Dangers While Wearing Covid Masks – What I Have Seen Out There…

false sense of security

I have observed several potential dangers while wearing a mask during this Wuhan Flu pandemic. I noticed this soon after people started wearing masks out there.

Three specific dangers are very clear to me. And I will try to explain what I mean below. They are fidgeting, low oxygen, and a false sense of security.

[ I am not suggesting that you do not wear a mask ]

As I see it, one of the biggest dangers of wearing a mask is…

Fidgeting With The Mask

People are near constantly fidgeting, adjusting, shifting their face masks. I don’t blame them. Because it’s a pain in the a$$ dealing with them and their “fit”.

Many of them are difficult to breathe with. Plus there’s always trouble with the fit, how it goes over the nose, and so on. Try wearing a mask while wearing glasses — the glasses tend to fog up. But here’s the danger…

If Covid-19 Coronavirus is out there, on surfaces (for example), you’re more likely to get that virus right into your body (from contaminated surfaces) than if you were not wearing a mask.

Why? Because you’re fidgeting with the mask — and it gets in through your eyes, nose, or mouth. “If” the virus gets on your hands (for whatever reason or source) then all that mask fidgeting is going to place that virus right on your face. NOT GOOD!

Here’s another thought. “If” Let’s say that a Covid-carrier sneezed in the area that you’re walking in the grocery store. Not long afterwards you happen to walk through the invisible aerosol cloud. Some of the virus gets on your mask. Well, 99% of the people I see will reuse that same mask. Take it off, hang it over the car’s rear-view mirror (or wherever). So what do you think is now on your hands, having handled your contaminated mask?

Breathing Your Own Carbon Dioxide

I can’t stand breathing my own carbon dioxide. It’s suffocating. It is a proven fact that one’s oxygen levels are reduced while wearing a mask. A Pulse Oximeter will confirm this.

I have read reports of professional measuring equipment being used to test carbon dioxide levels inside a mask and oxygen levels of the person. In many instances levels were in the “dangerous” zones.

Logically these effects will vary depending on the mask itself, the person, and their activity level.

Wearing a mask for long periods of time can’t be good for you in this regard.

Masks Are Causing A False Sense Of Security

The vast majority of the common public believe that wearing “a mask” is the best thing you can do to avoid getting the Wuhan Flu.

This is not true. The best thing you can do is not touch your face (eyes/nose/mouth), and to wash your hands (properly).

There are all sorts of masks. Look around. You’ll see an endless parade of mask styles. But here’s the critical thing… nearly ALL of those masks will NOT block the Covid-19 virus.

Hey Ken, how’s that?”

Virus Size versus Mask Material

Well, wrap your head around this fact… The Covid-19 coronavirus is about 0.12 microns in diameter (a slight range of + or -).

Most people that I see are wearing some sort of cloth mask, dust mask, or neck gaitors of varying fabrics. Very rarely do I see anyone wearing a “real” N95 mask (I’ll explain that one in a minute).

The weave of a cloth mask, dust mask, varying fabrics… Though it may seem tight, in reality (if you could see it under a powerful microscope), it’s enormous when compared with the virus itself. Generally speaking you might compare it to using a chain link fence on your porch to keep out mosquitoes.

The first thing people may argue about in this regard is that the virus typically will be attached to water droplets. And the water droplets are easily stopped by a cloth mask. While that may be largely true, there are two things to consider…

One, Not every virus particle may be attached to something else (e.g. water droplet).

Two, If the virus lands on your mask attached to an aerosolized water droplet, what happens when the water evaporates / dries out? Maybe you guessed it — that virus will get sucked right into your mouth when you breathe. Seems logical.

Okay, the N95 mask. It does have the ability to filter down to the approximate size of the Covid-19 virus. It’s close. It protects with 95% efficiency, which is where it gets its name. That means (if it’s worn correctly) there’s still a 5% chance of getting in. But like I said earlier, I rarely see anyone wearing a real N95 mask out there.

The Takeaway

While taking precautions is excellent, especially for those who are vulnerable, I caution about the false sense of security that wearing a mask is providing the common public. I believe that it is encouraging too much hands to the face fidgeting with the mask. I believe that most masks people wear may be useless when it comes to actually stopping the 0.1 micron virus. Additionally, low oxygen levels for long periods of time are not good for one’s own health and immune system.

