People Not Disinfecting Shopping Cart Handles (Yet) | Here’s Why…

shopping cart handle

I have been out to “the store” several times during the unfolding covid-19 coronavirus situation. One glaring issue that I’ve seen has to do with shopping cart handles.

Each time I have observed zero effort by the patrons to mitigate catching this virus at the locations I’ve visited. One might wonder why. Especially since one of the most important things you can do for prevention IS SO RIDICULOUSLY EASY.

Here’s what I mean…

The grocery store has a large dispenser of disinfecting wipes, immediately inside of the sliding door entrance. It’s right there. First thing. Before you get to the shopping carts / carriages.

As the sliding doors open, I reach over to the right, pull out a disinfectant wipe, and then walk over to the carriages. I yank a cart out of the stack (I always get the one with a ‘flat tire’ or squeaky wheel, or the one that pulls to the right).

The first thing I do is wipe down that shopping cart handle all around and across. It takes 3 – 5 seconds to do this. I drop the used wipe into the trash receptacle which is right there. Then I roll into the store.

I have not observed anyone, ever, (yet) during the moments that I’m near the front door there.

Why are people NOT using disinfecting wipes on grocery store carts?

I can tell you why. Because it is not socially acceptable (yet). What do I mean by that? I mean these people feel ‘uncomfortable’. They don’t want to feel like others are looking at them strangely for wiping down the cart handle. Because “no one else is doing it”. (yet).

You know what I say? You’re an idiot if you don’t do that. People are such sheep.

Until “enough” people begin disinfecting their carriage / shopping cart handles, the majority won’t do it. They need to “see” enough others doing it first. If you ask me, that’s weird. But I’m pretty sure that’s why…


Even without the coronavirus going around. Imagine all the invisible crud on those handles from the countless others before you? Yuck.

Here’s another example. But this time it has to do with:

People Not Using Hand Sanitizer in Public Places Where It’s Right There To Use

This comment is from our “Peanut” here on MSB:

My last trip out was yesterday. I finally got the call that my glasses were in. I had to sit there waiting for about 20 minutes.

I kept my hands clasped in my lap so I wouldn’t touch anything.

While there I saw that they had put 2 bottles of hand sanitizer on the counter for people to use.

During that time, not one person used them. I watched the staff continually touch their faces and eyes. Considering that the eye doctor in China that first raised the alarm died, I was surprised to see these people so oblivious to the current situation.

Then I hear last night that we now have confirmed cases in our state with about 200 or so asked to self quarantine. I’m done.

~ Peanut

This article is a place-holder for you to tell your stories and observations of others in public who are not taking precautions. What are you seeing?

As the coronavirus situation gets worse, no doubt more will be observed using the available disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizers. But one wonders — when will these walking sheeple wake up to better hygiene habits while at these stores, or anywhere like this…? Sheeesh…

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  1. I’m seeing people not washing their hands after use the bathroom and this was at Quick chek

    1. Did you see the picture of the guys legs while he’s sitting on the toilet 🚽 and in front of him sitting on the floor is a food delivery service bag

      1. SO gross!!

        It reminds me of one many us of forget though: wipe down your cellphones!

        You would be surprised how many conversations I overhear in public restrooms. Maybe it is just ladies…..but I think cellphones go everywhere now, and people do not think to clean them. Nasty…..and since this lives so long on surfaces, something we should all be doing.

        1. Adrian. I’ve been cleaning cash machines whenever I use one and fuel pump handles people look at you

    2. I saw that too at my local grocery store, I contacted the manager asap.

    3. I use them to wipe the cart handles when I go in and to wipe my hands off after touching those nasty key pads on my way out. I also keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer that I use after opening doors in the frozen food isles…..

      1. A couple of markets where I shop at here in China don’t even have wipes for the carts. So, I just wear gloves when shopping. Yeah, no wipes or disinfectant of any kind but they are crazy about making sure people wear masks even though the masks available don’t protect you from crap. I’ve noticed the lack of hand washing after using the bathroom is horrendous here. Heck, the hospital I frequent (dure to an injury) doesn’t even have a soap dispenser. So, you want soap? Bring your own. I stayed in the hospital for a week back in January and the rooms didn’t have soap either. Again, you want soap? Bring your own with you. Before entering the hospital they take your temp and get some personal info. They have some spray bottles to spray your hands. I usually spray my hands real good when leaving after I wash off my hands. Last week I sprayed my hands and it was just plain water. There was zero disinfectant in the bottle. This is at a hospital, yes a hospital. They do have a few people in isolation with COVD. They are more worried about people having masks on than cleanliness which is one of the best ways to help prevent getting any bug.

