Delta Variant Of Covid Is Here – The Next Shoe To Drop?

I can sense it. That is, the renewed drum beat picking up in mainstream news sources. A new fear. “The Delta Variant”.

I have been waiting for the next shoe to drop. Covid-19 has been going away. Here in the U.S., the lockdowns have been dropped. Businesses have opened. The masks are coming off. Freedom is returning. Life is seemingly returning to normal.

But, not so fast…

(insert audio of phonograph record needle scraping across the vinyl…)

I am so tempted to go down what some would consider ‘conspiracy’ road. But I will refrain. Instead, from a purely preparedness standpoint, I just want to warn you about the “Delta” variant.

Why? Because if this takes root here in the U.S. like “they” are saying it will, the next round of problems could be at least the same if not worse than what we all just went through. I said “could be”. Not “would be”.

I don’t know if “they” are fear mongering for the next round of control, lockdowns, and economic/financial destruction (the onset of “the great reset”). Is this yet another bioweapon release like the first one?

I do know this… Americans are fed up with being locked down. Losing their business. Jobs. Their freedom. And so on. What are Americans going to do if and when “round two” is pushed upon them?

Regardless, we might return to shortages. Maybe worse. Maybe lots worse. I sure as heck hope not! I’m tired of all this.

But, being preparedness-minded, and keeping my ears to the ground (so to speak), I’m wary of what “might” come our way. And it might be sooner than you realize, due to the “messaging” that I’m hearing.

There’s not a whole lot of data that I’ve found about the “Delta” variant. Except lots of scary proclamations… Most from mainstream news sources (for what that’s worth).

Mainstream Media Quotes About The Delta Variant

“The highly transmissible delta coronavirus variant continues to devastate India and spread to other nations,”

“The B.1.617.2 strain, officially known as the Delta variant, is worrying health officials across the world, including in the United States.”

“The variant, also known as B.1.617.2, is spreading rapidly in the United Kingdom and has quickly become the dominant strain there, responsible for more than 90% of infections and causing surges of COVID-19 in some parts of England.”

“Its prevalence has doubled since last week, rising from 3% to 6%, according to a report from HHS.”

“In India, where the virus exploded in April and May and sparked a public health crisis, as well as in the United Kingdom, the delta variant is now the dominant strain.”

“Dr. Ashish Jha, dean of the Brown University School of Public Health, doubled down on that message during an interview with ABC News’ David Muir on Wednesday, calling the delta variant “the most contagious variant we’ve seen so far.”

“Outbreaks of the Delta variant have been confirmed in China, the US, Africa, Scandinavia and Pacific rim countries. Scientists report that it appears to be more transmissible, as well as to cause more serious illness.”

“In the US, according to the former Food and Drug Administration commissioner Scott Gottlieb, cases of the Delta variant are doubling roughly every two weeks.”

“The evidence from Guangzhou in China, in particular, has been concerning. There, health officials have reported 12% of patients becoming severely or critically ill within three to four days of the onset of symptoms – up to four times higher than in previous outbreaks – and sick individuals infecting more people.”

Preparedness Awareness

My point here is not to hypothesize about the how and why. Rather, to simply prepare you, to introduce you to what “might” be the next shoe to drop. If this gets hyped up (regardless whether its warranted or not), this might lead to what we went through the past year, or worse.

So beat the crowd. Be prepared.

I will suggest the following… If this comes to fruition and lockdowns begin yet again, this “economy” is going to crash to the ground. There’s no way it can take another hit like we just went through. That in and of itself could be your biggest problem. Economic Collapse.

I didn’t want to post this. But my Spidey senses are tingling on this one. I feel its my duty to warn you. I hope I’m wrong. But they’re not going to let this go…

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  1. They have no intention of letting life go back to anything resembling normal. Witness all the other “accidents”, shut downs for ransom and Biden doing his best to shut anything else his handlers can think of to close.

  2. I am going to proceed with the assumption that the new fear phrase “Delta Variant” will eventually (sooner or later?) affect the masses. When the MSM beats that drum over and over, it works. Quite effectively.

    Some of the resulting actions from the masses will be predictable. Also, the resulting actions of many governors will be predictable.

    So, I’m going to plan as though we’re going to face more shortages, renewed lockdowns, and quite possibly economic devastation.

    Just what I need right now… more to do.

    Hey, if it all goes away, I’ll just be better prepared, right?

    1. Fear phase is already moving along at a nice pace. Mom texted me this past weekend, wishing our family would get the shot after reading and watching MSM about the Delta. Thanks for the concern mom, but nope. Then FIL stops by last night on way through and and puts a pretty hard press on better half on same subject. Again, politely decline, thanks for the concern. I agree with your Spidey senses on this one…they will find anything for an excuse to continue to exhort control.

