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Financial Preparations For The Potential Upcoming Economic Collapse

Could/would you do an article(s) on our financial situation — to get more knowledge, or a better understanding of the potential financial liability(s) — so as to can plan, and try to limit exposure? I know I am way behind the power curve when it comes to navigating financial matters. I also have come to the conclusion that the stock market is stacked against people like me so, I don’t/can’t play. Any advice/help would be appreciated.

said ‘blackjack22’ here on Modern Survival Blog

Throughout the 10+ years that I’ve been writing this blog, I periodically poll our readers for their primary concerns as they pertain to possible major disruptions. Among the top concerns has always been Financial / Economic Collapse.

I too have been very concerned about this for quite some time. To this day, I am amazed how it has not yet collapsed, given the gargantuan extraordinary debt(s) which mathematically will never get paid. Ever. But the spending-beyond-means continues. And somehow it keeps going… Perhaps because the entire world is pretty much locked-in or intertwined in this mess. So, if one goes down, they all do?

Anyway, ‘blackjack22’ is obviously concerned, as I’m sure are many others. So, lets talk about it…

I will simply offer my own opinion. I welcome others to offer their own too… And, none of this, or what others say here, should be considered as ‘financial advice’.

The Dollar Reserve Status

Despite the trillions and trillions and trillions of ‘dollars’ of debt, and despite the Quadrillions of intertwined ‘derivatives’ out there, the fact is that at this time the dollar is still the world’s reserve currency. That’s how we get away with it. And have been getting away with it for so long.

This chapter of the story started following the Bretton Woods agreement, and when we made a deal with the devil for exchange of Saudi oil to ONLY sell in dollars around the world in exchange for U.S. protection of the Saudi regimes in perpetuity. Any threat to that arrangement has been met with War and Death to those who would attempt to bypass it.

The United States Military

The only reason (in my view) that we have maintained reserve currency status has been our military might.

Therefore, in order to see the future in this regard, one needs to examine our present military might, in relation to the rest of the world, and, the ‘leaders’ of the military with regards to political direction as it relates to the politics of the world.

In other words, it’s a given that we presently have the world’s most powerful military. HOWEVER, those who run the military make all the difference.

And this is the exact thing that concerns me. The leadership and their obvious direction – which is not so good for our military moral, strength, and respect throughout the world. The current military ‘leaders’ are ‘woke’. You might say that some, or many, have been planted with the objective that is currently playing out by an apparent Marxist-leaning CCP-loving regime. Their appointments have been made by a present executive branch which is hell-bent on enabling our destruction in this regard. THIS is what matters. And it doesn’t look good right now…

Whether on purpose (which I personally believe it is), or, by sheer incompetence, the results will be negative towards dollar reserve status. This, combined with the obvious attempted / ongoing takeover of the U.S. (and other nations) by the globalists (they’ve been working on this for decades), you know they have a plan for future currency. And they don’t have our best interests in mind from the perspective of liberty and freedom… Rather, to become permanent slaves to their new system. It’s called the Great Reset. You can look it up if you don’t know what that is.

Okay, with that said, I am concerned about how this will (maybe) transition. So, what to do? How to prepare for any extent of resulting financial / economic collapse?

I will tell you some of what I’ve done over the years.

Precious Metals

Back in the day when I had more disposable income, I did make purchases of physical precious metals. Silver, and Gold. I still have it to this day. It’s simply a stash of some wealth preservation in a form that has always been considered ‘of value’ throughout history. There are no obligations on it. It’s just metal. It sits there, no strings attached.

I did not write this on purpose to mention the following… But, I will point out one of our direct advertisers, GoldenEagleCoin, a trusted source for physical precious metals.

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Get Out Of Debt

What else did I do to prepare for what possibly may come our way in case we transition to some other system, or if our current dollar system crashes?

