The symptoms of Covid-19

Covid-19 Symptoms And Recovery – Lets Hear From You If You’ve Had It

So, I know that a number of you regular readers of the blog have gotten Covid-19. Some of you have mentioned it on the Open Forum. I’m curious (and I’m sure others will be), What were your Covid-19 symptoms and how was your recovery?

In other words, I would like to hear your stories about it. How it affected you. How long a recovery period. Maybe we can all get some Covid recovery tips out this…

Mrs.J and I have been fortunate not to have caught this virus (knock-on-wood). Many, many years ago we both had the flu. It was during the 2009–2010 pandemic of ‘swine flu’. It knocked us on our arss! I distinctly recall how quickly it became debilitating. The fever. Terrible body aches. Incapacitating. And the recovery took a long time. Was out of work for a week and a half, and didn’t feel ‘normal’ until about 3 or 4 weeks had passed.

Evidently the symptoms of Covid-19 are pretty similar to the flu. Though with some unique tell-tale signs, and of course the increased danger it presents for some people.

Most people will have mild symptoms and get better on their own. But some will have severe problems, such as trouble breathing. The odds of more serious symptoms are higher if you’re older or have another health condition like diabetes or heart disease.

A wide range of Covid-19 symptoms have been reported – ranging from mild symptoms to severe illness. Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus. Anyone can have mild to severe symptoms.

Covid-19 Symptoms May Include:

  • Fever or chills
  • Dry cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Feeling very tired
  • Headache
  • Loss of taste or smell
  • Sore throat
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea

This list does not include all possible Covid-19 symptoms. Older adults and people who have severe underlying medical conditions like heart or lung disease or diabetes seem to be at higher risk for developing more serious complications from COVID-19 illness.

Apparently the most commonly reported symptoms of Covid-19 are as follows:

  • Fever (common)
  • Cough (common – usually dry)
  • Headache (sometimes)
  • Sore Throat (sometimes)
  • Fatigue (sometimes)
  • Aches and Pains (sometimes)
  • Shortness of breath (sometimes)

I found this to be interesting… A study from the University of Southern California was able to determine that COVID-19 symptoms often start in a certain order:

  1. Fever
  2. Cough and Muscle Pain
  3. Nausea or Vomiting
  4. Diarrhea

Whereas, “The study found that patients with seasonal flu more commonly developed a cough before the onset of fever.” According to the study, while influenza typically begins with a cough, the first symptom of COVID-19 is fever.

Another interesting apparent factoid… Covid-19 symptoms rarely include a runny nose.

Okay, lets hear your stories about Covid-19 if you’ve gotten the virus… What were your symptoms and recovery?

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    1. I’m 26 years old fairly healthy and work a physical labor job, I got Covid in august of this year and it was incredibly rough on me for about ten days. I still didn’t fully get all my strength back till mid September, I don’t have the shot but I can understand why someone would want to get it.

    2. Me and my wife recently caught the Delta variant, worst sickness we ever experienced that lasted little over two weeks. We are early 40s, no health issues, workout and eat healthy. It nearly killed us. We aren’t vaccinated and thought we would beat it easy, we were wrong. No urgent cares would see us since we were positive and the ER was useless as well, they sent us home with no meds, they won’t keep you unless your oxygen is consistently below 87 they said. I lost 20lbs in the ordeal my wife lost 10. Just have a plan in place in case you get sick, have food, meds, etc ready so you don’t have to waste energy cooking etc. Drink lots of water preferably with electrolytes to prevent severe dehydration. Good luck to you all.

  1. My grandson just had a bad bout of the Wuflu . He is 34 , very chubby and diabetic . Won’t exercise or eat right . It just about killed him . He is slowly getting better but the progress is slow . He says he is turning over a new leaf and will eat right and exercise when he’s better . We are hoping he does that . The wife and I both had the covid . We are in our early 70’s . It was a rough two weeks for me . The wife was over it in two days with a fever and coughing . It seems like there is a genetic influence to it that nobody has investigated . We had an old childhood friend that got it and died within a week and his brother and sister died within a week of him from it also . I’m stone 100% Irish and the wife is Cherokee and Irish .