      1. “I agree with your Spidey senses on this one…they will find anything for an excuse to continue to exhort control.”
        Yup. Control means power and the Leftist/Communist want it all. They’ve got the MSM in their pocket and now they have the medical community on their side. Today’s comment from Fox Business News is telling.
        “Gun sales in the U.S. have soared over the past 15 months as people sought protection in response to the wave of civil unrest that occurred following the death of George Floyd as well as an increase in socially distant outdoor activities amid COVID-19 lockdowns.”
        If you haven’t stockpiled by now it’s too late. Biden will ask for sweeping powers from congress once the media convinces the ever fearful masses.

  3. My wife and I finally caved and went in to get Pfizer #1 shot yesterday. While waiting the 15 minutes post-injection, I picked up more TP and bottled water. There are still several + tests coming up at my wife’s place of work. It is nice to be able to eat out once in a while. I am enjoying watching things open up at this time of year in my AO.

    1. Cali ,,,i wish you well , but ,, over the weekend had a family get to gether ,would not get close to those with the shot ,stayed outside and away from them ,told them till we knew more that they were not welcome at our place ,,put a chill into things ,,

    2. Cali, hope the best too. Hope we are wrong about the vaccines. Maybe just the one, huh?

  4. Thankfully, we’re all Americans. We get to choose. I sincerely hope it works out for you Calirefugee. I’m a little surprised, but I’m rooting for ya just the same.

  5. Is there truly a “Delta Variant?” Or are we beginning to see the horrid side effects of the vaccine people are taking? TPTB will never admit the side effects are going to be severe or fatal, even months down the road, but will state people are dying from other ‘natural causes’ or the new and emerging variants of Covid. Ken, you’re not the only one with their spidey senses tingling….I do not think we will ever be allowed to go back to normal again either. And I’ve been reading a lot here, tho not commenting much. We are in overdrive getting more and more things done around the homestead, and redoing things that haven’t worked so well. As always, I love everyone here and so appreciate all the information shared here on MSB. You all keep me going! I too, feel a new urgency to complete as much as we can here rather quickly. I’m almost certain we will see an economic collapse or ‘correction’ soon. Add to that the shortages of goods and supplies. The globalists are now out in full force with their agenda to take down the U.S. and bring in their idea of The Great Reset (aka global marxism); we all are well-informed on that, I think. And we are paying more attention to what is going on locally in our area. I hope you all do the same. God’s blessings to you all.

    1. DJ5280,
      My first thought was similar to yours. Variant, or effect? Or, last ditch effort to get more people to hop on the “vaccine” wagon? So difficult to sift the truth from the propaganda these days.

      Even here in my area some people are finally starting to ditch masks in markets and have pharmacies. But our governor/commandant refuses to give up the emergency powers given to him at the start of covid. All he needs is any excuse to roll us right back into lockdowns. Delta may be the start to a whole new cycle of this crap.

      Ken, I believe in your spidey sense. I agree we cannot bear another round. Although I can see it as an excuse for Congress to pass all the new spending bills the puppet wants. Perfect reason for more stimulus and more “aid” for families. CDC said yesterday they think Delta makes up at least 10% of all US cases. And the UK extending their lockdown for 4 more weeks doesn’t help.


      1. SCG, it could also be a completely new virus? Or possibly a new coronavirus? I’m just really troubled that this pandemic has become all about the ‘vaccine’ now. Have people forgotten this was untested, not trialed, and for emergency use only? Now they want everyone in the world to get injected with this stuff. I’m not sold on then safety of it at all. Just me and MHO.

        1. DJ5280 & SCG
          I will answer the “hypothetical questions” with a “hypothetical answer”.
          Otherwise it would be surmised that I was a medical person-which I am not.
          DJ’s question: Is there a truly DV? n
          DJ’s Side effects? y
          DJ’s: New bug? n
          Remember this was all ‘hypothetical’, so no one is playing doctor, nor giving free advice in the field of medicine.

    2. DJ….Of course not, as a virus progresses each variant becomes less virulent than the previous form, simple science, although TPTB would have you believe otherwise. If you never had the original sequence, how do you determine the “variant?”

      1. It is true mutations of a virus pathogen are less deadly, as is well known. So, should people be told of new, more virulent, virus mutations showing up all over the place, people can rightly conclude that either the news is propaganda, or, that the new, deadlier, virus has been deliberately manufactured….just like the original pathogen.

        Also, the timing involved in alerting of a new, easier to catch, and deadlier, variation of the virus is often suspect…as the announcements are made before there is sufficient time for any virologist to discover such information.