Wearing a mask does have its advantages if you happen to be in proximity with the virus. I certainly would be happy to have been wearing a mask if a Covid-carrier sneezed next to me! Though I would immediately leave the area and dispose of that mask!

Another benefit to wearing a mask is if YOU yourself happen to have the active virus. A mask will help reduce coughing/sneezing/exhaling it into the room. However I’ve read that asymptomatic spreaders are rare (I believe someone at the WHO said that).

I am not suggesting that wearing a mask is a useless endeavor. Rather, I’m pointing out what I view as some of the risks that people may not realize.

[ Read: How Long Covid-19 Stays On Surfaces ]


  1. The ONLY purpose of any merit for wearing a mask is to lower expectorants, from people’s coughing and sneezing, from traveling as far as they might without a mask. There is only slight benefit of preventing your own contamination by a virus, which is many times smaller than the smallest pathway thru your own mask.

    I hate masks. I hate gas masks. I only wear a mask IF it is mandated by the establishment I need to visit.

    Most people are simply pretending to mask themselves and wear their ineffective masks improperly, which makes them virtually meaningless. Masks are now mostly symbolic…and nothing more.

    I have not had any real hope for America since Obama was first elected. I have none now.

    Propaganda is everywhere. Truth is criminalized. Lies are rewarded and funded. Insanity is promoted. Censorship is rampant. The people in charge have abandoned their obligations. And, violent crime is going through the roof.

    Floyd would have died from his overdose had the police never been called, probably SOONER than he did. Screw him and all those who more for him.

    Tempers are getting short, as is the time remaining for us all.

    1. ISION:

      I concur with everything you’ve shared.

      My wife and I both wear 3M N95 masks ONLY when we have to be out. I’m prohibited at work (a base) from wearing one with a valve when outside my actual personal office, so I switch out before going to a meeting, using the restroom, etc. to a valveless N95. I get a lot of looks. My wife just ordered me some 3-layer cloth masks (with filter pockets inside) for me to start wearing inside my office because the N95 is starting to really affect me, and if my door’s closed (and locked when I leave for the day), the only real concern is the AC vent over my head. She has asthma (it’s why I’m so diligent with decon, mask-wearing, you name it), but she works from home thankfully. When she’s out, she wears a valved 3M N95. When she went to her salon recently (a treat for her) she was encouraged by many there to switch out her N95 for a cheap surgical mask (made in Wuhan, China ironically). She declined. Apparently the valve scares people, but the ill-fitted surgical masks don’t. Go figure.

      If it wasn’t for her asthma, I’d be moving about with no mask. But she’s worth it and I’ll do anything I can to protect her. But man, oh man…this is really starting to wear on me as it is most people. Don’t get me started on what’s happening to our country…

  2. Here’s a little something I told a friend of mine.

    Surgical and cloth masks protect me from you.

    N95 or better respirators protect you from me.

    Nothing is 100% but it’s a start.
    Closest to 100% is just staying home. 😝

    1. Unless you’re the one wearing the mask, then it’s the opposite. 😉

  3. Trouble with the masks is everyone sounds like Charlie Browns teacher, wa wa wah wah wah wa!!

  4. Ken,
    Unfortunately, I’ve been screamin’ this out loud for some for months.

    Early on in the mask debate, I queried the effectiveity of a “cloth face face covering” vs none. Now, I studied microbiology for about a year before moving on to other things.

    Even a first year med student would understand your point. You are correct, the N-95 has a 95% efficiency and a basic surgical mask will block 2.5 micron sized “droplets.”

    Let’s step back, 0.12 micron will blow right thru your surgical mask and the “face covering” is a complete failure of a joke. As a note, the manufacturer’s of the basic surgical masks, warn against prolonged usage of the mask and it is printed right there on the box.

    Thus, mask mandates are about power and have no basis in science. I agree, that if you chose to wear such, bully for you, but please, have no illusions that wearing it will keep you safe from this bug.

  5. I have worn a mask twice. The first time was when I had to have my computer repaired and my computer guy has had a kidney transplant. Out of concern for him, I wore a mask. I couldn’t stand while watching him; I had to sit down. I felt faint and finally decided it was due to low oxygen. Once I left the store and took my mask off, I felt fine.

    The second time was when I had a doctor’s appointment. They can’t refill your prescriptions unless they see you once per year. The nurse provided a cloth mask. Once again I felt faint and when the nurse took my vitals, my pulse ox was only 94. Usually it is 99. My heart rate was also up.

