A Given Action Results 1 in 50 Chance of Dying, Would You Still Do It?

What About a One in Thirty Chance of Dying? Would you be concerned? Or would you simply take the risk and say to yourself, hopefully I won’t be the one…?

Hypothetical: You’re boarding a plane. You get to your seat and settle in. Everyone else is now buckled in. The flight attendant comes on the intercom and says,

“Attention ladies and gentlemen. We are obligated to advise you that there is a 1 in 30 chance that this jet is going to crash and everyone on board will die today. If any of you would like to get off, please do so now. Thank you.”

Would you get off that flight?

You bet your arss that I would…

A one in thirty chance is just a bit more than 3%. A one in fifty chance is 2%.

That’s the present kill rate of covid-19 coronavirus from numbers which are suspected to be artificially low (for a number of reasons). But 2%, maybe 3% are the official approximation of the numbers right now. Let’s go with that.

Perspective on the numbers here in the USA

I’m trying to put some perspective on the covid-19 coronavirus numbers. Especially since so many are still fluffing it as hardly any different than “the flu” (0.1% death rate).

The present estimations are that a large percentage of the planet will eventually get covid-19 coronavirus. Lets put that into context, just for here in the United States of America with current official death rate estimates.

If half the population gets this virus, and if the death rate is 3%, we’re looking at approximately 5 million dead.

If half the population gets it, and if the death rate is 2%, there will be approximately 3 million dead.

If only one-third of the population in the US gets this coronavirus, and if the death rate is 3%, we’re looking at about 3 million dead.

If only one-third of the population gets it, and the death rate is 2%, about 2 million people will die.

And that’s if you trust today’s official numbers.

And these numbers presume that the extremely sick (about 20% of those who get it) get a hospital bed and are treated. We don’t have even a small fraction of emergency beds for these kinds of numbers. So, will the death rate be higher as a result? Logically, yes.

We are just in the beginning phase here in the United States of this infection.

It cannot be stopped. It’s here. It has been for awhile (asymptomatic period / no test kits until just recently – still not enough). It’s going to run it’s course. It does not discriminate. It does not care if you are a democrat or republican.

Will the US eventually take drastic actions like they did in China by quarantining entire cities with 10’s of millions of people? Keeping them in their homes? Shutting down all businesses? Travel? How’s that going to go? Anything to be concerned about with that? Nah… that’ll never happen… it’ll never get that bad here. We’re special.

Go ahead. Call me doom and gloom.

It’s nothing more than the flu that kills several 10’s of thousands each year. Millions? Nah, Ken, you’re a kook for looking at the numbers. Here in ‘merica, those things don’t happen to us. We’re special…

Sorry to those who may be getting annoyed that I’m posting too much on this topic. This morning I did pacify some of you with a “silver lining” ;)

But for the time being, I feel compelled to keep my foot on the pedal in this direction – though I’ll try and break it up a little with some intermittent fluff.

It is shaping up to potentially be the biggest preparedness (or lack thereof) event of our lifetime. Hey, I hope I’m wrong. But hope doesn’t get you anywhere.

Rather, we need to think sensibly, logically, comb the data. Be vigilant. All while understanding (or searching for) the reasoning behind entities who don’t want us to know the complete truth. We are not sheeple. Don’t be lulled to sleep…

How to Survive Coronavirus

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  1. Ken, I’m with you.

    I put up several posts working through the numbers (since many here know I’m a numbers person). I’ve pulled articles with numbers from virologists and epidemiologists to try to better explain to DH and IL’s why there is serious risk.

    I’ve read scientists estimates of anywhere from 1/3 to 2/3 of the global population will get this. That most will have mild symptoms (or some lucky ones with no symptoms) but many will get sick. The NIH says 20’ish percent will need advanced care. We don’t have the beds, the equipment, the staff to care for that many people. So how many people who could have survived don’t because care is rationed?

    I told DH this morning that Italy asked all people over 60 to stay indoors if possible… that got his attention since he would be part of that group. I am still under that mark, but not that far under.

    And, as a suburbanite who may need to bug out, I probably keep a closer eye on developments than quite a few here. It’s not like I can walk or drive to the edge or the property and “close the gate”. I have to be ahead of the curve or risk being stuck in suburbia for the duration.

    So, to carry on the metaphor, I too would be getting off the plane.

    And Ken, you just keep right on posting about this, please… and thank you! 👍

    1. And do not forget the reinfection rate! And that’s when people are keeling over dead. Correct? Sheesh! DH and I are having many conversations about self-isolating. He also wants to golf now that the weather is getting nicer. Well, I could mow more of the new acreage, dig little holes, and plant a flag in them. Isn’t that golf?

      1. No one has been testing for this virus up until the last couple of weeks, and it has been around since at least Nov. 2019, or maybe even longer. Given international travel in and out of China, it has been in every country world wide as well for as long.

        How many flu season cases, or pneumonia cases could have been this virus ? According to research, the virus has already mutated into two distinct families of over 161 variants. Just like coronavirus always does. Most likely, it will join all of the other hissy fit virageddons we have lived through in the last 20 years alone.

        SARS, MERS, Avian, Bird, Swine, Ebola, Zika, etcetera, ad nauseam. It took the Spanish Flu over a year to get started up for real, so sheltering in place isn’t going to work very well.

        Be prepared, up your cleanliness protocols, eliminate sugar, smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption. Eliminate all processed foods, and hydrogenated oils from your diet. Eliminate all GMO foods from your diet. Grow as much of your food as you can, or at least buy organic from local sources. Scratch cook almost everything, and eat as much raw foods as you can.

        Fermented cabbage aka sauerkraut, home made, will alkalinize your G.I. tract as well as keep your microbiome up with healthy bacteria to improve digestion to replace what your body doesn’t retain as you age. Exercise. Supplement your diet with EFA’s, vitamins, iodine, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and pure sea salt for the 90 or so trace elements that do not exist in table salt .

        A good defense is the best offense. Be prepared, but do not go all Chicken Little bat s__t crazy, okay ?

        1. Old School,

          Scientists have wondered why the death rate in South Korea is so much lower than the rest of the world. One answer, I think, is kimchi. It would be interesting to compare the gut flora of people who eat a traditional Korean diet with the standard American diet.

    2. I made the mistake of sending a group text message to several family members today, encouraging them to stock up on essentials in case we had a local outbreak. Because, as Ken posted previously, if enough people get spooked, the shelves could be emptied. Even if the threat doesn’t materialize, the JIT system could be overwhelmed and fail. Had a few people get pissed over the inconvenience of receiving too many messages (from members of their extended family) in response. Oh well. Convincing people to look out for their own well being doesn’t work sometimes.

      1. Touchofgrey
        At least you received a response back.
        Our families are totally silence from those who I sent gentle reminders that they should have stuff in their homes-jic.n oh well

      2. Touchofgrey
        At least you received a response back.
        Our families are totally silence from those who I sent gentle reminders that they should have stuff in their homes-jic. oh well

        1. Touch of grey, I’ve posted here many times about my own adult children not prepping. One even has a child with severe allergies that require special foods from the rest of her family.still they will not listen to me, and I have given up trying to convince them.When it hits the fan they will have to make do with what we have stored.

          1. Ken, yes I don’t like the odds either. And yes please keep up the posts covering this pandemic. I appreciate your research and keeping us informed. What the sheeple do or don’t , is out of our hands.

          2. Maggie, understand. My oldest does not think anything will happen during his life time. My response, NO ONE DOES.
            Youngest son says we don’t have the money. My response is, OUIT EATING OUT.
            Sooooo there we have it. One will be 49 and the other will be 40. They have free will and their own karma. Love them dearly.

      3. I prep. Neither of my divorced parents do. I had a talk with both of them, to be ready, because it is coming. No 2 ways about it.
        My mother-in-bitch called me out for prepping. The LPN “know-it -all” wanna be MD, said “Oh, its nothing.” I really hope it turns out to be nothing.I will be the one screaming “told you so” when I zip up her body bag… The in-laws don’t have enough to last 2 weeks at their house. The same goes for the brother-in-law. I tried to tell them. They just look at me like I have 3 heads. I’m done trying to tell them. They better not knock on my door when it all goes south…

        1. Jabba, but they probably will come a knockin, mine will just walk in with their suitcases!!

          1. Lock the gate or put them up in a Tent outside. complete with their own 5 gallon bucket with instuctions/ sawdust or kitty litter to cover…. By the time they wake up they WILL have been exposed multiple times. if more than one tent they should have a fire pit… they can build it.. life just sucks sometimes. they will not learn it any younger.

  2. Ken,
    Glad to see you are addressing this! I’m amazed how many people (including my own family) that dismiss it…or just don’t care. Found some good videos on YouTube that do a good job of facts without a bunch of noise. The doctor is a guy named Seheult and his site is MedCram and he has done thirty videos so far on the virus. If you take a look, let us all know what you think. And take care up there!

  3. Should we isolate for a years or so, until there is a vaccine? For some that may be possible but most will have to face the reality that this virus is out there with the others – H1N1, Sars, Ebola, Bird flu, …. and we did not all go out and get a shot for these. What about the others that we thought were gone but pop up for time to time, legionnaires, small pox, polio, …

    If you want to play the percentage game, then consider all the risks we humans face. I don’t know the rates of traffic deaths, falls, bacteria, diabetes, heart conditions, strokes, cancer, … but add them all up and recognise that we face many threats in a world we can not get off.

    The only choice we have is to live as well and safe as possible until we eventually die. My hair is still not on fire.

      1. Ken:
        With all do respect , and please know I have the greatest respect for all you do here an yourself.
        I don’t believe I or anyone else is on “a fool’s errand”
        I for one dont believe in panic in and size,shape,or situation.
        Keeping others informed and learning is your goal I believe.
        Just because we hermit us and more so myself are voicing our thoughts are not a “fools errand”.
        Sure we all quote different percentages of dead, ill or infected. Am I correct, hermit us, are you 100% sure you are?