I got out of debt. More than a decade ago, Mrs. J and I became fully motivated to pay off all of our debts. Including our home mortgage. During that time, we were both making decent money. We stopped our frivolous spending. We lived well below our means. Never upgraded to ‘the big house’ even though we could have afforded quite a big mortgage to enable luxurious living at the time.

Instead, we paid lots extra towards the mortgage principal. Refinanced to a 15-year when the interest rate was right. Paid off other debts. Began buying the next vehicle with cash, no loan. Used instead of new. Eventually we sold and left the area (the state). The market conditions benefited us and we had no further debt. Profits enabled our present homestead debt free. Nothing fancy. But we both sure felt better without debt rather than buying a bigger fancier place with a mortgage.

Everything we have purchased since, has been paid out of pocket.

I believe in being debt free. It is one very important aspect of freedom. Free from beholding to the banks. The system, if you will…

Preparations For Living Outside The System

If the system transitions to where I believe they want it to transition, I will not participate. I will not be enslaved by being forced to be marked, 100% tracked for social (behavioral) credit score punishments, and restricted to only buy-and-sell within the constraints of ‘allowed behavior’ set forth by our masters.

So, over the years I have purchased various general preparedness tools which will help us to survive outside the system if need be. We know that a black market will develop, should we transition this way. So, this will help greatly for general survivability.

It could become something like ‘Hunger Games’. We will become the hunted. The underground. Heck, we already are the hunted. People like us have been hard-core demonized and targeted since November-2016, because populism was on the rise, and we peasants were waking up and responding. A great awakening was forming. An anti-establishment anti-globalist movement. People beginning to really see what they’re up to, and their plans for global domination.

This did not bode well for the great plan. I can read the tea leaves.

Homestead Survival and Security

I’m not going to get into all the particulars. There’s plenty here on the blog. But, suffice it to say, I have focused on homestead survival and security.

It’s really just all about that. Do whatever you can do to mitigate future potential difficulties purchasing things and supplies you need. Including essentials for survival. Food. The ability to be more self-sufficient in this regard. Establish networks within your locality. Worst case, there will be underground black market networks. You will likely need this.

Security. More so depending on where you live. Worst case, ‘our kind’ will be hunted. And there will be heightened criminality. Those seeking relief from their own lack of preparedness. There’s lots you can do. It’s up to you.

Live Life Without Fear

Perhaps just as important as all else. Live your life. We have not collapsed (yet). Try not to succumb to the horrendous drum beat of mainstream negativity. Shut it off. I did. It made a HUGE difference in my outlook. I still keep tabs on the propaganda. However, I do not regularly consume it.

Your life is local. Enjoy it. Be skeptical, but be happy too. Don’t let your skepticism dominate your mindset.

I can see right through all the bull shit they’re throwing at us, and I do my own research (extensively). I KNOW they are full of shit and I KNOW their plan. It’s is so, freaking, obvious.

What you need to grasp is the following… There’s nothing you can do about it. At least nothing you can legally do that’s going to change anything, because the system’s rigged against you. Too corrupt. It has crept in over decades, and now it’s metastasized.

Focus not on what you know is out of your control. Rather, focus on what you can control! And when I say ‘focus’, I mean both your physical actions AND your mind. Your mindset. What you think about. Don’t dwell on getting angry that this is happening. Because it’s happening anyway.

Just my 2 cents…


  1. I define debt as owing someone something. You can never truly be out of debt because the government says you owe them property taxes or the landlord says you owe them rent.

    You could be almost debt free living in your car except for registration and plate fees.. and you would hardly be self sufficient in a vehicle. Then there are insurance costs mandated by the state.

    Living on your own island that has enough natural resources so no outside assistance is not needed is as close as you may get…..

    1. Yes, that’s just a fact of life. Property taxes. With that said and accepted as such, one thing we can do as individuals (if so desired) is to become one’s own landlord. I worked at it for many years. Now, I own my own home free and clear. This presents an incredible amount of additional personal freedom and less enslavement. Debt free is a desirable goal in my opinion.

