Contagion, The Pandemic May Soon Be Upon Us


Disease transmission by direct or indirect contact. Contagion.

The Warner Bros. movie opening Sept. 9 looks to be an interesting one. A Pandemic… caused by an invisible organism, virus, bacteria, so easily spread, is truly something to be fearful of. It has happened before, and WILL happen again, given our modern world of global distribution, travel, and a largely uneducated public as to the dangers of a spreading deadly virus and the ramifications of an ensuing global pandemic.

Preparing for a pandemic disaster involves preparations to minimize or eliminate going out in public… an abundance of supplies to survive at home for months.

Imagine the flu season, but so much worse due to a terrible mortality rate and the high contagion brought on by rapid worldwide travel.

There’s no telling if this movie will be any good, but the trailer looks intriguing.

(YouTube removed the video)


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