Survive A Shipwreck

Survive A Shipwreck

One moment they were reeling in a fish, and the next they were in the sea as their boat sank to the bottom.

Shipwrecked. 12 miles from shore. Would you survive?

Dan and Kate Suski were on a weekend fishing trip on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia when their charter boat sank, and the pair along with a captain and one crew member faced a life or death survival encounter with 12 miles of water between them and the shore.

A seemingly safe boating activity can turn from fun to fighting for life in the blink of an eye.

“They told me they had a fish on the line, and were fighting the fish, then heard a noise,” The captain checked out the engine room, which was filling up with water. It was only about “three to five minutes from the time they heard the noise to when they had to abandon the boat and it sank,”

The sea was very rough, and to make matters worse, it soon became dark. They struggled through the night, making it to shore. Dan and Kate were found on the beach, and the captain and crew member were found hours later. All survived.

They are lucky to be alive.

How did they survive? They knew how to swim, and they had life jackets on.

This summer as many of you interact with the water on a boat, do not overlook the fact that the boat can sink, boats sink all the time, and even if you can swim… if you do not have a life jacket – you may not survive.

Survival Preparedness… Regardless the size of your boat, big or small, take the time to secure a life jacket somewhere in that boat for each person. It’s most likely the law in your area anyway…

Be safe while enjoying your summer…


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