Suspect Terrorist Worked Nuclear Power Plants in USA


Nightmare scenario.

Terrorism at a nuke power plant.

Nuclear meltdown. Level 7 core damage blows through the 6 foot thick reinforced containment structure releasing highly radioactive elements into the atmosphere and surrounding environment.

Lower-Alloways-New-Jersey-Power-PlantAlthough this terror suspect, Sharif Mobley, was nabbed in Yemen as an al-Qaida member, fortunately he was not able to set off a disaster scenario during his prior work history as a contractor at three nuclear power plants in New Jersey.

This is yet another wake up call to the underlying danger that exists around us.

For those of you that live within the vicinity or downwind from a nuclear power plant, or nuclear missile silo, or a major city, do you know what to do in the event of radiation exposure?

Are you prepared?

Do you know about Potassium Iodide and how it could save your life in the event of nuclear radiation exposure?

Do you know the three things that will determine your nuclear survival?

Distance – The more the better. Close proximity will not matter, as you will not survive. Depending on size and fallout radiation exposure, Neutrons and Gamma Rays are tiny invisible missiles that penetrate solid objects and are deadly.

Shielding – Heavy and dense. Concrete – Bricks – Earth.

Time – Fallout radiation reduces rapidly. Initial close proximity exposure will be deadly. 80 percent of the fallout occurs within the first 24 hours. Depending on the scale of disaster, effects may last for many years, or more.

There are many resources available on the internet to educate yourself about nuclear radiation. It’s worth exploring, so that you may be prepared to survive nuclear disaster.

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