    4. People are just nasty when not in sight of the public. Makes a person not want to eat out!

  2. You get the look like your an idiot and in the way when you take the time do do it
    I have seen a couple other people do it but not many

    1. My husband has to say let’s wipe down hepatitis and get rid of it. He wants everyone to hear this and think about what they touch.

      1. Sheri – Hepatitis is a 4-syllable word. The people of Walmart and others who most need to hear it, will think you are speaking a foreign language.

        1. – tmcgyver,
          That’s why they are referred to as Walmartians! Ever listen to the language they speak?
          – Papa S.

        2. That’s why we called it Hep C. I get a guy in triage covered in tattoos and ask him if he ever had any medical prolbems and he says no. Then I ask him, “No hepatitis?” Then he goes oh yeah, “I’ve got Hep C but it isn’t a problem”. Yet.

    2. I usually use a couple of wipes when shopping in the US. The first wipes to get the dirt and grime off the handle and metal railings. Then the next wipes to clean properly. The first wipes always are brown when done. I am not a germaphobe by any stretch but geeze, some people are disgusting. I’m sure everyone has seen a person wipe their nose with their fingers then go right back to the cart handle and continue shopping without even thinking about what they just did.

  3. Admittedly, I have just started doing this, by the time this adventure is over, it will be second nature. Kind of like seat belts, I never wore them until I had a CJ, canvas doors will make you reconsider that quickly!

  4. I’ve worn gloves in a store, nitrile are not very noticeable and our local produce stocker wears them.

  5. I’ve several bottles of germ x hand sanitizer dated 2013, never opened. If never opened the 62% etheyl alcohol shouldn’t have evaporated and it’s been kept indoors. Do you have reason to suspect the ethyl alcohol has weakened over the the years and if yes, can I boost these dated unopened bottles with fresh ethyl or isopropyl alcohol? And how much?

    1. Believe GermX is a brand offered through Lowe’s; in any event, my understanding is the current recommendation is 70%. Further, I would not risk using 7-year old sanitizer unless a last resort as its potency may be reduced notwithstanding its storage conditions.

      1. The alcohol will retain its strength unopened. I would use some ..maybe 1/4th and top off with 91%., shake very well… Just me… Just what i would do.. Peroxide will not once opened.. when using peroxide/ for cleaning vegetables etc.. one should always collapse the bottle so as little air remains inside as possible.

    2. Alcohol will evaporate out of plastic bottles over a looong period of time. I have small (airplane bottle) size liquor bottles that I looked at after 20 years and the plastic bottles were far from full while the glass bottles were still full.

      I opened a plastic bottle and drank it – no alcohol (didn’t taste very good) I opened a glass bottle and it was fine.

      I don’t think 7 years would make a great difference if it is still full, but it wouldn’t hurt to spike it.

  6. We just came back from the store and so I washed my hands and then took the food out of the bag and on the counter and then to the shelf. That is when I should’ve washed my hands.

  7. I’m in west Texas and was surprised when I visited Costco last week that an employee was at the door wiping the cart handles as we went in. That was very kind of them to think of that.

  8. Another one is gas pumps – i use napkins when I pump gas and touch the key pad!

  9. I’ve never really paid attention to what other people are doing when they get their carts. We have a system. My dh gets the cart and I grab the wipes. He cleans his hands with one wipe and I clean the handle of the cart with the other. Used wipes are thrown in trash. I grab a few more wipes to hold in my hands as I walk through the store. This reminds me not to touch my face. When we exit the store I grab a few more wipes. We clean our hands, the door handle of the car and the steering wheel. Then we disinfect our hands again with hand sanitizer. My dh is in a high risk category and I have a compromised immune system (thyroid disease).

