How To Start A Fire With Wet Wood

Ever tried building a fire in a wet environment with wet wood? Here’s more about Fire starters – Tinder – Kindling – Damp Wood – How to build it

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20+ Reasons Why You Need Food Storage

Why do we need to store food? Here are 20+ reasons for food storage. Let me know if you agree, and add your own reasons too. Firstly, it sure is convenient!

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Lots of Ways to Tie Up & Support Tomato Plants

A list of methods to Tie and Support tomato plants – with lots of additional suggestions from our readers. Lets hear your favorite ways to support tomatoes!

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8 Things That Attract Mosquitoes

Why do some people attract mosquitoes more than others? Maybe this is why… Avoid these 8 things! Oh, by the way, mosquitoes are horrible this year!!

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