  6. i think that this sort of thing will be never ending. there have always been flue’s, and this one, like the last one will most likely be 98% survivable. MSM will go nuts over it if for no other reason than to sell advertising space.
    it’s only a ploy to control the masses, and most will fall for it. it’s being used a distraction from the bigger issues.
    Fear is a most powerful motivator, and they have learned to use it well.

  7. Some type of vaccine is becoming a workplace requirement in private sector healthcare. I’ll let you know if I sprout 2 heads or my unit falls off. Consider me the on-site experiment Ken.

    1. Calirefugee:
      Could ya help me out here?
      What does that phrase mean:
      “or my unit falls off.”
      I don’t get it…….

      Snickering all the way to the bank LOLOLOL

    2. Cali
      I don’t mean this to be, in any way, spiteful or criticizing. Just concerned.
      To each their own in their decisions.
      Believe me, me and the otherhalf have gone round and round on her decision, a couple times.
      She respects my decision not to get it.
      Me, not so much for her decision.

      I read a good article today, I’ll have to see if I can find it again.
      No business, no employer can force a customer or employee to ask of them their medical status, including injections.

      It would be the same as anyone asking me, before entering any store:
      Are you vaccinated?
      Do you have AIDS?
      Do you have a heart condition?
      Do you have a cold? The flu?
      Have you had or have any form of cancer?

      Nunya freaking business.

      The play is working for ‘them’.
      I don’t like playing .gov games.
      The general population is always the loser.


        Vaccine Passports: Are Business Rights More Important Than Personal Freedom?

        By Brandon Smith

      2. Joe C, you should still be concerned when someone you are intimate with gets the virus…excuse me, shot. There have been adverse affect reports that something from the injection has somehow been transmitted to the partner that did not have the shot. Have not seen any follow up on it, but found it interesting that “it” is somehow transmissible.

        Our youngest son and wife decided to get the experimental drug and they are in their late 30s/early 40s. She was scared to death of the virus and they both work from home and don’t go out much. It gets complicated when some family members have the “cure” and others have opted not to be injected with unknown consequences.

        We are all in uncharted waters so we all need to remain vigilant – that includes watching for odd health issues months later for all of us.

        1. DAMedinNY,

          To your point, Pfizer’s own Clinical Protocol paper from November of last year explicitly addresses this on page 67 of their document (study intervention refers to the injection):

 Exposure During Pregnancy
          An EDP occurs if:
          • A female participant is found to be pregnant while receiving or after discontinuing
          study intervention.
          • A male participant who is receiving or has discontinued study intervention exposes a
          female partner prior to or around the time of conception.
          • A female is found to be pregnant while being exposed or having been exposed to
          study intervention due to environmental exposure. Below are examples of
          environmental exposure during pregnancy:
          • A female family member or healthcare provider reports that she is pregnant after
          having been exposed to the study intervention by inhalation or skin contact.
          PF-07302048 (BNT162 RNA-Based COVID-19 Vaccines)
          Protocol C4591001
          Page 68
          • A male family member or healthcare provider who has been exposed to the study
          intervention by inhalation or skin contact then exposes his female partner prior to
          or around the time of conception.

          —Sounds like it can create issues even for those not directly injected with the mRNA treatment.

    3. Good luck with your unit. My heat pump unit has been down almost a week and it’s getting pretty danged hot down here in sunny Alabam

    4. Cali… good luck, should be in Hawaii, most of the healthcare pro’s I know (and I know alot) have not and will not take the shot. I’ve met only two in the field that got the poke! The most given response is that they don’t know what it will do as the was no real testing and research done.

  8. 90% of what is reported by the MSM is opinion based-not based on facts. look at the narratives and who they represent.
    always question your sources of information. i have opinions of my own, but it it doesn’t make me right, or in any way some kind of authority on the subjects.

    1. Same here. Gonna sit on the mountain and mind my own business and let those that want to drink the government kool-aid do so and they can have my share

  9. Well of course, this will be the worst of the covid strains.
    ‘They’ have learned from this first go around. It was a failed attempt, hoping to instill more panic and chain disruption.
    Too many small businesses fought ‘their’ game in courts and won. Not enough of them closed for good.
    Control the food, control the use for .gov ‘bought’ box store corporations, ie. Walmart, only
    Control even more of the population.

    Maybe we’ll see .gov mandated rationings, at a walmart, near you…?

    1. Yeah,
      Just like when the “UK variant ” came out. For a while the MSMwas portraying it as the next covid endgame. Then it fizzled and we don’t hear anything more about that variant. OOOOPS. Then came the Brazil variant. New endgame. OOOPS. Now we have the Delta variant. This must truly be the one that will end it all, at least till the next one to come out.