    I have noticed that most people do not wash their hands correctly. They wash their hands and then touch the faucet to turn off the water, thus reinfecting their hands.

  10. A lot of people here wipe down their carts, myself included. I also do all around the top edges of the cart because I’m always pulling it out of the way by the top front edge or the top of the sides as I’m looking on the shelves. I did stop today to notice every store around here uses Purell wipes in their dispensers at the front of the stores. I used their wipe, then pulled a Clorox one out of my pocket (in a baggie) and did the cart all over again. Hit about 4 stores today for last minute items. Tomorrow is hardware store (the big orange HD). We still have to venture north to pickup our pig from the butcher on Mon or Tuesday of next week. Then that’s it.

    Here’s what I noticed in our area: Still pretty well stocked, no real panic buying. Bleach and disinfectants (wipes) low, but shelves have been restocked with dry beans of all kinds at the grocery stores. Scored some favorites. Rice is low. Cold meds half gone. Vitamins fully stocked. I picked up lots of vit C for us and a few others. We have plenty of Vit D. I did notice garden seed stocks were depleted. I was looking for poblano peppers (got one pack). Also here people are really stocking up on animal feed mostly. Chick days are here and they go quickly. Gone by late morning according to staff.

    We have been having serious discussions about self isolating here, tho my DH is NOT happy about it. Also been getting calls from some family about them ‘visiting’ us before it all goes crazy out there. I think it’s too late. Covid-19 is just about everywhere I think by now although not everyone is showing symptoms. Here we go.

    Bottom line: My faith and trust is in the Lord.

  11. Have used them for years, but I’m a cancer survivor. I actually carry my own for places that do not have wipes. Gas pumps was mentioned above–i do that too! And I have a “purse” Lysol, a mini size bottle for spraying surfaces, like my bag, steering wheel, shift. I have stepped it up to lining the cart with a wipe *if* need to put my bag in it as well.

    Swear I do not have a clinical OCD diagnosis. Just trying to stay well with a compromised immune system. I wash everything, change clothes and shower immediately when home. You name it, I do it. I still get sick most years, but it helps.

    Observations? Most people where I live are not taking this seriously. They were out hacking all over the place last week. “Just a cold, flu, etc!” We have cases. We had people decide not to observe the suggested quarantine and go to a party. (I’m in NH too.). I made the decision a few days ago to stay home as much as possible, so it is possible things could be shifting. It doesn’t seem it from social media feed, and what I hear from friends and family. People still going on cruises, flying everywhere, etc.

    1. I am also a cancer survivor and have COPD and have to pay attention to not getting the FLU which also helps not to get the Corona virus. I have Purell everywhere and use it.
      We shop at Walmart and I see almost everyone using their wipes but at other food stores they don’t have anything to use.

  12. Always wipe my cart…today went for some fresh items….wore gloves in the store, took them off after my stuff was bagged and changed em before I loaded my car. put on more to bring them into the house…..unloaded and washed my hands several times. I got a few looks at the store but I don’t care

    1. Just Brad
      Did you sanitize the food products before you placed the into the cupboards?

      It has been an on going discussion about leaving said items outside if possible to give the products & bags time to clear any pathogen’s from the baggers to those who stock the shelves. Even thought about placing the food bags inside of trash bags. This way you do not contaminate the inside of the vehicle, unless you are putting it in your trunk.
      An idea to give you for a jic

      1. Exactly!!! Wiping everything down is all well in good but if you don’t carry it out all the way your still setting yourself up for contamination. Even worse in NYS we don’t have disposable bags anymore. Only paper and reusable which has been recently shown to harbor all sorts of nasties.

      2. Sitting on make shift saw horse table in the garage sprayed with Lysol.

  13. I’ve been paying more attention to who does and doesn’t wipe down their carts for the past couple months. I’ve seen most (but not all) older women (i’d say over 50/60 yrs old) do a wipe down going into the store. I rarely see men do it. I’ve never seen someone who looks under 30 do it, not even once. I’d say it’s about 50/50 for women in the 30-50 year-old range.

