Ebola Biological Warfare – A Pandemic Nightmare


While you may not know it (this is not reported widely), the wost ever Ebola outbreak is sweeping through west Africa and is apparently raging out of control – while the worst news is that the virus may spill out of Africa into other continents – as exemplified by one of the latest to possibly have been struck by the deadly virus.

The head doctor who was tasked with containing the virus has himself apparently contracted it – while in a ‘megacity’ of 21 million people (Lagos, Nigeria). The thing is, he collapsed on arrival at Lagos airport from Liberia. The man (in his 40’s) is currently being tested.

Keyword: AIRPORT

If indeed it is confirmed that he has been infected (Update: he died from Ebola), the scramble will now begin to find and quarantine any and all other people he may have been in contact with in recent weeks, in a city of over 20 million – the world’s fourth most populous city.

And where things get really dicey is if any of those infected people were among the passengers who were at the Lagos airport at the time, and somehow managed to get on a plane in the last few days and departed for destinations unknown…

While recently reading a zerohedge.com article of the Ebola outbreak, I was again reminded of the high risk we face regarding an invisible and very deadly enemy – a pandemic.

“There are direct flights daily from Lagos to NYC. It won’t take long to experience hell in this country if Ebola gets in.”

“Forget missiles. EBOLA Bomber”

“Wait until ISIS figures out that this is a very cheap way to dispose of infidels. No expense for C4 or timer mechanisms. All you need is someone who is willing to sneeze for the Caliphate.”

“With a 30 day incubation period and a few airplane flights this would make MH17 look like a holiday package.”

While this may seem far-fetched to someone living in America suffering from normalcy-bias and mainstream media propaganda, it is a glaring and obvious risk – one which could develop into a full-blown deadly pandemic as it grows exponentially in populated regions.

If the radicals are so hell-bent on putting down Americans, and while so many of them are willing to take their own lives to do so, then how difficult would it be for them to recruit Ebola ‘carriers’ and send them all to major cities in the United States? By the time we realize what has happened, it will be too late.

Preparing for a deadly pandemic must occur before the onset. The time (as always) is NOW.

It is possible to survive a pandemic, however it will require that you have ALL the food and supplies that you need in your dwelling – while you do not go out in public while it rages outside your door.

Ebola incubation period: Up to 3-weeks

Ebola Pandemic – A Possible World Nightmare

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  1. The latest news is that the Ebola has reached the capitol of Sierra Leone and the patient carrying the virus was illegally taken from the hospital by her family thus endangering the whole capitol city with infection. They are in panic now and desperately searching for the patient and her family, but it may already be too late.

    1. Life imitating art (movies) or is it the other way around. Is seems that not only do we not learn from history, we also don’t learn from Hollywood.

    2. The woman broken out of the hospital went to a natural healer. She was convinced to return to the hospital, which she did (see Zero Hedge, today’s date). The guy in Lagos is dead today as well.

      Ebola as a bio-weapon? Read Tom Clancy: Executive orders to find out how.

  2. Signs and Symptoms

    Symptoms of Ebola HF typically include:

    Joint and muscle aches
    Stomach pain
    Lack of appetite

    Some patients may experience:

    A RashRed EyesHiccupsChest painDifficulty breathingDifficulty swallowingBleeding inside and outside of the body

    Symptoms may appear anywhere from 2 to 21 days after exposure to ebolavirus though 8-10 days is most 


  3. I hope to God we never see this on US soil, but I fear that we will. The world is getting smaller. This could spread real quick.

  4. far-fetched…no..

    unless it was misprinted, few hours ago, on the runner at bottom of the news was something to effect…

    “person with confirmed Ebola has “disappeared/kidnapped” from medical facility in..(missed that part)”..

    it was only on the once, and we have not seen it since.

    we looked at each other and ……….”terrorists”?

  5. Well, the terrorists don’t have to lift a finger for this one. The outbreak is FAR from contained, and it is spreading. It will make it’s way here, we’re like a big magnet for that sort of thing.

    1. Ebola mutates with each person who passes it on. It’s a tricky little bug. Normally, after it has mutated more than a few times it no longer kills.

  6. Just reported today on Rueters:


    “According to health ministry data and officials, dozens of people confirmed by laboratory tests to have Ebola are now unaccounted for in Sierra Leone, where the majority of cases have been recorded in the country’s east.”

    Also, as Paul commented earlier today,

    Sierra Leone officials appealed for help on Friday to trace a resident in the capital with Ebola whose family forcibly removed her from a Freetown hospital after testing positive for the deadly disease, Ebola.

  7. The man was confirmed to have had Ebola and has died.
    He flew into Nigeria by commercial air.
    His fellow passengers were exposed to him.
    Ebola is known to be transmitted via contaminated surfaces.
    Where is the plane and all those people he came in contact with?
    Nigeria has little resources to contain this situation.

    1. The interior surfaces of the ‘flying tubes’ which incredible numbers of people travel in every day at 35,000 feet – are NOT sanitized upon each arrival and departure, and are ideal carriers of virus and bacteria. This man who flew by commercial air may have infected MANY others who themselves may be infecting MANY others RIGHT NOW without even knowing it…

      It is the exponential equation which is the most alarming – something that many (most?) people do not understand.