  10. One thing for sure…this body of mine is gonna die some day…don’t know what from or when. For a good portion of my life they tried to convince me it would be nuclear war. Had some friends and colleagues succumb to bullet wounds…car crashes…cancer from government approved herbicide…heard about folks dying from covid-19…heard about folks dying from the covid-19 shot.

    My Dad died at age 59 from a massive heart attack, two weeks after VA doctors gave his heart a clean bill of health.
    Learned a long time ago, a man ought to make his own decisions based on his best estimation ’cause ain’t nobody else gives two hoots in hades about your well being…but there is plenty of folks lined up to take advantage of you and use you.

    ….so I trust my instincts, question motives, hope for good times, prepare for bad…all the while smelling the roses and enjoying the ride….you can do both.

    Life is good on the mountain….a safe haven with natural beauty…ain’t no spiky, ugly, microscopic hunk of human deviate creation gonna take my eyes off the good in this world….and if a bunch of brain dead government worshippers come up here to try and take it away? Well…this just might be where it is destined for me to pass on….but in the meantime? Well….there’s always a few holes in my preps that need some chinking…..

  11. – I’m with Cali and Dennis. Talked with DW’s doc, who is not one that pushes flu vaccs, etc. With DW being ID’d as a Covid long-hauler, he suggested we get the Jantzen (Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Being nearer to a true vaccine, we elected to take the “One and done!”

    So, I haven’t got Purple Tentacles yet, and I’m long since out of the gene pool, so all that is left is to see if my Johnson turns black and falls off (the back end of the boat. What did you think I meant?).
    In-house experiment number two, and we all know about number two. (It’s what hits the fan!)

    – Papa S.

    1. Papa, keep your dip net handy, JIC.
      if it falls off you can always put it on the wall, like a trophy : )

    2. Ok, need some advice on my new marketing plan. I am going to start collecting these units that have fallen off and these purple or black Johnson’s or is it black & purple Johnson’s. Little confusing info. Quandary, do I sale by the pound or length of service? New product will be called Delta Too Variables. Going to be a just in time delivery service. Only problem I need to resolve is product availability, not going anywhere near a boat on a lake. Ahhhh, back to the drawing board, seems I need a patent, nope, not going there. There is so much stress over the bs last year & 1/2 just wanted to be whacky for a few, back to serious. Everyone keep all your pieces and parts safe.

  12. I agree, I have the “tingle” as well…this whole thing is a population control exercise, in my opinion.
    The problem is, we need to establish a parallel economy, because they are going to make it impossible for the untainted to participate in the “normal” economy.

  13. me, im in a good place. very large garden and some good ways to preserve it, some solar, deep well with buckets if needed, i’ll be ok.
    i just can’t help but to feel sorry for the people who are oblivious the situation that is most likely coming. and we all know some. when popeye’s , mcdonalds and pizza hut shut down they will starve to death in a week.
    there are so many things that are not going very well in our favor now. to many for my comfort level. it’s all about them having control over the population now. through fear,or intimidation.
    a level 4 preparedness is difficult and not cheap, but it is achievable.
    i pray that i’m just being paranoid about all of this.
    good luck all, and like Dennis said, enjoy life, family, and smell the roses.

  14. How about some random thoughts ,,,, Bill gates wants a population drop of 90 % has said that openly ,,he has a price on his head in some places for crimes against humanity due to vaccine he gave out that caused sterility in women ,so why not here with c19 vaccine???I have seen reports that the female reproductive tract is affected ,by the vaccine why do those reports disappear? Just chewing on a tooth pick thinking , ,,,,,,thinking is so old fashioned ,,,don’t think I will miss those I’ve cut off from ,tis a shame tho, in the tribe of first people when you cut off members you though of them as living dead ,if you take the shot are you living dead ??think I’ll go sit down by pond and watch the fish jump , with tea and chocolate,,,

    1. What about if they are selectively sterilizing the “useless eaters”. They could wipe out population in countries or regions that cannot feed themselves while others get the placebo…the possibility for abuse is mammoth. This could be genocide on a global scale.

      1. Kevin, I questioned that also but it would require too many people in the loop so that info would get out. I questioned it when the older people who got the shot at our business did not really react; however, the younger ones had a rough time of it for several days. Older people have weaker immune systems. We will discover soon enough what is the purpose of the shot. They definitely want to rid the world of elderly and from too many lower class (anyone who is not an elite and on their list for allowable progeny) reproducing – that much we know.

