Jet-Stream Animation, Japan to USA, Fallout?

Jet-Stream animation forecast

Given the concern by some regarding the possibility of some radioactive Fallout contamination making its way from Japan across the Pacific Ocean, 4,500 miles to California and the west coast of the United States (and beyond), here is the current forecast loop of the Jet Stream.

This is not intended to be alarmist in any way. Rather, only showing what ‘could’ happen if enough ingredients come into play.

It is possible that some Cs-137 (Cesium) and-or iodine-131 from the Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown could make its way into the Troposphere and get disbursed over the northern hemisphere, including the West Coast U.S. Note that unless there is a catastrophic explosion that sends large quantities of radioactive particles high up into the atmosphere, the quantity of radioactive particles that makes its way to the U.S. will be limited to surface winds, and of course, dispersion over distance.

Current Infrared image of cloud tops (brighter yellows, orange, indicate colder – higher clouds, which helps visualization of the the atmosphere as it flows from left to right (west to east) towards the U.S.


Global Jet Stream Wind Map


There is a fair amount of speculation whether or not any significant levels of radioactive particles will actually make it across the Pacific ocean, that is, enough to present any serious concerns towards health risks. The skepticism that exists regarding this possibility is warranted – because a number of critical elements would have to come together for this to happen in a ‘significant’ way, and there is a push to keep people from panic (some people unfortunately do panic).

There really is only one historical reference point for this (Chernobyl), which makes it difficult to determine what ‘might’ happen (or not).

The following image shows the radiation distribution from the Chernobyl fallout

It seems that whatever ‘might’ happen, might be more problematic from long-term effects rather than short term high dosage effects (assuming there actually is a complete core meltdown which leads to total  environmental release of radioactive particles that actually make it into the troposphere).

Long term effects could include Cesium-137 particles (30-year half life) scattered on the ground or in the soil, getting in to water supplies, food crops, animal feed, and up the food chain to us – or worse – you could breath in the particles. No amount of radioactive particle ingestion is good, even though some may say that the dosage is miniscule. Getting cancer is partially about the odds – so being aware of what could increase the odds is a good thing.

Arguments against any significant radiation making its way to the U.S.

  • Sufficient disaster would have to take place at Fukushima – total meltdown and release
  • Particles would have to mix high enough into the atmosphere to ride along wind streams sufficient to travel the distance
  • Particles may be washed out into the ocean if there is precipitation
  • Local wind currents could keep the particles localized in Japan where they would wash out there
  • Lesser amounts of particles will travel along lower elevation wind currents

Arguments for any significant radiation making its way to the U.S.

  • Current Jet-Stream patterns are favorable to bring particulate matter to the U.S. west coast
  • Wind patterns typically bring wind currents directly away from Japan and across the Pacific
  • It is proven that dust particulate matter is regularly deposited on the west U.S. from places like China
  • The Japanese war machine successfully launched balloon bombs that made their way to the west U.S. during WWII
  • There has already been measurable amounts of radiation now in the U.S.
  • By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail

Link here for updates regarding the Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster

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  1. So, are authorities in the US and Canada doing air sample testing, and if so will they tell us the truth of the results in a timely manner and distribute Potassium Iodide tablets in a sufficient timeframe?

    I bought my tablets today and it says in the leaflet that it’s only a certain percentage effective when taken a certain time before or after the radiation is detected in the air.

    I don’t trust the authorities to distribute them in a timely manner, or to even have enough of a supply.

    British Columbia is running out, so is the European continent.

    Should I wait to take mine until the authorities say so, or try to figure out when to take them as they are only to be taken for a maximum of 3 days?

  2. I heard they are only effective if taken at the very first sign of radiation. Also that they dont protect you fully ONLY your thyroid. this is according to Dr.Oz on one of the news stations

  3. Well here in California there are no more pills. Ive called family in Texas and even Mass. None to be found. Supposedly the local gov. agencies dont even have them.. Looks like its going to be a rough few days…

  4. I am having trouble reading these maps. Is there a color code I am missing? Does the yellow represent fallout and if so how strong? It seems like the German map referenced here has the best information so far.

    And how much of the fallout in the wind currents actually hits the ground, is there a map illustrating that?

    Thanks for any help you can give us in understanding what is on this page.

