Just because someone is a ‘prepper’ (a scary bad word in the mainstream) does not mean that there is an expectation of, or preparedness for, ‘the end of the world’.

Unfortunately there is a stigma, a stain on the mainstream meaning of the word, ‘prepper’. I suspect that most non-preppers probably visualize a prepper as someone who is a societal misfit with a secret buried underground bunker filled with ‘assault weapons’, ammunition, and stacks of rice and beans – just waiting for the end of the world to transform into ‘Mad Max’… This stereotypical visualization couldn’t be farther from the truth for most actual preppers.

While many or most preppers likely have some number of firearms, ammunition, and rice & beans, the fact is that most of them are ordinary people living and working in today’s modern society who’s motivation is not necessarily that for ‘the end of the world’, but instead are more likely motivated by an internal drive to be more independent, self-reliant, and prepared for the uncertainties and risks inherent in our ‘modern world’.

You may have co-workers, friends, or other acquaintances who are themselves preppers and you don’t even know it. They are not kooks. They are not crazy. They are not social outcasts or misfits. They are living and working within the same system that you are, however they simply possess a set of insurances for ‘just in case’. Similar to having a homeowners insurance policy the prepper will have set aside some items (preps) and ‘know-how’ (skills) to keep them going during a time following an emergency, disaster, or worse…

Some preppers take it a little further and to varying degrees will implement a homestead lifestyle of greater self-reliance and sustainability (less reliance on external systems). This in itself can be rewarding and liberating while not necessarily doing it to be ready for ‘the end of the world’. It’s simply, ‘fun’… and ‘feels right’ knowing that you are more in control of YOU rather than reliant on so many others and other systems for your survival and well-being.

Like most anything, there are varying degrees. There are preppers who prep just a little, and there are preppers who go ‘way over the top’. The fact is that most are somewhere in between and are mostly ordinary people like anyone else.

Except there’s one big difference… the prepper recognizes that there is something to prepare for. They recognize (for example) that it is extremely logical to keep some decent amount of extra food in the house, whereas stunningly about 97% do not. That’s right, nearly every American is 100% blind to the inherent systemic risks within the system that’s keeping them alive. It’s remarkable really…

Another difference between preppers and non-preppers is the notion of independence. Preppers seem to have much more of an internal drive to be independent than do non-preppers. While the majority of non-preppers simply and unquestioningly go along with the apparent requirements, expectations, and controls of ‘the system’, the prepper on the other hand questions the logic thereof based upon their natural tendency towards independence, personal freedoms, and self-reliance.

This may also be a factor as to why the mainstream media (essentially an arm of .gov) despises the prepper. As most of you realize, the present system of .gov wants MORE people to be reliant (controlled) while preppers desire to be LESS reliant on, and LESS controlled by, .gov and the system. Independence. It’s something that has been under attack for a very long time whereas it used to be the normal way-of-life many years ago.

This is also likely part of the reason why nearly every and all ‘TV’ shows about preppers will portray them as those who are the kooks, the extreme, those who will most dramatically contrast with the average American. They purposely choose the outliers for better ratings – like a ‘freak show’ of sorts (at least that’s what they’re hoping for). While certainly not every such TV show portrays badly, it seems the majority do.

So there’s no real surprise that most non-preppers (the 97%) think that all preppers are preparing for the end of the world. While certainly many are, the fact is that most of those who are, are just ordinary people who you wouldn’t even recognize as a ‘prepper’. They are people who are taking more personal responsibility for themselves. That’s it…


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