Be Your Own Central Bank – Here’s What I Mean…

Here’s a thought… why not be your own central bank? What do I mean by that? Well, read on…

They (the FED, Federal Reserve, .gov, central banks from around the word) cannot, and will not stop spending more, and printing more (lots more) money (actually, i should say ‘currency’). The so called Central Banks are, and have been for a long time, propping up the system. Period. The moment it stops doing this, it all collapses.

The moment real austerity begins, the system fails. Interest rates must stay near zero, or, very low. On the other hand, the moment it creeps up, the cost of servicing the massive debt becomes untenable and it all crashes. At least that’s how I see it. The world debt today is somewhere around 226 Trillion dollars. Unfathomable.

The Ponzi Scheme Is Doomed To Failure

The Ponzi scheme. It’s doomed to failure. It always has been. The rhetoric, smoke-and-mirrors, and public deception will one day become seen for what it is. At some point, faith will be lost. They know it, the professionals know it, I know it… but do you know it? Well, you probably do know it too.

Every month your purchasing power with the dollar is diminished a little more. It’s just fact. Recently, the speed at which our currency is devaluing – is seemingly faster than ever. Inflation. Everyone has been affected by today’s inflation. Consequently, and for one reason, the middle class is being decimated. It’s getting worse. They know this, and are preparing for it.

The Global Fascist Corporatocracy and The Great Reset

Many of you know about the global fascist corporatocracy that has been tightening the noose around our necks. It’s happening all over the globe. There is a well known and documented plan for the so called great reset. It is well underway. You’re living in that transition, right now.

I do know that part of their plan is to implement a digital currency. As a result, you will not be able to buy or sell within the new system without it. The global corporatocracy will (by design) have complete control over you, what you do, what you say, where you go, websites you visit, what you watch, on and on and on…

How’s that? Because your social credit score will be tied with your digital wallet. And if you stray too far out of line, you will be penalized as such, or worse – shut out.

Anyway, it’s coming like a freight train. Count on it. They are not going to stop. So, with that said, instead of them being your central bank, why not you be your own central bank?

Be Your Own Central Bank

So, what about the phrase “be your own central bank”? And how does that tie in with this?

I heard the phrase years ago. Although I don’t recall if I first heard it from financial analyst Gregory Mannarino (who was a frequent guest on USAWatchdog, or, from Gerald Celente – either way, here’s my spin on it…

Currency is a store of value. For most, it’s a store of your labor. Your work. Production. The dollar is today’s currency. We work for it. We trade it for goods and services. Lots of it today is already digital. Visa and MasterCard being the biggest forms of today’s digital transactions. However, we can still trade in physical dollars. One day, we won’t be able to. At least that’s the plan.

Many (most?) will accept their slavery and social credit monitoring & enforcement. Others, I suspect, will not. I’m not sure how it will span out, but, there will likely become an underground of sorts. Subsequently, bartering and trading will be more of a thing.

Assets and Skills Towards Self Sufficiency

To be your own central bank. Acquire assets (and skills) of value. Tangible value. Survival value.

Becoming your own central bank begins with deciding for yourself what it is important and of value to you. It might not be today’s money itself… money / currency is simply the means of exchange to acquire our wants and needs. Instead, think about this…

Should the dollar collapse, or suddenly lose a third of its value, or be converted into a digital currency, would you keep the roof over your head? Would you be able to maintain the necessities of life? What are those things?

If you’ve got all that covered, then what are other avenues of asset investment over and above having what you need for food and shelter? Land? Precious metals? A paid-off home? A means of alternative energy? A sustainable garden and means of preserving your bounty?

Yes, all of that. In my view, anything that you can do, or purchase towards your own self-sufficiency, is and will be quite an asset.

Be your own central banker.


  1. Be your own Bank!!!
    If you can take a loan from your 401 plan and not a bank. Example, you need a new car. Loan yourself the money from your 401. They will set up a payment plan without about 3 % interest, which mostly goes back into your account minus some broker fees. After 5 years you have a paid off vehicle and your money is back in your pocket and not the banks. Did this we a land purchase a few years ago and worked well. Me 1, Bank 0!!!

  2. Should say:

    They will set up a payment plan with about a 3% interest rate,

  3. Another way is to take a passbook loan (if you have the money in the bank, basically, you take out a loan using your bank account as collateral). Since the money in your account is not considered yours (according to the banking laws and the banks) do you really loose???