    2. OH,
      Yes! they are. “the living dead” and do not know it….inflammatory changes , next viral cycle and a cytokine storm.. all combined with consequences of not thinking.
      Get ready for burials on a massive scale. funeral homes will not be able to keep up. Grave diggers and cremation services will be swamped.
      Sitting by the pond, watching the fish jump and the calves play sounds like a good place to be.

  15. What if China did this intentionally with a wink & a nod from the global PTB? Crazy, but sometimes it all seems planned to me. US, Canada, China, Belgium, UK deep controllers all involved. Concealed western government players, the Chinese PLA… almost as if a consensus was agreed upon and they decided there’s just too many people alive (and not enough control over them.)
    Clearly lying controlled media covering for China, China spies or interests embedded in the US and worldwide, huge money from US entities given to China for “research” …
    And maybe they’ve all been trying to cull the population with bio for many years, but humans proved too resilient, so they went one risky step further with Covid. Maybe the “variants” are actually separate parallel developed viruses being released here and there to stay ahead of the recovery.
    Lower the population, crash the system intentionally, seize complete control.
    Crazy I know, but this pandemic and the response to it, it just doesn’t add up.

  16. Plasma from people that recovered from SARS have resistance to the original Covid 19. SARS is 20 % different from Covid 19.
    The Delta variant is point 03 % different from the original.
    As far as the Delta variant being more contagious, that’s speculation. No studies have been done. Saw that with 2 other variants. Same thing. No studies, just could be.

    1. The Public Health of Scotland Institute study of the Delta Variant found it is twice as infectious as Alpha re: hospitalization. This was easy to google. And of course the other variants have had studies done as well. Again, easily found via duckduckgo or google…

      1. Public Health England has also done a study on the Delta Variant. The vaccines are less effective against it, it is more contagious, and it is more deadly.
        But yes, this information may not be available to you if you are using Chinese search engines like Baidu or Sogou…

        Best Regards, Drive-by Dan

        1. antivirals are effective. tamiflu and homemade one from sweetgum work.

      2. I wonder how many people hospitalized with Delta variant had one or more Covid injections.

        1. They are using the PCR test whose inventer said that the test should not be used for Covid 19 testing as there can be an 80 percent false positive rate and the use of the high CT will pick up fragments.
          The only studies that I have seen from GB, when traced to source, and read amount to opinions and are not actual studies.

  17. Everything about the china flu stinks like a week old carp. Obviously there is a virus out there wreaking havoc and heartache to all it touches. Too many questions ,half truths, and hype to see clearly through the smoke and mirrors of the so called media.Perhaps a control experiment on a grand scale, who knows?
    Tingly feeling pretty well describes how many feel about the events we are experiencing. Be gray ,stay alert and put stuff away for a rainy day.
    Blessings to all.

    1. whew, week old carp, that brought back a memory of being at the dock on the lake…………

  18. For anyone still on the fence about the vaccines, please, please take the time to listen to this podcast.

    .. .. .. ..

    In it, Dr. Bret Weinstein talks with Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology and Mr. Steve Kirsch a “serial entrepreneur who has been researching adverse reactions to COVID vaccines.” It’s long, gets into the weeds at points, and bounces around a bit. However, their conclusions are serious and something we all need to reckon with, especially in light of continuing eruptions of mutated/evolved coronavirus.

    1. The Solari Report has a 15 minute video on the site by the same people. They have a graph from Pfizer which was gotten by a freedom of information act. It showed that after 48 hours the spikes /vaccine circulates straight into the Ovaries AND, AND the bone marrow, BONE MARROW folks. Shall I say it again….BONE MARROW. Watch if you can. Scroll down on the right side of the page.

      1. Mrs. U, Thanks. That video “Spike Protein & Immune Escape” at, is an edited segment of the longer video. The chart discussed in the shorter video shows up at 2:17:35 in the longer video. The longer video at 1:01:21 through 1:15:30 contains a very interesting discussion of adverse effects and deaths from vaccination. Key is that deaths and adverse effects far exceed total deaths/adverse effects from all vaccines combined for the past 30 years in the US. A copy of the open letter with concurring data from the UK can be found at Also, 1:17:40 through about 1:19:23 of the longer video discusses bioethics.

        1. Someone in the comments made the “point” that it’s a sheer number of vaccines, but with 4 million children born every year in the US and all of them required to have 7 vaccines in the first year, that’s 28 million vaccines just for newborns. Add in school requirements, job requirements, military and travel requirements, I would guess we approach 80 million vaccines per year, which is approximately half of the official vaccine numbers. So by that logic, the deaths for the rest of the vaccines should be in the 3000 per year range, but instead we’re looking at a high of apx 150 and that was for 2019.

