Traditionally this time of year we make commitments to ourselves, resolutions, which we try to keep true as long as we can into the upcoming new year. While many of us may fail to complete some or all of these resolutions, some of us will make progress for a time – which is better than nothing, right?

It is a good mental exercise to consider a set of new year resolutions – and this article and comments will focus on those having to do with general preparedness (a WIDE subject).

Here are a few suggestions to consider while making your own resolutions, and a few resolutions of my own…

An important aspect of achieving a new year’s resolution is to be very specific with yourself. You might start with a general resolution, but then add in a specific goal or more…

General goals are difficult or impossible to quantify, and therefore difficult or impossible to know when they have been achieved!

Be realistic. Do not set goals that are unreasonably difficult. Do not set yourself up to fail. Set a goal which you know is attainable. If you should succeed, then you might set yet another goal.

Since it is VERY EASY to forget about your goals, or to find excuses to put them off, you should keep a list in a place that you see every morning. Don’t just right them down and put the paper in a drawer.

Don’t make too many resolutions! While you may be excited to challenge yourself, know your limits and don’t put too much on your plate. If you are able to accomplish all your resolutions, then there’s no rule that you have to wait till next year to make more!

Okay, with that said, here are a few of mine…

I will be more conscious of eating healthy, within reason 😉 I will drop 15 pounds from my current weight – which will put me closer to being in line with my current height vs. weight. When I achieve the 15 pounds, I will re-evaluate and set a new goal.

I will exercise my body more. Especially during the winter months (up here in the north) when outdoor activities are curtailed, I will still go out for walks and I will also utilize Mrs.J’s treadmill. I will also purchase a rowing machine (and use it!) – which is supposed to be good for all around conditioning… All this will also help to shed a few unnecessary pounds.

I will do more gardening this year and will come up with a specific list (to be determined) of foods to plant – those suited to my environment zone and those which I can preserve in one way or another. The general goal being to utilize more of our own home-grown foods vs. store bought. Specific goals yet to be determined…

There are more – but I’m still working on my own list 😉

Lets hear from you. What are some of your general preparedness type goals?

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