Yes indeed, prepping can get mighty expensive if you let it. There is a seemingly endless array of products to acquire for preparedness – some of which are quite useful. That said, there are LOTS of other preparedness related products that sure are “nice to have’s”, while still others are merely gimmicks and not so useful or practical.

For those who don’t have much money or for those whose budget may be extremely unforgiving, the question is “What can you do for prepping and preparedness without spending any money, or spending very little money?”

I will begin with the following suggestion… Find a way to acquire extra money.

Lets face it, that’s how the system works. Money (currency) is the temporary storage medium of our work which is then used to exchange for goods and services. To get more of it, you must either work for more of it or trim the outflow from your existing budget. Don’t have a budget? Make one… Get out the knife. Look for areas to cut.

Now that ‘that’ is out of the way, let’s continue…

Not all preps need be expensive! While you might say “I don’t have any money”, you can still acquire things on the cheap which are geared towards prepping and preparedness!

How? Here are a few ideas:

Go to a garage sale or estate sale. You may be quite surprised to find out what you can get for pennies on the dollar. And some of these sales have some great old stuff that may be especially useful for preparedness.

A packet of seeds is cheap! You can literally grow a garden for a few bucks worth of seeds. Spend ten dollars and you’ll have quite a variety. Spend twenty and you will have the opportunity to harvest quite a crop indeed.

Educate yourself. We are living in amazing times with the wealth of information at our fingertips on the internet. Can you read? Then you can acquire knowledge for free. Go after your interests and figure out how those interests might crossover into prepping and preparedness.

Basic survival skills (e.g. bushcraft skills) can be fairly inexpensive to acquire. You might think that it’s easy to build a fire from scratch but have you actually ever done it?

Discount grocery stores dot the countryside. There’s one about 30 minutes from where we live that we visit from time to time looking for deals. It is not uncommon to find cans of vegetables for 49-cents or thereabouts. You’re telling me you don’t have a few extra dollars to start building up a food storage inventory? Do you know how cheap it is to buy a 10 pound bag of white rice? (Etc…)

Mindset. You might not have much or any extra money, but you sure can adjust your mindset towards preparedness – and it’s free. The more that you think about something, the more that it will come to you. It’s true…

Okay, your turn for continuing this list of advice.
What do you recommend for others to do who say they don’t have any money to prep?

UPDATE: Additional ideas from the comments below:

Save/sell scrap metal
Take advantage of coupons & sales
Use Libraries for their books and free internet
Give up a ‘want’ in order to save for the future
Go through what you do have, to see how it may apply to preparedness
Walk and Exercise for better health
Before purchasing, ask Is this a ‘luxury’ or necessity?
Eat at home, cook your own food
Beware of ‘latest technology’ trap
Learn food preservation, ‘canning’
Strict budgeting, designate weekly/monthly/annual expenditures
Smart grocery shopping, understand cost per unit
Dollar stores
Scrap the paper towels, use washable towels
Make your own laundry soap
Budgeting: Don’t get frustrated, take baby steps if need be
2nd hand stores for clothes, etc..
Learn to fix things yourself
Write down all your expenditures, it helps to know where it’s going
Learn from others who are already good at what they’re doing
Cut the electric use in your home, shut lights out, etc..
Wild food sources such as fishing, foraging
Barter & trade when you can
Make your trips count, consolidate your errands
Just get your butt in gear…

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