        I do believe we all will agree we are in uncharted territory with doubt anf yes fear driving our thoughts.

        I sire hope you are wrong in the thinking that the world is done for, and I’m correct that you AND me will be just… semi fine
        Actually I ser a middle ground.
        Anyways I’m rambling.
        Ken: as I have said a hundred times, take a breath, relax. and let’s keep on preparing for this to turn South HARD,what else can we do?

        1. “NRP”, “hermit us”, and perhaps some more of you are of the opinion that I myself am panicking, or instigating panic by my recent posts / articles regarding coronavirus covid-19. At least that’s the implication by your comments.

          NRP, you just said, “I sure hope you are wrong in thinking that the world is done for…” I never said that.

          I really don’t know how or where you got that line of thought (that I think the world is done for). I am simply stating mathematical possibilities of numbers of deaths via this coronavirus based on a few data points that the mainstream is saying are correct or close to correct (contagious factor coupled with mortality rate). What’s your problem with that? It’s like this is hitting a nerve and some of you are downplaying it as a knee-jerk response. That’s interesting. Seems like denial. And that’s why I respond, because that’s how I’m seeing it. Denial.

          “hermit us” said, “Ken, please do not group us all as 3%”. I am not grouping any of you. I never said that. I am only running numbers to illustrate that this is NOT the flu. And in fact could take out millions. That’s it. Why are you getting so defensive about this virus? It may not get you in your hidey-hole. Great, good for you. You’re prepped and set. I’m not saying that YOU will be affected. Never said that. Maybe you will, maybe you won’t.

          There are several of you who are obviously upset that I’m posting about this stuff. You would rather that I ignore this current event situation and move on to writing about rubbing two sticks together making fire or something (okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but probably pretty close to it).

          Listen, seriously, those who want some fluff, that’s fine… you can change the channel for awhile. Go fishing. Shut off your internet for a few weeks. Then pop back up to see what’s up…

          In the mean time, I am going to post about what compels me, what moves me, what inspires me on a given day, a given moment. And right now, it’s this devil virus, which is very much on people’s minds right now.

          And for the record, NO, I am not panicked. Never was.

          1. Ken:
            Fair enough.
            Like I said the greatest respect for you and all you do for all of us.
            And no I’m not going fishing for a week or two. Wellll maybe thats not such a bad idea???
            Sorry if I came off a little, LOT strong. My bad.
            I just dont see the need for panic, you may not be, others may.
            And yes this may be another Spanish Flu, SARS or cancer rate, agreed.
            Ken honestly I think were all on the same page. Maybe a different book, but same page.

          2. I’m okay with Ken’s approach on this topic. To explain; I follow a number of podcasts and blogs and they range from apathy to hysteria. The apathetic ones piss me off the most; one of them boasted that had you been following their advice it wouldn’t be necessary to say anything about Covid-19 because you’d be prepared for anything. Several others have their hair on fire.

            We need to look at this for what it is, the normalcy bias is erupting in comments, although the intent might be to message not to panic. What Ken conveys is not filtered by reservations to prevent panic, or to cause it. He is presenting the topic as he sees it; now he might come across as a little temperamental when a student in the class starts snoring or rolling their eyes, but you can’t deny it brings it to a head when he slaps his ruler down on the desk.

          3. Ken

            The media is pushing the possible pandemic totally beyond the current situation and beyond the proportionate response by health authorities and government.

            I agree with you that this virus behavior is serious but your conclusions are still based on early and incomplete data. Stay on it like a laser and compile the stats over time until you reach the eventual final conclusion, is it a death sentence for 1 in 50 or is it comparable to the annual flu which itself is a killer of thousands.

          4. I’ve already given you the present-day answer. It is not comparable to the flu. Not even close. Obviously you don’t believe it. That’s your choice. We’ll leave it at that.

          5. I think that many are in deep denial as this just doesn’t fit into their “plans”, be it for a trip, vacation or whatever. And as we are somehow “special”, this just doesn’t happen here……….

            Meanwhile, idiots like the guy in NH who attended the Dartmouth College mixer in VT DESPITE being told to stay at home(obviously attending the party was more important than anyone else’s health) will continue to needlessly endanger the rest of us.

          6. @Ani,

            Additionally, quarantine, be it self or forced, is not going to go over well here in the USA. If and when it happens. People are too self-important here. Plus, just plain stupid. We’ll see I suppose…

          7. Ken, as I said earlier, I appreciate what you wrote about.Putting numbers % to it helps to state the gravity of the situation.We can’t do anything about cancer, car crash etc, but by being up to date and prepared may help some of us get thru this. Thanks.

          8. Thank You, Ken. I appreciate your caring enough to write such articles.

          9. Ken,
            I’m right with you on this. From the very beginning, the anomalies were concerning. Leaked videos from China in December saying 90,000 people infected with new disease . The Chinese government lying, then “over reacting ” Quarantined millions (who are still locked down btw). The markets not being affected at the beginning. The WHO/CDC lame ass response.
            The anomalies abound still.
            The best thing to happen to Chinese government was the spread outside of China. MSM took the pressure and the spotlight off of China.
            The rest of the world’s governments are acting (publicly)like it’s just another flu bug. But they have to be (privately) losing their minds over it knowing they are not even remotely prepared. Some are acting,like India to not export medical supplies. Bad news short term for everyone else needing supplies from them.
            The fact that they now believe the virus in Washington has been there for 4-6 weeks(?)
            No way do we even remotely have a handle on this!
            I understand people are getting mentally fatigued over the constant barrage of Information pouring in. I posted last week that I saw folks already fatigued.
            We are in a marathon not a sprint. But even in a marathon you look down the road to make sure there are no dangerous obstacles in your path.
            I,like you,are in the most vulnerable age group for bad outcomes. As are a lot of people here. So yeah, I am paying attention to what is happening around the country and the world.
            Ya better believe I’m getting off the “plane”! This outbreak has the potential of being just as bad here as in China if Italy and Iran are indicators. America is not immune to it IMO.
            Keep doing what you’re doing Ken. It’s the right decision.
            Folks are free to read or move along…

          10. There was another first-hand article in today’s local paper about Wuhan.

            It appears China is containing the virus with measures that U.S. authorities could not get away with in a free country.

            They are calling it “Hunger Games.” People are locked in their complexes. If they go into their courtyards, gates and guards keep them from going outside the complex unless they are going for groceries. They actually check with the store to make sure your groceries are ready before they let you leave.

            Sometimes whole buildings are found to be locked and the residents can’t leave their buildings for any reason. I assume those buildings are ones where they have discovered someone with the virus.

            Now it appears that the virus may have mutated into a more virulent form. If China still has the first type, then imagine what those measures would be if they also got the second type.

          11. Ken, most of us fully appreciate what you are posting as well as the thoughts each of us offer. We are a diverse group with many different ideas…and we all keep our homes as well stocked as we are able. Even in my own home my spouse had a differing view than I about this virus; however, we continue to stock because the outcome can still possibly be the same as in China – home quarantined until they are no longer needed. It is also the type of issue that is harder to gauge. Maybe I will get sick and maybe I won’t but no matter what, I am limited in my options as this may be a slow roll. But by keeping us informed we can target our soft areas (of storage) and each make a reasoned decision on how we will proceed. Thank you! Today I increased my Oil of Oregano stores, along with more Vitamin C…and I was well supplied. I guess that tells you what helps me reach my comfort level. 😁

      2. Ken,

        Trump just said on the Hannity show yesterday that the death rate is way less than 1%. He said the WHO numbers are false. I don’t think its that serious. He also said people are recovering quickly without even going to the doctor. At first I thought it might be a big deal but hearing Trump downplay it reassured me. Seems like the dems are really playing this one up to hurt Trump

        1. Ken, Ive been mostly lurking here for at least 3 or 4 years. I have followed much of the advice and prepping plans put forth by you and the members. I must say, when all this virus activity cranked up I felt calm knowing I have a chance at beating this.

          That said, I have been ready to die since I was 35, (64 now) not ever going to push it along but ready just the same . . .
          Remember. Given a long enough time line, the chances of survival is “0”.

        2. CoronaHoax,

          His statement about people recovering from this quickly is just plain false. We’re up to 164 cases now but the number recovered has been stuck at 9 for quite some time now. Why aren’t Americans recovering from this at a comparable rate to other countries? We’ve been at 9 for at least a couple weeks now.

          1. Grits- because the recovery time is at least as long as the longest incubation…is my take.. got that “idea” from one of the many video’s. Think most recovery is around 3 weeks..2-28 days.
            . remember this is a severe respiratory infection.- it goes for soft tissue of eyes and lung… primary entrance locations….. plain ole pneumonia can take 6 weeks to clear… and nothing about this one is routine..

          2. Just Sayin’
            Thanks, that makes sense for the critical cases. But out of our 209 cases, 9 recovered, 8 critical, 12 deaths; why aren’t the other 180 patients recovering quickly as Trump claims?

            I understand that in order to get cleared they have to test negative on 3 consecutive tests. Maybe those 180 are only passing 1 or 2 of those tests.

            I wonder about the random people who get a runny nose one night but feel fine in the morning and never seek medical attention. They’re going to be walking around spreading this horrible disease unaware that they’re spreading it.

          3. Grits and Just Sayin’,

            Don’t know if this fits into to your questions/discussion. Watched an interview, via Skype, on Fox this morning, with a man currently under mandatory quarantine. He said that he initially tested positive for the virus, forcing the two week quarantine. During his quarantine, he says he has never had symptoms any worse than the common cold, but the current protocol requires that he test negative three consecutive tests before he will be declared cured and released, something he has been unable to do.