    Since I am retired now, I am thinking about going back to college and try (once again) to educate this thick skull, was thinking of taking classes in agriculture, or welding, or some medical degree (EMT).
    Also need to look into whether they give a discount to seniors (uurr OLDER students).

    1. Check with local community colleges about noncredit continuing education adult studies. Our local college has classes on remodeling and home repair, animals, automotive, computers, culinary, dental, horticulture, electrician, sewing, and many many more. Cost is reasonable in our area. The other courses I think may be of benefit are Red Cross first aid, but our local chapter is still online only for those. I think in person would be preferable. Someone who can provide even limited medical services WTSHTF should be able to barter for those services.

      1. MamaLark, thank you, I didn’t think of noncredit continuing education courses, will look into them.

        1. Ir find a medium sized welding company and ask if they would let you apprentice with them, if you brought the coffee. :-)

    2. Many states offer free programs for free. Don’t know if these are toward a degree, or just a certificate. I think most states are in the 60-65 year old range. If your wanting a new skill set these would be ideal.

  4. As far as being my own bank is concerned, I must first decide what is of any value? If Amerika goes full Weimar, what good will my greenbacks be, other than wallpaper or hygienic purposes? Tangible goods are my bank account. I do not have to rely on banks, S&Ls, or credit unions. Debt bucks have been converted into needful things. Silver legal tender coins have been placed into a clean mayonnaise jar and buried in the back yard. You get my drift. Plan accordingly.


      Agree, for the most part, tangible goods, especially given the ever more rapid decline of FRN. Also, useful skills could be traded for needed goods and vice versa. The only challenge I haven’t figured out yet is how to pay property taxes. I suppose one could bury some of those FRN’s for that, assuming they’re still useful at tax time. Don’t know if PM’s are accepted for property taxes in any state? All of this is assuming the ability to function off-grid, and not have any debt payments to make.

      1. Farmgirl: Very good point about property taxes. However, in a really sporty grid-down situation, who will come and collect them? The assessor would have to send the deputy sheriffs. However, I would be they would be too busy with more pressing matters such as, their survival and their family’s survival. Of course, the Leviathan could always hire bounty hunters, mercs, etc. There is no coming back from what I fear is about to happen. Plan accordingly. Bleib ubrig.

      2. The thing that pisses me off is they can, and will, forclose on your house for unpaid taxes! even if its paid for, and its legal!

    2. A few years back after my father passed, we were caring for my mother in our home. She had advanced Alzheimer’s and didn’t talk much. One day, outta the blue, she says, “We buried money in a jar in the garden.” We tried to get more details of when and where, but each query was answered with “I don’t know.” Somewhere in someone’s yard is an old jar filled with silver coins and $5 dollar bills…maybe…
      Please don’t forget to leave a hint for your (trusted) kids or grandkids about any hidden item of value from which they could benefit after your passing.

  5. If anyone thinks they can become their own bank then you need to think again. For example when the local taxing authority comes for your money (property taxes) you WILL pay up – unless you have a plan. A plan on how you WILL neutralize their ability to take your home, your money, land, car, food, guns or what ever. Do you have the guts to stand your ground? Standing your ground will cost you your life unless you know what to do and when. Think about Waco, Texas a few years back. This is how they will come at you. I saw Waco first hand and I was terrified at what a government will do to its own people. Now are you ready to be your own bank? I think not for most people!

    1. NJ…True, the machine will crush anyone that dares to defy them, when the time comes. Men and women with light small arms against armor, we all know who wins. That’s why you want to get as far away from authority as possible, and be as hidden as possible. As they say, time is short, coming is a time to hunt a hole. Saw reports from Ottawa that the police aren’t…UN troops, rumors at this point… but all here have heard this story.

      1. “Men and women with light small arms against armor, we all know who wins.”

        I guess we can always ask the VC and Taliban how that worked out for them!!!

        1. Hmmm,
          Well the VC screwd us over and killed a lotof peopleand the Taliban now runs Afganistan, so i would say perseverance pays

      2. K-bay

        Hey, those people in those armored vehicles have to pee and eat sometime.