    1. @whitesail, I should have mentioned it in the post, but, the map you are referring to is simply the Infrared Satellite image of the northwest pacific. The colors represent cloud top heights. That’s all. The ‘blob’ if you will… is the portion of the atmosphere that was over Japan a few days ago. No one knows if there is radioactive particles within or not. Most seem to believe there are none.

  5. For the anonymous calif comment about no pills, hasn’t it been stated that you can also use iodine scrub on the skin and it will reach the thyroid? Seems like I’ve seen several references that there are several ways to get iodine.

    Can anyone give advice on protecting cats and dogs?

  6. Guys and galls forget about the stupid pills. There is no such thing as a pill that protects you from radiation. Thinking that is as incorrect as thinking there is a pill that can protect you from bullets.

    Yes you can successfully protect your thyroid if taken at the appropriate time and with the correct dose.


    Radiation threatens every system in your body. The best defense is to limit intensity and duration of exposure. PERIOD.

  7. HAS anyone been able to find a site that shows a real time or daily satalite image of the actual radiation comming from the reactors? Im sure that nasa, some university or the govt has this technology. the question is—can the general public access it. Knowledge is power

  8. funny thing you ask a pharmacist here in California for Potassium Iodide and they laugh and say whats that… Yes you can use Regular Iodine Betadine and also Prussian Blue in a 500 mg dose according to the article on the internet can be used to combat other radiation concerns. Do a search on it as its available at most health stores and allows the body to remove the radiation through defecation. Also Kelp and some sea vegetables are high enough in iodine to help thwart off radiation. BTW Thanks Obama have a great vacation in RIO this weekend. Really can he start taking his J O B seriously???? Even Hilary Clinton said if he gets reelected that she is out.. What does that say lol… Ok bye from the soon to be glowing state of California..

  9. Just to let you know, though I see it’s far too late for the pills…I bid and was winning some on eBay and they stopped the auction dead in it’s tracks. I find that to be VERY FISHY.

    There has also been speculation that the reactor was purposefully sabotaged. Look into it. Decide for yourselves. If you haven’t looked into the USA’s H.A.A.R.P. project I highly reccomend that you do. A Quebec Nuclear plant was targeted a couple weeks back by this sadistic device. It is part of the STAR WARS (nerds in power, I swear!) which was implemented in 1984 by Reagan.

    I also have astounding proof that the USGS and other resources on 3/15/11, the day the polar shift began, censored data and continue to practice this same methodology.

    I highly reccomend for all interested parties to PRINT OFF HARD COPIES OF THIS EVIDENCE.

    Also, I live in Missouri where the Jet stream has been blowing this air at us non-stop. Our small county hospital is FULL, which NEVER happens. All have pneumonia.

    I can feel my thyroid glands swelling as well as my lymph nodes. I have been just making sure to stay indoors and not open my windows.

    We just had a few days of snow too, which by this time of year is not normal. There’s so many different factors it’s hard to pinpoint which caused what.

    There is a sharp guy on YouTube who goes by “dutchinise” if you look on his page he has predicted many of the current events by using mapping and satellite data. The problem is that NOW, they’ve cut off a lot of the real-time or completely shut down the public access to the resources for us to view for ourselves.

    This is an outrage, so if your worried/concerned/want to find out the truth behind all of the smoke and mirrors, I highly reccomend to DIY research. Don’t take my word for it but DIY.

    Thank you for this impeccable data. Much appreciated. Stay safe.

  10. I live in Florida. I know it is absurd but we get most of our produce from California and they ship ours out… When should we stop eating the California produce?

    After the oil spill in the gulf and now the nuclear spills in Japan I have already removed seafood from our menu.

    Any assistance with my question is appreciated :) Thank you. Flibbertygidget~

  11. Cs-137 from Japan, was detected in Chicago on 04/05/11. There’s no argument!!! It’s all around us…

  12. I’ve been witness to the cascade of offline info .re.Japan’s reactor situation multiply since day one. Another info. link is offline now,… wtf- Just about to start to believe that we are being snowed under, anyone else?

  13. @ B/Info?.. The equator of the sun is the equator of all of our systems planetary and lunar planes. If an alignment is “Mathematically” formulated then, Yes it is 3d in it’s linearity. The 2nd dimensional visualization is a line.

