Cholesterol Drug Could Downgrade Covid-19 Severity To Common Cold

image: Lung cells infected with coronavirus (Credit: Yaakov Nahmias)

Wow. I read a very encouraging report this morning over on NewsMax of a recent scientific finding that may become an effective and cheap treatment for Coronavirus Covid-19 — from researchers at Israel’s Hebrew University of Jerusalem and New York’s Mount Sinai Medical Center.

The original source information is from a news report from the Jerusalem Post.

Hebrew U. scientist: Drug could eradicate COVID-19 from lungs in days.

Researchers believe they could potentially downgrade COVID-19’s severity into nothing worse than a common cold.

New research revealed that the FDA-approved drug Fenofibrate (Tricor) could reduce SARS-CoV-2’s ability to reproduce or even make it disappear.

Researchers: Hebrew University Prof. Ya’acov Nahmias and Sinai’s Dr. Benjamin tenOever

“Viruses are parasites,” “They cannot replicate themselves. They cannot make new viruses. They have to get inside a human cell and then hijack that cell,” explained Nahmias.

Nahmias and tenOever spent the last three months studying what SARS-CoV-2 is doing to human lung cells. What they found is that the novel coronavirus prevents the routine burning of carbohydrates, which results in large amounts of fat accumulating inside lung cells – a condition the virus needs to reproduce.

“By understanding how the SARS-CoV-2 controls our metabolism, we can wrestle back control from the virus and deprive it from the very resources it needs to survive,” Nahmias said, noting that it also may help explain why patients with high blood sugar and cholesterol levels are often at a particularly high risk to develop COVID-19.

The team then reviewed a panel of eight already-approved drugs that could possibly interfere with the virus’s ability to reproduce. Tricor caused the cells to start burning fat, Nahmias said.

The result was that the virus almost completely disappeared within only five days of treatment.

The experiment was done in lab studies both in Israel and New York and was replicated several times with different lung samples. Nahmias said there is a strong indication that the experiment is highly repeatable in other labs.

The team is advancing to animal studies in New York and hoping to fast-track clinical studies in both Israel and the US within the next couple of weeks, since the drug is already proven safe.

The study is being published in this week’s Cell Press’s Sneak Peak. The work is being funded by the European Research Council, the Nikoh Foundation and the Sam and Rina Frankel Foundation.

[ Ken adds: I added the emphasis above from the OP ]

Also, a few thoughts about this… The science above is what I would call “real science”. Research. Whereas there is way too much “political science” these days. Therefore I am concerned that findings like this could be ‘swept under the rug’. Why? Because it would become a HUGE problem for those entities who want to keep their wrecking-ball smashing our economy and Trump’s chances for a November victory. And, there’s no Big Money in it for Big Pharma (if the research above proves out). “It’s a cheap cure. We can’t have that.”

This treatment would be absolutely fantastic, and it sounds (based on the reporting) very promising.

I’m putting it out there in case you never hear about it anywhere else.

Good news for a change… (potentially good news).

In fact, I think I’m going to email the sourced report to my own physician, just so he knows!

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Great find, Ken. Before this becomes too politicized I think we all need to have conversations with our trusted doctors (and I mean you have to trust them!) and keep this medication in mind should any of us contract the virus. Most of us walk around with a little too high cholesterol so it may not even need to be an off label application. The question is dosages and time.

Its amazing how the big drug companies and their associated political bobbleheads will shoot down anything that could be inexpensive and effective.

From all the research i have read,
Treatment will be more effective than a vaccine, because of the fact that there are so many different strains and the antibodies disappear being able to effectively treat it will be more important than trying to build immunity,
JMHO but what do i know

They will still count all the people that have caught the virus, but will neglect to mention the numbers that have recovered. Can’t have the truth getting out to the public.


What do you think about the blood type associations that have been made, e.g. A Pos bad/O Pos good? Been seeing that all over that the A’s have it much worse symptom-wise (I’m an A+ — lucky me). Your thoughts?

Want the “glass is half empty” result of this life saving treatment? They will then count all runny nose cases from colds, allergies, … as covid-19. This will definitely spike the virus numbers and justify keeping us all locked down (till after the election). How else would they get mail in ballots across the country.