    2. sam,
      I get what you’re saying, debt is owing something to someone. But, I think you are combining two different things: current liabilities (expenses) and debt. A current liability (expense) is money presently owed and paid as incurred (such as rent due on the first of each month for the coming month). No debt is carried – the bill is presented and paid, or paid monthly for each month’s expense as you go. Just as a credit card bill – when it arrives and is paid in full there is no debt being carried. The invoice (bill) is paid in full immediately.

      Debt, on the other hand is not paid immediately, and is instead carried as a loan by agreement (car payments, house payments, monthly minimum credit card payments) or is past it’s due date and remains unpaid – past due debt. And that’s what we can each control and do our best to eliminate, the amount of debt we carry (and pay interest on).

      So yes, if you did not pay your property taxes they would become a debt that would endanger your asset – the property – because you are now carrying a debt that is past due. But I think it’s important to make the distinction between carrying debt (and paying interest/fees on that debt) as opposed to the expenses tied to owning an asset (taxes, insurance, maintenance). Owning real estate will never be expense free (unfortunately) but it can be debt free. The goal is to get to where every expense is paid as you go so that there is no big liability hanging over your head.

      1. I am pretty much in agreement with SCG. Property taxes, auto insurance, and similar are utilities, not debt.

      2. What would happen if the debt was unsecured credit card debt? What recourse would the big banks have in collecting on that debt. My home, property and car are paid for but I occasionally use the credit card for repairs or emergencies.

  2. Over a year ago I suggested that there were only two possible economic outcomes regarding our debt, hyperinflation or default. But now there may be others. Consider devaluation (like turn in the old script) or replacement with the Renminbi.

    A year ago, we were thinking about going off the cliff, so how does it feel as we are way off and fall more quickly than any of us thought possible.

    If you had not converted your currency into fixed assets years ago and became debt free, it is too late now. As Ken referred to property taxes, that is the last pocket the government can raid – and there is not a damn thing we can do about it.

    1. Proving a positive spin… it’s never too late to start being better prepared. This mess could continue on as it is presently (and has been) continuing on. So, don’t give up if you haven’t started yet. The biggest step you’ll take is the first one.

      1. Ya, you are probably right. I’m sure there are many converts to prepping since the crap show began in November.

        It is just that everything is more difficult and expensive now; try to find that reasonably priced piece of land, build up the food stocks if you can find them, price out the building of a new house/barn, …. not trying to be a downer, but seeing what is happening from my vantage point.

        1. I just got the last I needed for the chicken coop–it won’t cost me anything except screws. It is possible to build what you need at little or no expense.

        2. Its never to late to start prepping IMHO. While I agree things are more expensive now that just means you need to focus more on cutting down on excess spending. I just bought 40 lbs of chicken breast ( rib bones attached ) at .97 a lb. broth from the bones and about 35 pints of canned chicken will come of that. Added to soups stews and chicken with rice that’s a lot of meals. Just got to start and keeps stacking until the shoe drops.

  3. It does take some time to get;
    Debt free (loans, credit cards)
    Build reserve cash (emergency fund)
    Relocate away from population madness
    Non-cash assets (tools, precious metals, foodstuffs, etc.)

    Because it may feel time is short, does not mean not to start. Do a budget, cut the fluff out, live below your means, work at getting out of debt, building assets-all in parallel, every bit helps. No one knows how long it all holds together, what else you doing. (Well, maybe putting it all on red in Vegas works for you, if so, have at it).

    1. Not sure how many people have maxed out credit cards and still demand to be able to purchase that expensive Star*ucks coffee every day. Now they want Marxism/socialism to pay them a guaranteed income for life – because it is only fair you know.

      Urban centers turning into cesspools with more people going for support and the flood of economic migrants from other counties. There is no means for correction and many do not want to or see the need for change back to conservative ways. The divide is growing and may in fact lead to civil war.

