End of the World 2012 and What To Believe



I choose to look at the world ending 2012 hype from a scientific point of view as I search and read information on the subject. There are lots of differing explanations regarding the various galactic alignments and their significance. There are many religious viewpoints, predictions, and prophecies that are swirling around the topic, any of which I do not wish to challenge as people have the right to think and decide for themselves, and who am I to say one way or the other…

Looking at the physics of what will be happening during the 2012 time period is curious in that it does present some interesting galactic alignments and perhaps some plausible arguments that things could get interesting, or maybe not.


All galaxies are flat and circular, apparently with very few exceptions. Much of the scientific community apparently believes that the energy source which drives the rotation and shape of each galaxy consists of a “supermassive” black hole which exists in the center. The black hole spins at an incredibly high rate because of its incredible mass, and as it rotates it captures and accelerates debris and forces it all into a swirling disk around it forming the black hole’s “equator”.

I have read some suggestions that the galaxy’s equatorial plane at its very center,  consists of a projected gravity plane and therefore will influence objects that pass through it in a particular way (In other words, objects passing through it will be uniquely affected). However a black hole apparently projects a spherical gravitational field, really no different from other objects, with no one plane exhibiting more force than another. This is one of the arguments.

Our galaxy’s galactic plane is easily seen at night away from city lights, and viewed as a dark band slicing lengthwise through the center of the Milky Way itself, although somewhat irregular in appearance. This dark band at the center of the galactic (equatorial) plane is thought to be filled with dust and mass.

Our solar system moves up through the galactic plane and then back down through the galactic plane in reoccurring cycles through time. In fact ancient civilizations like the Mayans evidently based their calendars on this cycle and called the time when we appear to pass through the galactic equinox to be the end of each age. Some believe this brings worldwide devastation while the Earth is sitting on what they call “the dark rift”. There is also some controversy regarding the cycle time of the solar system passing in and out through the galactic plane, and there are some that say we aren’t even close to doing so. I personally haven’t sorted out all of the angles myself yet, so I’m not suggesting either way at the moment.

The implications of the Earth passing through the galactic plane and its controversial gravitational influence is speculative, although ancients have described periods of devastation. My instinct tells me that the strength of this gravitational influence would be very small considering the vast distances involved, but I always try and keep an open mind while gathering more facts.


One might think that the earth-changes that we may be experiencing at the present time are the beginnings of the influences of the very thin band of forces produced along the equatorial plane projected out from the black hole in the center of our galaxy. The band is so thin and concentrated (relatively compared to the massive size of the galaxy itself), that it may only take one or maybe two years to transit through the dense region (I have also read reports of lesser time to transit through – months, rather than a year or two).

If we are truly about to pass through the dense portion of the galactic plane, we conceivably could experience the effects of earth stresses, assuming that the galactic plane forces are strong enough. In addition, our Sun will also be experiencing whatever influence that the plane will have on it. Not only that, but it will coincide with the sunspot cycle which will also be peaking in the approximate 2012 time frame. There may be the potential for extra powerful solar phenomenon including solar flares and filament eruptions.

We are presently experiencing a much higher than average number of earthquakes in several earthquake-magnitude categories, given the same amount of time averaged over the last 10 years or even the last 110 years. The tectonic plates, a thin crustal layer floating on top of an ooze of hot molten rock, are moving and shifting, causing earthquakes and volcanic activity. This is nothing new, however an increase in activity is logically caused by something… or maybe anomalous.

The Earth’s spinning core of molten iron creates our magnetic field and pole, which is now drifting out of position faster and faster. Again, this phenomenon is nothing new, however something is happening now which is speeding up the process. Pole shifts have happened in the past, and will happen again. It is somewhat unclear how fast it can occur and to what extent it will cause disruption.


If the “dark rift”, or the galactic dark band that we are apparently approaching truly contains dust, debris, and objects caught up by the swirling gravitational influence of the galaxy’s central black hole, then we may experience the risk of collisions with such objects, if in fact we transit through debris rather than just the theoretical plane itself. Most of us know that an asteroid, if large enough (several miles wide), has the potential to wipe us out all together. We have managed to map a lot of the larger asteroids within our own solar system, but we have no idea what we will run into if we begin to pass through the galactic plane of our galaxy. Personally, at this moment I believe the biggest 2012 risk is the increased chances of asteroid impact as we traverse through the dark rift debris field.

Having said all that, I am not a scientist or astronomer, simply an Engineer by trade with a curiosity of natural occurring events such as these. These are only my observations or opinions of the moment. No doubt I will be posting on this topic again as I put more of the galactic pieces together…

There are a ton of websites with all sorts of information on the subject, many of which are probably hype while others seem to point out possible truths. Make up your own mind about it, or simply keep an open mind.

