Covid-19 Causing Cellular Oxygen Deprivation | Progressive Hypoxia

Mainstream has apparently had it wrong all along. Though early messaging about this has been suppressed, Covid-19 may not be about pneumonia or ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome) and its established treatment protocols. Rather, it may be about progressive hypoxia (losing oxygen in the blood).

Covid-19 attacking hemoglobin of red blood cells

“Patients are getting multiple organ damage from hypoxia. It’s not the pneumonia that’s the killer, it’s the cellular oxygen deprivation. And we are hurting these patients with ventilators.” said by physicians in South Korea during February.

I cannot recall exactly everywhere I’ve read about this theory. However during recent previous weeks I have indeed read opinion from various independent sources. It seems evident that all along, this Covid-19 virus has been attacking the hemoglobin of red blood cells and thus the ability to transport oxygen throughout the body.

Conventional wisdom (via Dr. Fauci and the rest of mainstream) have been indicating this is strictly a respiratory distress syndrome. And treatment recommendations that include ventilators to force the lungs to expand / contract under pressure. Thusly converting more oxygen into the blood. However…

Ventilators may actually be causing more harm than good in most instances. Because the potential “real” underlying issue may likely be red blood cells stripped of their ability to transport oxygen throughout the body (organs and lungs). Not ARDS or pneumonia as the underlying killer. Patients need OXYGEN, not pressure.

This morning I watched the following YouTube video (which is “going viral”) from a ICU doctor in New York City pleading to look at this Covid-19 in a new way. I was fascinated. After listening to him, I spent several hours this morning researching this online.

My gut is telling me that this notion may be right on track. Especially given what I’ve been reading which suggests that people are also dying of organ failure. Additionally some patients who seem to recover are then stricken down afterwards. It may all be pointing to a progressive hypoxia. The hypoxia may be caused by the underlying Covid-19 virus. It may be attacking the hemoglobin of red blood cells. The result is limited ability to transport oxygen throughout the body.

Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell is an ED-ICU Doc at Maimonides in New York:

“I am a physician who has been working at the bedside of COVID+ patients in NYC. I believe we are treating the wrong disease and that we must change what we are doing if we want to save as many lives as possible.”

Thank you, doctor. I’m a recently retired PhD veteran of respiratory research out of pharma & biotech. I’m so relieved someone with credibility has finally called it correctly.

I have friends in Italy I’ve known for decades through the medical/ research community. They’ve told me EXACTLY what you’ve found. Further, in some Italian case series, 97% died on ventilators. A similar case series given high oxygen CPAP often survived.

~ comment on video channel above

Inhibit Covid-19 viral growth and replication

Covid-19 is apparently attacking red blood cell’s ability to carry iron and thus oxygen.

HCQ (hydroxychloroquine) is effective in protecting the hemoglobin in the blood which is why it is showing success against COVID-19.

CHQ (Chloroquine) + ZPAK + ZINC and other retroviral therapies are being studied. Less virus, less hemoglobin losing its iron, less severity and damage.

Why aren’t we hearing more about this? (yet)

Anyway, I wanted to put this information out there for your possible interest. Especially since the mainstream has downplayed the potential for CHQ + ZPAK + ZINC treatment. All while playing-up ventilator treatment (which mostly result in death).

It is my personal opinion they’re ignoring this developing story because the Orange Man suggested this treatment weeks ago. And therefore it must be attacked. I also do not like Dr. Fauci, given what I’ve learned about him via independent sources. There are very powerful agendas at play here having to do with subjects for other posts…

I hope the doctor’s video above goes around the planet. We need independent thinking on this virus. Not mainstream group think, hindered by agendas.

UPDATE: ARDS explained for the general public (as it relates to Covid-19),

UPDATE 2: I want to mention that there are apparent risks of side effects taking Hydroxychloroquine, and some can be quite severe. This is not medical advice. But I had read (and heard) about this weeks ago (side effects risks) when the topic first came up. It’s not a miracle treatment without risk. At least if and until the “very smart” people can figure it out.

That said, this drug treatment was not the purpose of this article. My intent was to point out the apparent or possible likelihood that Covid-19 is depriving oxygen in the blood throughout the body — and the underlying causation of this hypoxia may not necessarily be from respiratory distress initialized in the lungs. Rather, perhaps, from attack on hemoglobin in red blood cells which may affect the body in varying ways (organs / lungs).