            This would tell me that either 1) he is asymptomatic, but still carrying and shedding the virus., or 2) the tests are giving false positives.

            Neither is good.

    1. Ken, we are playing the percentage game whether we like it or not. This is not a plane we can get off. Assess the risks and mitigate these risks as much as possible.

      1. Hermit Us,

        Some of us are prepped and have already “shut the gate”. One gets off the plane, so to speak, by engaging in social distancing. If you don’t go out in public, you can’t get the disease.

  4. I agree with your logic Ken about the medical situation. We bad mouthed the Chinese for their “poor” care of the COVID 19 patients. They were making the best of a Pandemic and pretty soon WE will see the same medical troubles.

    Triage a medical term meaning to Choose.

    Definition of triage

    1a : the sorting of and allocation of treatment to patients and especially battle and disaster victims according to a system of priorities designed to maximize the number of survivors

    b : the sorting of patients (as in an emergency room) according to the urgency of their need for care

    When the hospital is maxed out they will Choose who gets care and who have to deal with this COVID 19 on their own in a locked up area. Just like the Chinese had too.

    There is no magic mask that will save you, it’s going to be a very LONG daily battle to stay healthy enough to ADVOID that Hot Zone aka Hospital.

    Thus my constant harping that the Basics of Hand Washing, Whores Bath-leave shoes and outside clothing OUTSIDE the home or straight to the laundry bag, eating fermented foods like yogurt and Whole Chicken soup + uncooked kimchee. Support your immune system by reducing the amount of nastiness it faces by as much social isolation as your Job and needed shopping can require. My weekly lunches with my beloved are done until this is resolved.

    Not all of us can simply lock the gate and communicate via electronics. My beloved telecommutes and I am thrilled by that, however I cannot so I do the outside stuff like shopping.

    And then in addition to this we have the human factors like PANIC. As old Remus says “Avoid Crowds”.

    1. Whole Chicken Soup, I’ve got to eat the whole chicken!? Oh yecch, it is only slightly more appetizing than the prospect of eating bat soup.

      Yeah, definitely avoid the crowds. I wouldn’t worry about being outside for golf or fishing, just don’t stand down wind of the rest of the golfers you’re playing with.

      I’m really looking forward to getting the boat out for some crabbing and bottom fishing. Halibut season should be opening in the not so distant future.

    2. me I’m going to pretend your just making a funny here :-) In case you were not making a funny have you heard of Bone Broth? Good for healing inflamed bowels?

      You know, the guts of your IMMUNE SYSTEM? The basis of your everyday health from many unknown bad bugs “visiting” you as you read this note? Are you aware that your immune system is CONSTANTLY fighting tiny battles keeping bad bugs from overwhelming you and making you sick every moment your alive. THAT’S Why Immune suppressed people are so easily sickened. Those tiny battles are not being won….

      Whole chicken soup is cooking shorthand for boiling up the whole cleaned carcass bones, skin and all with a large splash of vinegar to help the bone broth creation. Then you let it cool and remove the bones, shred the meat. Now you have the basis of Jewish Penicillin.

      Adding live culture Kimchee to cool the hot broth as NOT to cook-kill those healthy bacteria gives you a massive dose of anti-viral foods like fermented cabbage, horseradish, garlic, garlic, garlic, did I mention garlic?, hot peppers for sinus clearing and improved breathing just like horseradish and so on.

      NOW you have the SUPER Jewish Penicillin I have used for DECADES to Defend myself and break myself from the MANY bad flu seasons as a Medical Care Provider.

      Adding immune and gut supporting foods into your system SUPPORTS that often overworked Immune System do it’s constant job of keeping us healthy.

      Thus the HAND WASHING, plenty of rest, plenty of fluids, anti-viral herbs, social distancing, self isolation, to reduce the amount of WORK your Immune system has to deal with today.

      This COVID 19 is not a sprint, it’s going to be a year plus daily marathon.

      BTW my Personal Observation about the DEATHS to YOUNG HEALTHY Health Care Workers in China is due to OVERWORK and Stress. BOTH Destroy your Immune System and thus they fell to COVID 19 sickened and DIED.

      That happened in the USA during the Spanish Flu AND I FEAR will Decimate the US Health Care System in the next few months when this COVID 19 Snowball really gets rolling.

      Thus I am going to harp on the PERSONAL Responsibilitys for BASICS of protecting yourself and each other with Handwashing and all the other common sense facts about supporting the immune system.

      Pretty SOON NOBODY will be there to help you. You and your family are ON your Own to be PRO-active and protect yourself.

      THAT Mask is NOT Magic, Just Sayin’ is telling us EXCELLENT stuff about Herbals but #1 IS Reduce your Exposure and Support your IMMUNE System so that it has a fighting chance to win those tiny wars BEFORE you have to use massive amounts of Just Sayin’s Herbals to support that IMMUNE System fight that battle for your life.

      I *Still* suspect that some Deep State 3 letter agencies got TOO CLEVER releasing this Anti-Chinese Bio-weapon and We the People will suffer from this Pandora’s box for years. After all do you think the Chinese Government will simply roll over and NOT go for Revenge?

      Prepare for COVID 19 and Blowback. Spiritual preps is as important as anti-viral and N95 masks.

      1. M2
        Kimchee in chicken soup sounds pretty good,,,,
        Add some noodles and you have a good udon.
        A very good survival food i might add

        1. Kulafarmer I eat it daily in one form or another. Seems me and my beloved Don’t Suffer from Food Fatigue…. LOL

          How did our long suffering founding farmers survive “Food Fatigue”…… Their winter diet was very limited….

          Maybe an attitude of gratitude about having SOMETHING to EAT goes a long way here?

          1. M2
            How did they survive food fatigue?

            Easy, they were thankful for thy bounty through Christ Amen!

            I kinda love Chicken soup, i just had some chicken vegetable last night, made it a month ago and decided to take some out for dinner last night,
            Forgot about kimchee, you gave me my idea for dinner tonight, more chicken soup with noodles added under broth and kimchee plopped on top! YUM!

            Ive got some locally made wan bak kimchee, a nice spicy one, super tasty. I like eating it with pickled ginger as a side and miso with udon noodles. Good stuff.

            I suspect that is going tobe the primary use of my home raised chickens, goes much farther than roasting and is good eats,

            A nice strong curry is good too with extra turmeric added.

          2. Kulafarmers,
            Thanks for the info. I too am a wanna be snob about getting it right. I have the pasta roller(s) and make regular noodles, but wanted to try my hand at ramen and Udon noodles. If I try I’ll let ya know how it turns out.

        2. Kulafarmers
          Do ya make your own noodles? If so do ya use your wheatberries? Which ones would ya use for noodles? Was just thinking about this last night. Ramen and Udon noodles for all my chicken broth I make and can. Something to add to the rotation.Thanks.

          1. Madfab,
            I havent been making my own,
            Been reading up on it and ordered a pasta roller, been looking at making Asian style noodles with ground soy and rice flour, looking to order some durum wheat, a friend just uses whatever wheat they are grinding but im sorta a cullinary snob wannabe so want to try and get the right stuff. Well, not really a snob but it seems some recipes i need to make properly per directions first in order to not screw stuff up too much

      2. Me2,
        Is there any alternatives to fermented foods.? I keep seeing you post about them…they are not an option…nothing really high in vitamin K1.
        Can’t hack any of them…as in.” kraut one time every 5 years is too much”..
        … and can not have milk products,serious limitations on all nuts and legumes… Bad reaction to curcumin/turmeric in all its forms.
        I routinely do the poultry/bone soup…and add cayenne in very limited amounts- we use green chili’s for limited spice and is high in vitamin c….eat lots of garlic.
        Like others have serious allergy , a constant battle.pollens of all kinds.tree, ragweed.. etc…Know i need a immune boost besides what i am doing…. have not found alternative answer yet… with your backgrounnd thought you might have some ideas?

        1. Just Sayin’ actually I was just about to ASK you about your opinion about Fermented Garlic and Honey Elixir. Can you eat garlic? Can you eat honey?

          It’s a lacto-fermentation process easier for some than Kimchee-sauerkraut.

          The anti-bacterial effects of crushed garlic the Allicin is a well proven effect but tends not to last long as it oxidizes. The fermenting in honey preserves that Allicin.

          You start with a sterilized canning jar and lid fill it 3’4 full off peeled garlic, cover with the best raw honey you can get, cover loosely to allow gasses to escape, place in a room temperature dark place. It should start bubbling in a few days as formation occurs. Every few days *Tighten the Lid* before doing a turn over to ensure all the garlic is covered *BEFORE* loosening the lid again (Don’t ask me why I know this…)

          The fermentation is mostly done in about a month the flavor will continue to mellow and the honey more runny. It stores well for months.

          You can add it to a cracker or bread or as I like it in my tea. Dosage is as tolerated I find two cloves smashed on a few crackers or the honey to sweeten my tea works pretty well. You can add it to water with lemon juice like my beloved enjoys it.

          As local honey is often suggested as an allergy treatment maybe this would help there also? I don’t know.

          Oh, Just Sayin’ could you please repeat that sublingual information about that Indian-Spanish Flu herbal AND where I could get some of that Tincture?


  5. Ken:
    Agreed as of now this Virus cannot be stoped.
    Agreed there is a large death rate and growing
    Agreed there is going to be more and more deaths without doubt
    Agreed the information we are “allowed ” to have is miserably at best
    And I will agree the “odds” and numbers are skyrocketing every day

    I would also have to say there a million and one ways to die.
    The odds of making it off this planet alive are zero.
    Life is certainly a death sentance for sure.
    BUT like yourself and probably everyone here. I should like to put that off as long as I can.

    Hence we prepare, we try to help others see the dangers out there, not only with C-9, but every other aspect of life.