          1. Once you get past the information for the first time, just skim for new headlines or new charts.


    2. vid has been removed for violating community guidelines. Knew I should have looked sooner.

    3. No way I’m going to sit through 3 1/2 hours of blather, so I went to the article in question. Lots of good points but he repeats those same points over and over, ad nauseum. He says all the problems are coincidence, which I certainly don’t agree with. All these people just made mistakes, and then had to cover for their mistakes.

      If you have 1 incompetent person out of 50, that’s a coincidence. If you have 5 incompetent people out of 50, that’s significant. If 40 of the 50 are incompetent…that’s not incompetence. It’s deliberate. Third time is enemy action?

  19. Delta variant. Followed by “epsilon” , etc… nauseum. This is just like the “Russian Collusion” game,impeachment, and all their variants. I suppose after a while it will require “vaccine variants”. Keep em coming folks, their still falling for it. Not to downplay the seriousness of Covid by any means, but this is going to be another cyclical “boogeyman” because TPTB saw how much mileage they got out of the initial pandemic. Wonder how long till people figure out they can “stop the madness” by getting rid of TPTB? I Just hope they don’t resort to violence.

  20. Who knows if there is a variant. How would ‘we’ really know? India is the most populated country. Would not be surprised if they wanted to whittle it down with evil intentions.
    Prep On and Peace and Health in your life.

    1. Mrs. U.
      we know there is a flu and it changes every year.
      from information i have read/video’s…, scientists never received a complete virus, only parts of several strains.
      Tests were manipulated according to the CDC, running many multiples of tests on same specimen to get higher reading…( was in media 2 days ago)
      The jab is the plan for reducing the worlds populations in every was manipulated so that does not have bad effect on certain ethnicities YET is extremely harsh on others.
      Those with pre existing health conditions have more issues resisting everything.Those with immune disorders, diabetes,obesity, nutritional deficiencies,all put people at greater risk of all other disease processes caused by various bacteria, fungal and virus’ . One of the best things we can do for protection is to get in as many natural nutritionals as possible and fill in the gaps of copper, zinc , selenium .

      1. Makes sense. First “hunt” gets rid of the weak in the herd. If this follows a predatory pattern they will next go after the children, before they combine against the sheep dogs. Only after the protectors are gone will they take out the herd itself.

    2. And yet, once India followed the protocol using either the malaria drug or ivermectin early on, the cases dropped to one tenth of what was originally reported.

      1. I read something about NAC being removed from market by some .gov agency decree as it has been shown to help clear mucus caused by the wuhu flu. Apparently amazon has removed it from their website.

          1. N-acetyl cysteine. Supplement that the FDA has just declared to be “dangerous.”

  21. Interesting sequence of events. India had cleared Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID. Numbers were going down sharply, they were getting back to normal. Then someone in the .gov got a burr (probably realized this was going to affect their salary/bonuses) and suddenly Ivermectin is yanked and physicians threatened if they dare prescribe it. Variant D shows up, numbers are climbing again and the world panics.

    Hm. You’d almost guess it was planned…but that’s crazy talk. : )

    I’ve been grabbing things I think might be in short supply. Socks, today. I found a dutch oven at a thrift store, so that was nice. Slowly replacing my small mouthed bottles with large mouth that I can actually fit my hand into to clean. If you don’t save your own seeds, a supply of those would probably be good. When you buy bits or bobs, by double if you can.

  22. Just for kicks I went to the CDC and found the total cases of the ‘pandemic’ 2009-2010 H1N1 flu. There were 60.8 million cases. The death rate was 12,000 and another number was 18,000. They treated the flu accordingly with what works. To save daddies, mommies, grandaddies, grandmommies, sisters, brothers, friends and all who matter to those that love them. In as short of time of 10 years, the majority in the medical community has totally made an about face in the care of we humans.
    The cases of Covid 19 as of now are, 32,884,495 cases with 594,117 deaths. Why did the medical community refuse treatment with the cheap drugs that are NOW found to be helpful in the early treatment along with some vitamins? Pushing a vaccine that is EUA. You know, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Follow the $$$$ and evil.

  23. I don’t know , but wonder about all this ” stuff ” ( another word for a four letter word that begins with s and ends with t ), if this isn’t another way for the CCP and the USSR to weaken the U.S. so they can take the U.S. over with out firing a shot or close to it. I’ve had the covid shots only because my son and daughter in law insisted, they both work in the health industry. If I hadn’t gotten the shots, then maybe I might have able to be with my wife of 48 yrs a lot sooner. She passed away 4 yrs ago of terminal brain cancer. But I’m fear for my kids, grand kids, great grand kids and who ever comes after them.