    2. Exactly. Just get started. That’s the big step. Then, after that first decision to “do it” has begun to produce action, you’ll be on a better road…

    3. Grey,
      well said friend. it’s never to late to start on a path to self sufficiency. most hear have been building towards that goal for years and it doesn’t happen overnight, but you have to start, somewhere, NOW, if not already.
      everything you do now will help in the future. like Ken said, to Live Life Without Fear is the goal.
      cash money will always be accepted for taxes. cash is a promissory note from the government and will always be accepted as payment on taxes, no matter how devalued it becomes.
      total self sufficiency is a pipe dream. you can’t grow or harvest everything. i just do what i can. JIC
      i have tried to grow TP (well fertilized) and salt with no luck. oh well there is always next year.
      i am probably wrong again, but i dont see a sudden collapse happening, rather a slow decline and loss of liberties, little by little like we have seen in the past year and a half. it’s going to keep creeping up on us slowly like bad eyesight until one day you wake up and realize that there is a real problem.
      good luck with everything

    4. Can’t emphasize the emergency fund enough. I was just evacuated from my home for 14 days due to fire. That ran approx 4k by the time it was al said and done. As Dave Ramsey says. When you have a fund emergency’s become an inconvenience.

  4. Good piece Ken, gets the mind going.
    Lately ive been wondering about where all this ends up, covid and the associated theatrics is a huge red flag, the push to vaccinate, locally they are enacting a vaccine pass of sorts for restaurants, on Oahu its for all sorts of venues, it stops short of retail stores and similar business.

    But for how long? And whats next?

    This in my opinion will open up a whole nother aspect to financial collapse, government induced financial collapse, we read about Australia and NewZealand, unfortunately, the news coming out of those places is limited and i am pretty sure severely restricted.

    So how long till thats us?

    I worry about the day they say you need to be vaxxed in order to work, still not 100% sure if i could do that, im getting really tired of living under threat from government over this virus bullshit.
    I bet im not alone.

    1. Some friends of mine had a trip planned for Hawaii this month and have been told not to come. Not sure who told them that but the trip has been cancelled.

      1. Aka
        They should boycott this socialist paradise anyway,,,
        Hate to say that but its true

      2. aka,
        That would have been our govenor/ment “Don’t Come” is the royal decree from on high.

        1. If they can bankrupt the entertainment industry in that area, it will put the majority on welfare. They attack whichever industry will get them the most psychofants in the long run (misspelling was deliberate). Milk in one area, lumber in another. The main export in your area is tourism so they need to kill tourism.

      3. AKA – I’m actually in Hawaii now (visiting family). People can come if they wish.

        1. You can come to Hawaii, but if no vax card, then you will be required to take a test every 48 hours to go to eateries, entertainment venues, recreational venues etc. This protocol commences on the 13th of September and will last for 60 day….or so they say. This is on the island of Oahu, contact Kulafarmer for info on Maui.

  5. The funny has almost run out of the money. I live in a paid off home that is in one of the lowest property tax rate states (Alabama). I will be content to be a subsistence farmer. To be your own landlord is a desirable outcome.

  6. Good article, Ken. First of all, I think there are already something like (13 ?) countries no longer trading in U..S. Dollars. For the U.S. to remain the world currency is not for long, I’m afraid. I also think its important to get out of debt, if at all possible. I echo the sentiment here to just start. Start somewhere. Mortgage, cars, CC bills, etc. So important. I no longer think our ‘collapse’ is going to be an overnight thing. I think TPTB have this planned out so well that it will be in increments. We will collapse in stages; that way they can control it….and us. And finally, ask yourself just what do you really need? Really? Remember how simple people loved a hundred or so years ago? I’m not talking about not having some things that are really good preps (like I would love some NVGs, sigh). But begin with simple. Go from there.