  2. I don’t think I’ve had it, but I’m not sure. Felt off and tired for several days. Even had a nap or two in there, very unusual for me. The so-called test isn’t really a test at all (PCR). Depends on how many cycles they run. If they run enough cycles, everyone will test positive. I think we all know folks who’ve had it. Some died. Which is worse, the covid or the vaccine? Problem is, no one really knows.

  3. Covid went through our home last year. Everyone, but 1 grandson got it. All over the map on symptoms. Worse case was 8 yr old grandboy. Had high fever, 103 to 105. Bad sore throat and got blisters all over his mouth and throat. Inside and out. Took him about 3 to 4 weeks to feel better. Hubby about a week down. I was about the same but lethargic for about 2.
    Oldest grandboy was better in about 3 days.
    As I said all over the map. Still don’t understand why the youngest didn’t get it. He was the gopher for drinks etc that got us through.

  4. My husband is 100% convinced we had it in February 2020. We had already had lab confirmed influenza cancel our family Christmas in 2019. We had been traveling into Illinois in late January and early February for family events. We got back from our 3rd trip on February 8 and within 30 minutes of each other we both started with a throat tickle. He was real sick -fever, cough, congestion, fatigue- for a week. (But he is diabetic.) I wasn’t as bad but it lingered. Here are the symptoms I had -Brief mild fever and tired for 1st week. Dry cough and nasal congestion for a total of 3 weeks. No OTC worked so I went to doctor after a week. Rx didn’t work. Finally had 2 weeks of steroids work. During 2nd week, I lost sense of taste briefly. Somewhere in that time I lost my sense of smell which has yet to fully return. One reason we believe it was covid was because when I started to get my sense of smell back late summer 2020, I kept smelling smoke. My SIL later had covid and recently told me that she smelled smoke as her sense of smell returned. None of the symptoms were real debilitating for me. More annoying than anything. I am overweight but healthy otherwise. No conditions. No meds.

  5. Daughter & I had it in September. She had headache, cough, sore throat and loss of taste, all for about 6-7 days.
    I had cough, sore throat and headache, all for 4 days.
    None of it was a big deal for either of us, kind of like a cold. Other than her loss of taste.

    1. September 2020 that is.
      And daughter and I are both athletic and in good shape.

  6. Wife and I just got done with it (Sept 19th for me was start). Slight fever, headache for two days, tired, slept. Third day mobile and each day progressed better. Roughly two weeks to full go. Cough came during recovery, better now.Lost taste/smell and 15 lbs as no desire to eat when can’t taste. Did dose w IVM, but likely late..may have knocked it back. Did not get the clot shot. Back working out again each day, cardio took a hit and will be a bit before back to my 5 mile runs (only 2 mile today, just tired). Did dose the youngest boy (17 yrs old) w IVM as soon as he started symptoms, knocked it out of the park and the critter was fine. It affects everyone differently as parents and sister hit last year and both sister and mother developed heart condition (arithmia), all before shot was available.

  7. Never diagnosed, but suspect I had it end of June this year. If I had a fever it stayed under 100 but I did not check it often. I felt peaked, fatigued and started coughing. Coughed so hard my back hurt. Coughed hard for 15 days (allergy meds and Nyquil helped me sleep) After 3 days, I felt nauseas with loose stools for 9 days. Every time I ate or drank it felt like it was going to come back up. I lost 9 pounds (no one noticed) but then my appetite came back, and after day 15 my coughing was cut in half and it dropped off to normal after day 16.

  8. i tested positive toward end of sept. i think i got it from our son, he first came home from school and complained about loss of taste and smell, he tested positive but was back to school in little over a week but had only few symptoms. then i started having slight cough and loss of taste and smell, i tested positive. doctor ordered infusion for me and it seemed to help, neither me, wife or son had the shot. for me i had loss of taste, smell, slight cough and for 2 weeks just felt bad, like i was on death’s doorstep. toward the end i had a few days of shortness of breath going up stairs but that went away. at night my temp would get up to 102.9 and during the day about 101. it is now normal. i had a few friends my age had it some time ago and the husband just had slight symptoms, but his wife had temp, loss of smell, but i think she had taste. she said at one point her heart felt like it was going to pop out of her chest so had heart tested and it was ok, says heart feels ok now, but has some tinnitis (ringing in ear) which has not gone away yet. thats what happened to me. and i am still glad i did not get the shot.