    To answer your question, I’ll get off the damn plane, but knowing my luck, I’d fall down the steps and kill myself anyways. AND there is no getting off the plane with the C-9 Virus we ALL are on for the ride.

    Just dont panic, use your heads, prepare, Stay Away From Crowds.
    Just dont forget to also live and enjoy those sunrises while on that walk about with Blue.

    1. NRP,

      My plans have not changed as of yet on making the trip down to Texas for our family reunion this weekend. Statistics tell me that on any given day, an average 100+ people will die in a traffic accident on U.S. highways.

      Should I forego the trip because of the threat posed by the corona virus……….or am I crazy to even consider the trip due to the ever present threat of becoming a traffic statistic?

      True, I can be vigilant, alert….paying attention to those around me, maintaining safe distances, be ready to employ evasion techniques if necessary to mitigate my risk.

      But…….doesn’t that apply to both risks I’ll be facing?? Life is too short to not enjoy the trip.

      1. Dennis travel safe. I hope you have people you trust watching over your place. I am concerned just how fast things can go sidewise. A cyber-grid failure with the level of near panic could be quite the spark.

        Your in His Hands and my prayers. I hope this trip is not a long timeframe situation.

      2. Dennis:
        If we all decide to hide in our holes or cave or homes…
        What good is living if we cannot live.
        YES C-9 may get us, a head on in traffic may get us OR the sun may explode and get us…..
        Do I prepare for the worse and live for yhe best????
        You bet your ass I do.
        BTW pack the GHB…

        1. …to be accurate, just correcting NRP that it’s covid-19 (so we don’t confuse others who may happen upon this thread who may not know)

  6. Terrifying numbers Mr. Ken.

    I did the same today using 330 million people in the U.S., a 1/4 of the population infection rate and a 3.4 mortality rate. Got something like 2,800,000.00 dead here.

    But we all know that it can’t happen here because we’re special and “it’s only the flu”.

    Stay safe, God Bless, Rom 8:28

  7. Ken You said it very well. I trust NONE of the numbers coming out from anywhere.
    Why? #1 no/few diagnostic tests…. who gets those tests and accuracy..
    …#2 The change in the definition of disease…who is said to have it and based on ___ from a positive on a faulty test , a chest x ray with specific criteria, travel to a certain destination in x amount of time…and now denial of those tests to persons who may have acquired in community…The longer one can deny community spread the longer it can be hidden…
    …#3 Economic consideration taking priority over human care.- multiple nations
    . #4Conflicting information. ie wear masks vs don’t wear masks.
    Lessons we should have learned from China…#1 Ignoring and hiding it will not make it go away. #2Goverrnment will go to great lengths to maintain control. #3 Government will use any distress to advance an agenda- whether the people like it or not.
    Think about it.

  8. Sorry to say that if you are feeble, old age, chronic lung condition, …. and in a home with many others being fed jello in your wheel chair, you are at a greater risk of dying from this or many viruses out there.

    Also, sorry to say that if you are in a region of this country where many travelers from other countries arrive, chances are greater that you will eventually cross paths with someone exposed to this virus.

    Some of us may be faced with the 1 in 50 risk if we are in the examples given above, but many of us are in the typical flu risk column.

    Ken, please do not group us all as 3%, some are at 0.01% and some at 6%. I’ve never been average but yes, sometimes a fool.

  9. EVERY and ALL fatalities (11) of this virus in the United States have been ELDERLY WITH secondary existing medical conditions. When healthy 20/ 30/ 40/ 50 year olds start dying in numbers then a little hysteria might be merited.

    1. As an elderly person with secondary existing medical conditions, I must say I really do not appreciate your flippant attitude for us.

      1. You just proved my point. Since you may be considered HIGH RISK, stay in your house and self isolate, but dont ask the rest of us who aren’t to feel your extreme.

        1. So…let’s say you’re in a hospital because you tried to shoot the gap in rush hour traffic and someone broadsided you, you call for the nurse because you’re in pain and s/he says “I don’t feel it,” and closes the door on you.

          Interesting perspective.

      2. jj,

        My dh is in the old guy category and he has existing medical conditions. So he’s in the 8-14 percent case fatality rate category. We have opted to self-isolate. He has a doctors appointment in a few weeks that we can’t miss. We will be wearing N-95 respirators.

        The young and stupid people who are underestimating this virus will be in shock in a few weeks when the store shelves are really empty. India has identified 28 essential compounds used in the manufacturing of medications and placed an export ban on them. The U.S. imports 60 percent of generic medications from India. So both OTC and PX medications will be in short supply.

    2. All those 20/30/40/50 somethings will be elderly someday. If we don’t rein in this virus it will become a permanent fixture of human health issues. If it acts like other coronaviruses it will return year after year. Is that something you want lurking over your shoulder as you head into retirement and the years beyond? Average US life expectancy is 78, but if this virus takes a permanent hold that number will surely go down. Do you want another 3% chance of dying on top of all the other things waiting to do you in?

      Plus some those 20/30/40/50 somethings probably have older relatives. They may catch it, have no symptoms, and pass it on to their sweet old grandma.

      1. Well, and some of us 20/30/40/50 somethings

        Also have underlying health issues,

        Asthma anybody,,,

        1. Kulafarmer: That would be affirmative on the asthma front, sadly. Controlled for now, but a beast when it gets aggravated. Stay well, friend.

        2. Had it since I was 5 and that was 40yrs ago. I also have allergies so bad that I already wear dust masks. So, for me to switch to a N95 won’t raise any eye brows. (I already have)…

    3. Did you not notice the 29 and 34 y/o docs in China dying? The 50 y/o head of the Chinese hospital dying? Sure, most have been elderly but not all. And will you only care if it starts taking out 20 year olds? Viruses mutate too so we should assume it’s potentially a threat to everyone.

    4. Addison..no witt. No hysteria here, just trying to figure out what each of us can do to mitigate the damage to us and ours… in methods available to each. Many of us have people who believe that ” this “new disease” will not happen here” ..and.. ” Our health system is too good/ big to be overwhelmed.”
      The more of us who are able to prevent and treat at home the more available those beds in hospitals will be for people who refuse to believe it can happen to them-until it does.
      First case in TN today a 44 year old man …had not been out of the US, but had traveled inside the country.Did not release his travel locations.. sick enough he had to seek care… Does that make you feel better..?

      1. First one in Nevada too, supposedly had traveled to Washington. Southern Nevada…50’s male, hospitalized.

  10. Ken
    I would rather you keep posting real numbers and thoughts on the data than the BS the gubermunts are spewing about its no big deal,,,,
    Its a deal and its got potential to suck
    So rather be informed

  11. I am with you Ken, I am off the plane! I have just endured a week of my friends telling me not to live my life in fear and to trust in God. Well….God gave me a brain. I do not intend to go play Frogger on the freeway believing God will save me. He gave me a brain to use, and I am currently using it to believe that the virus is here, people are walking around unknowingly spreading it (or as in New Hampshire and I am sure other places, knowingly spreading it), and since my DH is one with an underlying auto immune condition, we are not playing with that fire!!!

    With 20 percent requiring possible hospitalization, do the numbers! It is not only the elderly and sick getting this. Germany reports a 2 year old. China has seen at least 2 young doctors succumb. So with 20 percent trying to go to the hospital, WHO is going to take care of them? Some of the infected and dead here in the US are healthcare workers!!!!

    I spoke about health care and emergency services previously. 30 to 50 percent of those healthcare workers are just NOT going to go to work to take care of you. So now we do not have the beds, and soon we will not have the doctors, nurses, and first responders. This is the fire people are playing with.

    Also, those of you planning on bugging out to rural areas from the cities….you risk bringing that virus into the rural areas and you will place a huge burden on the first responders and healthcare workers in tiny hospitals and clinics.

    That is the fire we are all playing with. Keep it up, Ken, I believe you may save a life or two!

    1. I work in health care and I can tell your that the rural hospitals (at least around here) already don’t have beds. You can’t out run this UNLESS, you are already at your BOL with at least 2yrs of provisions AND its in the middle of nowhere and no one visits.

    2. Quote of the Week!!

      “I do not intend to go play Frogger on the freeway believing God will save me.”

      Good one, Pegasus.

  12. This Covid-19 virus is not just one virus, this out break is atleast two very different viruses. Type one is very aggressive and may not exist for an extended period of time in the community because it kills the person so rapidly that it has very little time to spread.
    However, type two is very slow to develop in a person resulting in much more time to spread and otherwise to go on almost unnoticed in the community initially.
    Now here’s the problem for humanity. A vaccine for one virus type may not provide much protection against the other virus type.
    This will be made public soon.

    1. TexasBoy,
      Interesting theory. Can you cite source? We’re looking for real data here, conjecture is fine but really should be called out as such.
      There has been a concern that the virus will mutate, which would be like two different strains, but there has not been any of that reported yet.

      1. Minerjim

        Scientists Discover More Aggressive Strain Of Corona virus Responsible For 70% Of Current Infections

        Zero Hedge 3/4/2020

      2. I don’t know Texas Boys source to did see this one the other day:


      3. Miner Jim
        Let me make you feel real good with your doubt. A feature of type 2 virus is that develops in the central nervous system, CNS. It remains in the CNS for a long time concentrating in the spinal fluid while not causing the human body to develop a fever, yet. The infected person will not be detected thermally since he/she has no fever.
        Finally, the infected person will develop sever muscel twitching due to nerve damage. When the virus finally evolves into the blood stream it damages the liver, kidneys, heart muscel, and lungs.
        The fatality rate for 15-50 year old people is about 4% and 30% for anyone above 60 years old.

        1. Texas Boy, I believe that your statements are somewhat misleading. I would also like to have a direct link to the information you have cited. I am unable to find where the “type 2 virus” is the causative coronavirus strain (aka ‘type’) for the complications from the central nervous system (one example being viral encephalitis).

