Become Your Own Central Bank


They (the FED) cannot and will not stop printing money. Quantitative Easing cannot end. Period. The moment it does, it all collapses. They must continue to purchase mortgage backed securities / treasuries by the many tens of $ billions per month. They must continue to raise the debt ceiling to support deficit spending. The moment they do not, it all comes down. The moment austerity begins, the system fails. Interest rates must stay near zero. The moment it creeps up, the cost of servicing the debt becomes untenable and it all crashes.

The Ponzi scheme of the FED is doomed to failure. It always has been. The rhetoric, smoke-and-mirrors, and public deception will one day become seen for what it is. Faith will be lost at some point… and that point is the beam of light on your forehead from the headlight of the freight train coming straight towards you. They know it, the professionals know it, I know it… but do you know it?

There is a currency war well underway. The dollar will lose. It has already lost… it’s just that most people don’t know it yet. Every month your purchasing power with the dollar is diminished a little more. It’s just fact. The middle class is being slowly decimated. It’s about to get much worse. They know this, and are preparing for it. When it happens, social unrest like you’ve seen in Greece and elsewhere will be magnified a hundred fold. When it’s about to happen, the serpents on Wall Street will short the dollar so fast… that it’s death-spiral will accelerate until gravity forces it to meet the ground as it crashes and burns. The middle class will basically cease to exist. There will be the rich, and those who are left with basically nothing. Two classes.

In order to be one of the ‘rich’, you need to become your own central bank. You will need to define ‘rich’ for yourself and acquire assets that will be valuable in a world that has ‘reset’ and the paper dollar is only a ghost of itself.

Assets of value in a world economy that has reset from today’s corrupted scheme will include those that are hard, tangible, useful, practical, rare, sustaining, impervious, absolute, legitimate, material, and sensible.

Becoming your own central bank begins with looking inward and deciding for yourself what it is that is important and of value to you. It is not money itself… money is simply the means of exchange to acquire our wants and needs. Think about this… Should the dollar collapse or suddenly lose a third of its value, would you keep the roof over your head? Would you be able to maintain the necessities of life? What are those things? If you’ve got all that covered, then what are other avenues of asset investment over and above having what you need for food and shelter? Land? Precious metals? A paid-off home? A means of alternative energy? A sustainable garden and means of preserving your bounty?

A post collapse world will quickly usher in an entirely new set of asset classes. The sooner that we start thinking about what they will be, and converting our paper money to those things now rather than later… the better off we may be when TSHTF…


Perhaps of interest, Greg Hunter at has a thought provoking interview on his website with financial analyst Gregory Mannarino that discusses this general topic.


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  1. The financial “kick the can” will go on until some Black Swan event causes a collapse.

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