  9. Anyone had covid with the “co-morbidities”. Curious as I have asthma and have avoided infection so far. I feel it is just a matter of time, I do take the recommended supplements however. Daughter has had very close exposure to active infections but has not been infected yet and not given it to me yet. :)

    1. DS,

      My 76 yr old father caught it this past Aug (after I had it, did not catch from us). He has been jabbed, on HBP meds, overweight and diabetic. Started out as a bad cold and then went to the hospital for 2 days. Sent home on oxygen (hospital released him with a O2 sat in the low 80s). He was wiped could not walk and barely stand on his own. Sister and I nursed him back to health for 2+ weeks and then he had to go back to hospital for low heart rate issues, 11 days later and he got a pace maker. Doing great now.

      Side note- My sister has been exposed twice and never tested positive or gotten sick. She lives with my dad so she had very close exposure both times.


    2. Deep South,
      Part 2 of 2:

      The strangest symptom I had was one day the bottoms of my feet turned bright red. Didn’t last long, but my feet have been acting weird intermittently ever since (feels like an inflamed tendon in the balls of my feet, some cramping of outer front portions of feet). The other odd thing is the thought of eggs now makes me gag, and they used to be something I enjoyed every day.

      I’m not 100% sure when I actually got it, and definitely think the supplements I had been taking really helped, as did the ivermectin, even tho’ I didn’t take it the way I should have (FLCCC protocol now calls for 2-3x dosage per day when symptomatic). I hadn’t done sufficient research on the monoclonal antibodies, and was concerned they could have some mRNA as well. After the fact, I don’t think they do, but at the time the infusion was running prayed for protection from anything not good for me. I was blessed that my temperature never went more than 2 degrees above my normal, and oxygen sats stayed in the 96-98 range. I was able to drive myself to/from the Infusion center (an hour each way). Was able to stay home, take care of myself and the animals, and keep hydrated, tho’ did have someone drop off some 7-up one day. I had a lot of folks praying for me.

      Another local person got sick the same time I did (plumber/well installer, mid-40s, slightly overweight) He refused Ivermectin, or anything else, and wound up in the hospital twice, for a total of about 15 days. Major issues with blood clots in his lungs, and he’s still not 100% yet.

      Despite all the media hype, even my age group survives at a 94.6% rate. Nice thing to remember while feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck! I do credit prayers for my relatively mild case.
      Lessons learned: treat early with everything you can, keep up to date on FLCCC protocol changes, research possible medications before you have to decide whether to take them or not. PRAY!

      1. FOC

        Thanks for sharing. Have known several people who took vax and then got it. Its like a rattle snake I don’t fear it but I respect it!

        Prayers are the best, do all you can then leave it in the Lord’s hands!

      2. OH,

        Thanks! Thought I was the odd person out, but googled it after reading your comment, apparently “covid feet” and “covid toes” are a thing. Interesting. Now to read more and figure out how to get rid of the lingering after effects…

      3. Whoo, what’s this about COVID feet? My left foot got scarlet red from arch all the way around to little toe, about 1”ring. Doc preserved Rx, did nothing. Ordered bees wax, honey & cord/silver cream, taken 8mos to remove 90% but still have signs, apply twice a day. Never heard or read anything about COVID feet. Couldn’t figure how I got foot rot. Started around April/May last year. Going to do research, may need help. GGM

    3. Deep South

      A friend who is a Kidney transplant recipient had an antibodies test recently that showed she had it before receiving the Covid vaccine. She was never symptomatic and only discovered she had had it after the blood test. So, who knows, I think co-morbidities increase your risk, but clearly she is the exception.

    4. Ok, did search, reference is for COVID toes, my toes are fine so it’s a mystery, I’ll just write it off as foot crud. 90% cure rate looking just fine, will continue with treatment. I truly sympathize with those who have COVID toes, I have drop foot & club toes on my right foot so I know what a daily pain your toes can cause. Took several years for me to learn to walk without an afo, still stumble from to time. Best wishes. GGM

  10. Our house had it this past Aug. 12yr old son blew through it no problem, slight fever and coughing for a few days. Wife and I (early 50s) relatively healthy (except I smoke).
    Wife – 10 days
    Slight Fever
    Slight cough
    Severe headache – said it was the worst she has ever had.
    Lost 8 lbs
    Took her about 2 or 3 weeks to get back to 100%
    Me – 8 days
    Slight fever
    Lost of taste/smell – 5 days
    Exhausted for a couple of days
    Covid brain fog – To me this was the worst. I would have to concentrate very hard to just do minimal tasks. Make a sandwich, pour a glass of water. Was really strange.
    Lost 10 lbs
    Took about 30 days before I was back to 100%

    We all were on Vit D, Vit C, Zinc and Ivermectin (pills).