    Oh, and yes, both times I had to take off my glasses because they fogged up so much I couldn’t see.

  6. Ision. Great post!! My sentiment exactly, especially forth and fifth paragraph and beyond. There is no ( news) anymore. Just carefully worded propaganda.
    As far as masks, I wear them because anything is better than nothing. I use N95. Also if the store management has a sign requesting masks I honor that ( small town here). Just a respect thing.
    We need to keep a clear head for what ever is going down in november. Thanks Ken for your excellent blog

  7. I live in a state and county which does NOT have mandatory rules for masks; which is great. There are a few businesses which won’t let you in unless you wear a mask, like the vet or bank. I haven’t seen anyone wear a face covering or other mask correctly. Most of the time I order online and then pickup; but there are two stores I do enter. For me, a high risk person, the most dangerous place is the grocery store. A mom/dad with little kids in the basket scare me to death! When I actually have to go inside a grocery store, I go with a real N95 mask, wrap around sun glasses and disposable gloves. I hate wearing the mask, but, I do it. Everyone else currently has the freedom of choice, at least until the liberals take over.

    1. Ken, is 100% percent correct!! I have seen people fidget so badly with them, your touching your face more daily with a mask than without! Wearing them incorrectly under the nose, loosely off the face, but, at the same time I understand! I work in a pharmacy & am required to wear one 9-10 hours a day, and I will tell you it is miserable!!! There are times I get so anxious bc I cannot breathe feel like I could pass out & get a real shaky feeling! But if I don’t wear it , I’ll get sent home. I know there are pros & cons to wearing them bc we do have Covid patients, but goodness they are definitely miserable!!

    2. If wearing a mask is too uncomfortable or so annoying that you can’t
      bear the discomfort or aggravation to possibly help yourself or an elderly person who would likely not survive infection,then I guess we are all in more trouble than we know.

      1. Vickie, People who are in danger of passing out are not bearing it..They are in DISTRESS.. Yes the option is to stay home. There are approximately 15-20% according to one of the news conferences on it, who will NOT be able to wear a mask, the other 80% who can are supposed to protect those who CAN not.

      2. Vickie

        I’m not sure if your words were a jab at me & personally,I could care less!! Yes , I said it’s miserable & no, I don’t like it—- but I wear one!!! I wear one at work & I wear one when out shopping & paying bills!! I myself am immunocompromised.i said their a pros & cons , again doesn’t mean I like it but for others & myself I wear one!! On another note, I bet where I’m standing, you don’t wear one 9-10+ hours a day 6 & 7 days a week or you , yourself would understand it is MISERABLE !! It is hot , it’s hard to breathe & causes skin irritation but we do it everyday!!

      3. Vickie
        Do you or do you not wear the suggested goggles, now? Suggested by Dr. Fauci.
        If not, why?
        Do you or do you not touch your face more often wearing a now required mask?
        Are you still burning your daily mail in a microwave?
        Wearing and constant changing of gloves?
        Not handling cash or coin?
        Not touching keypads?
        No bottle returns?
        Still disinfecting your daily purchases?

        If not,
        you don’t give a damn

        1. Joe c: Yes we take all of the precautions you listed and a few
          Why? Because we are willing to do anything that might
          help us to stay healthy.
          Some people are so depressed these days that sarcasm
          helps them to feel better

        2. Wendy,
          Look, I don’t mean and didn’t mean to sound cross toward you or anyone.
          I know this virus exists. Several here have experienced it and are still suffering from it.
          But my complaint and irritability comes from the fact that:
          I do not trust my government.
          Wear a mask. Don’t wear a mask.
          Ok now that’s useless. Let’s suggest goggles…we need more…..
          Let’s shutdown food production.
          Farms. Ranches.
          Producers. Small businesses.
          We can allow protesters to gather…..but disallowed those to attend church.
          On and on many examples of…..pure BS.

          That’s good you and yours are taking the necessary precautions. We do too…… to.an extent. But I also
          see beyond this hysteria.
          And it ain’t good.
          Everything goes far beyond this virus dilemma.

          And I will not be a puppet the .gov so insists, wishes that I become.

        3. JC
          Bide your time,,,
          Prepare as best you can, best to harden your heart and make peace with your maker, my feeling is we will all be tested, it wont be easy nor pretty and most have no stomach for what is coming.

