One thing that I have noticed throughout the terrible disaster in Japan so far, is how well behaved the Japanese people seem to have been. The images and video that I’ve seen from media outlets in Japan, including those replayed on U.S. media outlets, nowhere have I seen or heard reports of unrest, looting, or violence. It is a refreshing thing to observe.

I cannot help but think that sadly, here in the U.S., there is an element that would be taking advantage of the situation. We’ve already seen it here during previous disasters. Sometimes one of the very first things we see on television is imagery of looting. The very minute that this element gets the sense that the rule of law has somehow temporarily been put aside, the looting begins.

The more people that maintain ‘cool heads’ so-to-speak, the better decisions will be made. This post is short, but I feel important to note, kudos to the Japanese people.

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