    1. Forgot to mention were not jabbed when sick and will stay that way.


  11. Don’t know if I’ve had it. Both the wife and I went through something odd around last Thanksgiving. Not really a cold and not really the flu. Four of five days of whatever it was. We both are healthy, exercise regularly, cook from scratch using fresh and/or healthy foods… organic most of the time. We take zinc, vit. D, C, cucamin. Spend time outdoors. We also take ivermectin as a preventive. We will never submit to those ‘jabs’. Lets go Brandon!

  12. Many thanks to all that reply. My wife and self have remained COVID 19 free so far and we continue to work within hospitals and long-term care facilities. Company and state policies have dictated we get the shot and we did so in order to keep working. I have been saddened to see much division and finger pointing at my place of work due to rumors of: “catching the virus from so-and-so”. Some units were torn apart by such rumors. I have never seen a state or nation in true lockdown before due to an infectious agent. It was ugly and I hope we continue to climb out of recession and progress into some type of recovery. God be with all of you out there and if you have children wondering what they will do in the future career-wise: The nursing shortage that existed prior to 2019 was made worse by the whole Covid 19 experience. For me, nursing has put food on my table, covered the mortgage and kept the wolf from the door for well over 20 years. The attrition rate for the nurses that graduated in 2019 and 2020 has been very high due to burnout. ( the ones I trained have all left the medical field )

  13. My wife (age 42), myself (age 42), and our two kids (ages 9 & 12) had it. Kids had no recognizable symptoms. Wife and I had body aches, slight fever, loss of taste and smell, slight fatigue. Nothing to be afraid of.
    We are healthy weight, with no underlying health problems

  14. Whole family, two daughters and both SILs in late 2020. More recently, DH and I in August. All had similar symptoms of headache, fatigue, dry cough, diarrhea, loss of smell and taste to varying degrees. Unlike any flu or cold we have ever had, but not debilitating. Had been on prophylactic topical ivermectin (thank you, OH) and supplements. Followed Frontline Doctors’ protocols and all have recovered with a few individuals with residual sense of smell issues.

    I mentioned before that my daughter was exposed to me while I was contagious and before I had symptoms. She had the “Alpha” 9 months prior and I most likely had “Delta.” She had tender sublingual glands two days after exposure, but no other symptoms. She recently had a semi-quantitative total SarsCoV2 antibody test: 363.0 U/mL. A negative test is <0.8 U/mL. Looks like good immunity to me. DH had same test last week, two months after infection and his results were higher as would be expected. 486.0 U/mL.

    Now for my rant. I would like to know the average antibody level of people who have had the jab and of those who have had the infection. Those are such basic benchmarks. I know those studies have been done, but the results have not been released because it would undermine the “narrative” of all must comply.

  15. We’ve been lucky and neither my wife or have had Covid. We exercise, eat healthy, have no pre-existing conditions, go about our business as usual and don’t wear masks (unless required at the doctors office) but still take vitamin D3, Zinc, Airborne and Elderberry syrup.

  16. Wife and I both had it the last week of August, first week of Sept. Positive home tests later confirmed by the local Health provider. It presented like a bad cold, bad cough, fever but the recovery has proven to be harder than getting thru COVID iself! Still very weak weeks later.

  17. What dosage are you using for prophylactic and for when you had covid?

  18. had it about 6 months ago 3 day non stop cough , slight temp recovered within the week . I do take vitamin tablet and a zinc tablet every day since this all started . Age 70 . As an aside my sister and her husband both fully vaced have gone down with it about a month ago and had a hard time for the best part of 2 weeks he worse then her.

  19. We believe the wife had it as far back as oct 2019. In the hospital because she was having problems breathing and had a fever. At that time they just kept saying she had some type of viral infection in the lungs but they didn’t know what it was. She was on oxygen for 5 days before they released her and still has problems so we now have an oxygen machine at home she needs to use on occasion.