    I did an early morning run to my local market this morning. I wiped down my cart as a man about 30-ish glanced at me, kind of rolled his eyes, and walked by me. By the way, the store was of course sold out of hand sanitizers plus all strengths of rubbing alcohol were gone. Pump bottles of hand soap were also very low (I have to wonder if some people grabbed them thinking they were like hand sanitizers – people just don’t always pay attention, right?). Signs going up to limit water purchases. TP about half gone.

    As I was coming out of the store, people were starting to pour in. I was glad I made that last big run early.

    1. An interesting nuance to the cart wipe-down is the “contact/kill time” in connection with the relevant agent utilized (spray, wipe, etc.,). Just food for thought!

  14. Live in Omaha. 1st case for someone infected in community for 8 days after travel to UK. I travel from here to NW Illinois frequently. I keep disinfectant wipes and spray in vehicle and take a wipe with me into stores to thoroughly wipe handle and “seat” where I will put shopping bags and purse. Also wipe my hands after leaving store if I didn’t use the restroom and wash them there. At one store, the underside of the handle felt crusty – yuck. Every store today including the office supply store had a customer in freak out mode because they were out of hand sanitizer. TP aisle looked like a riot had occurred. Facial tissue, canned chicken, rice and beans were the other bare spots on shelves as well as brand name bleach. Being someone well stocked, I was amused. The 50 rolls of TP on hand January 1 doesn’t seem so excessive now. No one was keeping a distance. I have spring allergies and coughed a few times. I was surprised no one ran away or looked at me sideways.

      1. Just Saying
        I agree. With a wife, one daughter, son-in-law, and two granddaughters to help provide for, I’ve got some where north of 1000 rolls and buying more. My wife and I went to Sam’s (in central Mississippi) tonight and the store was well stocked. Rice and TP were the only items that appeared to be low. I’m seeing a lot of people using wipes on the carts also.

    1. Mamalark,
      I too have seasonal allergies. Getting bad right now with tree pollen ,way too early BTW.
      Was blowing my nose this am ( no choice)at store and no one even looked at me. Said to one lady who was near that it was allergies and she said ” people are just way to worried about this cold thingy”

      1. Same here in southern Ky. My teeth hurt all day yesterday, and half day today had small cough and sniffles..but clear fluid, so no sinus infection.
        OUr bradford pears are budding/blooming and my oriental peach has huge buds ready to flower.

    2. Heres a lightbulb going off idea:

      The same sanitizing wipe dispenser that is in the entrance way of the store as you walk in, is also there as you walk out.

      Ive started to not only wipe hands and the cart as i walk in, but grab a couple fresh wipes as i leave! I use these on the door handle of my vehicle then my hands, then on the steering wheel of the car as I am pulling out. Not a lot of wasted movement in the doing, but perhaps a worthy thing to mention.

  15. The Costco shopping trip this past Monday, this store does not have wipes when you enter. It is my habit is that I carry my own wipes in zip lock bag. Although I had latex gloves on, neighbor had sanitizer for her hands. We were the only people who thought to clean the carts out of 40-50 people who entered this business.

    Cash & Carry those push carts are in use all the time. Filthy!! It can take 2-3 wipes cleaning the push bar before feel it is sanitized. Even at that, I still wear latex gloves using their cart in the store. Have had strange looks as I leave the dirty cloth on the bar as a reminder to others how dirty these can be at any given time. Especially when pushing it through this restaurant supply store.

    WinCo last time I was in there they did not have wipes available, so I would bring my own. Was the only one who thought of cleaning the cart before shopping. After seeing a mother let her sick kid chew/drool on the handle bar. Refuse to go into that store any longer, tired of picking up gunk from those who do not take care of their own health, let alone their off spring.

  16. My local store has those wipes set up at the entrance.
    I’ve only seen a very small handful of folks use them and I compliment the ones that do!

  17. If you want to keep people away from you in stores get one of the
    battery operated fart machines.Just hit the button a few times and you’ll
    have that aisle to yourself.
    If there any kids around it’s fun to blame it on them.

  18. Went to grocery today, the employee that retrieves carts from the parking lot– brought in a bunch of carts– no gloves, parked the carts and went into store
    This is a managerial problem!
    Told the store manager what I saw.