  6. our household bills,home health and truck insurance, land and truck taxes, groceries and utilities are an honest 1600 a month. not to bad i think. we spend more but it is what we need to get buy. we live fairly simple, always have and we’re happy, it’s less stressful that way.
    of coarse there are always the occasional upkeep issues on the place and the uh oh it broke things, we have a good rainy day fund for that and we spend considerably less than we have coming in. you know, the ant thing.
    we could get by on a lot less if push came to shove as far as that goes.
    “it’s not how much you make, it’s what you keep”- is the best advice i have ever been given.
    the simple life is the best life.

  7. ” Small arms ” or not – It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the fight in the dog that matters.

  8. I have been preparing since 2009 and am sufficiently covered, but I am now considering other avenues of asset investment. If inflation becomes a real issue, rather than investing all of your money in hard metal assets, why not use their fiat to secure working assets that sustain wealth rather than locking that wealth into fixed value? Yes, gold and silver, (brass and lead) are real money, and great if you need to lock value, move assets, pay somebody off or rebuild after the recovery, but you could leverage that inflation risk.

    If you took a fixed loan out on a house/business property, you are buying an asset that pays for itself and you own the wealth of the house. That fixed rate loan of 4.5% on fiat in a 9% inflation environment over 15 years off loads the inflation risk to the lender. People need housing/business in all economies, even Mad Max economies. The mortgage is paid by the rent on the fiat loaned to you at a fixed rate 15-year loan.

    I just bought a nice little house with a basement and fenced yard for $62k at 4.5% fixed for 15 years in small town USA complete with appliances and good renters. Their rent more than pays the mortgage.

    When inflation takes off, I can still pay the mortgage on the fix rate loan and hedge with inflation fiat dollars. If it gets so bad that it all stops working, all bets are off, regardless of what you do. That house is more substantial than $62k in your 401k. That house wealth is not as likely as your 401k to evaporate overnight into meaningless large cap, medium cap, small cap, then micro-pico crap.

    1. You are correct that historically this scenario you propose worked. But in a true crisis situation? Only as long as your renters pay rent or you are able to service the loan payment, property taxes and insurance without receiving the rent. During the vid there were rent and eviction moratoriums. I saw a news article on a landlord that had been foreclosed on for his personal residence because he couldn’t make the payments because his renters in other properties weren’t required to pay rent. He moved into a tent in the backyard of one of his rentals while the renters happily enjoyed living rent free for a period of time thanks to the feds. Of course the renters were supposed to eventually catch up and the government printed money to hand out for that purpose. But for this landlord, the damage was already done.

      1. His mistake was taking out a loan on his personal home to pay for the rentals. NO NO NO. If there’s going to be a mortgage, it needs to be on the property it’s used for. I know this goes against all the “modern wisdom,” but that’s something of an oxymoron..

        1. I think he was in the business of rental real estate and that income was his form of paycheck. Nor did the article address any separate indebtedness on his rental properties.

          I am entirely debt free including mortgage. I highly recommend working toward being so. I wouldn’t be comfortable engaging in any fixed rate inflation arbitrage and I just hope all who do think it through.

    2. If the great reset happens the arrogant government turds are in for a rude awakening, they will find out the hard way what an “insurgency” REALLY looks like

  9. “Currency is a store of value. The dollar is today’s currency”. There has GOT to be a better way to make the point that you were trying to make, but maybe not.

      1. Without money, I would be going from business to business carrying an abacus to trade accounting services for the goods and services I need. And without money, I would be doing it until the day I died. Money means I can trade my services for something that I can in turn readily trade for what I need. Plus I can hold on to the money to trade in the future. I refer to it as a token of barter. An intermediary of sorts.

        Unfortunately there is always a cost or benefit to holding money for later. Sometimes things get cheaper and sometimes more expensive. Inflation makes it expensive to hold onto your money.

  10. Bitcoin is the way. Start acquiring some and get it off the exchange into a hard wallet.

  11. “Men and women with light small arms against armor, we all know who wins.”

    That’s not how irregulars defeat armored and/or mechanized forces. Vehicles must all lager somewhere for their crews to eat, rest and get resupplied with POL and whatever else they need. A modern 60-ton MBT is above all else a fuel hog, which means a lengthy supply column of tanker trucks is needed wherever those tanks go. And it isn’t just fuel, either – it is ammo, spare parts, mechanics, technicians, support personnel, etc. That’s the Achilles Heel of the modern MBT: the huge logistical tail required to support armored forces in the field operationally. And without sufficient fuel, that tank is an immobile pill-box at best.

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