  20. Had it before it had a name. December 2019 / early January 2020, friend returns from Asia, fell ill and was admitted to ICU with “mysterious respiratory issues” released only after a couple days. Came into contact with him and I fell ill; Fever, couldn’t breath, etc… (eventually we just knew it was the C19) It was awful!!! The long term effects, the fatigue, pressure on the chest and body pains lasted for well over a year in my case. When the vax was introduced, I was the first in line (50/m) and received both. September of 2021, my brother (also twice stuck) comes down with Delta and I took care of him. He had a 104 fever on and off for 10 days, constantly sweating, couldn’t eat much. Of course, I contracted it on his 12th day of isolation. My Delta experience was less, I did not fall seriously ill, low grade fever, did have congestion and body pains and I completely lost my taste and sense of smell, as of today, (10/14/21) I have 50% of a “deceptive” smell back and 20% of taste. I did go and get the booster as well last week. I’ve been living in isolation since March of ’20, my business went down to next to nothing, sold off the retail and kept the repair side going. I’m fine with living the hermit lifestyle but I do enjoy getting out once in awhile and being human… The fatigue is what sucks the most. I have to take naps now, no way around it. I can barely get a couple hours of light work in before I get tired and sore. I went to the Dr. they can’t do much, although I never put much faith in them to begin with. My house is falling apart, winter is coming and there’s a lot to do. My garden was a failure this year, way too much rain and no energy to deal with it. This damn pandemic has taken a toll on my mental health as well, that’s a whole other story. The pantry is stuffed tho, at least I have that going for me ;) Y’all take care!

  21. And one thing to add; my son and I take our health seriously. We work out as befitting our ages. We do our best to eat right. We take our vitamins. We minimize medications, preferring holistics instead. My wife, bless her heart, does none of these things. Reap what you sow, folks… Take at least as good care of your body as you do your car!

  22. Before Covid was covid19 Old man had something. He became sick real fast, he couldn’t walk and leaned on a walker from his knee operation to get to bed. His breathing sounded like pneumonia and he wouldn’t go to the hospital. It was late at night and the hospital is 70 miles away. I had a zpack in the cabinet I never took and gave him some. I rubbed his back all night and in the morning he was surprisingly better. I was sure he was going to die that night. He was about 82 and stubborn. Of course I got it but not nearly as bad and my doc tested me for flu and I was negative. Could have been? I also got the flu early summer, on the weekend and threw everything in the medicine cabinet at it. By the time I got tested it was 10 days later. They lost the test and won’t give me or him and antibody test. They told us we had to pay for if ourselves and it would cost upwards of $3000.

    1. I had Covid in April. Fatigue was the worse symptom. I recently had an antibody test at CVS – $38. Takes 15 minutes to get the results. (I have great antibodies). Not sure why you were told $3,000.

    2. My aunt and uncle went through LabCorp to test antibodies. It was under $50 out of pocket for the rx, test and results. LabCorp does it all. No doctor needed.

  23. To all who replied to my question. Thank you and God bless you. Those that have chronic health conditions understand, I think, that you deal with them as best as possible and go on with life. Covid is another issue to be wary of, just no real information on how it affects specific issues just “Oh you are more likely to have a bad outcome”.

    Thanks again!

  24. My wife and I caught it over Labor Day weekend. She got it from someone at her work and brought it home. We tried fighting it with OTC meds for a week but we both got so bad we had to go to the ER. DW had blood clots in both lungs and was in ICU for 2 days before being moved to a recovery room for 3 days. I had moderate pneumonia that kept me in the hospital for 7 days. We both have underlying medical conditions, we’re both in our late 50’s and don’t really eat right. I lost 41lbs and she lost 25lbs. We were both very weak, both of us had extreme difficulty breathing. Climbing the stairs to go to bed each night almost killed us! Literally!
    We had mild symptoms at first, kind of like a chest cold. It took about 10 days for the symptoms to get severe enough to get us to seek medical help. I missed 4 weeks of work… thankfully I work at a very large computer chip manufacturing company (name withheld, but one could surmise) that offered us 28 days of pandemic leave. DW missed just over 3 weeks. We’re both back to work now and slowly getting better.
    One of the WORST side effects of C19 was the brain fog. I couldn’t form a logical thought to save my life! Even the simple thought of taking our dog to a kennel so I could go to the hospital escaped my mind. Thank the Lord that’s almost completely gone at this point.
    Prayers for the rest of the community that are suffering or know someone who is.