    3. My parents do most of their grocery shopping online.they order the groceries from Walmart. They pull up to the store and someone brings their groceries out to them. They never step foot into the store and still get their milk, eggs, and veggies.

  8. As a dental hygienist I wear a mask during every procedure with a patient. It is to protect ME from splatter! The masks are worthless for Covid. Cross contamination from touching is huge. At the post office yesterday the post master told me I had to put on my mask. She wasn’t wearing one. Hmm… I put it on. It is home made out of shear fabric. I can breath through it and everyone can see my face. I’m blond so they either think I’m a moron or they know I’m being obnoxious on purpose. ;) I asked the postal worker if they disinfect the card reader. She said no. I said well then, I’m getting everyone’s cuties and they are getting mine. And by the way, your face shield is worthless because viruses circulate in the air.

    1. Brenda: Morons are the ones that are not wearing a mask or taking all precautions.
      Dr.Martensons website has the best info for the information ally

  9. I just love the complete morons I see Down here in South Florida Walking outside along the side walk by themselves wearing a mask in 95 F Heat and 95% Humidity… They look like they are about to fall over and pass out right on the sidewalk.

    Also the morons driving in their cars by themselves wearing the mask. Freaking idiots.

    I been thinking about inking up my n95s with slogans using a sharpie. Of course this goes against grey man tactics… but the pure comedy is gold.

    Some creative Writings going across like
    KungFLU fo U
    Vote Trump or MAGA
    Turn head and cough
    Not a Karen
    Defective! (in Red Sharpie)
    The Russians did it!
    I’m from .gov and here to help.

    I am pretty sure you guys have some better ideas.

    1. Oh a MAGA mask… Wear that with a MAGA hat and my Black Guns Matter t-shirt. Probably not a good idea. I suspect I’d push some snowflake over the edge :-)

      1. DT
        Ohhhhh,, I like that idea of the hat & T shirt not so much the mask. 🤣🤗

        1. If you have an anti reflective (AR) coating on your glasses be sure to check with your optometrist first. One time usage might be ok, but repeated applications will likely break it down

  10. The surgeon general of the United States said masks don’t work. Walmart requires masks, then virtually every state issues a mask mandate. Now I know who’s really running the asylum.

  11. I am a numbers geek and am looking forward to real information from scientific studies using proper methods and rigorous peer review. I believe the observations of decreased spread related to mask mandates is because it results in individuals staying at home rather than going out of their homes.

    1. “real information from scientific studies using proper methods and rigorous peer review”
      Just like Global Warming Science it is already politicized to suit the needs of our slave masters …. Don’t hold your breath. 😷

    2. My expectation is this real information won’t be available for decades. There’s so many methodology holes in what is being presented if the media is reporting accurately.

      There have been anecdotal descriptions of auto fatalities, flu deaths, heart attacks, cancer and the like being attributed to covid-19.

      The WSJ, I believe, reported on a study from Italy where they removed from the death totals all deaths where medical records indicated comorbidities/conditions that would have resulted in death within 12 months even in the absence of covid-19. With that modification, death rates were similar to other similar areas. And so on.

      I believe none of the numbers regardless of source.

      I wear a mask voluntarily, but don’t believe it does anything other than capture a minimal amount of virus should I be infected and sneeze or cough.

      I do know I rarely leave my property compared to daily trips a year ago. Almost all shopping is curbside with everyone masked. I stop at a grocery store and a produce stand once a week at most where virtually everyone is masked even though there are no mandates.

      I don’t see some of the hygiene errors mentioned by others, but my opportunities for observation are limited.

      My spending for the 2nd quarter was down 8.2% with income down by less. But as this goes on, the drop in spending is likely to accelerate. Suspect many households are the same.

      Small business closures are exploding. Jobs are going away. I believe we are going to scare ourselves into another depression needlessly. My small business clients were excited and ready for re-opening only to have only modest numbers.

      Yes people have died and it’s sad. My 99 year old grandfather died from the flu on Christmas Day 5 years ago. He caught it bowling in leagues from his son who caught it at church. No one wanted to jail the person who just thought it was a cold. No one accused my uncle of being selfish for not quarantining after someone coughed in his presence. My grandfather could have died in a car accident or falling down the stairs.

      More deaths from both of those each year but no one wants to mobilize the country in a war against driving or multi-story homes.

