People Not Disinfecting Shopping Cart Handles (Yet) | Here’s Why…

shopping cart handle

I have been out to “the store” several times during the unfolding covid-19 coronavirus situation. One glaring issue that I’ve seen has to do with shopping cart handles.

Each time I have observed zero effort by the patrons to mitigate catching this virus at the locations I’ve visited. One might wonder why. Especially since one of the most important things you can do for prevention IS SO RIDICULOUSLY EASY.

Here’s what I mean…

The grocery store has a large dispenser of disinfecting wipes, immediately inside of the sliding door entrance. It’s right there. First thing. Before you get to the shopping carts / carriages.

As the sliding doors open, I reach over to the right, pull out a disinfectant wipe, and then walk over to the carriages. I yank a cart out of the stack (I always get the one with a ‘flat tire’ or squeaky wheel, or the one that pulls to the right).

The first thing I do is wipe down that shopping cart handle all around and across. It takes 3 – 5 seconds to do this. I drop the used wipe into the trash receptacle which is right there. Then I roll into the store.

I have not observed anyone, ever, (yet) during the moments that I’m near the front door there.

Why are people NOT using disinfecting wipes on grocery store carts?

I can tell you why. Because it is not socially acceptable (yet). What do I mean by that? I mean these people feel ‘uncomfortable’. They don’t want to feel like others are looking at them strangely for wiping down the cart handle. Because “no one else is doing it”. (yet).

You know what I say? You’re an idiot if you don’t do that. People are such sheep.

Until “enough” people begin disinfecting their carriage / shopping cart handles, the majority won’t do it. They need to “see” enough others doing it first. If you ask me, that’s weird. But I’m pretty sure that’s why…


Even without the coronavirus going around. Imagine all the invisible crud on those handles from the countless others before you? Yuck.

Here’s another example. But this time it has to do with:

People Not Using Hand Sanitizer in Public Places Where It’s Right There To Use

This comment is from our “Peanut” here on MSB:

My last trip out was yesterday. I finally got the call that my glasses were in. I had to sit there waiting for about 20 minutes.

I kept my hands clasped in my lap so I wouldn’t touch anything.

While there I saw that they had put 2 bottles of hand sanitizer on the counter for people to use.

During that time, not one person used them. I watched the staff continually touch their faces and eyes. Considering that the eye doctor in China that first raised the alarm died, I was surprised to see these people so oblivious to the current situation.

Then I hear last night that we now have confirmed cases in our state with about 200 or so asked to self quarantine. I’m done.

~ Peanut

This article is a place-holder for you to tell your stories and observations of others in public who are not taking precautions. What are you seeing?

As the coronavirus situation gets worse, no doubt more will be observed using the available disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizers. But one wonders — when will these walking sheeple wake up to better hygiene habits while at these stores, or anywhere like this…? Sheeesh…

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