  24. I think this was mentioned a while back how the .gov would say a new variant has emerged to shutdown the causes of the jab and of course implement more control and most of more fear. This whole thing was not about a pandemic but a Feardemic. All about control. Not saying the China flu doesn’t exist.

    If I recall correctly. I read a article back in April or May when India’s cases were blowing up because of a “new” variant. However the increase of cases, hospitalizations and deaths were correlated by date to when they started implementing the jab. I’ll see if can find the article. Pretty good listed stats, timelines, etc.

    They will never let this go tell the people say enough and shut it down.


  25. I rarely comment and I hope I don’t get (cancelled?) for this one, BUT – everyone is concerned… many are upset… some are angry… and no one’s taking action (aka “bang!”) ? Curious, to say the least. Not to discourage nor inspire, just curious.

    May you all stay safe and free. Wishing the best to all.

    1. M Shannon,
      Free will is a wonderful thing. People must live with consequences of their actions.
      All those who see the danger can do is: to try to inform those WE CAN reach. Many have “drank the koolaide” and this decision can not be undone. Just can’t fix stupid! There will be a price to be paid of the pushers of experimental junk on others. Unfortunately the price will not be received by those injured for they will be dead.Yes the vax companies are exempt..but not employers who mandate and threaten those who don’t take things which are in experimental until in 2022.
      Talked to a lady last night had wuflu/months ago, still weak.. does not take immune boosters or antivirals .says” i only take what drs tell me to take”. has another complaint she thinks is unconnected- but is… re hair. i tell her what to take and she says” i’ll try that”…. WHAT?
      many are leading these people to their own deaths thru stupidity or ignorance… they will be found guilty some day… and the eternal being will judge them righteously.

      1. I agree. One of my late mother’s frequently repeated sayings was “What goes around, comes around”. I’ve seen the truth of it throughout my life.

        Odd that TPTB believe Power makes them immune. Sucks to be them, eh?

        1. It is true. That is why, ‘Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You’ is a Golden Rule. Some call it Karma.

  26. This Delta Variant has to be really deadly, any thing that can kill these Red Dot Indians is nothing to be trifled with, I mean they can urinate and defecate right in the Ganges river, dump all their dead bodies in the Ganges river, jump right in and bathe in the Ganges river, and then drink straight from the Ganges river with no ill affects, and still go home and make scam calls to America all day long, so this Delta Variant has to be one bad hombre to kill people that have built up an immunity like that. But I still ain’t getting no stinking shot! Trekker Out

  27. Far be it from me to judge, or comment, on another’s decision to take (or not take) the injection. You do what you think best. I have lost three people, close to me, after they took the injection. Brain bleeds within a month after the shot.

    I tried to caution all three……..but hell, who listens to me? It is my personal belief (MY OPINION) that the “new round” will involve ebola like symptoms / display made possible by the current shot, and a outside trigger, at a later time for the “main event.” A blood sacrifice if you will.

    For those far more astute than I, check out,

    and see if there might be a connection with the Ad26.ZEBOV,MVA-BN-Filo vaccine regimen. The fact that ebola is even mentioned in the Abstract may be telling. I just pray that folks do their own research to make a wise choice.

    With all this evil coming our way………I just wonder if my “tag” is even appropriate. IDK…..maybe TreeRat would be better. Call me what you want……..just don’t call me late for dinner.

  28. Okay, has anyone seen any data on the Novavax vaccine? It appears to be a traditional vaccine from what I have read not a mRNA type. No extra cold storage, lasts three months in a regular refrigerator, etc. They applied for an emergency use approval just this month. Could be a real vaccine?

    1. GlaxoSmithKline & Medicago have developed a plant-based vaccine that I’m watching for, still undergoing trials, seems promising (they say). I think they are using wild tobacco.

  29. If the vaccines are truly that bad there’s going to be a lot less front line and “important” people in our communities and all the preppers will be put to the test.

    1. One can wonder if the ‘elites’ really took the shot OR just had some salt water in their syringe. Information we will probably never know.

  30. Delta variant covid? Meh, I’ll get it over the gene therapy. Most of the death from covid 19 was preventable with proper treatment (zinc, D, C and ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine). The social engineers are on a roll. Having said that, I defend your liberty to get the jab. Render me the same respect.

  31. Well I will say it… IT IS THE WEAPONIZED

  32. Over at Zero-Hedge there is an interesting article, “Wuhan, weapons, and burned spies….”. Talks about a recent high level CCP counter-intelligence official that defected in February. Isn’t it funny that we are now seeing “experts” pop up and say the Covid was made in a lab in China?? Hmmm. All food for thought, all data for analysis, and of course…… scrutinize all information sources no matter who they are. All we can do is prepare for the worse case scenario…..get your natural and prophylactics’ meds ready for the next possible wave.