      We are operating from fear because this is unknown and because if it bleeds or makes the president look bad, so it leads the daily propaganda known as the news.

      If you are at risk, reorder your life to stay at home or lessen your exposure. Ask for help as needed. You may need to change jobs, but the economic effect of this crisis will already cause millions to have to change or find new jobs.

      Protect yourself and hope the rest of us get sick and achieve some community immunity and/or the virus mutates to a less virulent form.

      Everyone needs to be more hygienic with hand washing and so on. It’ll help out with colds and flus as well.

      But I can no longer stay quiet when others insist I freakout about it all. I guess I have reached the acceptance stage Mike Rowe mentioned in his excellent blog post. To those here whom I all respect and have had the virus or lost someone to it, I am sorry it happened to you and I pray for your healing.

  12. Personally i wear a mask when im out and about, will take every precaution i can and dot care who says what, i will do what i need to do for my own peace of mind

  13. When we went back to work, after the state shut down, we are required to wear a “face covering” mask.
    Surgical masks are available and handed out by the employer for those without.
    I’ve worn several styles, except for the 95. (Too expensive for corporate to buy, although we have a few)
    Even a daily wear of a simple handkerchief, will give me a headache and starving for O2……and I don’t wear it for an eight hr shift.
    Some do…..and it’s like they must probably like the oxygen deprivation…..? A new high?
    I agree this is a legit virus….I just can’t agree on the ever changing, precautionary measures.
    All I can say is, get used to it.
    This virus is their way of showing their upper hand to instill fear of the sheeple.

  14. You know what’s a real pain in the butt, with this mask wearing thing ?
    I go to my local bank several times a month, to do some necessary dealings.
    Been doing it for years,and have a very friendly rapport with the people inside.
    Now, the bank is only open for the drive-thru windows. People wearing masks is one of the main reasons for this. Now, there is always lines at the drive-thrus, causing waiting times that I never experienced before, and the friendly person-to-person relationship is no longer.
    And, there is the communications difficulty getting my explicit directions across to the teller, who’s view is obscured, and has lost the previous friendly customer service voice tone.
    It has become a real hassle. (As I said – a pain in the butt.)

    1. Here also, and they have shortened their business hours…makes absolutely no sense.
      Just like the large grocery stores and big box stores in this area, they have all closed all but one entrance, so they are funneling everyone in and out through the same set of doors, not exactly socialist distancing.

  15. What I have seen will scare the pants (or skirt) off of you.
    When I watch people eating in a restaurant I see:

    First, when people ask for a refill of their drink, the waitress ( or waiter) will touch the refill drink pitcher to the customers drinking glass and then move on to refill the next persons glass. This transfers germs (viruses) from glass to glass.

    Second, I see wait staff clear a table of used glasses, plates, silver ware etc. and then go on the serve food to customers at another table without washing their hands. Or they set up dishes for the next customer comming in the restaurant without washing their hands. This again transfers germs( viruses) from dish to dish (person to person).

    Third, I see wait staff wearing a mask that only covers their mouth and there is their nose completely uncovered.
    As a result of all this I just do not eat out anymore.

    1. One thing I notice on a regular basis here in China before the virus to current is hand washing. Besides the apartment, I have only seen soap in bathrooms at three places over the last year and a half. I have been to five hospitals over the last year and only one hospital had soap in one bathroom. They don’t even have dispensers for crying out loud.when using the restroom, the vast majority (90%) don’t wash their hands after doing their business. They just walk right out and go back to the table and continue eating.
      To me imho, hand washing is the best way to prevent contracting the wuflu.most of the masks sold are garbage (cheap Chinese crap) and would protect me for crap. The label says N95 which I think means it lets 95% of everything pass through and only stops bigger things like rocks or twigs.
      Before the virus hit, it was common to see people wearing masks (air pollution) so during the virus seeing everyone mask up was not out of the ordinary.

      1. Some of the masks sold here are not like a chain link fence but more like a barb wire fence. And the price has still doubled and tripled over the last several months.

    2. It’s like washing your hands after bathroom duty–NO ONE ever thinks to not touch that door handle–it’s probably dirty too!!
      I use the tissue I dried with to open the door and dispose on the way back to the table—and as you said, I have had to ask servers to wash the rim of tables when I feel/find sticky–they were not taught how to clean a table.