  19. Well….
    First thing I did was give out a big LOL on reading this article.
    I thought I was the only one that grabbed the tweaked shopping cart nobody wants…
    Occasionally I may see someone wipe down a cart.
    Last Sunday….I witnessed a lady do a thorough wipe down…..
    Yep, mine.
    I just trolled around…..hands in my coat pockets….. observing.
    I dislike shopping

  20. We were at Costco and Winco the other day and both stores had handi- wipes at the door ,about half of the folks used them. At our local clinic this morning, they had a large sign for ALL to use the sanitizer just inside the door.They also had face masks available.
    My son heads a surgery department at a regional hospital, they have sanitizer for use but they removed the face masks because people were stealing them box and all.

  21. Smart and Final didn’t even have wipes available to clean my cart! Also limiting bottles of water to 4 and had NO sanitizer or Clorox wipes!!!
    I have to be in VEGAS next week would you be concerned about staying in a casino hotel right now? Any extra precautions I can take (besides not going) ? 😭

    1. Shawn –

      Next week? Brother, I’ve got a major trade show in Vegas, the first week of May – and I’ve got cold feet about going. All I can really say in the positive is that large casinos do make a hearty effort at disinfecting the property on a regular schedule. But just being around so many people is probably your bigger concern. If your job depends on it, do what ya gotta do. But if it’s optional, I’d stay home.

    2. Shawn, find one of the antivirals.. elderberry, colloidal silver, lomatium, oil of oregano are the most common.. take q 4-6 hours for 2 days before going and while on trip. then continue as a daily for preventative..

      1. Thanks so much I will do that! Was it ever determined if Elderberry/Colloidal would cause issues with the cytokine storm in the body? I’d like to stock up on both. Thanks for the advice. I’m gonna look up Lomatium!

  22. Last time I was in Safeway folks lined up with their carts at the wipe station. Didn’t see anyone bypass the opportunity to wipe cart handle. Perhaps just peer pressure?

    1. Anony me:
      Ok folks lining up for the “wipe down station”
      So how do they push the cart to the wipe down station?????

      1. NRP

        I grab a cart, use wipes on my hands, then more on the cart handle. Not perfect, but better than nothing.

        Also use self checkout so only I handle bags and receipt, and two fewer people touch my stuff. The guy who retrieves the carts from the parking lot is also a bagger.

  23. I carry nitrile gloves for shopping and gas pumps. Might seem weird but I don’t care, how many people a day touch either.

  24. How many of you wipe down all around the edge of the cart? The basket edge?. Lady was watching me do just that and asked me why. Well how many times have you grabbed the cart by the basket to move it out of the way? Or pulled it down the aisle a bit by the basket area? Bingo, light went on and she said never thought about that, just did the handle. She got another wipe out and did the rim of the basket area too. I’ve been doing that for a couple of years now. Always got strange looks too. Guess I’m not so silly now LOL

    1. grannyo
      Yes, I do that same thing when it comes to cleaning the cart.

  25. Ken must get the same cart that I do, Ha!
    I went to the store. Wore my Tyvex suit, P100 non-ventilated respirator, face mask, and swim goggles. Should have seen the looks as I fogged my cart! For some reason, I had plenty of room. No one else in sight! Ha! Levity!!! 😊
    On the more serious side, how many people grab a door handle without a second thought? Not all stores, restaurants, etc. have automatic doors. Some of them can be pushed open. But sooner or later, you’re probably gonna come across one that has been contaminated by a kazillion germ laden hands, and you’ll have to pull the door in order to open it to pull out your sterilized (sarc) shopping cart.

    1. It’s Russian roulette with the virus.
      Clean and sanitize everything diligently …than the kids return from the school petri dish ruining all that work.
      Or sanitizing everything and than latter exchanging paper money buying prepper supplies.
      You give $20 and get back $5 in paper plague money and a few cans of beans.

      It’s pure madness

      1. Please stick to one alias name. You’ve been switching within several. Thanks.

        1. doesn’t always post so I change a letter or number and it’s good to go.

      2. ahh yes we now have a 16 year old petri dish living with us. Have been insulated from school germs for many years. I buy those small alcohol squares they use to wipe your arm before a shot/needle is inserted. I give him those to wipe his PHONE appendage down with. They are handy little packets to have and not very expensive. Use them also for remote controls and such.

