Booms In Wisconsin – EarthQuake In Mexico

Last updated on March 28th, 2012

Sunday and Monday night in the small town of Clintonville, about 140 miles northwest of Milwaukee, BOOMs have been shaking awake startled residents, many of them thinking that they were being jolted by earthquakes. Investigations have ruled out everything so far as the town of 4,200 is asking for any experts who may have a theory to contact them.

“My house shook and it was just like a shock,” the 71-year-old said. “I got out of bed and was like `Wow.’ I thought one of my trees fell onto the house.”

“There’s no warning, it’s just `bam,'” Kuss said [city Administrator]. “I would describe it as startling, an adrenalin rush. … Your heart is instantaneously kind of racing because you are not expecting it.”

The noises – described as rumbles of thunder, sonic booms or fireworks

The sounds started back up Monday night across a wider area and continued until about 5 a.m. Tuesday

Source: Associated Press

Then, during Tuesday, a large magnitude 7.4 earthquake rips through southwest Mexico, about 170 miles south of Mexico City.

We don’t know everything. We never will know everything. Who’s to say that the Earth stress that was leading up to this large earthquake was (is) somehow connected to the booms heard in Wisconsin? It seems far fetched, perhaps, but not beyond mention.


Things on this planet are intricately connected and these connections may span great distances. Picture an egg shell as the Earth (apart from its oblong shape). What happens when things appear just fine along the surface until enough stress builds to crack the shell? The tear can spread all the way around, yes? Things are connected. Same as the ground beneath our feet. The well known and identified faults that criss-cross the planet are not all there is.

While this mystery in Wisconsin may or may not ultimately be explained, it serves to remind us that great and powerful things can occur beneath our feet – forces are at play that we cannot control (except by HAARP anyone?). I enjoy discovering the mystery of our planet, but at the same time it teaches me how we are vulnerable, which in turn feeds my desire to be prepared.

Are you prepared?


Update, March-23
The USGS is indicating that the mysterious booms are due to an earthquake of magnitude 1.5. However, having formerly lived in an active seismic zone of California for 15 years, I can tell you that you cannot feel a magnitude 1.5 earthquake. Not only that, but an earthquake is just that, an earthquake… boom, done. An earthquake is not a series of booms over days and days (that would be a series of earthquakes, or an earthquake swarm). I do believe there is more to this still.


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