  16. Hmmm, so the only way to protect from this virus is really living at home turned into a B-4 level lab and wearing a bio suit every where we go. That is, if we believe the PTB. There is not enough lysol and clorox on this planet to follow proper procedures for disinfecting.

  17. If you push your glasses a little further down your nose while wearing a mask it seems to stop the fog on your glasses.

  18. – The bit of metal at the bridge of the nose needs to be fitted to prevent the escape of warm moist air (that fogs your glasses) around the upper edge of the mask. My employer requires me to wear a level 2 mask at a minimum all day every day. Typically, as they are difficult to obtain, we will use a cloth mask with a pocket to protect the level 2 mask. If we have someone to swab for a Covid test, we will typically wear either a commercially made face shield (similar to those made from 2L plastic bottles) or what I prefer to use is a level 3 mask similar to what you see your dental hygienist wearing, with the attached eye shield. I wear it over the level 1/2 combination, so I suppose it is a level 6 combination. It is worn with an apron and double gloves, and as soon as the apron and gloves are off, I wash my hands.

    We do not have sufficient stock to discard contaminated gear other than gloves after a positive Covid test – the contaminated gloves are discarded; the mask and apron are sprayed down with Lysol or similar spray. The cloth mask and level 2 mask combination, are replaced with another set. The first one is disassembled; the level 2 mask is sprayed with Lysol and allowed to dry overnight, and the cloth mask goes into a biohazard plastic bag until I can get it home and into a washing machine along with every stitch of clothing and shoes that I am wearing. Then I go into the shower.
    Far less than perfect, but the best we are able to do with what we have. Aprons and masks are only discarded if soiled or torn.
    I do have a couple of N95 masks that are my own personal masks, and I will wear them if I know I am going in with a known positive person. They will be under the 1/2 combination mask, to protect them as best I can from being contaminated. Lysol spray again afterwards.

    There were some questions I might answer;
    Any kind of soap applied in a thin enough film to your glasses or mask will help with fogging. Ski shops and other sporting goods shops will carry several types of antifog cream or sticks. I usually use one that is called Cat Crap, it works well for me. You can probably get it online.
    Despite the obvious failings of the system I described, I have now swabbed 15 or 16 Positive Covid patients and have remained virus-free. The gloves and hand washing would appear to be the primary protection I have.

    One last thing. This is an RNA type virus. SARS, the common cold, HIV, we have no vaccines for any of these. They are all RNA viruses.

    Normally, if there is a vaccine and I know that I am being exposed to that virus, I will be one of the first in line for it. This one, I believe I will pass. If my employer wants to insist, I think I will just have to put in my papers for retirement.

    – Papa S.

    1. – Forgot to mention, the inside of the vehicle, the various doorknobs and other equipment, areas, and controls of the washing machine; actually, anything I might have touched gets sprayed down with Lysol or similar spray after I get out of the shower and have clean clothes on. This decontamination procedure goes on every time I am exposed to a positive Covid; So does every staff member, Nurse, and Physician who might come in contact with them, in their own home. It’s the best protection we have.

      – Papa

      1. PAPA:

        Sounds exactly like my decon when I come home from working on base (and I don’t work around COVID patients…that I’m aware of). Been doing it since day one except for the 4 month period I worked from home. You should see what happens to our groceries when they’re delivered!

        Be safe, my friend. You’re doing good work out there. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us all.

  19. Masks are like flu shots, I wish everyone would wear one and everyone would get a flu shot, then I would feel much safer, since I don’t wear one and don’t get one. Then we would all be doing our part, I couldn’t catch anything from you, and you couldn’t catch anything from me. Problem solved! Trekker Out

    1. This statement by mountain trekker says it all…If you are wearing a fricking mask, and it IS protecting you….right?? then why get so mad at me for not wearing one.
      You really care that those NOT wearing one will catch from me??
      I doubt it; you’re just being argumentative…..UNLESS you really know that mask is NOT protecting YOU!!!
      Then, stay home, darn it.

  20. Medical professionals, those who spend hours in an operating room wearing mask, how do you keep from breathing Co2….?

    1. Mrs. U a good question. Seems after decades of doing it for 8-12 hour shifts it seems not to make any difference in our performance. Two days ago after reading about someone using an O2 monitor to check their O2 I decided to test mine with out a mask, wearing a surgical mask and the the same walking briskly up my long driveway with and with out.