If it turns out that we are not actually about to pass through the dark band (dust and debris), or the galactic plane itself, or if the gravitational influence of the galactic plane is not a concentrated energy source as some predict, then good… there are enough other potential disaster scenarios to worry about to keep one’s preparedness plans up to date.

If nothing ‘bad’ happens, I will be thrilled. On the other hand my survival preparedness tendencies will continue to keep me ready as I am able for whatever may come my way.

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  1. Well it happened before and maybe its about ready to happen again. Out with the old and in with the new. We’ll have to wait and see what happens. The Power of Mother Nature can be very good, and sometimes very lethal. If it happens then we just go with the flow, and maybe in a few million years time it will repeat again.

  2. No mention here, about G1.9+0.3. American scientists say this is remnants of a recent Super Nova near the hub of our Galaxy. The Spanish and Russians are saying this is a Brown Dwarf just this side of Pluto. The object is in Microsoft’s World Wide Telescope and I have to zoom further out to look at Pluto, than this object. (G1.9 = 1.9MJ (mass of Jupiter)
    17h 48m 45.4s -27 10′ 06”

  3. In mentioning Asteroids there are 112 known impact sites around the world most are huge and more are left unknown,if or when ‘something’ will happen all we can say is if it can happen..It will

    1. Here is an excellent database that I refer to which has data of Earth impact sites around the globe. It was developed and maintained by the Planetary and Space Science Center,
      University of New Brunswick, Canada.

      Earth Impact Database

      There is absolutely no doubt that we will be struck again by something substantial. As you know, the asteroid does not have to big very large (relatively speaking) to cause enormous or catastrophic damage. Remember a number of years ago when Jupiter was struck (seemingly out of nowhere) by a string of asteroids and caused tremendous planetary explosions which were quite visible to us here on Earth? No one saw that coming, except for a few days advance, if I remember correctly. Scary stuff.

      1. The Jupiter impacts were seen coming. It was known more than a year in advance that they would hit.


  4. The weather situations (quakes, floods etc.) can also be caused by HAARP.

    1. To: sonya

      HAARP is an interesting subject that I plan on researching more, and posting on afterwards. I’ll leave it at that for now…

  5. The world will not end because of earthquakes, tsunami, meteor strike, nuclear war, supernova, or any other natural or man made disaster. End will not happen on any arbitrary date like December 2012. The end of the universe has been designed into the laws of the universe by the creator. The contraction of the universe will commence the beginning of the end which will last for thousands and possibly millions of years. We will however be gone far before that time removed from the dying universe.

  6. Do you think the increase in the number of earthquakes and volcano eruptions occuring this year are the result of the The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Cern, Professor Otto E. Rossler is one of the scientists who has concerns as no doubt a number of others.

    1. @anonymous
      I have been meaning to post on this subject regarding the Large Hadron Collider, and hope to do it soon. The entire subject of what they are doing with the LHC is fascinating, especially after having read a book on the general subject earlier this year.

      Leaving the LHC out of it for a moment, my generalization is that the geophysical happenings of the Earth occur in varying degrees of frequency throughout time. Most people expect that “things” happen in an average manner, all the time. Whereas my instinct tells me that yes there are periods of “average” happenings, and there are also periods of high activity and active changes.

      I believe that the majority of humans have a difficult time “adapting” to change, and when changes are occurring right in their face, they simply resist even more – not accepting that we live in an environment that is mostly not in our control.

  7. To all,

    I am part of a student production group from Winchester University. We are creating a documentary about how people are preparing for 2012, and what they believe could happen on the day. I was wondering if anyone would like to take part in our documentary?

    Please write back

    Jennie Thomas

  8. I think it is ironic that Volcanic and Earthquake activity seem to be increasing as we get closer to that date. The only point I would like to make is this. I know we are so very, very far from the center of our galaxy…our black hole. However, ponder this please: that black hole, even so far away, is strong enough to keep our entire Solar System rotating around it. So, will something happen, I think it is highly possible…but, it will NOT be an end of humanity event, but, I do believe it could be a devastating time…JMHO.

  9. We were all born with a life sentence, but don’t be worried about it, for some day we will get out of it again!

    John-Guenter Jeske-Pescht

  10. Dear Ken,

    How did you determine: “The Earth’s spinning core of molten iron creates our magnetic field and poles”? Are you sure of this alledged fact? What if the earth’s magnetc feild is generated by solar activity? Could that cause a rapid pole shift? Could that cause increased earthquake activity? Climate change? Worse? What are your thoughts? Anyone?

