

We live in such a materialistic world that many become caught up in that materialism to the point at which we lose or forget some of our ‘real’ self. Who we are. Why we’re here. What’s important. What’s not.

The reason I bring this up is that it begs the question of why should we wait for a ‘game changer’ event to wake us up and see the real world rather than our fantasy world? It would be horribly regretful to realize near the end that you wish you had lived a bit differently. I’m not saying that what we may be doing now is bad or wrong, I’m simply suggesting that if we imagined ourselves as having a finite and definitive amount of time left, what would we do differently? Would your life’s routines change?

I say all this because I believe that life would probably be more rewarding for many of us if we lived as though we didn’t have much time left. In all reality our time here on this earth is short to begin with. But what are our motives and motivations?

It’s good to look inward now and again. Ask yourself some tough questions. Question your routines. Do you like what you are doing? Do you enjoy your job? Do you feel right about where you are living? What ‘really’ makes you happy? When is the last time you went out and did something that you really want to do, instead of just talking about it? How many things have you procrastinated doing? Is your bucket list just sitting there waiting for another day? Who are your friends? Are they really your friends? Do you have any friends? If you were to leave this world today, what would people remember about you? Have you affected other people’s lives? Do you have more to do? Are you doing the important things? What are the important things?

Lots of questions, and food for thought.


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