  25. We lost two weeks of life to covid 19. Ended up with pneumonia. Doing better though and expect full recovery by Monday. 5 days of ivermectin really helped. Now we have good solid natural immunity.

  26. In January of 2020 My girl and I caught 2 weeks of a brutal “something”. Urgent care tested for flu and it was negative- there was no such thing (publicly) as a covid tests at the time as it wasn’t a thing yet. I got it worse than she did, I was 41 she was 50 at the time. She’s very Irish I’m italian and a Northern Europe/Celtic/Germanic mix: im A McWopSvjorn type.
    Symptoms: Fever around 101/102, vomiting, very achy, lethargy, no energy, muscle cramps sneeze/cough/runny stuffy nose and I had dizzy spells like I had gotten punched in the head while drunk. Just about 10 solid days of that w/ a few day ramp up.
    One of my nieces has it, she’s 8, only has had a runny nose and she’s almost 6 days in.
    We are unvaxxed and plan to remain so.

  27. I’ve got the jab.

    Couple months ago I got beervirus at an outdoor wedding. When you are a recluse that works from home contact tracing is easy. My partner in crime was with me and didn’t get infected and our quarantining worked. They get blood tested every week as they are in a study for beervirus.

    First 5 days or so I thought it was allergies. I get late summer allergies about when corn starts tasseling. Between two meals I went from just feeling like I had allergies to not being able to taste anything or smell anything. Got a stack of self-tests, burned through three because it lit up like a Christmas tree and I thought I was doing something wrong. Went to get a PCR every other day as results usually took 30 hours. Took 21 days from exposure until the first self-test came back clean and the following day I got results that the PCR was good.

    Day 5 of symptoms I got head cold symptoms. Ate DayQuil from a Pez dispenser for two weeks. I was fine, except the debilitating sensitivity to light so I wore a hat. Cloudy days were fine but sunny days it felt like I was driving into the sun all the time. Other than that, went about my daily activities as if nothing was wrong.

    I’d say it was like a head cold that lingered for two weeks longer than it was supposed to. Managed to not get anyone else sick so the quarantine procedures worked well.

    Two other people got hospital stay sick from the same event and one person made a brief stop to the ER on the way to the morgue. Few others got it but no hospital visits.

    Took over a month for the first sense of taste to come back and it’s still messed up. Still can’t smell much. Kind of terrifying because I rely on my sense of smell for a lot.

    I don’t recommend getting infected.

  28. I contracted COVID from my roommate. Her sister just passed from COVID and we only had one vaccine shot four days prior to showing symptoms.
    The first system was a scratchy throat. I took Robotussin server system and it helped.

    Then a high fever, mine was over 100 most of the time. I would get hot then not. I did not ever get cold after I was hot like in most colds, just dropped the fever. I took Tylenol 500 three at a time when I started to get a fever and it helped to keep it below 104.

    The worse symptom was I felt like I was drowning. My lungs sounded awful, bad enough for my doctor to prescribe an inhaler. That helped some, but very expensive. I then started taking Robitussin the max, that was the strongest cold medicine I’ve ever taken. That helped with the cough and my chest.
    I didn’t eat for over a week. I lost almost 20lbs and that was good, getting fat. When I did start eating it was soup and canned fruit.

    I would like to emphasize that I was taking 1500 grams of vitamin C and 200 in Zinc like three times a day. I more or less flooded my system because I wasn’t eating and I had to keep up what little minerals and immunity supplements.
    I drank constantly, seemed I could never quench my thirst.
    It has been over a month since last symptoms has gone but I still cannot smell or taste.