    And realize there is so much we can not control. It’s gonna happen anyway. But you can control your fear about it. I have always stated my moat important prep is pen and paper. Start there……

    1. I agree with you that the globalists are doing this in steps. Phases. It’s all planned. They do not wish to destroy it all. Instead, to gain CONTROL of it “all”. Just enough…so as not to hurt themselves in the process. And that’s what they’re doing with the vax (CONTROL). This has been planned for a very long time.

      Still though, our dollar is going to become worth quite a lot less than its already worth(less) value. Inflation is currency devaluation. Takes more to buy less. We are all witnessing it. It’s going pretty quick right now…

      1. “Still though, our dollar is going to become worth quite a lot less than its already worth(less) value. Inflation is currency devaluation. Takes more to buy less. We are all witnessing it. It’s going pretty quick right now…”

        I cannot agree more with this. 2018 property taxes up 42.5k (assessed value). 2021 again up 43k in assessed value. The State still wants its payoff and makes sure it gets it by requiring MORE of your increasingly worthless dollars. State has Homestead exemption at 65 y/o, but cant qualify for it as we worked our butts off during working years and do have a measly retirement coming in. Just sickening. They are like the medical profession: trying to keep you alive long enough to empty your bank and/or retirement account! You have to laugh at them or you may take a different approach….. I feel it coming also.

  7. DJ5280,
    there are 195 listed sovereign states listed on record now. i don,t see 13 being a detriment to us, most of them are in either in Africa or Polynesia. small potatoes.
    the entire world depends on our economy and it’s not going to change. if for no other reason than we are the breadbasket of the world. never forget that most countries would starve if it was not for our agricultural might and our ability to ship grains all over the world. we could always hold that over their heads.
    but alas, it’s always going to be about money.
    bill gates buying up farm land? to send food it to his chi-com friends? hmmm
    has anyone here ever read about the 30’s and how depressed the industries were then.
    then WW2 happened and within a year we were the industrial giant that it once was. it could happen again. we just need the motivation.
    i sincerely hope that it never happens again. but i hope our enemies never forget that we have the food, we have the industries, the resources and the manpower, don’t piss us off or else, we have Biden and Harris for that.

    1. nyscout,
      I have to disagree with you. Even if you discount all the alliances being formed away from the US, in spite of US sanctions, and deals not denominated in USD’s. If you only look purely at food… who has been buying up (or purchasing long-term control of) food sources, food production, and shipping ports for transporting food (along with other valuable commodities)? And, I recently read that in 2019, the EU exported more food by far than the US. By far.

      And right now, we are not the industrial giant we once were. Oil, rare earth minerals, PM’s, etc… are being found and mined all over the world. Many of our factories have been mothballed. And how much of the “stimulus” money issued over the last year went to buy goods made somewhere else?

      I’m not saying things cannot be turned around, but right now, it does not look good. We are being undermined as a country and an economy – from forces both internal and external.

      1. So Cal Gal, not sure where you get your information ( LA Times? ), but i would try somewhere else. more than one news source.

        1. Nyscout,
          I never read the LA Times. and it’s kind of insulting that would would think so little of me to even say that. I read a LOT of articles from a lot of different sources. What specifically are you refuting?

        2. As far as who exports, one source is opportimes dot com – 10 largest food exporters in the world.

          Or, dw dot com – Eu food exports hit records levels.

          Or the from the FDA site that I snipped here:
          “The European Union (EU) is the world’s leading processed food exporter, with roughly twice the exports of the United States. EU exports of processed food products reached $91 billion in 2012, growing 28 percent over five years. Like those from the United States, EU processed food shipments are highly diversified geographically and categorically. U.S. market share has decreased marginally in the past decade because of top-tier competition, not only from the European Union but from other emerging suppliers like Thailand and China. During this time, U.S. exporters have still managed to tap global demand and expand exports by 143 percent.”