          To those who may be confused, there is a new abstract for a scientific paper “On the origin and continuing evolution of SARS-CoV-2” published by the Chinese Academy of Science where the regular news outlets have garnered this information from. The abstract summarizes the analysis of the (SARS-CoV-2) responsible for coronavirus “Covid-2019”. Within this analysis, 2 types of the Covid-2019 have been discovered to have ‘evolved’ from the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

          1. The type L virus is the more aggressive and was responsible for the initial outbreak in China in December 2019.

          2. The type S virus is the more common of the two viruses, and is considered the older type.

          This portion of the abstract summarizes their analysis as follows:
          “Population genetic analyses of 103 SARS-CoV-2 genomes indicated that these viruses evolved into two major types (designated L and S), that are well defined by two different SNPs that show nearly complete linkage across the viral strains sequenced to date. Although the L type (∼70%) is more prevalent than the S type (∼30%), the S type was found to be the ancestral version. Whereas the L type was more prevalent in the early stages of the outbreak in Wuhan, the frequency of the L type decreased after early January 2020. Human intervention may have placed more severe selective pressure on the L type, which might be more aggressive and spread more quickly. On the other hand, the S type, which is evolutionarily older and less aggressive, might have increased in relative frequency due to relatively weaker selective pressure. ”

          I’ll post the url separately if anyone wants to read the abstract.

          1. Originally the virus was ‘nouveau’ thus the n was inserted into the COVID 19. So what is it really? The n was removed. Do we really know?

      4. Minerjim,

        Go to Youtube and put in “Coronavirus Peak Prosperity”. He discusses the two clades on COVID19. You can also go to Google and put in “Genomic variations of SARS-CoV-2”.

    2. TB,
      I heard that too. The one type you can walk around spreading it asymptomatic and you have a good chance of recovering. The other you have symptoms right off and it gets bad in a hurry…

  13. I had a candid conversation today with someone utterly trustworthy. Three weeks ago our factories started back up, on the pretense that the virus had been handled, or at least it had peaked. It turns out that wasn’t the case at all – they were simply told to get their asses back to work. Words fail me right now.

    1. TMcgyver,
      Ouch. That’s cold man, really cold. No wonder you are at a loss for words. As usual, the common man gets screwed by his government.

    2. I’m sorry. I knew they had been ordered back to work, and many had refused. I didn’t know they’d carried it this far, although I’m not surprised.

  14. Ken, I deeply appreciate your continuing coverage on coronavirus. Your articles continue to help thousands upon thousands, and with your attention to current events and detail-oriented mindset, I actually expect you to focus on the coronavirus disaster-in-the-making. Thank you for being reliable and forthcoming with information and for prodding us to think outside the box.

    This morning I read that the coronavirus is now yielding new types of infections that affect the central nervous system. I saw examples of this yesterday — I saw 3 videos from China where patients exhibited spasmodic, convulsive episodes.

    Now, in Beijing, there are 150 patients who suffer from a new type of coronavirus pneumonia. And if that isn’t enough, one patient in China has been written about because he developed viral encephalitis along with his new type of coronavirus pneumonia from his COVID-19 infection. He was admitted to the hospital on Jan 24 with “new coronavirus pneumonia, critical illness, and respiratory failure.” Think on that — being this critical for more than a month!

    From a hospital in Beijing: “two suspected cases of new-type coronavirus pneumonia have been treated since January 12 this year (confirmed on January 20). As of 7:00 on March 4, the hospital has accumulatively received 150 patients with new-type coronavirus pneumonia, of which the above patient is the only patient with new type of coronavirus pneumonia and encephalitis.” (Source: ZH “A Beijing Hospital Confirms Covid-19 Attacks Central Nervous System” dated 3/4/2020).

    From the safety of my home, I can peer out my windows or go outside and see a blue sky, or I can check the latest ‘news’ and developments on the internet. I am grateful that I can do these things safely, and can stay away from crowds, stores, and the probable madness that we will all witness in short time. I’m not in a bubble, but I’m in a somewhat controlled home environment. For now. There’s no way I’ll be on that hypothetical airplane, Ken. I won’t even go onto an airport’s private property because I have no rights once there and, well, the government agents….

    But what if….What if I have a dental issue next week? What if my allergies kick my sinuses into an infection that my stored antibiotics can’t conquer? What if a health issue occurs and my husband needs to go to the doctor’s, or to the ER? That’s when those odds of contracting this virus and the potential death rate come into play. Statistics are very meaningful and they give us clues to determine outcome.

    Whether the deaths in the US are 2% or 4%, the death rate = >0%. There ARE deaths already, and there will be more deaths from the coronavirus. We know that coronavirus is here in the US and a large segment of our population will have a chance-meeting with the virus in the near future. For those on the west coast, the virus has actually been there and ‘lurking’ for some time, we now know.

    With what we know, the virus has many hidey holes and it isn’t easy to decontaminate. Coronavirus might be present on the counter at the Post Office where we need to mail packages. It might be resting on the stumps of ginger root that we got at the market’s produce section. It might be on the gas pump waiting for one of us to fill the gas tank.

    This viral disaster isn’t like the typical disaster that strikes a specific region or hits during a certain time of year. And unlike most other disasters, you can’t see it or escape it very well. In some ways, coronavirus has the deep-effect of an EMP or a nuclear detonation….it’s invisible but it’s a big force that will have a huge impact around the world.

    Just because my hair isn’t on fire doesn’t mean I’m going to play with matches.

    1. MT, I also have been thinking about the possibles you have brought up. Here are my thoughts… my response will be to take enough of anti bacterials and anti virals with us to treat both of us, should we have to go to Hospital for any reason.
      Peroxide will wash those ginger roots safely wash out the sink with bleach solution… rinse it well. lay veggies to be washed in sink/or collander.. and saturate with peroxide. after they have set a few minutes rinse them well with running cold water.

  15. I believe Ken has been pointing out the dangers in an evolving situation

    What will occur when/if the virus mutates. It would seem to be a relatively high probability that it will with the large and growing number of infected. The history of the “Spanish flu” was a mild flu in the spring followed by a deadly flu in the fall. The virus was thought to have mutated. The Spanish flu killed mostly young healthy adults in their prime. Some here have mentioned a neurological component is being reported, is this a sign of mutation? Just food for thought.

    It would be prudent to take care of planned health procedures (dental, etc) now if you can without unnecessary risk. Those of us that do have health issues that would predispose us to any complications from infection should take any extra precautions they can.

    As a wise person once told me “Be prepared to go (right relationship to Jesus) but do everything you can to not go early!”

  16. Ken,

    Please don’t take my comments as me trying to downplay the threat of COVID-19. I appreciate your concern and your efforts to communicate to us the possible threats.

    My comments have been with the intention of get folks to respond with calm, well thought out moves. Your paying close attention to the threat and conveying the actions folks can take to mitigate that threat, aids them in their preparations.

    My personal belief is that, at least for me, in my situation, it is time for me to completely isolate from others. Exercise caution, yes. Have supplies and meds in place to sit it out (self quarantine works both ways).

    Close to home, widow I’ve mentioned before who lives about 3/4 mile from me on another ridge, called yesterday to tell me she had contracted the flu (regular flu has been rampant in this state for a couple of months). Said she had a doctor appointment set for Friday. Last night, around 11 PM, she was medivac’ed of the mountain. She’s 74, grossly obese, a smoker, with other chronic health problems.

    I guess my point is that life has threats. Sometimes we are faced with threats that seem greater than we’ve ever faced before. COVID-19 may well be a government changing, life altering, catastrophic event, affecting huge percentages of the population. It’s not there yet. It could also be a vehicle of mass distraction, intended to herd people into a place they really don’t want to be…….like giving up liberties in exchange for perceived safety and protection.

    I’m watching it, like others are, as the crisis unfolds. Eyes open, not ready to severely alter my lifestyle yet, always aware of the possibility that this may be an attempt to distract from much more serious things taking place.

    The basics for survival never change. Only you can decide when it’s time to close the gates and man the guard posts.

    I apologize for the ramblings.

    1. Dennis have you decided against that family get together? As a medical sort take the number of “New” Family contacts your going to meet up with multiply that by how many folks THEY have meet up with in the past 48 hours.

      Then ask yourself just how important is THAT extra risk for COVID-19 is?

      Otherwise I am very confused by your quote “My personal belief is that, at least for me, in my situation, it is time for me to completely isolate from others. Exercise caution, yes. Have supplies and meds in place to sit it out (self quarantine works both ways).”

      I want you around friend long after this situation resolves.

      1. me2,

        My failure to proof read before posting. I intended to say that “it is not yet time for me to completely isolate from others”.

        I will be making the reunion. It’s a calculated risk, I know. No reported COVID-19 cases in my state or Texas, as of yet. I’ve had this year’s flu shot, plus the pneumonia vaccination. I guess we all (my extended family) will be taking some risk. My older brother is not going, because he is fighting the seasonal flu himself, right now. I’m hoping anyone else in the family showing symptoms will also show the same restraint.

        1. Dennis as I posted before your in His Hands and my prayers

          Travel safe friend.

          Three days ago I would have said NH was clear. Happily our LOCAL news services got the news out about that well educated but lacking social wisdom PHD who was supposed to “Self Quarantine” for his PROVEN COVID-19 went to that “By Invite only event” Monday. Now we have at least two Proven COVID-19 and over three dozen “Well Educated” folks and their families exposed…..

          WHY did I mention Local News? Because MSN JUST mentioned it TODAY….

          1. And our news in the west has not mentioned it. Wow…a PHD. That is the ultimate in selfishness and indicative of the “it is all about me” society we live in.