I found this information to be interesting because it seems to make some sense. Use high dose OXYGEN treatment as a first attempt in treatment for severe cases… while hopefully coming up with methods to reduce risk of current drug treatment for those who have Covid-19 in severe form.

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  1. Excellent Mr. Ken, just dam EXCELLANT info.
    So far the MSM has gotten everything wrong about this bug. First it was from eating Bat soup. Then it could not be transmitted from person to person. Next came it would not tolerate hot weather, tell that to the 7,000+ plus cases in Miami. Now this news. As a retired Surgical Nurse, Big Pharma Salesman, and Hospital Chaplain, all I can say is WOW!

    1. I agree, they just keep getting it wrong – or at least “not right”. Agenda driven. And that goes for many things… Which is why I look to independent sources to a large extent – while taking what MSM propagates to be a “grain of salt”.

  2. Ken, your are real close but research the ACE2 cell protein and you will understand how the virus starts its attack on any cell, including nerve cells, and alveolar ( leading to hypoxia).

    1. The ACE2 protein is an enzyme that plays a role in converting a hormone called angiotensin to an active state, allowing it to help constrict blood vessels and thus control blood pressure. It is found in the heart, intestines, kidneys, and most importantly for this new work, in the lungs. Prior work has shown that this protein is initially targeted by several viruses such as SARS. The reason it plays such a big a role in viral infections is because it also helps to transport amino acids across cell membranes.

  3. Thank you, Ken. I read a similar article this morning and watching the video really has me thinking. There has to be so much more going on here than what we are being told. I am not one who gets caught up in conspiracy theories, but the extent that not only our government, but the world has gone to in regards to treatment, shutting down economies and demanding that the public remain in their homes is just crazy for this virus. I’m not saying that precautions shouldn’t be take, but the fact that we are essentially destroying the worlds economy for this just seems EXTREME. There has to be more going on…

  4. This article is being shipped to friends and family. Hopefully those who have connections higher up will get this to them.

    This young doctor may be the key to stopping this veil creation whether manmade or mother’s.

    If anyone has availability to see this passed up the medical chain of command. It may be saving grace of our nation and others.

  5. Some places are increasing the oxygen level by using a heart lung machine.
    Anti – coagulants are now being used to counter the blood clots. Some clots encountered are the size of hot dogs.

  6. I too read a short article couple days back suggesting similar.
    re “similar case series given high oxygen CPAP often survived”—- I also saw a short article criticizing Elon Musk for sending New York CPAP machines. He was interviewed and stated that is exactly (CPAP Machines) what they had requested. Any info on if the machines are being used there/how it is working out?

  7. Any suggestions to what natural herbs/remedies might increase red blood cell’s ability to carry iron and thus oxygen?

    Some vitamins will thin the blood, would “thinner blood” help? (Vitamin D3, Serrapeptase, others)…

    1. Vitamin E thins the blood. Always stop this vit a week before having surgery.
      Watercress, Yellow Dock, Spinach to name a few. Just do your research. Spinach and Yellow Dock also have oxalic acid. Think of your pan after you cook spinach. That is the reaction of the acid. These are just a few.

    2. Any dark green leafy vegetable will thin the blood. I have taken a thinner for years. If I have any dark green leafy veg, I’m way too thin. Dangerous too thick or thin, be cautious.

      1. Miss I Made It Myself..this is interesting. I always thought it dark leafy green, or even light lettuce, thickened blood/tended to increase blood clots. Had a friend yrs back with blood clots, and doctor advised him not to eat these, or very little..He said when he did eat a small salad, they could tell the difference in coagulation tests (or some was long time ago)

  8. Ahh..……. so they have known this all along and to keep us from being really freaked out they have been on the respiratory band wagon. When a virus or bacteria enters the blood we have a whole different situation.

  9. The more that is being “discovered” on this virus leads one to believe that it is a lab creation not a “freak” of nature.
    North Korea leader, Kim, promised the world a Christmas surprise back in November.
    I’m wondering if this is the Surprise he spoke of?

  10. The reason some doctors don’t like using CPAP machines is that if they are not designed correctly, they can aerosolize the virus, i.e., spray it in the room, thus increasing the danger of infection for people in the hospital. Ventilators are sealed systems that don’t do this.

