hemoglobin in red blood cells

Mainstream has apparently had it wrong all along. Though early messaging about this has been suppressed, Covid-19 may not be about pneumonia or ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome) and its established treatment protocols. Rather, it may be about progressive hypoxia (losing oxygen in the blood).

Covid-19 attacking hemoglobin of red blood cells

“Patients are getting multiple organ damage from hypoxia. It’s not the pneumonia that’s the killer, it’s the cellular oxygen deprivation. And we are hurting these patients with ventilators.” said by physicians in South Korea during February.

I cannot recall exactly everywhere I’ve read about this theory. However during recent previous weeks I have indeed read opinion from various independent sources. It seems evident that all along, this Covid-19 virus has been attacking the hemoglobin of red blood cells and thus the ability to transport oxygen throughout the body.

Conventional wisdom (via Dr. Fauci and the rest of mainstream) have been indicating this is strictly a respiratory distress syndrome. And treatment recommendations that include ventilators to force the lungs to expand / contract under pressure. Thusly converting more oxygen into the blood. However…

Ventilators may actually be causing more harm than good in most instances. Because the potential “real” underlying issue may likely be red blood cells stripped of their ability to transport oxygen throughout the body (organs and lungs). Not ARDS or pneumonia as the underlying killer. Patients need OXYGEN, not pressure.

This morning I watched the following YouTube video (which is “going viral”) from a ICU doctor in New York City pleading to look at this Covid-19 in a new way. I was fascinated. After listening to him, I spent several hours this morning researching this online.

My gut is telling me that this notion may be right on track. Especially given what I’ve been reading which suggests that people are also dying of organ failure. Additionally some patients who seem to recover are then stricken down afterwards. It may all be pointing to a progressive hypoxia. The hypoxia may be caused by the underlying Covid-19 virus. It may be attacking the hemoglobin of red blood cells. The result is limited ability to transport oxygen throughout the body.

Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell is an ED-ICU Doc at Maimonides in New York:

“I am a physician who has been working at the bedside of COVID+ patients in NYC. I believe we are treating the wrong disease and that we must change what we are doing if we want to save as many lives as possible.”

Thank you, doctor. I’m a recently retired PhD veteran of respiratory research out of pharma & biotech. I’m so relieved someone with credibility has finally called it correctly.

I have friends in Italy I’ve known for decades through the medical/ research community. They’ve told me EXACTLY what you’ve found. Further, in some Italian case series, 97% died on ventilators. A similar case series given high oxygen CPAP often survived.

~ comment on video channel above

Inhibit Covid-19 viral growth and replication

Covid-19 is apparently attacking red blood cell’s ability to carry iron and thus oxygen.

HCQ (hydroxychloroquine) is effective in protecting the hemoglobin in the blood which is why it is showing success against COVID-19.

CHQ (Chloroquine) + ZPAK + ZINC and other retroviral therapies are being studied. Less virus, less hemoglobin losing its iron, less severity and damage.

Why aren’t we hearing more about this? (yet)

Anyway, I wanted to put this information out there for your possible interest. Especially since the mainstream has downplayed the potential for CHQ + ZPAK + ZINC treatment. All while playing-up ventilator treatment (which mostly result in death).

It is my personal opinion they’re ignoring this developing story because the Orange Man suggested this treatment weeks ago. And therefore it must be attacked. I also do not like Dr. Fauci, given what I’ve learned about him via independent sources. There are very powerful agendas at play here having to do with subjects for other posts…

I hope the doctor’s video above goes around the planet. We need independent thinking on this virus. Not mainstream group think, hindered by agendas.

UPDATE: ARDS explained for the general public (as it relates to Covid-19),

UPDATE 2: I want to mention that there are apparent risks of side effects taking Hydroxychloroquine, and some can be quite severe. This is not medical advice. But I had read (and heard) about this weeks ago (side effects risks) when the topic first came up. It’s not a miracle treatment without risk. At least if and until the “very smart” people can figure it out.

That said, this drug treatment was not the purpose of this article. My intent was to point out the apparent or possible likelihood that Covid-19 is depriving oxygen in the blood throughout the body — and the underlying causation of this hypoxia may not necessarily be from respiratory distress initialized in the lungs. Rather, perhaps, from attack on hemoglobin in red blood cells which may affect the body in varying ways (organs / lungs).

I found this information to be interesting because it seems to make some sense. Use high dose OXYGEN treatment as a first attempt in treatment for severe cases… while hopefully coming up with methods to reduce risk of current drug treatment for those who have Covid-19 in severe form.

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