  11. It Is fascinating to see how people prepare for the worse. Well, I believe there is a way of escape. That is ofcourse my personal opinion. The creator Itself. He did not create us only to let us vanish in a twinkling of an eye. God bless you all

  12. I don’t think the world will end in 2012. It was a movie hype that people have put their own beliefs into, because there is a larger activity of thunderstorms, are we going to say “war of the worlds”is true?? NO! Earthquakes have been happening in large magnitudes for years, we are just more aware of it because that’s what the media wants us to hear.
    We will never know when the world will end, absolutely useless trying to predict it.

  13. The world is not going to physically end in a any of the scenarios. But the World as we currently know it could end in many. Believe what you wish but you are nieve to think nothing will ever happen to our planet. There are too many moving and changing factors for things to remain the same.

  14. every thing has its cycle. just like our life, a day to be born and when we grow old, we die. but our existence does not end there. just like any matter, created and destroyed. there is always a beginning and always an end, and vice versa. if the world will end, somewhere else in the vast universe, a new world will be born. and all that are lost, will be created again. we should not fear of whatever that ends. God is always there, the source of life.

  15. Glad to see you looking into HAARP. This;”an increase in activity is logically caused by something” Quote, is a positive start as regards truth as it may or may not be. The arguments (facts) expound that it is being tested, if weather wars are working, there is a long list of “natural disasters” that can be linked to the use of such technology. Conversely, who would stand to benefit and for what reason? Here’s the kicker, the belief that the PTB exist and their agendas are based on continued use of fossil fuels, misdirection of the “silent majority’s focus”, enabling continued acceptance of the “Spin” for power and profit. (Who could imagine?) This assumption you need to evaluate for yourselves. I can tell you that sites with any info. are seemingly disappearing rapidly. Just as I spent 4 hours on 14th trying to phone every branch of government, from local Health Dept., to Representatives,Senate offices, and every other relevant office, finally calling the State Government phone number info. line to see if I had missed an EPA, or other info. potential,only to get the same recording stating that my call could not be answered-Click. Not even a message option? Very unlike past communications with my government agencies. Food for thought and if you surf or start to call with questions good luck.

  16. > Our solar system moves up through the galactic plane and then back down through the galactic plane in reoccurring cycles through time.

    When this happens, does the phenom of water going down the toilet reverse direction where we in the northern/southern hemisphere, see directions reverse with the sun rising from the west?

    Will momentum keep us relatively safe say, even relatively minor 10 magnitude earthquakes with YelStone and Long Valley eruptions going off (these considered minor to the greater earth cycle) to the reverse, so relatively gradual. Or, might it be very abrupt?

  17. A brown dwarf star inside the orbit of Jupiter! Really? I think it would be effecting some planetary orbits by now and creating much curiosity in astronomical circles. Amateur astronomers are least likely to remain quiet about an event like this.

  18. I’m not worried about the world ending in 2012. I’m worried about stupid people freaking out and making this miserable for everyone else. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

  19. On the subject of the world ending on Dec. 21, 2012, it’s a bunch of crap. So many people believe this because the Mayan calender ends. Just because it ends don’t mean anything. More than likely it will just reset itself just like our calender does. A possibility on why the Mayan calender ends is maybe, the world as we know it now will change.
    There are people that believe the world will end that day because natural disasters are coming in a more rapid pace. The Earth changes every year as living creatures do. Just because they are coming at a more rapid pace don’t mean the world will end.
    I do believe though that we will have some very destructive natural disasters in 2012. For examples, extra large Tornadoes in the U.S., Massive earthquake in Mexico City, category 5 hurricane in Florida, and a large earthquake in California. Just because things like this happen don’t mean the world will end. You have to look at how fast technology is moving forward. So to all the people out there that believe the world will end on Dec. 21, 2012, before you go and make any massive decisions think about what might happen on Dec. 22, 2012.

    1. @Shawn, You are correct, although one point of the article is that since so many people ‘believe’ that ‘something’ will happen, it will become a self-fulfilling event and the shelves may be cleared of foods and supplies later in the year due to a rush of last minute preparing and the shortages of ‘just-in-time’ supply chain distribution systems. Think of it as preparing for a giant mega snowstorm where people would go out and empty the shelves of grocery stores. If you beat them to the store, then you’re all set…

    2. What is especially of concern is how the distribution systems will deal with this, given that they are designed to be ‘just in time’ systems. People have no idea how badly the ‘clog’ could be, and how long it could take to resolve.

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