    However, in an emergency, you do what you have to do, so if proper precautions are taken, CPAP apparently can work. I believe the CDC has guidelines for this.

    It’s apparently known that ventilators can damage the lungs themselves. And even if you eventually come off the ventilator, there’s a good chance you have damaged lungs similar to pulmonary fibrosis. Which makes your subsequent survival prognosis not very good in subsequent years.

  11. Just another example of agendas rather than science driving our society and culture and now our health and even personal survival. It doesn’t matter how many die as long as Trump is blamed and the right people are put in power. Again the Dumbo’crats have used a crisis to their benefit. Will the sheeple see it this time? Doubtful but I can hope.

    The constant cry of “We need more ventilators” should have been for more oxygen, simpler and more effective as well apparently, hopefully. We have a bad case of “not invented here” syndrome when the South Koreans and French have pointed the way and all we do is complain there have been no double blind studies etc. Neither of these peoples are stupid by a long shot.

    CHQ does have side effects for some but how long would you need to take it for a severe case of the Wuflu? DW takes it for her arthritis and has her eyes checked annually for a reversible retinal problem associated with the drug, this with long term dosing . What would you rather have, possible short term side effects or long term death?

  12. I’ve always found that copious amounts of alcohol (“booze”) helps.
    Works for me.

  13. Whether this was engineered or mutated naturally, political correctness shouldn’t eliminate various threads of investigation. One of the complications of HIV is anaemia which sounds similar to what appears to be happening in Covid-19. There were some studies that discussed the similarities in portions of the Covid-19 and other coronavirus’ DNA with the AID virus. The other thing not discussed because of the PC culture is the failure for China to not have an adequate risk assessment, monitoring and response plan in place in a community that housed a Level 2 Bio-Hazard Lab. Wouldn’t it be prudent for any government -national, regional or local – to adequately assess potential risk and monitor the community to promptly respond to “incidents” – accidental or otherwise?

  14. Virology dot ws has an in-depth discussion on the TWIV 600 podcast concerning the genesis of Covid 19. It’s a place the to learn from the real experts in the field. Definitely not MSM types.
    The ancestors of this bug have been around since 1992.

  15. Thank you, Ken
    Good to know this information, maybe the powers that be will listen. I doubt it.

    1. Over the years, I have learned that most (not all) of people when they reach high levels of influence/power (be it businesses or politics or otherwise) rarely “listen” to the peons – the men and women on the floor so to speak. Those working the front lines. Rather, they have become insulated and isolated through a bureaucracy / hierarchy of layers between themselves and those who do the heavy lifting.

      The powers that be are primarily concerned about themselves, their own nest, their own agendas, and the immediate web of power structure around them.

      1. Those that do the heavy lifting are told what to lift, how to lift, and where to put it back down.

        The notion that repetitious muscle actions, have more value than the mind directing those actions, is quite common…and quite wrong.

  16. Was thinking about this post and the ‘new’ symptom of losing the ability to smell. We know that the nasal area is lined with tiny blood vessels. With oxygen low would this not prevent our nose from being able to scent properly? Just an idea.

  17. Experimental coronavirus treatment that removes blood, pumps it full of oxygen and returns it to the body ‘saves’ two US patients who were on ventilators

    Doctors across the US are experimenting with using ECMO to treat coronavirus patients
    •ECMO removes the blood from the body of patients on ventilators and in lung failure, re-oxygenates it and returns it to the patient
    •The experimental treatment saved the life of Seattle ER physician Dr Ryan Padgett who fell ill after treating coronavirus patients
    •Enes Dedic became the first COVID patient in Arizona treated with ECMO and his doctors are now training others in the state to use the method

    Now Dr Ryan Padgett, 44, and Enes Dedic, 53, are breathing on their own and free of coronavirus.

    treated with a procedure known as ‘ECMO’ – extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.

    Doctors remove the patients’ blood from their bodies, rejuvenate it with oxygen, and return it to the patients when mechanical ventilation isn’t enough to save their lives, and these early examples suggest it may be among

    Various hospitals across the US are beginning to experiment with ECMO as a supplement to ventilation, including at least one in New York, as well as the Phoenix and Seattle facilities where Dedic and Dr Padgett were treated, respectively.

