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Responding to a question regarding the appropriateness of the opening of the California Joint Emergency Operations Center in response to the radiation leak in Japan, U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin said today in San Francisco, “We have to be prepared”. She went on to say, “…but if we don’t need them, then that’s OK”.

Regina Benjamin’s statements sounded as though she may be a ‘prepper’ herself, statements that reflected a rational, logical, and preparedness minded set of priorities.

Further quotes from the surgeon general included,

“The more you prepare, the better you can be, the more lives we save.”

“Whatever we can do to try to plan, we just need to be as proactive as we can to try to save lives and keep people healthier.”

“Also, to educate people how to be prepared themselves.”

Regarding the current situation of possible airborne radiation making it’s way to the west coast U.S. from Fukushima Japan, she said, “We need to wait and see, but I do think that we can’t be over-prepared”.

When asked if buying iodine pills was an overreaction, she said we should all be prepared.

(I think I like this Surgeon General)

The U.S. government is obviously preparing for a just-in-case scenario here in California, while at the same time most main-stream-media outlets continue to insist that there is hardly a chance for any negative effects. The later part of the interview reveals the statement about ‘response teams’.

The street side interview of U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin can be viewed here.

U.S. Surgeon General Says, Be Prepared

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