  29. 100% positive the wife and I got it a few days before the 2020 Superbowl. We went into Miami and didn’t know the Superbowl was gonna be there. We did a boat tour and a double decker bus tour with People from all over the world and a few days later my lower back started feeling brittle/sore. I felt really tired and sleepy after that and had the fever/chills off and on. Everytime I would do something physical I felt like I worked out all day. Anyway I had terrible night sweats for about two weeks. My wife cooked chicken
    and green beans when we got back from Florida and I put salt on it probably 8 times and told her it tasted like wet cardboard. “Guess who remembered that?” This was before we knew what the symptoms where. Anyway my wife had very similar symptoms but she had a deathly sound cough and couldn’t breather very well. Anyway she just had it again in August and it kicked her butt pretty good. We where gonna leave Thursday night for our trip. She text me midday and said we weren’t going cause her back was killing here. She gardened the whole day before so we thought she did something to her back. Friday she wakes up and feels good so we go camping. Then about mid Saturday it started hitting her. We came home Monday and called the doctor. She had all the same symptoms and she even took two test and both where positive and mine was negative. We rode in the car together for 5 hours on a camping trip, drank out of the same bottle all weekend and even slept in the tent together then drove 5 hours back home and I never go it so I dunno maybe I still have the immunity to it.

  30. Had covid January 2020 in Illinois, recent antibody tests still show antibodies present. Symptoms were: severe chills, coughing like I had bronchitis, skin mottling. It lasted about 2 weeks for me ( I am over 65), but about 2 days for one of my kids. No jab for me!

  31. My Wife & I are just recovering from the Delta Variant. We are both in our early fifties and were both vaccinated with both Moderna shots. It started with an irritated throat and moved into the nose and head. We both sneezed a lot (which is a new symptom for breakthrough cases). After it set in we had a 2-3 days of off an on fever and nose/throat drainage. We both lost our smell and taste and felt exhausted the entire 10 day period however my wife had more severe coughing than I did. I will say the symptoms were much worse than I imagined for vaccinated people.

  32. My husband and I are in our early 60’s- we got Covid early this year. For my husband initial symptoms were sudden onset of fever, chills, muscle ache. For me it was muscle ache, fever- all controlled with Tylenol. Day 2 I developed diarrhea for about a day and a half but my husband never did. We lost sense of taste/smell about 6 days into it but that lasted about 3-4 days but that came back. Fatigue was the worst thing for me, I probably slept or rested 16 hrs a day for about 10 days. My husband felt fatigued for about 6 days but not as severe as me. We developed a slight cough but not bad- controlled it with otc cough syrup. We have no lingering issues and we both agree we have felt more sick with a really bad cold or flu- this just felt different. My advice is have your freezer stocked with soup, stew, small portions you can microwave because you won’t feel like cooking! Have Jello, crackers, small containers of fruit, Gatorade, juice, electrolyte powder etc. on hand in case you do get sick. We took zinc, vitamin c, vitamin d, sat in the sun with jackets over our robes and pj’s (snow in the ground but sunny days).

  33. My husband, daughter and I all contracted COVID. I was the third to shows symptoms and was the worst. My daughter lost smell/taste but otherwise had no symptoms. My husband and I both had a fever for less than a day and it was very low grade. He felt under the weather for 3 days. He and I lost smell/taste day 5 for about 3 days. I however had really painful muscle and joint aches. Tylenol helped. And fatigue. Another post I read said they rested for 16 hours a day and that is just what I experienced. My husband had to wake me every 6-8 hours to make sure I drank and had a little something to eat. Fatigue took weeks to resolve. I didn’t have any respiratory symptoms or issues.

  34. About a month ago I got a headache. It increased in intensity till it was almost like a migraine. A dry cough came on that made the headache brutal. Fever, chills, and every joint in my body hurt, bad. Appetite disappeared, smell and taste were gone. This lasted only two or three days. The body and head pain ranged from moderate to intense, I was taking pain pills, prescription, for relief. Helped a bit. Tylenol was useless.

    Sleeping was impossible without taking generic cold medicine, and night sweats and chills were the order of the day. I had absolutely zero energy and no endurance. Walking to the bathroom was tough, but as I wasn’t eating I didn’t have to void my bowels. I was doing my best to stay hydrated. Two or three showers a day, and a variety of vitamins and minerals, particularly zinc. I finally got some Ivermectins about 5 days in, not sure if it helped or not. I did NOT seek professional medical help. The cough disappeared early in the first week, and the headaches diminished, but my head hurt if I moved it. I took several enemas, results were pretty slim. I was still not eating much of anything, just liquids like water, juice, and coffee.