I can hear CNN now, “the virus has now infected millions of children, just look at all those runny noses for proof”. Am I cynical, na.

And they will say its Trumps fault

I believe they just added runny nose and congestion (and maybe something else that I’m drawing a blank on right now) to the symptom list. Next thing they’re going to add is blinking and breathing. If you have allergies, you’re really screwed.

Next thing they will say that wearing a mask and isolating causes it to spread,,,,,


Interesting you should say that. Wife and I just heard something the other day warning that wearing masks for too long could cause a sort of fungi lung (guess from breathing in all the funk coming out + moisture + God knows what else is in the actual masks), and I recall Cuomo the Grandparent Killer said at one point that most of the people testing positive (early on) were those already isolated at home. I think they make it up as they go along. We officially feel like we’re living in an alternate universe.

Its the Twilight Zone!

Ahhhh.Might be another scam from the Gates Foundation!

Thanks for the find Ken! That would be something else if it pans out. I wonder if other cholesterol medications would do the same if proven effective. I currently take 80 mg of Lipitor every day. Just maybe for once my high cholesterol may be a good thing. As for the MSM, I seen on one of those channels, they had a headline flash across the bottom of the screen that said “scientist are concerned that the virus is disappearing too fast for them to develop a vaccine that would get rid of it faster”. What a world we live in these days!

no reason to think that Lipitor would work the same, as it is a completely different type of cholesterol lowering drug. I’m not claiming that I KNOW it would not work, but I would be surprised if it acted the same

The name is fenofibrate. Other names it is sold under is, Triglide, Fenoglide, Antera, Lipofen, Lofibra, Lipidill EZ, Lipidill supra, and Dom-Finofibrate. Per Wikipedia
It works by increasing an enzyme to break down bad blood fats. A statin works differently.

Good question, I too take lipitor, for years now . It would be cool to find out it helped prevent covid19 but my guess is no.but for sure Fenofibrate prices will now go through the roof and your insurance won’t pay for it because their are other cheaper options for cholesterol.But still good news of it is proven to work.Good research Ken.

Yes, that is potentially good news to combat this WU FLU crap.It will be interesting to see if this gets much news coverage.Something based on honest science and not politically motivated, gee what a change that would be.

While your at it don’t forget IVERMECTION. A known crona corona vires virus reducer (common cold ) USDA and FDA approved on cattle and human. Looks to protect for 45days as a profalact.
Pore on =1ml per 40# body wt human,
Been used on humans for 40 years for parasites. Available at livestock feed stores ,only use PORE ON, NOT INJECTABLE OR HORSE PASTE.

[ Note: This is NOT medical advice. Simply, informational use. ]

homesteader, You can ingest the pour on version? Not seeking medical advice just basic info for ummm the cats.

Mrs u ,,,,,,,,NO ,,PORE ON is just that a PORE on ,as a real vet doc once upon a time and from real life experience I would NOT use on cats ,cats are different metabolicily , there are Ivermection meds. Made just for cats
Why would you want to drink the pore on ??best place is on t he arm in the pocket that forms when you bend it up like on a blood draw

1ml per 40#human body wt , as propalatic good for about 45 days. Treatment 1ml per 20# body wt as soon as onset is seen ONE TIME ,most effective in first 5 days ,sooner the better ,,above is what I use ,do your own research

Nice day for ice tea

I’m curious how taking this drug will affect people with normal or below normal cholesterol. Too low cholesterol can also be dangerous. Many believe it could be one of the causes of Alzheimer’s disease and dimentia.

The brain needs cholesterol for normal brain function. The brain accounts for only 2% of body weight but contains over 20% of the body’s cholesterol.

Israel regularly comes up with amazing treatments. One can keep up with them on the Israel21c site. You can subscribe and get their postings regularly.

They did a study on people with covid. These people with covid had low levels of vitamin d3, very few of the covid patients have normal or high levels. Take d3 with vitamin k2 ( a version that includes mk4 and mk7)
Also zinc stops virus from multiplying, take a good type not zinc oxide

Laura Ingraham had a segment on her program tonight on this drug. She interviewed a researcher from Mt. Sinai who spoke about the testing.