      I let my wife an RN do the actual readings and recording. No real difference in any situation mentioned aside from an elevated heart rate from walking up that steep driveway quickly.

      Not to say someone with a real breathing issue might have a reduced O2 sat. But then again those people are EVEN MORE likely to catch and suffer badly from an COVID 19 infection so really need more protection than myself a 61 year old reasonably fit male.

      1. – NH Michael,
        Saw the same note, tried it myself. No steep driveway available, but tried it with my multiple masks on after swabbing someone (negative) for Covid outdoors in all protective gear on a sunny 108 F day for several minutes. No difference noted on my Pulse Oximeter I carry in my pocket.
        – Papa S.

    2. Thanks for the info. Mask do not bother me and I have not felt faint. I can understand why many just do not like them, Mr. being one. The N95’s are a bit different than these cheap blue and white type.

  21. I’ve been wearing my bee bonnet hood. I get a lot of laughs and a lot of frowns. I like to tell people it’s just as effective, if not more so, than a cloth mask because I don’t touch my face and it would offer as much protection against a cough as their mask.

    1. old guy –

      Now that is funny! I have one of those, but I’m not sure I’ve got the bandwidth right now to deal with the fall out. Might just make some people’s day, though…

        1. Kula, try hairnet.already has elastic will cover nose chin and both ears.

  22. I tried wearing my mask (2 layers of fabric and two layers of non-woven interface) while I worked from home today, to see if my oxygen levels went down. I started at 99%, after 15 minutes I was at 98%, after 30 minutes, I was at 97%, and at 45 minutes I was at 96%. See a pattern? Just before it was a full hour, I had to jump up to grab a phone from the next room and then hurry back. My oxygen level at 60 minutes was back up to 98%. Was it because I was “exercising” and breathing more deeply than when I was just working at my desk that my oxygen levels went back up? Or was it all just coincidence and the numbers too close mean anything? I don’t know, and I didn’t really want to wear my mask for another hour to find out.

    1. Wendy, From a clinical standpoint, for a normal adult, that range
      sounds about right. You really don’t want to get much below
      92% for normal and someone with a breathing issues no lower
      than about 94% saturation.

      1. Wendy, fyi, at 89% medical ppl say one qualifies for oxygen support, even if it is for 2 seconds. happened to dfm.

        1. toJS
          If you’re on medicare, 88% is the qualifying level.
          Ain’t that the sh#ts.

        2. K bay, My DF, deceased – several yrs…was having his levels fall into the 70’s. he had symptoms were caught, apparent low slip and found his low tolerance. If his was low 80’s he had no symptoms visible on initial visual, was weak in legs and dizzy.. would hold to both walls of hall with both hands. My point is some people have no symptoms on first check, it is in actuality -they exhibit symptoms. Those symptoms may be dizziness, or headache -that others can not observe. A grossly anemic individual already has difficulty exchanging oxygen and carbon… think a mask would make their breathing better.? or might they continually feel short of breath and have a more rapid respiration..?

        3. Original,
          When I was a kid, I was in the low 70% O2 once. Life sucked, literally.
          I would have to take in as much air as I could and hold my breath to keep from passing out.

  23. You can’t have a discussion on masks without first discussing the virus itself. The virus is of course real but how lethal and how dangerous is it? I’m looking at our state numbers and analysis. It shows that of the 3+ million people in our state a little over 50,000 have been infected mostly in our major cities. There have been 900 deaths. Over 600 of which have occurred in people over 65 years of age who had serious medical conditions and advanced cancers. The recovery rate is over 75% for most adults and senior citizens in good health. I’m not trying to belittle the tragedies of this virus but even our state HD has said that like any other flu virus those who are in poor health have a very high risk of serious medical complications and death. So, what and who to believe? I wear an N95 mask exclusively but only when it is required by the establishment I’m in. I don’t particularly believe the media about this bug. Our local CBS affiliate would have you believe that this is the black plague of the middle ages. Our FOX affiliate leads with stories on the hockey team.

    It’s not the Spanish Influenza folks and it’s not the plague. It is a contagious flu virus that can be very harmful to the invalid and sick. Just sayin.

    1. Eli
      TPTB don’t like science nor factual data… It just doesn’t work for them.
      We can’t send our kids to school ’cause the teachers want medicare for all,
      reparations and who knows what else. Factual given and numbers in the real
      data say and I agree with you, this is a very bad flu, which has been blown
      totally out of proportion, by the MSM by instruction of the Damocrats.