  18. I read all the comments and wanted to just say be careful to those planning to supplement with iron. There is a tolerable upper limit of 40mg per day. Anything over 60 mg could lead to complications including organ damage and death. Iron is a needed mineral. I take a supplement every few days. But too much can be toxic. I don’t remember if the liver stores iron or if excess is peed out.

    1. Chuck in Avalon – Excess Iron is not excreted from body in sweat or urine or feces. Only if you bleed (cuts/surgery/etc.). Any excess iron is stored in the body, in the organs and brain, and eventually the skin. Some folks (fairly common apparently) who have excess iron have that “healthy” tanned look, but this is actually excess Iron. Very common in Irish and European descent. Some folks have “patchy” darkish areas on skin. etc etc..

      Iron requirements are fairly minimal, and apparently can be satisfied by a small piece of meat. Given that Iron is added to much purchased/packaged foods, it is likely “tough” to be actually “iron deficient”. Many/most cereals, breads, and much more have most of a adult daily allowance in one serving…if you check the label.

      Generally folks who make regular blood donations are healthier/live longer. It is suggested this may be due to Iron Depletion, and getting rid of excess Iron.

      Often thought this quirk of humans (no means except bleeding to get rid of excess Iron), is genetic quirk evolved when those were the folks who survived famines/etc..

      1. Chuck in Avalon — excess Iron is said to be implicated contributing/culprit in many conditions….Diabetes/Alzheimers/Cardiac/etc etc

        1. Interesting. I’ll pass that on to a friend who has an interest in such things. Thanks.

      2. Thanks. I was too lazy/tired too look it up. However I knew too much was a ‘bad thing’, and didn’t want anyone self medicating to an extreme point due to the article.

        1. Chuck in Avalon,

          To be clear, the article did (does) NOT suggest supplementing with iron. There was (is) no suggestion of “self medicating” or medicating with iron. This article is NOT medical advice. (just saying – so as not to be misconstrued ;) ).

      3. I think that there are actually a lot of people who have low iron (no idea of the percentage of people). Women have a higher rate than men, especially those who menstruate heavily. I used to give blood regularly, then they started rejecting me because of low iron. I found that if I took a daily multivitamin, I could still give. Eventually, not even that helped. I don’t even try to give anymore, as I’m always rejected. It’s not that uncommon.

        1. Wendy…I can not remember the details. It is a while since I was helping someone research. But….—have a blood test for iron, at blood donor clinic orther, is not a way of determining Iron Overload or Hemochromatosis. The problem with Iron Overload and Hemochromatosis (genetic or dietary or such) the iron goes in to stores in brain/liver/heart/kidney/pancreas/skin/eyes /etc, and causes /contributes to many disease conditions. Many people with Iron Overload or Hemochromatosis WILL test low on iron. It requires a special series of blood test to test Iron Storage, etc. Be careful taking Iron Supplements….

  19. Minga The virus evidently strips the iron from the hemoglobin that enables it to carry oxygen. I wonder if patient’s have high serum hemoglobins, low haptoglobins and hematuria or other evidence of severe hemolysis. Can’t they give them whole blood to replace the defective hemoglobin? The best option seems to be early treatment with hydroxychloroquine, and Vitamin C, etc. to prevent it and regular oxygen therapy, not ventilators. The disassociated circulating iron would also cause damage to lung tissue and other organs.

    1. Marilyn Colburn — this is interesting…”strips the iron from the hemoglobin”. Have not read this any where, yet. Do you have any reference titles?

      I wonder, then, if folks with Iron Overload or Hemochromatosis would be less affected?

    2. Marilyn Colburn…so further to what you read…I wonder, if this latches on to Iron, if a person was deficient in Iron, would they be less likely to get as sick with this? Recall if anything like that was mentioned?

      1. Marilyn, further to last comment, forgot to add….— For example, folks with Sickle Cell Anemia are apparently less likely to get Malaria, because they are often deficient in Iron, etc..”Iron deficiency is very common in malaria endemic areas. — Malaria does not cause iron deficiency, but iron deficiency does reduce the incidence of severe malaria “….And….”Sickle Cell —- The whole blood oxygen dissociation curve showed a substantial decrease in oxygen pressure necessary to produce 50% saturation of hemoglobin “….

        COVID-19 (from what you say), almost sounds a bit similar………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….Yet, SCA is a Genetic Condition, and COVID-19 is a virus….

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