          Or this comment from an article on health focus dot org:
          “When the US began using GMO’s, European citizens rejected these foods resulting in a US surplus of corn and soybeans. Corn exports to Europe, worth $305 million in 1995, decreased to $2 million in 2001 after the decision to use GMO’s.”

          Now, if you break up the EU into single countries, its a different story. But, my comment was that the EU out-exports food compared to the US – I did not break things down country by country. Does the US export huge amounts of food – absolutely. But in my personal opinion (which is just that – an opinion) we should not be too certain that other countries or tradings blocks will not challenge us for dominance based on food.

        3. OH,
          Absolutely. Sugar, grains, coffee, beef, cacao, fruit… and that’s just from the top of my head. The US feeds a lot of people, but we are not the only ones. Thank you!

        4. You can’t grow food without oil. Henry Kissinger said something to the effect that if you control the food you control the people, but if you control the oil you control the country. Oil is a type of money.

    2. nyscout, 13 countries may not be a detriment to us, but it will become 20, then 50, then 150 etc. This is a major plan of the WEF to destroy us economically. Removing the world from the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency is just one step. They are very vocal about it. Also, we are no longer the major breadbasket of the world…although a great contributor. And with crop failures happening globally due to the GSM we won’t be much longer anyway. Nations will be barely able to feed themselves. As for Bill Gates…you don’t think he’s going to actually FARM that land…..Nope. He’s making sure NO ONE ELSE can farm it. Then you will HAVE to eat his fake meat, bugs, or whatever else he dreams up. Farming, well, that contributes to food production/pollution/cow farts and global warming, etc., etc……

      I do agree that war is looming on the horizon for the U.S. (War is good for the economy, eh)? And I’m not so sure that these upcoming generations will have the motivation to make the U.S anything it once was. They are getting paid by the government (a basic universal income) to just say home and stare at their screens all day. Watch Netflix.
      And one more thing…with Biden and Harris, our ‘enemies’ no longer fear us. Prepare for what’s to come. I don’t think it is going to be good. JMHO.

      1. Glad I never bought Microsoft products. But my employers did for sure. So do you think B G will DO anything with all that farmland?

        1. OH, you know…I am just at the point of “I don’t know anymore.” And I LOVED Tom Clancy. And yes, wondered about his untimely death. But Gates? There is something evil about that man…..JMHO. Buys into biotech companies, practices a world-wide pandemic, and voila! We have one, AND the vaccine to boot! Doesn’t pass the smell test. And I’m NOT eating his fake meat. Ever.

          All the best to you. Rest. That’s a lot of hay to bring in.

        2. Well, I certainly agree with you there. BG is MUCH better than the gov any day of the week. And things will only get worse IMO. And you know, I always thought it would be so simple to just fly under the radar when things got tough. Now I think that will be impossible. Their tentacles ARE everywhere. I just keep trying to simplify things here as much as possible, and I mean needs vs. wants. I am also trying to be more supportive of ‘local.’ The Amish and Mennonites get my $$$ before Wallyworld or Amazon, if possible. Takes a lot of self-discipline.

          And the land in conservation easement – is awesome. You’re the best! God bless ya, my friend.

  8. SoulSurvivor,
    Can you please provide some sources so I can read the confiscation decrees you have mentioned?
    I’m especially interested in the ones concerning people.

  9. SCG,
    I have enjoyed your positive input that I read in your comments. You seem to keep plugging away, and moving forward a little bit each day. You hang in there, keep plugging away, and you’ll be better off because of your efforts. About 45 years ago I learned that there are three types of people in the world. People who make things happen, people like yourself.
    People who follow along never really making things happen, just getting by.
    People who walk around asking what’s happening? These are the naysayers, the “can’ts”, they can’t get things done because they don’t know how to do much besides make excuses or rationalize why they can’t or shouldn’t bother to do things. Ignore them.
    Keep up the good comments!!

  10. SoulSurvivor,

    You’re with friends here…let us share your burdens…where two or more are gathered….