      1. Eli, addendum..
        Norway, 616 deaths total, The report states that this one-third
        their annual death rate from the yearly flu season.

  24. Ken, I hate to disagree with you but a mask does not reduce the amount of oxygen you inhale. Yes I used a pulse ox and nothing changed. I wear a N-99 daily. I have used a medical grade pulse ox too. (I am in the medical industry.)
    I have COPD AND asthsma, I would be the first one to know if there was a reduction in oxygen. There are 2 types of people out there breathing. Those that sense need to breath because they need to intake oxygen and those that sense the need to breath because they need to expel carbon dioxide. I fall into the later category as I have had COPD and asthma for most of my life.
    Honestly a mask is a good thing as it is a barrier between you and the next person. If the next person is wearing a mask, now there are 2 barriers. This virus IS airborne.

    1. Jabba, Please explain the virus size issue with relation to the masks that most people are wearing. Thanks.

      1. K-Bay,
        The mask I wear is from the Cambridge mask company out of England. Look them up. They have colloidal silver in them. They are hand washable. I love them.
        I have worn the mask pushing a push mower. Was it fun absolutely not..lol.. It takes me an hour to complete the job and I did it in the same time. I can’t say it was easy, but I accomplished it.

      2. Ken,
        I think it was here (in reference to water filters) that there was a study and a really cool interactive chart that explained it better than I ever could.
        Same theory, only that we are filtering air, not water. There are 3 types of Air filters: “N”, “R”, “P”. “N” is not designed to handle any kind of oils in the air. “R” can handle moderate oils in the air. “P” will handle oils in the air. ie.: Paint… There is a new designation “AN”-99. I not sure what the “A” stands for.
        The number designation (N-“99”) is the percentage of filtration. a N-95 will filter out 94.99% of particles. A N-100 will filter out 99.99% of the particles in the air. Basically the higher the number, the smaller the holes are.
        A surgical mask (the blue ones) that we see people wearing are only good for water droplet size particles, which are very large. They stop the particles of a cough or a sneeze. Which the virus has to attach to, to “float” in the air. Mythbusters did an episode on sneezes and droplet coverage. I recommend people watch it. Slow-mo and coverage on a white surface. (GROSS)
        A bandana or a gaiter is not recommended but they are better than nothing. Lets say you are wearing a mask and so am I, there is a double filter from me to you and vice versa.
        That’s all I have to say about that… (Forest Gump)

        1. Jabba
          Search for the infrared video on sneezing, coughing and talking
          that was done in Japan and shown on NHK, their main TV network.
          It’s really informative as to the distribution of “droplets” etc. I found
          it to illustrate well.

  25. jabba
    I would like to say I’m not in attack mode, and I want to understand how
    severe your disease is and it’s relationship to your mask. I know people that have
    used the o-2 saturation monitor at rest, with and without mask, and
    demonstrate no real change.
    Now, if you throw exercise into the mix, saturation without the mask changes.
    Exercise with the mask it changes very significantly. The exercise I’m speaking
    to is simply walking 100 feet.
    Qualification #1 Mask, double layer cotton or cotton poplin civil mask
    ” #2 Walking 100 feet measured distance, normal walking pace, a/con environment.

    Is the N-99 a lighter weight cross-weave mask?
    Thanks in advance

    1. K-bay, Sorry I only answered half the question.
      I have had Asthsma and COPD (scarred lung tissue) since I was a little kid. I don’t know the difference between being “normal” and not, as I have had this all my life. I take my meds as directed and that has “allowed” me do things like Ski Patrol in the mountains or getting a certification in Scuba diving or hiking 10 miles in 90º heat with a 50lbs. pack. (I am not a model of fitness either)
      I know the Cambridge isn’t the best mask in the world as there is a valve for exhalation. When the valve on the mask is closed it is a N-99.

    1. What ever happened to erring on the of caution? Those have to be those educated people with no common sense.

  26. I myself hate face masks. For me, the biggest problem is major, relentless disorientation; I have had two instances of almost falling down steps directly caused because the mask messed up my balance. One of those falls would have been down about fifteen concrete steps onto solid concrete at the bottom, but the response I got at work was colleagues laughing at me and saying I did not care about other people’s safety.

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