  14. Continued from prior. You do understand that in duality (indicative of 2) a line formulates? Three dimensional conception does not,mathematically allow the postulate of linearity with the given premiss of a plane which astro-physics is deemed to be the basis in this postulate. Sorry for the short hand, please read between the lines if you are following this.

  15. This is not a question of if. Radiation has been coming to US shores since just a few days after the disaster.

    Go to this EPA website for results from their testing since then. They test rain and drinking water, milk, and screen for particulates.

    Contaminated results have been recorded for two months, but the US guvmint is blowing it off.

  16. @ Ken , Nice! WeatherBank,Inc. Jet Stream Animation visualization is quick. I’d like to see access to Japan latitude to the west incorporated. ( ? ) I glean the site of origin is the ticket. Be well… Survive-All…

  17. In retrospect, we are now at DAY_75 and STILL COUNTING, JAPAN still states that this EVENT is the same size as Chernobyl. WRONG! Just in one aspect alone, Chernobyl radiated some 2 MILLION people. JAPAN has radiated some 137 MILLION people. (RATIO is 1:68) So, just in terms of RADIATION FALLOUT, Japan’s EVENT as of today is 68 TIMES LARGER. NEED I SAY MORE? As one experienced in the Nuclear Industry in America, I can’t understand why the Japanese haven’t STOPPED the radiation FALLOUT like the Russians did 25_years ago at Chernobyl. At the least, IT DID STOP the FALLOUT! Hello! Is anyone with AUTHORITY HEARING THIS? Lesson Learned? Apparently the Japanese are not reading History books regarding CHERNOBYL! Russia stopped it within 14_DAYS!!

  18. Cosmo Oil Refinery in Japan finally admits, 4 months later, that 765 KG of Uranium was burned into the atmosphere at the oil refinery fire in Japan following the March 11th earthquake and tsunami.

  19. thank for this site but would u please explain what the colors tell me about the amount of radiation or type of radiation falling in a region. Thank you so much

    1. The images and their colors indicate wind patterns and cloud patterns. Not radiation. The intent was to show the likely direction of radiation from Japan, if it were to release high enough into the atmosphere to enter the jet-stream.

  20. when WILL the people get the jet stream map on the nightly news so that they can AVOID rain and snow which very likely has radioactive particles in it? (let me guess, never, right?) Ignorance is bliss i suppose…and the truth is not on the agenda of the nuclear crowd…let’em die, is their motto (behind closed doors of the top brass)…god, we don’t want to interfere with their profits, now would we? nevermind that countless thousands who;ve already been and are continuing to be exposed to the radiation (duh, it IS in the food/milk, but in SAFE levels)
    Brainwashing and coverups prevail…the question is WHY and how can any HUMAN being be involved in such a sinister deed…innocent people will have their lives cut short…and there’s a very real possibility that mutations will be a result in the next and future generations..really, folks do you really think ingesting that C137 in the air/rain since last March is SAFE…internal emnitters are NEVER discussed by our ‘leaders’ and the ‘officials’…once even a small amount of that stuff is breathed into the body…well, it is not normally eliminated, but searches for organs and tissue to attach to and slowly destroy…safe?
    give me a break…to all those involved in this coverup …how DARE you do this? For money? It would be far better to OWN UP to the dangers that the explosions and huge release of radioactive particles and warn people…how CAN you sleep at night??? äs bob dylan once said in his prophetic song, Masters of War…’you’ve thrown the WORST fear that can ever be hurled..fear to bring children into the world”. We ARE RULED by the Masters of War (and destruction)..think about it…wake up america..we should all be taking bentonite clay and apple pectin to detox the stuff already inside us all…

  21. one more quote from Bob Dylan “all the money you made will never buy back your soul”. you all know who you are…i am so very sad for this poor world and all the innocent, brainwashed victims of the greed that runs the show…

  22. in addition to fukushima, a chemical site has now blown in japan ( few days ago- april 25th? ), or perhaps thats a cover story for a new fukushima blow. u.c. berkeley does milk, rain, tap water, food testing. results STILL show cesium contamination. especially in the milk. of course they still show contamination- cuz radiation, like, lasts forever dudes!

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