  11. SoulSurvivor,
    There are many here – you are among friends. How can we help you?

  12. Many voices lifted together in prayer overcome the noise of evil. SoulSurvivor, I am sure there are many here that will join in lifting you up.


  13. Ken, Thank you for writing this article. I guess I let all of the noise??? get to me. I, like everybody here, are trying to reduce the financial risk to our family(ies) (as to how it will impact our standard of living).

    Ken I know you (and others here) have said to buy PMs, if…IF the gov. did order everybody to turn in their gold and silver?? (like Roosevelt did in 1930s) Would they just go after US coinage, or would they try and take foreign coinage too? Would they try and take bars and rounds (blank rounds) as well? I know Roosevelt let the people keep their gold jewelry and fillings ha ha. Times are different now and the attitude of the people in gov. is a lot different now too? “WE” work for them not, the other way around. Or, should I say ” they let us work/earn a living out of the KINDNESS of their hearts”

  14. SoulSurvivor, Please know how much your words are appreciated here. Many times, I’ve found much needed inspiration in your messages of faith. My heart goes out to you, for your loss and pain. You, and all here on MSB, are in my prayers daily. I would sorely miss your voice here, if it went silent. Our greatest glory is to be a conduit for His voice. You have often been that for me. Thank you, and God grant you His peace.

  15. Ken/anyone , I don’t know how to buy PM/jink silver from a company out of my area without it being traced via a credit card or via a computer, do you phone them. I prefer to pay cash. I bought some years ago but not recently. No reputable dealer sells locally that I know of. How does any company handle this issue. GGM

    1. GGM
      If you were to visit your friends up north, there are a couple places that I know of where you can do such a request. The one neighbor used these two places for years, one is off of Hilltop and the other one is off of Bechelli Yes, they do take FRN’s.

      1. AC, thanks, I lived off of Bechelli on Churn Creek Road for a time, I’ll contact Rdg friends. GGM

    2. GGM,
      Some companies do wire transfers via your bank. I don’t think these are reported, but double check because rules change. Also, there is a move by our government to have all banks report customers’ bank balances of any accounts over $600 to the IRS. This has only nefarious ramifications. So, anything you’re considering should be done sooner than later, but we already know that.

    3. After having our debit card number stolen several times I now use a Pre Paid Pay Pal mastercard for most on line purchases. It works just like a credit card/debit card. You pay to load money on 3.95 and a monthly fee of 4.95. Then get a post office box to have purchase mailed to. Not entirely dark, but more so than bank accounts and home addresses. We got ours from Dollar General, or you can ask for one at Pre Paid Pay Pal. It does not have to be linked with a bank account or such.

      1. There are sellers on ebay who sell ‘junk silver’. Just check their reviews as ebay is picky about false sales. You will have sticker shock when you pay more than 5.00 for a silver quarter!!!!! The genuine sells silver quarter proof sets which can, depending on the price of silver, be a good buy.

  16. Ecclesiastes 11 has been a guide for our family for many years now. We cast our bread on the waters, and gave a portion to seven or more, not knowing what evil would be upon the earth. We sowed seed in different ways, not being sure which would prosper. Never put all our eggs in one basket.

    Tangibles like property. Liquid assets. IRA accounts. Money market accounts that paid double digit interest for a long time. Later, savings bonds at 6% and later 4%. The proceeds helped us invest in a home on acreage and with college costs for our kids.

    As we know, SB were a pretty good investment for their time, but definitely not now. Money market accounts had a great run, but they’re just glorified savings accounts today. The point is that there are certain investments for certain times. And those change.

    We’re navigating uncharted waters for these times, when we’re seeing deliberate damage inflicted on our country and it’s economy, but we’re also witness to governments of other countries clamping down on their citizens. We have inklings, but we’re not sure exactly how it will play out, so we prepare the best we can with our baskets for the different probabilities.

