Ops Center Open, “Response Teams on Standby” in CA, says Surgeon General

credit: NBC BAY AREA

Responding to a question regarding the appropriateness of the opening of the California Joint Emergency Operations Center in response to the radiation leak in Japan, U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin said today in San Francisco, “We have to be prepared”. She went on to say, “…but if we don’t need them, then that’s OK”.

Regina Benjamin’s statements sounded as though she may be a ‘prepper’ herself, statements that reflected a rational, logical, and preparedness minded set of priorities.

Further quotes from the surgeon general included,

“The more you prepare, the better you can be, the more lives we save.”

“Whatever we can do to try to plan, we just need to be as proactive as we can to try to save lives and keep people healthier.”

“Also, to educate people how to be prepared themselves.”

Regarding the current situation of possible airborne radiation making it’s way to the west coast U.S. from Fukushima Japan, she said, “We need to wait and see, but I do think that we can’t be over-prepared”.

When asked if buying iodine pills was an overreaction, she said we should all be prepared.

(I think I like this Surgeon General)

The U.S. government is obviously preparing for a just-in-case scenario here in California, while at the same time most main-stream-media outlets continue to insist that there is hardly a chance for any negative effects. The later part of the interview reveals the statement about ‘response teams’.

The street side interview of U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin can be viewed here.

U.S. Surgeon General Says, Be Prepared

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  1. Think I like her to, how dare she speak the plain truth!? Sorry (ok not really) just not used to it (“truth”) anymore. Stopped watching TV long ago. We are all so fixated on Hollwood, the latest ipod, or not missing our favorite show on cable.

    Friends show me they’re latest phone, me, I’m thinking, wow need to get back into gardening, raising rabbits, chickens, time to water the fruit trees by the way….

    How do we remind everybody whats really important? It’s difficult. Maybe let them eat an ipod for dinner, shut off they’re power for a week to remind them whats real? During times like these, everybody seems to pay attention again, but only for a day or two, then back to our favorite show.

    Look at this devastated nation, standing together. I’ve started watching they’re eyes behind all the masks, they tell you everything, exhaustion is setting in, I wonder if I will still be able to watch, when I begin to see the realization of the horror they face. Will you? Going to be a rough weekend coming up. And were here, just glad it’s Friday.

  2. Ok so thanks to you and this amazingly informative and straight-forward blog…I know what to do, and will spread the word to family and friends….but one important thing that has YET TO BE MENTIONED is our pets!!! Does Iodine work on our furry friends too?? DO you know of amy preventative supplements, etc….I was thinking of adding sea kelp powder to my dogs dinner?? Can I smear my rottie w/ Betadine also?? I don’;t know what to do for my pet. : (( Any suggestions!!!?? Please help!!!

    1. @Heather, regarding pets, I am glad that you asked – good question. Here is my opinion so far – “IF” given a worst-case-scenario over there, and “IF” radiation makes its way here, a substantial portion of the radiation (whatever does make it here) would be in the form of radioactive dust particles suspended in the air. This dust will settle. During the relevant time frame (first week is the most critical) – make sure food containers are kept sealed, keep your pet (and you) indoors, if your pet rolls around in the dirt then rinse them off immediately.

  3. What we can do over here, is just live our lives. Don’t change up what you do or how you live because of something that may or may not happen. It’s ok to prep for the worst, but go ahead playing your iPod and going out and having fun. Don’t stay glued to the tv. It’s not an alien takeover for gods sake.

  4. There is no risk.
    Why? In order to have the jet transport nuclear material it first has to be ejected into the jet stream.
    The explosions at the Fukushima plant so far were small, insignificant and the highest went up 1500 meters max.
    So the current radiation peaks at the Fuskushima plant are local.

    The Chernobyl explosion was a totally different story.
    The explosion took place in a fully operational reactor and when it exploded it shot up tons of highly nuclear material up to 12.000 meter in the air.

    It’s similar to volcanic eruptions.

    A volcanic eruption can only influence global temps if the ejected SO2 penetrates the stratosphere.
    Only than the jet stream can distribute the ejecta around the world.

    So please don’t worry about this.

    Fukushima, even if it goes out of control, will have a maximum security zone of 100 miles for a long term event and that’s it.

    1. i am sorry to b thee first one to speak thee truth to your alleged first responder truths but this is “now” officially a GLOBAL Travesty on All Levels … need we speak of the levels of radio-active isotopes and how they bioaccumulate and are NOW in thee jet stream , atmosphere, geosphere, aire, rain, soil and yes “your food too” … if you LIVE in North America (Hawaiian Isle’s included i am soooo sorry to say) you are NOW receiving unacceptable levels of radio-active isotopes with decay rates that , in some cases such as PU239 = Plutonium, have a half lyfe of 25,000 – 320,000 years (*depending on your sources :: elemental charts do naught change ,however gov’t reporting does)… and itza naught just “us” humans or i would like to believe “human*e” beings … just check those marine mammals and disintegrating sea stars … i speak from personal x*perience as a medical practitioner and one who formerly has had a few marine aquariums … as soon as the pH is altered and thee SpG thee entire ecosystem begins to break down .. from micro-phyton plankton in thee Pacific to Orca’s off of BC … See the truth b told :: all you needed to do was watch thee TELEVISED releases from TEPCO and have abit of background and PAY ATTENTION to Nature to know in your heART that you were and continue to b deceived … TEPCO now admits, just as one of their corporate “chiefs” spoke on his “death bed” from Thyroid Cancer , that ALL 4 Reactors were melted thru and right past there containment vessels … Did you naught know about thee aquafier sitting right beneath Fukushima -Daiichi ? … or thee QUADTRILLIONS of contaminated liquid waste dumping unregulated into thee Pacific Ocean … it was a no-brainer from the beginning … Just console yours*elf with the knowledge that Prez told “us” he would let us know when danger was present … and that he was on a plane to So.America thee evening b4 reports of the EQ came in … which now is admittedly being recognized as thee core cause of ALL of thee reactors imploding, exploding and hydrogen explosions occuring whilst fire departments tried to douse the flames with sea water = corrosion to pipes, to spent fuel rods , to well increasing thee fission process … ZEOLITE for you and y*Our pets and Benzonite Clays in Bathe Water and in your Soil may increase your chances … several resources too for those whom are naught consuming meat or dairy or fish from thee Pacific … have a look over there on ENE.NEWS :: surprised the gov’t “for the people by the people” “in the land of the free” hasn’t sourced them out and shut them down too …

  5. R. de Haan,

    I want to believe you are correct. However scientists have repeatedly informed us that anywhere from a fifth to a third of the air pollution on the west coast of the U.S. in the form of coal dust, lead dust, etc. originates from Chinese factories which did not need to explode in order to transmit particles that distance. What makes fallout from the crisis in Japan, which is actually a bit closer, so different?


  6. Additionally, if there is a full meltdown, the molten material will enter the water table and spew upward like a giant man-made atomic geyser.

  7. Doubletalk unspeak ungood. Rectify.

    I do not like how she probably got slapped on the wrist each time she said “it is better to be prepared than not.” She’s just stating logical sense. And then the pols get her. So sad.

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