The Best Survival Garden Food – Beans

Permalink Legumes are plants which produce pods which split open naturally along a seam, revealing a row of seeds. Legumes (beans) produce their own nitrogen, and in fact they return nitrogen back into the soil when they die off. Beans are a great crop rotation plant to help maintain soil …
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Thoughts of a Nation

Permalink The nation once had a much more self-sufficient lifestyle. Local farmers produced the fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meats that were consumed. Its citizens would often grow some or much of their own food in their own gardens. Some produced even more, and would sell or trade within the local …

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Living Self Sufficient Is Not Easy

An informative email from a MSB reader, Bazza, who is currently living the self-sufficient lifestyle. Just read the article, Survival Retreat Land Size and Considerations, and if I can just make a couple of points. If you are wanting to survive any scenario that involves attacks, loss of any form …

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2010 Earthquakes through July

Permalink Map of Magnitude 7.0 – 7.9 Earthquakes through July, 2010 The number of earthquakes occurring from magnitude 5.0 and greater are  more frequent than average so far in 2010. Comparing earthquake occurrences so far this year with the comparable number that have occurred in the same time frame averaged …
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30 Acres for Self Sufficiency

Permalink I received an informative email from “Smitty” regarding the opinion that 30 to 50 acres of land may be ideal for complete rounded self-sufficient survival living after a worst case doomsday scenario. Make no mistake about it, true self-sufficient living requires a tremendous amount of work and enough people …

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Will Kim Jong il Respond With Nuke?

Permalink The Korean peninsula tensions have escalated to the point where North Korea has said it would counter the U.S. and South Korean joint military exercises beginning this weekend with “nuclear deterrence”   according to Bloomberg News. North Korea will “legitimately counter with their powerful nuclear deterrence the largest-ever nuclear …
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