    For many of us, we have retirement accounts sponsored by our employers. These investments may be greatly reduced or they may ride the inflation wave that’s happening. Regardless, they’re another basket and they may be there for us and they may not. We have other baskets, but ultimately, we’ll keep looking to God, knowing our times are in His hands.

    Property, PMs, LTS, diversified investments, liquid assets, skills, and having minimum or no debt. All will work together to help in the days ahead.

  17. Ken,
    Been reading your blog for many years. And this article brings everything you have outlined through the years.
    It took many years to get out of debt, but we are now🎉, and you were a great motivation for that. Thank you!
    All along we have acquired stores of food, tools,seeds, and the mindset of survival but self sufficient life style.
    Selling off assets, like a rental property. And purchasing remote acreage, where we are building a new home, and have developed. To have gardens, orchards and live stock. ( trapped wild hogs, laying hens, meat chickens, along with beef.)
    We have had three years to develop contacts, with the local people. To trade our goods with them in a barter situation.
    My various trade skills have proved to be a popular asset, to make in roads to make good networking.
    Your “Focus” statement says it all. Along with perseverance, it seems sometimes your getting nowhere.
    So have a plan and stick with it. Know the big picture, small accomplishments lead to great success.
    Our hedge for the financial future is silver, I do have Bitcoin. But mostly having the self sufficiency, and being able to banter with those in a network of like minded.
    Best to all,
    And never give up!
    Babe Ruth once said,” It’s hard to beat someone, who never gives up!

    1. Otran, Thanks for the mention. I’m happy that I provided some motivation! Congrats on all your accomplishments. It does take perseverance.

  18. SoulSurvivor “They” are Nimrod, and their goal is still to build babel and own the creation. I will never pay the debt. It was paid on the cross by Jesus. I will remember to pray for you.

  19. Pay the property taxes ahead a few years if possible. Recall after the civil war when many southerners could not pay and the rich, North and South, bought up the properties for just the taxes. Don’t give the cities a reason to put you out.

  20. I think that the best liquid asset a family can own is a well. Without water, you’ve got needs. The converse is true regarding the septic. Own a house with enough land to grow food and you at least have a chance for living outside the system.
    Real tangibles, like producing fruit trees, berry bushes, mushroom logs, goats, chickens, geese and ducks, pigs and a garden will make you a very wealthy man… in Africa. Here in ‘Merica wealth is determined by the number of nice cars you owe on and the size of your plastic lot house. I choose real wealth.

  21. Ken are we in the same place Germany was in 1935. What was the one thing Germany could have done to stop Hitler. Thanks for all you do. Woody

    1. Woody,

      We most certainly, seemingly, are on a path here that rhymes in many ways with that of the history you mention…

      The “one thing” they could have done different? Well, generally speaking, have you heard the saying that $hit rolls down hill? The challenge is stopping the $hit at the top of the hill… How that is accomplished is another matter… Identification thereof (there are many $hitters) and methodology.

      In 1935 and the years following, no one stopped them (him).

  22. The Communists/Globalists are going for the full press to destroy this Republic and subjugate it’s citizens before the 2022 elections. Did anyone pay attention to what Janet Yellen said a few days ago? The US will default on its debt by Oct. 15 if certain conditions are not met before then. No more reserve status for the Dollar. No more Dollar. Other countries will stop taking Dollars as payment for products and services. With a 400 Trillion (real) debt and a worthless currency this country will crash faster than Superman can fly. The trucks don’t run, the trains don’t roll, no paychecks, no saving in the bank. Hell, no bank! No welfare checks going out. No gas because there is no one to pump it, refine it, ship it, deliverer it, or pay for it. Don’t think it can happen? A lot of things have happened in the past eight months that I never thought would. This country must be destroyed to make living so horrid that those who survive it will beg for someone to come in and fix it. You can bet someone will be ready to do just that. It was all planned from the beginning. You won’t like it much.

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