          2. Pegasus == guess this is a case where PHD really does mean “Piled Hire and Deeper” (chit that is)

          3. Well, the positive,

            This boob and his colleagues are most likely self important liberals,,,
            Who have more likely than not bashed us deplorables more than once soooo
            Yea ok

        2. Dennis, I hope you will also be taking some anti-virals we have been discussing..in a preventative manner.. Some may have first symptoms and not be aware is is not their normal.. I am just recovering from a gastritis…something i have on a regular basis…..thought was my routine thing… until my DH came down with it. we have both been sick for 4 days.. better today.

  17. I’d like to point out an important point — the ‘re-infection’ potential of COVID-19 may actually be a co-infection of the two types of coronavirus.

    The paper I referenced above, “On the origin and continuing evolution of SARS-CoV-2”, cited several patients that had both types of SARS-CoV-2 in their samples. The scientists inferred that they had been infected with at least 2 different strains of SARS-CoV-2.

    1. Modern Throwback,

      I read this article yesterday. There is so much we don’t know. I’d like to know what strain is circulating in Iran and Italy right now.

      1. @Bam: It seems to hit harder in areas with a lot of people crammed together (Carnival/Festival/CNY) or being stupid (licking the prayer wall or whatever in that mosque in Iran). Basic sanitation can’t stop it, but close physical contact and stupidity sure help it spread!

        1. Lauren,

          You are absolutely correct. I read a case today about a teckie riding on a bus for a long trip and infecting something like half the passengers. Social distancing only works in areas with sparse populations. The U.S. may be in better shape that Asian, European or Middle Eastern Countries–compared to these areas of the world, Americans are hyper clean.

        2. Bam I guess you’ve NOT read the studies about how FEW of us “Hyper clean” people FAIL to was their hands after going to a public toilet (not the most sanitary area).

          The very recent episode of a Hyper Educated Elitist PHD who WAS a KNOWN Positive for COVID 19 just shows that educated young folks *Still* can VIOLATE the instructions to “Self Isolate” to EXPOSE a few hundred in a “Invite only” wine meet and greet.

          So go ahead with your Americans are special ideas. Your Peeps will NEVER do something as socially STUPID as that PHD Millennial just did.

          Me I’m just a stupid medical sort, I WILL Wash My Hands and Obey Social Distancing instructions.

          1. No Americans are not “special” in that sense, but I think there’s a few sanitation ideas that we all share–like not licking walls that millions of people have licked before, or spitting on the ground in public areas. Or not eating raw polar bear testicles to make men more “fertile,” or eating bats. I think we have a few advantages.

          2. M2
            Educated does NOT equate to common sense, in fact most highly educated that i know, are fairly ignorant in basic stuff.

          3. Lauren,
            I wish we could publicly flog all the people who spit in public! Totally Gross!
            How many germs live in that wad of phlegm. And then I step in it and bring it into my car and then into my house? Yes we take our shoes off inside, but it still got inside. Hate spitters on public streets and sidewalks.
            Ok rant over.

          4. Lauren you are one of the few I can assume washes your hands properly.

            That said random swab testing of “Smart Phones” that so many are literally addicted to has shown near 100% fecal contamination on them. As I know your a people watcher like myself HOW many touch that smart phone and “Lick” their fingers/touch their eyes every few minutes? I am sure your aware how many other common surfaces in America are as “Contaminated” as that “Holy Wall” those Goat Herders “Lick” as part of their religion.

            Our “advantage” is an arrogance that will kill most of us along with the panic when Americans in mass discover they are not “Special” to this killer virus.

            Reality is coming, that “Horrible” medical care China was giving locking up people will become an American Reality UNLESS something amazing occurs to “Cure” this man made nightmare. Seems we cannot “Ask” folks to self isolate reliably even with “Smart Educated Folks” in America. The butchers bill will be harsh.

  18. Just an observation

    Overlay the last election red/blue county map over the map of the virus cases. This is not to imply there is a political connection to the outbreaks.

    Is it that, in the virus zones there is a greater interaction of people and possibly travelers from many parts of the world? Population density may play a big role in the spread.

    In our western history, when you got a bad illness while traveling in a wagon train, you were disengaged from the train and isolated with a contagion flag warning others. But now we are so much smarter/sarc so we let every possible carrier enter and roam around the country.

    1. Ask any epidemiologist who studies disease –Coastal areas have typically been the ports of entry and have a higher population density.

      In fact, look at a map of the coronavirus ‘known’ cases. Every coastal state except LA and SC have at least 1 positive case.

  19. Okay my take is that the numbers are way off. I think the death rate is much higher. People spout off how SARS, the flu, etc has killed more people. Why then are these governments only quarantining now? Never before has this happened. The Chinese government quarantine a city of 40 million people? I don’t listen to their numbers, I look at their actions.

    1. Peanut,

      It’s the actions of the Chinese government that really caught my attention. They basically shut down their entire economy in order to stop the spread of the virus. Now they are trying to get people back to work. Is it too early? Are provincial governments lying about the number of cases in order to get the factories reopened? I suspect we are going to see a second wave in China given the asymptomatic spread and the long incubation period.

  20. wow this is getting to be fun. we’ve been prepping for years and now something has happened! It’s bad yes but at least were prepped unlike the sheep lets all kickback and watch whats going to happen none of us know. I think Ken is right numbers don’t lie thanks Ken for all the hard work you do on the blog haven’t seen this much discourse here ever before. I for one will be wearing a Mask

  21. ER doctor on FOX news

    “Most of us are going to get this virus. It’s undeniable. You won’t find a single expert out there who is saying that this is going to be contained,” said Phillips, who serves as the George Washington University School of Medicine’s operational medicine fellowship director.

    “And, the more we learn about it, the more we see that the spread is going to be global and, for the most part, that’s OK because the data we know from China shows that roughly 98 to 99 percent of us are going to do very, very, well,” he told Henry.

    I see fear, anger, distrust, paranoia, dismissal, …. if I get the virus, I hope to get over it as I have with previous colds – never had the flu or pneumonia so I remain positive.

    Ken, i never meant to offend you with my dissenting opinions. I do see your deep concern about this particular illness and respect your opinions as well. Thank you for inviting us onto your site.

    1. That’s interesting. It has been my understanding (and researched facts – which may be under reported) that approximately 20% require extreme treatment (that is… intensive care). That doesn’t fit with 99% doing very, very well statement. In my view, that particular ER doctor just lost my trust.

      In any event, as I said in another reply, I believe it may be best for those who are getting upset about covid-19 being worse than a common cold or flu — to simply unplug for awhile. Take a breather. Change the channel. That’s perfectly okay.

      Rest assured, I will be keeping my eyes on this one. As are many, many others.

      1. Ken,

        I ran across a tidbit yesterday that answers some questions as to why the confusion about testing for the virus. One that Trump acted on to solve.

        Seems that the CDC, under the Obama administration, instituted a rule that state and local labs were not allowed to announce virus test results as being positive for any new viruses. Only CDC was allowed to run those tests and confirm whether or not a sample was indeed positive. Trump reversed that rule to open up and speed up tests.

        Doubt we will see much press on that…….you know, Trump ain’t doing nothing is the theme now.

        1. Yes, I heard that reported on a alternate news site awhile back. The CDC has become politically oriented, which has bee apparent for some time.

          The problem is, virus doesn’t discriminate. It has no politics.

          ‘We the people’ are the ones who are disserviced due to injecting politics (and economics) into the equation. And the handling of this particular coronavirus is deeply mired in political/economic ‘coverup’ in my view. Which peaks my concern even more.

          If there are not enough tests, then the potential problem that is being tested must not exist. Because only official CDC tests are approved and counted. Kinda like whosoever counts the votes… can pick the winner?

          1. Ken,

            The Trump administration has clearly mismanaged the coronavirus. They kept saying “there is no community spread” when they should have been saying “We have no confirmed cases of community spread”. And the reason they had no confirmed cases of community spread is that they were not testing for community spread. It does seem that the Trump administration is more concerned with the appearance of the stock market than with the healthy of the people. Another example: “Face masks do not protect the general public.” They only protect medical professionals. They should have just come out and said they failed to stock enough N-95 respirators to protect front-line medical works and that it was in the national interest to confiscate remaining stocks in order to ensure hospitals remain open to the general public.

            I think these are legitimate complaints. The problem is the liberals have cried wolf so many times no one listens when they have a legitimate complaint.

          2. Bam, Listen, I believe that politics should have no part in this. And I do agree with you that Trump has been de-emphasizing this to an extent. Reason? He knows it’s about the economy for his re-election. Is this part of a big conspiracy (covid-19 and a attempt to bring him down even at the sacrifice of millions?)? I don’t know. I doubt it because it’s hitting the entire planet. That said, who knows – it’s a deep dark deep state world.

            While I am a general supporter of Trump (for varying reasons), I am not looking at the covid-19 coronavirus situation under a political spotlight. I am more concerned about the reality of what is unfolding, so as to save ourselves.

        2. Dennis
          Didn’t your representative send you a complied agenda on what DJT’s plan was for this heath emergency? I received one from our Congressman’s office.

          Maybe I should forward out copy to Ken.

  22. Ken,
    Thanks for another way of thinking about avoiding covid-19.
    Yes, I would get off the plane.
    And, I was taught to look both ways before crossing a street. Now that I’m older, I look both ways twice.

  23. That’s not just me dying but others too. Just canceled a road trip. Among the folks was going to visit were two who are medically compromised and a toddler. Don’t think I’m sick. But with a virus that can leave one contagious before symptoms appear, and after one has recovered, don’t want to take a chance.

    Don’t know if the bit of sinus discomfort I have is just the aftermath of bronchitis, a mild cold, the springtime pollen, or COVID-19. Not going to risk my friends if I guess wrong.