    1. We have known the Covid virus was lab created the moment its genome was mapped. There has never been any real doubt. Plus, this virus was used in American labs, who provided it to Canadian labs, who provided it to the Wuhan lab, after the Chinese working in the Canadian lab had already stolen it and exported it to Wuhan.

      All the talk about an accidental release by the Chinese lab is also, disinformation, which is masked by the exhibit of hospitalized lab workers from the Wuhan lab…along with all the “bat soup,” “wet market,” propaganda…and the videos of Chinese falling on their faces in public places.

      Under the unprecedented actions of the Chinese government, in reaction to this fearful pathogen, they quickly went about killing off every political dissident and counter-revolutionary in the district…a district which had been one of the most politically troubling population centers in the country. Not any more.

      The Chinese targeted counter-revolutionary persons, who always “had a temperature,” when found, and immediately told to come away with the 8 to 12, white-jacketed, “Medical” men, standing nearby, to the “hospital,” or to be safely put in “isolation.” Refusal was not allowed, and the targets were all dragged away. Some, as you know…were simply sealed in their small apartments, and forgotten….left to die from starvation, along with whomever else was in the apartment..such as their entire family.

      In the rest of the world, propaganda was used to raise the level of fear in the population, prepping them for the introduction of the fabulous, magical, “vaccine” marvel of the decade!

      And the greatest crime in all of human history was well under way….

  33. Reply to GreatGrandMom:
    If you are going to begin collecting discarded and blackened “units” The Chinese apothacary shops have already beaten you to it. They can be found on the 3rd shelf up between the bear gall bladders and the dried geckos in a big glass jar. Interesting place to go and look. No toilet paper or bottled water though…

    1. No thanks, never liked Chinese food or dead dried up stuff. So the Chinese swiped my idea before it was my idea? Spies everywhere.

  34. More than 4,000 women in the U.K. report abnormalities with their menstrual periods after covid vaccination, from both the AZ and Pfizer injections. Info over at ZeroHedge…
    (When I searched this topic online, I see its happening in the USA also. The overwhelming comments from MDs in the US are basically: “We’re not exactly sure what’s happening, but the shots are 100% safe”… “the immune system of the uterus may have been affected, but there’s nothing to worry about… “)

    1. dbd,
      That seems to be the stock reply to all inquiries right now… we’re looking into it, not sure there a connection between all of these things and a jab… but we assure you it’s safe and it’s a bigger risk to not get it… blah, blah, blah… nothing to see here.

      The more they insist the further in I’m digging my heels on not getting a jab. WAY too many coincidences that are being dismissed. And that big emergency meeting of the CDC that was supposed to be last Friday (except it was declared the new Holiday and postponed)… about all those young men with heart issues… but you know… same reply to those questions. And the 4 BA pilots who died. Deny, deny, deny.

  35. Good call Ken. Found this on ZH.

    Vaccines Exhibit “Reduced Efficacy” Against “Delta” Variant, WHO Doctor Warns

    As the mutant COVID-19 strain known as “Delta” picks up steam across Europe and the US, one of the WHO’s leading doctors has just expressed concern about recent research published in the Lancet showing that the first generation of COVID-19 vaccines aren’t as effective at protecting against “Delta”.

    I’m sure President Applesauce for brains will come out with a new push for booster jabs and new mandates to shutdown because not enough comrades have taken the jab.


  36. My state is opening back up this coming Weds (6/30/21) and…my unit is still attached and no 2nd head has sprouted up yet. I gonna go watch the Sci-Fi channel now.

  37. Last time I tried to post this information, the computer ate my homework.😣
    There is a lady Peggy Hall, her back ground with the alphabetic additions is rather extensive. I have heard her on one of the local radio programs speak about this subject.
    If you look her up you will find where she states laws that you can claim, one of them being: 18 USC Section 242. You can find more under Health American, it is not a dot com for your information. Hope this small amount of information helps all of us.

  38. So.. what happened to b and c.
    Bravo and Charlie?
    Will there be an Echo, Foxtrot variant because.. that sounds cool.
    I have foxtrots, would that even work?

    What about Golf, even Hotel??
    I’ve got Golf today!

    India is somehow appropriate.

    Just tired of the fear porn, the left is falling over every single word.

    1. Horse,
      Yeah, those medical types like using Greek letters, instead of comms phonetics. Guess it sounds more mysterious. Lambda has already been assigned, guess it sounds better than the “Lima Variant “, Lol.

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