Although the following event was a local event, there are lessons to be learned from two homes that were destroyed last night, located only about 100 feet from our location here at Modern Survival Blog. Actually one was completely ruined while the other was partially, but severely damaged.

Many of us have experienced severe weather and storm related damage throughout our lives in one way or another, and it may be one of the most common ‘mini’ disasters that people are likely to encounter.

Yesterday, and last night, a very powerful Pacific storm system pushed its way through parts of coastal California spawning a small tornado, a water spout, damaging winds, hail, and of course lots of thunder and lightning. I’ve always very much enjoyed ‘the weather’, and last night was no exception – except for the ensuing damage.

As the ‘front’ ripped its way through our area, very high wind gusts lashed hail and torrential rain against the roof – we could hear it shifting and swirling from the front to the back of the house and was very loud in the trees. Many of you know what I mean and am describing, as a strong storm front rips through.

Although it had been thundering, we heard one very loud ‘thunder’ but it was different – no rippling with echos off the canyon walls, etc… It was just a loud quick boom. We didn’t think much of it until this morning when we discovered that a very large Eucalyptus tree, about 4 or 5 feet diameter and about 80 or 100 feet tall with many huge limbs, had crashed over and fallen directly across and on to two homes, destroying one and severely damaging the other.

It was a miracle that no one was killed, and apparently only worked out that way because the occupants were in the right place at the right time.

I mention this event because it represents a very real risk to many of us, one we may not think about. Do you have any idea how HEAVY tree’s are? Even a single limb could easily kill you. Trees look all nice and everything, but they must be treated with respect.

I just picked up one of my small firewood logs and weighed it, already split, and only measuring about 14 inches by maybe 6 inches. It tips the scale at 10 pounds. Imagine what an entire tree would weigh?

The point is, have a renewed look around your home and consider whether or not that giant tree or perhaps a large overhanging tree limb, is ‘safe’.

I’m not an Arborist, but I know enough about common sense. Some trees can become unsafe due to disease, some of which you will not notice unless trained to notice. Some trees are prone to toppling because their root systems do not dig deep (like the Eucalyptus). Trees get old, just like we do. Eventually they weaken and become much more likely to drop limbs or topple over with high wind gusts.

If your home is in the path of a large tree that could reach your roof line, you should take special notice whether or not that tree is healthy. Consider having a professional trim off any dangerous or ominous branches. It may save your life, or at the very least, your home.



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