    1. Anony Mee, Dennis, Grits, others…
      Yes and the ones you will be sure to inflict will be the ones you are closest to… have the most contact. Even if I get it and my symptoms are very light- what about my DH? will he get a light form or have a severe impact on us both… Now being separated and either of us being in the hospital in isolation would be horrid in its self. I am of the persuasion NO ONE should go to the hospital alone. Being unable to slip him in oil of oregano, colloidal silver or other antiviral would be devastating. My post nasal drip i am fairly sure is not this virus- since have had it for most of a year…
      We largely self isolate…most of the time. our only break is for worship services if we THINK we will not pass something to others.Unless we find there is some contagion making rounds… Most of the time it is passed before we are aware…. and our monthly bill paying supply pick up- being consolidated to one day…. When we have a sinus/ear infection we remain home.has happened for weeks at a time.
      The big thing with this virus… Spreads before symptoms manifest…. and spreads for a time after symptoms are past… time unknown…
      RE: .. New tests false negatives and false positives… so is it really a test or is it throw it to the wall and see if it sticks.? Who is the developer of the tests and how much money are they making on the repetition of inaccurate tests?. What company is developing the vaccine???? and is it free of poisons, like formaldehyde, mercury, thimerosol , HIV, Lyme bacteria, and cancer growth cells.. I have enough of all of these-don’t want or need any more….
      Is a side effect nerve damage?… i already have that too and don’t require any more. It should be free of WHO, UN, and all other entities that think they know better than i what i want to use/inject.INCLUDES the FDA, which is bought off, and uses fake data to justify use of new drugs-

    2. Take good care of yourself Anony Mee. FWIW my sinuses have been killing me for a week. And I’ve been sneezing so hard and so often that my Chinese co-workers are start to ask ironic questions. That’s really the spooky part isn’t it? We just don’t know, until we know.

      1. tmcgyver

        With my little pig farm, including the runt in her crate in the house, goats, chickens, and two dogs who spend the day outside, I scrub my hands 10-15 times every day. That’s hands, nails, and up forearms to whatever point they’re covered, with small brush and Dawn liquid.

        Am with Calirefugee that Aveeno lotion is nice for dry, itchy skin.

        My friends, who I’m not visiting, are now hunkered down for the duration.

        Hoping that if I do get sick I don’t pass it on to the pigs, dogs, or birds (Audubon Society preserve across river from me). Would hate to be the vector for some crazy mutation. There’s my tin foil hat moment for the week. 🤣

  24. I am new to this blog (although I know a number of folks who post here from other sites). I joined this blog because of Ken’s excellent coverage of the coronavirus. I am of the opinion that the coronavirus may turn out to be the most significant event in our lifetimes. Just doing the math, it’s clear that millions will die–how many depends on whether the rate of spread can be slowed so that medical systems are not overwhelmed and how quickly scientists can develop (and produce) a vaccine.

    I also wonder how badly the coronavirus will hurt our economy. Sure the fed can pump billions into the stock market. But that does little for the Average Joe who is to poor to afford stocks and who can’t get enough hours at work to pay rent or buy groceries. Why aren’t people asking themselves, “If I lose my job, how will I pay rent?” Most Americans report they can’t afford a $400 unplanned bill (either with savings or credit card). Most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Most Americans have less than a week’s worth of groceries in their homes.

    I also wonder how much authority the federal government has during a national crisis. During WWII the UK “managed” farms and told farmers what to grow. Those who did not meet government quotas lost their farms–i.e., the government seized their farms. In the U.S. Congress passed the Emergency Price Control Act (1942) which permitted government agencies to set prices and ration food and other commodities in order to make sure every American had their “fair share”. Given the just in time deliveries and the expected food/commodities shortages, will the government once again limit purchases? I have to wonder, will the government pass anti-hoarding laws where neighbors are encouraged to rat on their neighbors who have deep pantries? This reminds me of the Twilight Zone episode “Shelter” where neighbors are over playing cards when the nuclear war siren goes off. As the family packs int the shelter and readies to shut the door, the neighbors come in begging for entry. They only have enough supplies for their own family and the father pulls a shotgun. Then the “false alarm” is sounded. Hungry people get desperate.

    1. DHS/FEMA would take over. FEMA would be responsible for the management of a pandemic if it becomes a federally declared disaster for any/all states that are damaged physically. If that occurs, the Feds would allocate money based upon an assessment derived from measurable losses (mostly financial), which would bring federal tax dollars to a state (or a region within a state). If this happens, and disaster assistance becomes available for individuals under the Stafford Act, there might be some type(s) of financial compensation for real or personal property losses, funeral expenses, medical expenses, etc. Generally, these disaster losses are only available for individuals without insurance coverage. Tax dollars also become available to states based upon their losses.

      FEMA has never dealt with a biological disaster, but the financial ramifications of this pandemic becoming a federally-declared disaster would be financially crippling to America. In the past FEMA has used the Stafford Act to pay the mortgages of individuals who suffered job losses (therefore income losses) from disasters. One example of this was the 9/11 NY disaster and mortgages were paid for years when employees lost their jobs because of the 9/11 disaster.

      1. Modern Throwback,

        Thank you for the reply. This gives me a framework to understand the likely U.S. response.

  25. Well STINK. The coronavirus is here in southern middle TN. Williamson County. That would be right next door to my TN county, about 40 or so miles away.

    I will be practicing some serious “social distancing” from here on out. If there’s one that’s identified there are many that are not yet identified.

    We are ready and can “distance” for as long as it takes.

  26. This may be my last post for a few days. I don’t own a smart phone, I don’t travel with my laptop. I’ll be leaving in the morning, won’t be back to the homestead for a few days.

    I’ll leave you with a caution. All eyes seem to be on the COVID-19 threat. Don’t get tunnel vision. None of the other threats you prep for have gone away. They still exist. When you wake up to some one pounding on your front door in the middle of the night, do not forget you have a back door too. The one pounding on your front door may just be trying to distract you from the main threat coming through the back.

    I’ve been led into ambush before, more than once. It taught me that if someone or some thing is demanding my attention, I had better damn well have my head on a swivel, all senses on full alert.

    I may be wrong. I have been before. But I’m still here, when by all rights, I shouldn’t be. I can’t shake the feeling that there is more to this COVID-19 than meets the eye. No doubt, a chain of consequences that can’t be stopped has been set in motion. I don’t much believe in coincidences, especially of this magnitude. I do believe in manufactured and orchestrated events.

    Do with this what you will. I love and respect you gals and guys. Hopefully, the Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, I’ll be back with y’all soon.

    1. Safe travels, Dennis… we look forward to hearing from you when you return. Be careful out there!

    2. Vaya con dios, Dennis!

      Enjoy the time with your family, and make sure to let us know when you get back safely.

    3. Dennis,
      I get what you are saying. Something doesn’t quite feel right. We’ll just have to trust in the Lord to get us all through. Have a safe trip.

    4. My Father who are in Heaven, Follow and Protect this righteous warrior. Protect Him and the ones he Loves.


    5. Dennis
      Remember those license plates and bumper stickers?

      God is My Co-pilot

      We will all be looking forward to your comments, when you return.

      Be safe

      1. Dennis, safe travels. You are not the only one with a wonky feeling about this virus…
        When God is our co pilot… We are in the wrong seat.

    6. Dennis:
      We shall yack when you get back, I’m on a 2 week fishing trip.
      Checking in once a day now.
      Please enjoy the family, some of us have little family left.
      Be well my friend.

      1. NRP & Blue,

        How’s the fishin’ going? Heard they are biting at Navajo (pike) and Abiquiu. Or are you sticking close to home and fishing the Orange River for Rusty Trout? I’m hoping to get out before they turn the irrigation water loose the beginning of April. Hope you are able to get out and relax a bit. Don’t worry, the world and all its woes will be here when you get back.

        1. Minerjim
          Hope he misses the story posted by ‘peanut’ on her neighbors single roll 🧻purchase at a time. NRP may require the TP 🧻🚑squad to revive him, do to him passing out.

          1. AC,

            LOL. I don’t think NRP can fathom dealing in “small change” when it comes to single rolls!

          2. Antique Collector:
            Single roll purchase???
            You have GOT to be kidding???

          3. Who even sells single rolls? The least I’ve ever seen if 4 in a package.

          4. Don’t knock it NRP – I see an opportunity for you in single roll merchandising. Think it through.

          5. Single rolls of TP are sold at convenience stores, Dollar Generals and other grocery stores I’ve visited.

        2. Minerjim:
          Fishing the Juan.
          Place called Quality Waters…
          A catch anf release place for anything under 24″ trout.
          Unfortunately they will NOT let me use C-4, so back to caveman style fishing…

    7. Dennis
      Have a safe trip to visit your family. Enjoy the time you are there, laugh, eat great food, share wonderful memories.

  27. I’d get off the plane. However, if there is no announcement but the stewardesses mutter together and then exit the plane en mas I would begin to wonder. If the “auto pilot” came on and announced itself (no physical pilot on board), I would wonder more.

    At what point would all the “clues” pile up enough for me to exit that plane?

    I don’t know. We’re faced with all those who should “know” what to do giving us misleading information or no information, slyly angling toward the plane doors and telling everyone that it’s perfectly safe and we should stay in our seats.

  28. It has been suggested that

    “In any event, as I said in another reply, I believe it may be best for those who are getting upset about covid-19 being worse than a common cold or flu — to simply unplug for awhile. Take a breather. Change the channel. That’s perfectly okay.”

    So, I will leave you with a final thought about this developing and expanding contagion. I do believe this virus will be with us for years and most people will be exposed to it.

    People are clamoring for testing. Soon a couple million are done and about a million test positive. Many do not even realize they have it, some others are suffering flu like symptoms but not life threatening, and about 20% may need some kind of medical intervention.

    But when all of them that find out the results of the test go screaming to the hospitals where there are approximately 200,000 beds available – now we have a million desperate people running around spreading the virus to many others.