  26. We are cart wipers and I always have them in my purse. When at CVS the other day I noticed how the card reader was filthy. In the pharmacy. So let us not forget the card readers. I miss my candied ginger you get in the bins with the scoops. Will not touch a scoop right now for nothing. But I have to say the veggies the cracker boxes and all boxes, milk, butter and sooooo many items it feels a bit hopeless to be absolute. sigh

  27. I try and keep pencils ✏️ in the car when they get pretty short and use the eraser end to push the buttons on the touch pad

    1. Exactly!!! Wiping everything down is all well in good but if you don’t carry it out all the way your still setting yourself up for contamination. Even worse in NYS we don’t have disposable bags anymore. Only paper and reusable which has been recently shown to harbor all sorts of nasties.

  28. Maybe we are looking at this wrong
    Maybe we should park by one of the carts 🛒 left outside and then we can spray it down good in the parking lot before going into the store

  29. I’ve also noticed this, Ken, at Kroger specifically. But at Whole Foods and Fresh Market, I’d say it’s mostly (or almost) the norm to wipe down your cart. I’m a bit of a weirdo, though. I don’t just pull out a large swath of them — 3 or 4 still attached — no, once I finish wiping down the main handle and the seat, I keep the dirty side hanging off the handle, position it in the middle and place both hands on top using it as a barrier (remember, it’s 3 or 4 wipes long) between my hands and the actual cart. I try my best to keep one hand on it at all times so it doesn’t slip off. And I don’t give a hoot who’s judging me! Now my husband? He wipes down the entire frame of the cart as well as the inside! Naturally, he gets ALL the looks!

    I’ve just come to realize that people are generally filthy over all. This was confirmed when a few years ago I began noticing people at Whole Foods reach their dirty little paws into bags of grapes or cherries or packages of blueberries and, without missing a beat, helped themselves to a free meal. I approached one of them and told her how downright disgusting her behavior was and she looked at me like I had three heads.

  30. We had fish dinner with friends at a local, small place on a Friday evening. Each table had a container of hand sanitizer next to the napkins and ketchup.

    1. Wolfgar as an avid people watcher IF you really want to know how many times you touch your face get a Jalapeno pepper and a plastic bag. Cut it open and rub all your finger tips in the seeds. Whenever you touch a Mucus Membrane where viruses enter your body (that includes your “Junk”) YOU WILL KNOW about it.

      Why put that pepper in a bag? So every time you wash your hands properly you can reapply the pepper oils for further learning AND BTW Excellent TRAINING to STOP touching your face BEFORE washing your hands.

      I done this and it is really amazing how many times I’ve felt the “Burn” from that pepper. If you learn how to stop touching BEFORE washing your hands properly AND IF you are getting that pepper oil off YOU ARE Washing properly you will be much better off in this Years long Marathon of COVID 19 and mutations.

  31. Before them the father pushes a shopping cart filled with blankets, cans of food and a few other assets, like jars of lamp oil or gasoline siphoned from the tanks of abandoned vehicles—the cart is equipped with a bicycle mirror so that they will not be surprised from behind.

    Through encounters with other survivors brutal, desperate or pathetic, the father and son are both hardened and sustained by their will, their hard-won survivalist savvy, and most of all by their love for each other. They struggle over mountains, navigate perilous roads and forests reduced to ash and cinders, endure killing cold and freezing rainfall.

    Now that’s a prepper shopping cart!

  32. was at publix yesterday and I counted no less than five medical personal wearing scrubs and carrying a stethiscope on their neck or in their pocket. As a medic we were taught that was one of the worse thing you could do. WE ARE SCREWED

  33. Didn’t go to church today,the Methodist congregation can’t let go of the meet & greet passing of the peace hugging,shaking hands and blessing each face to face.
    75% of the congregation is over 60.
    Last week a woman of forty was hacking her lungs on everyone in the front pew.
    Than got up to receive communion,the first to pick the center of the bread before it was passed
    I was livid and almost went postal.
    I could have burned a hole in her head with my angry laser eyes.
    I just don’t have the heart of courage to go up to the pulpit and tell everyone to….