    One of the strangest effects of the Covid was what it did to my vision. I would look outside and the colors of the trees and grass and the sky were almost psychedelic, fluorescent. And every color was different! I have never dropped acid, but I can imagine the effects would be similar! That part was neat, lasted till the end of the second week, and then disappeared!

    There were a couple of times in the middle of the Covid where I was fairly certain I was going to die, but for some reason, I didn’t care. It was weird and talking to a few other people that had Covid, this was not unusual. My wife obtained Quercitin and I was taking that, I do believe it helped. The Covid never did go into my lungs, Thank God! The third week was a recovery period and it has now been two full weeks and I’m nearing 100%.

  35. I sure do not want to get Covid. Especially after reading all the comments from those who have had it.

    Some of the more common denominators:

    – Loss of smell / taste
    – Cough
    – Fatigue and Long Lasting
    – Fever / chills
    – Headache

    It’s interesting how the symptoms and intensity do vary among people. Though most are hit hard, not everyone has it as bad as others.

    Bottom line… This reinforces motivation to be as healthy as possible, supplement with vitamins and other prophylactic’s known to help, and continue to use common-sense while out in public ( hands away from eyes, nose, mouth). Wash hands after.

  36. I spoke too soon. My wife and I both contracted Covid and it is miserable. All of the symptoms mentioned above specifically the headaches, fatigue, chills aches and fever. Or doctor prescribed us hydroxycloroquine so hopefully we will be on the mend soon as our sweet potatoes need to be dug and we’re getting behind on Fall chores.

  37. Forgot to add prior to contracting covid we were on a daily regimen of elderberry syrup, quercitin, zinc and vitamin D3.

    1. I read Jan 2019 when it first came out that elderberry made the cytokine storm worse.

  38. Hi, I hope some of you are still looking at this comment section. Me and my husband recently caught the Covid. He was jabbed months before, I chose not. He caught it from a friend and brought it home to me about two weeks ago now. He is doing better but needs naps. I have lost my sense of smell and taste. This is by far the worse part of this virus. Cardbaord is tough to keep down. Can anyone offer suggestions on how to recover my sense of taste and smell? It is discouraging. I appreciate all the comments I read on this blog. Thanks

    1. Melgota,

      If you find something that helps get smell/taste back, please let me know!

      I had a bout with C-19 in late July and am just now getting what seems to be full smell/taste back, about 3 months later. Returned gradually. I even asked my Dr if there was anything to do to help and she didn’t know of anything.

      I did see somewhere on the internet that daily “exercising” your sense of smell with 4 different types of essential oils would help, but I don’t remember all 4…I think Rose and Lemon were two of them. I have a bottle of Clove essential oil sitting in my bathroom and was happy when I could begin to smell it again. Also read there are sometimes “phantom” smells that come back as well, like smoke or something burning. Hopefully, yours will show back up soon!

  39. Since covid can affect smell- loss of smell or distorted and it can last for a very long time- you can go and see an ENT (ear nose and throat)for an evaluation. Other than “tincture of time”There was a study in England that looked at scent therapy twice a day for 3-4 months
    You would use familiar scents ( essential oils are great for this- rose, lavender rosemary thyme lemon,eucalyptus etc) at least 4 different ones and gently smell for 20-30 seconds and focus on memories/experience with the scent

    BTW in Europe pre pandemic there was research looking at smell and neurological things (like pts with poor/loss of smell may be an early sign Parkinson’s and memory) so by all means/ sniff away! And retrain your brain
    Make sure reputable source of those essential oils ( strange rare tropic disease outbreak attributed to contaminated essential oils with crystals recently in news)

  40. Thanks to all of you who have replied, at least it gives me some hope looking forward to better days.

  41. I had the original COVID in October 2019. Fish antibiotic penicillin saved my life when I got the secondary pneumonia. Terrifying cough for 7 weeks. Daily celery juice kept further secondary infections away. I had long-COVID lung issues for about a year afterwards. Nothing helped.
    Just getting over Omicron. Was very sick but it started out like food poisoning, with nausea and diarrhea. Then the fever and chills, then the headache and body aches. I had HCQ in house this time, so took 200 mg 2x a day for 6 days. I also took oil of oregano 2x a day for 6 days. I upped my Vitamin D, C and zinc consumption, too. Diarrhea gave me crazy dehydration and was glad I had potassium pills and coconut water in house for rehydration.

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