    There must be a response that provides some kind of triage with protocols based on the severity of their illness, home isolation, hospital care, and in some cases, hospice care.

  29. Our local news station just announced the first case of corona virus in our state. Someone who returned from Boston has it was dismissed from Hospital and is recuperating in an undisclosed location.This is 60 miles away.Probably gives away approximate radius of where I live but oh well.I believe I’ll go remove the welcome mat from front door now. Boil up another pot of coffee and bake some choc chip cookies.😋

  30. me2, Yeah, I was tongue in cheek on the whole chicken thing and I’m well aware of how immune systems work. I just had a picture of Snuffy Smith holding a live chicken that he had just snatched over a stew pot. Something about feathers floating with the carrots and rice. Boiled intestine with poo might add a flavor less than appealing. I do love homemade chicken soup and have enough bouillon in the preps to supply the community for 5 years.The Kimchee sounds interesting and I’ll give it a try. I taught my stepson to make my recipe. When he went into the Navy he wanted to be a chef so he enlisted as a cook. After few years he was the Captains cook and he told me, I’ve made your chicken soup for my Captain but now I make it better than you.

    My math on this thing is figure 1/3 of the population gets it, round up a bit to 330,000,000 divide by three gives 110,000,000.

    Figure that 80% of them don’t seek treatment and 20% are sick enough to need treatment, give a 4:1 ratio. 110,000,000 divide by 5 mean 22,000,000 really sick to 88,000,000 not very sick.

    The reported figures on lethality are 3.4%. This is being bandied about as being much less than that because so many more are would test positive but are not being sick enough to be tested. That is true but the math is being done on the sickest.

    If lethality on the 22,000,000 is 1% that is 22,000,000 divide by 100 gives gives 220,000 so 3.4 time 220,000 gives 748,000 dead in this country. (Some of them would have died in the same time frame for other usual reasons.)

    RO is the infection rate. For flu it’s about 1.3, means 10 people will infect 13 more people then 13 times 1.3 gives 16.9 and so on. Covid-19 RO is 2.8 so that means 10 people will infect 28, 28 will infect 78.4 and so on. Progression will be a lot faster.

    If you take our population and multiply it by 23.6 you get darned close to the population of the world. Multiply our 748,000 by 23.6 you get 17,650,000 people dead worldwide.

    It’s simple math and doesn’t take into consideration a totally overwhelmed health system. Many other variables to plug but the only answers will come from the survivors.

    Step daughter wanted us to babysit so she can go on a date. DW told her no as we have to consider her and her children already infected. She works in a place that is just like the facility in Kirkwood, WA. Earlier she had asked us if we going to allow “this” to stop our living. We told her it’s actually quite likely.

    1. Testing is still rationed. One of the criteria is symptoms with a negative flu test first. If the flu test is positive you can breath easy (well maybe not, it is the flu). Science based decisions there. I guess that means that if you have the flu you can’t also have the covid-19 virus. Idiots, they should be testing for both. You can most certainly be infected with both at the same time.

      1. Tell that to the geniuses at the CDC.
        Do you believe that efforts are being made to keep the numbers appearing “less scary”? I do. But I’m a skeptical person.

        1. Ken (and me)…to my mind, a positive flu test does not rule out some other “co” infection, such as COVID-19.

          I too am skeptical. The info coming from authorities (from all over the world) does not seem reasonable/reliable (to me).

          I do keep wondering, too, is this COVID-19 possibly been around for long time in the population, and no one had/knew to test for it?

          Wondering LOTS of stuff….but the long and short is that info being presented does not seem reasonable/reliable (to me). Keep thinking, either it is a dry run (world wide) for something else, or being used to hide something else, or….too many possibilities.

          another thing, I keep reading in news/hearing authorities insisting “do not buy masks/protective equipment, it will NOT help prevent infection/transmission.. etc”..then it is often followed by …..”severe shortage of masks/protective equipment for medical persons….”…(huh? either it is protective (masks etc), or it is not…

    2. I dont envy you having to deal with a young brainiack mindset of the step daughter.

      Its not about stopping living,
      I believe its called not tempting the odds. But most people dont get it. Build your immunity! Vitamins, teas, whatever you got to do, it wont be wasted!

    3. Me2 to me, paging me LOL

      I kind of thought you were funnin’ me :-) There is some scientific interest on why the South Koreans are having less deaths from this nasty virus. Their daily diet of Kimchee is thought to be part of it as they DO LIVE in tight quarters even in the “Countryside”. I like their data because they have aggressively tested and continue to test.

      INTERESTING Thought, where is the Taiwan data? Did they seal up their boarders? What is their infection rate-death rate?

      Historically this COVID19 is looking a lot like Spanish Flu and because YOUNG HEALTHY PPE protected Medical Personnel ALL Around the World are falling sick and DYING the Medical System WILL be overwhelmed.

      Historically 5% of the WORLDS Population DIED from the Spanish Flu. And despite some snarky youngsters comments not all of them were aged sickly folks.

      It’s a Marathon friends, MY GREAT FEAR is compared to 1918 ask yourself Do we have a Coherent “US Americans” sociality compared to then? After all did the newspapers HIDE the Identify of folks assaulting MAGA hat folks back then? Do you THINK Black Masked Antifa would have lasted past the first beat down on older Americans and Patriot Prayer meetings?

      Politics has always been NASTY, after all what floats to the top of your Toilet? Same thing that floats to the Top Of Politics. The social media of the Great Depression was all about BLAMING Republican Herbert Hoover for the Great Depression by labeling everything Hoover-. Shanty towns where homeless huddled were called Hoovervilles, a scrap of bologna was called a Hoover-steak, a news paper covering a sleeping bum was a Hoover-Blanket and so on.

      This led to America’s First Socialist President Roosevelt who’s “Grand Vision of a More FAIR Society” took American’s Gold Savings for Paper Dollars THEN DEVALUATED those dollars some 30% to PAY for his “Grand Vision”. Yes Social Security was a RADICAL SCHEME back then and a “Apparently a GOD GIVEN RIGHT” now…. AT least back then Social Security was intended to PAY for it’s self BEFORE Congress Tapped that Piggy Bank for…..

      BUT when it came down to it folks MOSTLY Helped each other and accepted that “ALL We have to Fear is FEAR itself” so Americans could weather that storm called the Great Depression and even the Spanish Flu.

      TODAY? Not so much maybe? All that Democratic-Identity Politics where A Democratic Senator can THREATEN two Supreme Court Judges at an anti-abortion rally and NOT Apologize? Where Democratic “Comedians” and other Leftist “Entertainers” can openly portray the Assassination of a sitting President and NOBODY is in Jail-Court over it???

      In 1918’s deadly flu people were Terrified BUT they had the social Glue to hold together and work together to survive. American’s MADE their Basics IN America AND they HAD A NATIONAL Grain Storage instead of paper promises and Just In Time MOSTLY Overseas delivery system. No National Grain Reserve anymore, sold as unneeded and a “waste of Taxpayer dollars” decades ago. To paraphrase Marie Antoinette “Let them Eat Paper Money”.

      Praying for our Republic. This man made and I suspect given the old “Who Benefits” question released by 3 letter Agencies 4th generational warfare against China may be the “Ides of March” for the USA.

      When times get tough you really find out who is a true friend. I pray we all have, protect and treasure our true friends.

      Ecclesiastes 4:12 Speaks to this:

      New International Version
      Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

      New Living Translation
      A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.

      Spiritual preps are as important as a N95 mask because we will all die but how we live is most important.

      Micah 6:8 speaks to this:

      Micah 6:8 8 He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

      Many translations say To DO justice, to Love Mercy and to walk Humbly with your God.

      1. As for the South Koreans, I know that several people have suggested their diet is the reason the death rate is so low. It may be. Another reason I have heard, but I don’t think anyone has said it here, is that they have been very, very aggressive about testing. They’re testing everybody. Because of that, they’re counting everyone who is sick, even if they’re asymptomatic or only “a little” sick. Their numbers may be the true numbers. Only .6 of the people who test positive die. (I think that’s what their numbers are now.) That’s six times higher than the flu, but much less than what other countries are showing. Here in the U.S., for instance, people are only tested if they’re sick enough to go to the doctor and have the doctor worried. Of course our fatality percentages are much higher. All those people who didn’t go to the doctor didn’t get tested, even if they had the disease. It’s basic math.

      2. Wendy what you said seems to agree with my readings thus far. However THEY don’t FOOL around with “Self Quarantine” but I’ll go out shopping there. You ARE Quarantined.

        SO Far every one of their COVID 19 folks are under medical supervision and their system is not overwhelmed yet.

        They have aggressively limited all large social events. We on the other hand feel that “It’s not that Bad…” so we have record crowds at the Boston Celtics Basketball game…. WITH known COVID 19 in that area.

        Our “We are Americans, We are Special, You cannot MAKE us stay home for a little flu” is going to create the Spanish Flu 2.0 as our medical systems get totally crushed by the “sudden” onslaught of really sick people.

        But if President Trump tried to create this “Serious Quarantine” the Democrats would crucify and undermine his every effort. THEY will not even allow the Boarder Patrol to keep illegals OUT who are already being found with “Flu like Symptoms”.

        You KNOW President Trump Ordered the CDC to start testing more aggressively. He ORDERED the mass production of testing kits. But I doubt you’ll see that on MSN or CNN eh?

        Trump Disorder Syndrome will only make a bad situation even worse…

  31. Florida has had 2 folks pass on from the virus. It has begun and we are watching it unfold. Kulafarmer, got your popcorn?

    1. Yup,,
      Popcorn and herbal tea sweetened with lehua honey!
      Mesa thinksa wesa insa forsa longa haulsa.
      If some sort of scuffles dont break out this weekend over TP or some other ridiculous thing i will be shocked.

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