Is the economy better or worse

The ‘stock market’ has been on the longest run-up in world history.

It seems like, or we’re being led to believe that, it will NEVER END.

The Good Times are here to stay, right?

Are you on that train?

The economic numbers being reported are always seemingly good or great.

Our debt doesn’t matter either. There are no apparent consequences for mega debt. The concept of “just enough government to get the job done” is a joke for most.

Nearly everyone out there must be doing great, right? Maybe that’s true, I really don’t know. All I know is my own ‘economy’. That’s my reality.

My question for you is this:

Is YOUR economy better today? Or is it worse?

I’m leaving that question ‘general’ without specific definition. Decide your own meaning for ‘your’ own personal economy.

Somebody must be making lots of money out there, given that the economy is so apparently good. Right?

The poll results are in.

78% feel that their own economy is about the same (31%) or better (47%) today (2019).

22% feel that their economy is worse today.

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