    “WAKE UP”

    The pastor is totally oblivious and just goes through the motions with dry scripted sermons anyway.
    The church could be on fire but they would continue to do the same.

  34. We went to church today and were all ready to set up for Communion, when we found out the pastor had decided to cancel it due to the virus.

    After church, we went to Costco to pick up a rotisserie chicken . It was surprisingly not nearly as busy as most other Sundays we’ve gone. There was an employee at the entrance wiping down every person’s cart handle as they went in.

    1. Going for a urban woodland hike, a sewage treatment plant turned into acres of lush forest .
      Just proving humans can give back to the creator.
      I know brick & mortar believers frown upon nature, seeking God under the forest canopy is pure paganism .
      But that’s about the only place I can disconnect between from this bizarre human reality.I sit outside every morning with coffee and listen to the songs of the birds,
      If the human race would all die off tomorrow those birds would still sing those morning songs….maybe a tad radioactive from failing to properly shut down hundreds of nuclear plants but a two headed song bird might not be such a bad thing.

      Sorry…just virus gallows humor

    2. My pastor said that we should not be afraid of holding hands etc during service. Hmm…

      1. aka
        Fine, you have your latex gloves on before,during & after the service.

      2. aka
        Not upset with you but your minister saying it was ok to hold hands, with the normal flu/colds and now the big bug of all. Guess I would be skipping that part, or using wipes on my hands when being held as a barrier.
        Yes, I am a germaphobe! One to many times in an ER, hospital for weeks, to months.

        1. I told a couple of friends there today that if this gets any worse I will watch from home (it is taped)but for now I have hand cleaner and will be limiting/avoiding all the hugs and hand holding. Yeah, surprised me. I was expecting he would say more the opposite.

      3. aka, wife and I went to church today and the first thing I see upon entering church, no holy water, just a sign “due to flu virus holy water removed”. Then, priest say’s no hand shaking and no wine for communion due to flu virus, just bow your heads to each other”. Wife and I decided not to partake in holy communion because of everything going on.

      4. aka wear gloves and wash your hands. It’s SO Easy to touch your eyes-face even with now dirty gloves on.

        Your pastor is likely a fine person but not well informed about the dangers of this current nightmare “Flu” aka COVID19.

        If someone says something about “But God says….”

        Tell them Proverbs 22:3 New International Version (NIV)

        The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.

        New Living Translation says it better for diseases:

        A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

        1. Thanks! I am writing that down for future reference. I am a terrible face toucher. Chronic sinus and allergies so rub eyes and nose without even realizing it.

        2. aka/me2….great proverb…

 the face touching…me too. I make a big effort to cut back. stop. saw a suggestion to hold a wipe in each hand, this is not something one wants/likes on one’s face, so helps to stop. If not wipe in hand, I often hold my hands clenched behind my back, or make a point of sticking in my pockets.

  35. As I entered a Wal Mart in Wichita, KS this evening there was a large group (mebbe 10-12) of young african american men dressed pretty much gangsta style who were literally blocking the entrance way to the store as they meticulously wiped down first their hands, then their shopping carts with the sanitizing wipes. I was favorably impressed! I did notice a grandmother-ish woman presiding, and thanked God for her leadership in mentoring these young men on doing the right thing. If the lessons take surely they will be more likely to survive a pandemic than others! Gotta admit, it seemed extraordinary to me to be watching this under the circumstances given cultural expectations, but I give them huge credit for executing these measures before the problem is widespread. (Only one coronavirus case in Kansas, just announced yesterday). Anyway, please stay safe y’all!

  36. Shopping cart handles well yes but think about this situation. Did you go to your gym to work out for an hour, lift those weights and ride those exercise bicycles and hold those handle bars tight. Wasn’t it really crowded today?

    Now, let’s go to work by city mass transit, bus or subway. Today’s lunch was so good but after lunch I was grossed out listening to the guy setting on the toilet seat next door sneezing. But I am sure my toliet seat was safe or was it. Today, I will take a cab home – perhaps the cabbie will let me use one of the N95 masks he keeps on the front seat.

    Oh, how we do expose ourselves without thinking about it.

    1. And all that which you said, and much more, will couple with the highly contagious factor of covid-19. Normalcy bias can be extremely difficult to overcome.

