2nd coldest start to Spring in United States

2nd Coldest Start To Spring In The USA

2nd coldest start to Spring in United States
image: www.hprcc.unl.edu

We have been experiencing one of the coldest Spring seasons ever recorded in the United States as temperatures across the country have been the lowest on average since 1975, the 2nd lowest ever…

You may have noticed… winter has been slow to loosen its grip of cool temperatures this Spring. You may have even delayed your Spring planting this year…

The image above shows the temperature departure from normal in the United States from the beginning of this year through April.

Clearly, the country has been experiencing cooler than average temperatures, as proven from data sourced by the High Plains Regional Climate Center, the HPRCC being well recognized as one of the centers of expertise in the use of weather and climate data.

In addition, the US April temperatures since 1930 record keeping of all United States HCN stations (Historical Climatology Network) have been declining on average!

“The United States Historical Climatology Network (HCN) comprises 1221 high-quality long-term climate observing stations.”

The following chart from StevenGoddard.wordpress.com illustrates the April temperature decline. The data has been sourced from NOAA records of HCN raw data.

Declining April Temperatures
image: Steven Goddard

Spring may finally be here, but it has been a long time coming…

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  1. If only the summer temps would go down a bit. Summer in east TX above 100 all August. It’s a killer. Loving the cooler spring here, though.

  2. Here in Nova Scotia it was a long,cold winter,and a cold spring.Today was nice,but my pellet stove is still getting a workout!

  3. Just try to show this to the anthropogenic global warming nuts, see how far you get. From what I’ve read, it also appears that there is a record ice sheet covering the Antarctic at this point as well. I can remember in the 70’s reading about the “new ice age” and now, the pendulum has swung all the way back to the other side. What folks seem never to consider is that we are so incredibly interconnected now that we can know in five seconds how cold or warm it is nearly anywhere on earth. Twenty years ago, that would have taken days to aggregate.

    1. While I agree climate chaos may not be man-made, climate chaos is clearly evident. To dismiss climate chaos because of any possible political conflicts goes against what it means to be prepared. We need to be prepared for any and all eventualities.

    2. There is a West and East Antarctic Ice Sheet. The West is melting at an alarming rate because of increased temperatures. Where is this melting ice going? Falling as precip in the East Antarctic Ice Sheet.

  4. Randy,
    There has always been climate chaos and I believe there always will be. The point I was working toward is that we’re so connected these days, we can know about a lightening strike in Moscow seconds after it has happened. This means we are far more aware of events and conditions in far away places than we have ever been. We receive information on a daily basis today that we would have never seen twenty five years ago. The same can be said for everything. I read about gun violence and see the blood and gore all the time on the idiot box, but there is actually less now than ten years ago. We only think there is more because we get news flashes nationwide about a shooting in some little burg on the left coast, where just fifteen years ago we would never have known about it.

    The left now largely controls the media [all media] so it stands to reason they would push their own political agenda rather than simply report truthfully. Just look to the Kermit Gosnell case for proof of that idea. How many news reports have you seen about the Butcher of Philadelphia in the last three weeks? Over the same time period, how many times did you see Justin Beiber?

    I’m just saying…..

  5. One day in Texas it’s cold. The next day warm. Cold. Warm. Cold. Warm! Geez….Will my plants survive? That is the question. Gotta love Texas weather. Unpredictable since the beginning of time.

  6. In Germany we had the second coldest March on record. This shows that your cold spring is not an isolated local phenomenom. Here is the impressive graph from our local weather station:


    @stuck in east texas:

    Please send some of your 100+ summer temperatures to us, we could use them. I remember once being on summer party in July with a maximium temperature of 57F and rain all day :(

  7. What happened to global warming?Just another crock for the green beans to hug.If anything we are headed to another ice age,we are due one if you have followed the time line over the centuries.

  8. Hahaha…”the left”, the “green beans”…
    Why don’t you admit you don’t know a damn thing about climate science…you just hate liberals?

    People like YOU will make MY survival easier, lol…

    1. quote: “People like YOU will make MY survival easier, lol…”

      How would disagreeing with “people like (Andy?)” make your survival easier? That doesn’t make sense.

    2. Yes, many of us “hate” liberals/progressives for what they are doing/ have done to our country/culture including forcing the false religion of “global warming” down our collective throats. Climate changes. That’s a fact! And, the “green beans” that worship at the alter of Al Gore need to respect the separation of church and state and stop trying to make us believe the false doctrine of anthropogenic global warming!

  9. Iben Browning did a lot of work on climate and found that volcanic activity was a major key. You used to find the number of active volcanoes at: http://volcano.si.edu/world/find_eruptions.cfm

    This site isn’t updated anymore. The large eruptions put enough pollution high enough and block sunlight, so we get cooling 3-4 years later. Since Browning died, his daughter took over his newsletter. She’s not really interested in the bigger picture and tries to focus more on the next few months. It’s kind of disappointing that this simple historic data isn’t read. The numbers fluctuate between 50 and 70 erupting volcanoes each year. The low end is great for crops and the high end means trouble.


    Google trends shows volcanic searches are quite low compared to 2004-2005. The end of 2007 was when crop prices started to pick up and helped bring on the financial and economic crisis. Now we’re dealing with $6-7 corn instead of the $2 corn most of us grew up with. Obviously that’s not all climate. Much has to do with the debt bubble the central banks helped create which encouraged a global population boom. The central banks contribute indirectly to so many of the world’s problems and I don’t even think they are aware themselves. Maybe farmers and commodity traders would do better than economists at running a central bank if we really want one at all.

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