    2. You can buy a oversized belt phone holster (black canvas type), A small pump sanitizer bottle fits perfectly .
      Like the Wild Wild West .
      Will try today as I work around so many people.

  37. Wally w. Couple days ago, cashier coughing into hand , touching everything she put in our bags I verbally said Really? Cleaned things up at home best we could.have lost Much money in stock market, still plunging. First case corona in our state last week , now student in a school 70 miles away pos. Shut school down to clean, yes right.I think this it, teotwawki.

  38. Approximately 18 years ago , we had a speaker from a well known A/C manufacturing company . Come to do seminar on the contagions involved in working on a/c and refrigeration equipment .
    It covered covered mold, mildew, algae, viruses, ect. , indeed it was an eye opener. And then spending over 20 years working in the supermarket refrigeration industry. I have pretty much seen it all, taking the precautions most of you have discussed above. Are a wise move regardless of what the current events.
    If you follow these recommendations, you will benefit with fewer colds and flu events. Any place that you share with people that do not take these precautions. You are at risk.
    Stay safe,
    Be well.
    Be nice to each other.

  39. I have been doing this for a while, occasionally I get “looks” then ignored.
    No big deal.
    The baskets take me about15 seconds to wipe all edges and handles.

    Recently the disinfectant wipe dispenser is empty, 3 of the last 5
    times I went to the store, annoying.

  40. Forgot to mention, one single person I noticed last week was the only one I have seen wearing a surgical type mask so far.
    Central WI

  41. If you think about it, how much good does it do unless you wipe it every time that you put something in the cart.
    Or wipe down everything that you put into the cart?
    If you are that concerned then just wear a pair of latex or whatever gloves when shopping.
    The RO of fear is much greater than the virus itself.

    1. CR while wiping down the cart helps I watch folks handle lots of stuff on the shelves before putting one item in the cart.

      While gloves help, every item in the store was handled by people.

      I put my shopping on a tarp outside the house for a little fresh air and sunshine.

      I figure every little bit helps.

  42. Here people have always wiped the cart handles. Probably the last 10 years or so I’d say 80% of the people wipe the handle. Doesn’t matter because the cart is always gross also.

    You don’t see them wipe their hands after the keypad at checkout. Maybe 1 in 80 do that.

    I am a weird person and bring nitrile gloves for pumping gas. Dominant hand only.

  43. If you have to wash with soap and running water for more than 20 seconds to effectively clean your hands, what effect would wiping down a cart with a dry cloth have? Wouldn’t you have to douse it with an anti bacterial and then wipe it down or scrub for more than 20 seconds?

    I’m not trying to be rude, I’m asking because I don’t know.

    1. William,
      We’re talking about ‘wet’ disinfectant wipes, not a dry cloth. Most stores should or do have them near their shopping carts. Hope that helps you understand…

  44. We sit for an entire shift most times in the lobby washing carts off and people will still wipes them with a wipe. It’s the most mind draining job to stand in one place, standing, wiping carts over and over and you guys don’t even appreciate it. You will even come in and grab one then sit it in front of the clean ones. So we have to wedge between carts to clean it. I honestly don’t care if you guys get wiped carts. I hate doing this more than being outside for long periods getting buggies in the heat. Ready for COVID to be over.

    1. @AWorker,
      I, for one, appreciate it. Don’t lump us all into one assumption. Also, just to give you some encouragement, if you don’t like your present job, start looking for one that you might enjoy. I know, easier said than done… Just a thought. Things only happen if YOU make it happen. Start looking…

    2. Nobody is forcing you to work that job, if you cant handle it im sure there are dozens of others who will

    3. AWorker – Did you have this same job before covid? If so, what were your duties and when covid is over will you get to go back to them?

    4. AWorker,

      Never had a job that didn’t have some downsides and aggravations. Unless you’re being paid by the cart…’re getting paid by the hour to perform a task….if the job involves interacting with the public……dealing with a few rude, inconsiderate people is unavoidable….self centered people abound……the fact you have a job garners my respect…….

  45. Was in Costco today and saw a nice developmentally challenged young man disinfecting door handles on the coolers and freezers. Bravo Costco.

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