      1. Ken, I have flown seldom, but have often heard other fairly frequent flyers claim that airplanes were “spray disinfected” after each trip.

        of course, even if that were true, there could be a LOT of hours of passengers sharing germs.

        what is actually disinfected?
        what would be meant by “spray disinfected”? for ex, have wondered if someone walks around with a spray can of disinfectant? (pretty much useless)

        from what you say, though, that is not even done?

    2. Not to dismiss this, because it is a concern, but let’s not forget that in this whole epidemic, the cases are on the order of 1,000, possibly less (sorry for not having the numbers). It therefore follows that this is not as communicable as the flu. If it were, it would not only be in New York and Tokyo, there would be over a billion dead by now. The transmission of the virus is very inefficient, and requires droplets of contaminated fluid to make contact with the recipient in a vulnerable place (mucous membranes for instance). Unless this changes, my heart goes out to the Africans, but it won’t be at the top of my own worries.

  8. End of August or early September…I bet that is when we see the first case outside of Africa. When people go to the airport they touch door handles, fixtures in bathrooms, ticket counters, chairs…imagine if the man who was ill went into a little shop and touched magazines or newspapers? Imagine if he coughed in a crowded line…cuz those never happen at airports. Apparently he vomited while in flight (according to AP). Did the cleanup people double glove, use masks, etc. What about the person sitting next to the man in the flight? I could keep going. Point is…ebola is out of the cage and we don’t know where it is heading next because it has about 3 weeks where it can just hide.

    Can you imagine the panic that would ensue if this showed up on US soil? Chaos! Be able to survive for at least 3 months at your home, without going to the store or being in public. 3 months is a very long time…and it might even be longer.

  9. An Ebola outbreak would be a valid reason to declare martial law. Martial Law would be about the ONLY way to slow down the pandemic. Unlike Hollywood, life doesn’t always have a happy ending.

  10. Biohazard Level 4: Viruses and bacteria that cause severe to fatal disease in humans, and for which vaccines or other treatments are not available, such as Bolivian and Argentine hemorrhagic fevers, Marburg virus, Ebola virus, hantaviruses, Lassa fever virus, Crimean–Congo hemorrhagic fever, and other hemorrhagic diseases. Variola virus (smallpox) is an agent that is worked with at BSL-4 despite the existence of a vaccine. When dealing with biological hazards at this level the use of a positive pressure personnel suit, with a segregated air supply, is mandatory. The entrance and exit of a Level Four biolab will contain multiple showers, a vacuum room, an ultraviolet light room, autonomous detection system, and other safety precautions designed to destroy all traces of the biohazard. Multiple airlocks are employed and are electronically secured to prevent both doors opening at the same time. All air and water service going to and coming from a Biosafety Level 4 (P4) lab will undergo similar decontamination procedures to eliminate the possibility of an accidental release.
    Source – Wikipedia

    Hardly likely that an airline would do more than spray Lysol.

    1. Airlines probably use Great Value brand disinfectant. The cabin air in commercial airliners is recycled. People have complained about it spreading bugs for years. In the U.S., airlines’ response to these complaints has been a raised middle finger, same as their response to any other compaint. They subcontract customer service to the DMV.

  11. You can imagine the headlines…
    33,000 fast food workers fall ill simultaneously.
    A week later.. X customers of 33,000 fast food workers fall ill.
    End of Game.

    Simplest and most effective employment of such bi0-illogical w3pon would be the food containers.

    We need Everyone, we live in diverse times thus we need diversity in the people to survive.
    My personal opinion is that the first rule of prepping is to stop voting.
    We are dependant on resourcefulness and adaptability not compliance.
    BreakingBad was good, having kids with a viable future is better.
    Don’t profit from war and in times of uncertainty make your own food.
    Prosper and live well.
    ‘nuff said, Nick.

    1. All voters in the US stopped voting when Diebold Electronic Voting machines replaced the paper ballets.

      Whats the line? “It does not matter how many voted, it only matters who counts the votes” J. Stalin

  12. I don’t worry too much about an outbreak of Ebola in the first world. This disease is not (at least not yet) transmissible by air but only by body fluids (blood, semen, lymphoid fluids). So even if you travel a long-distance flight together with an infected ebola patient, your chance of actually getting infected are very, very low. If this virus would be as transmittable as the measles virus, the case would be different (your chance of contracting the measles by simply going by an infected person are around 95%).

    Ebola is a (sorry to say so) typical third world disease. It occurs in places with badly equipped hospitals, little to no hygiene standards and regions where public awareness of infectious diseases is low. And it spreads due to poor standards, misbeliefs and distrust in a health system.

    If such cases occur in the US (or Europe) only very few people would get infected until someone puts one and one together and isolates the persons and their contacts. Such an outbreak would likely cause very few deaths compared to Africa.

    1. You’re mostly correct, but it’s not poor hygiene or even public ignorance that is responsible for Ebola outbreaks, it’s the fact that an African bat harbors the virus. When conditions are exactly wrong, people become infected. Primitive African tribes have long dealt with Ebola by their version of quarantine – they’d send the victim into a hut by himself, and if food stops disappearing, they burn the hut down.

      Ebola would happen here as well if we had those bats and that virus. How many deaths it would cause would vary widely, as it does in Africa, according to how well quarantine procedures work.

      But you are correct in that it spreads poorly, requiring fluid contact with eyes or mouth. That is the reason the epidemic, scary as it is, is small and when all is said and done, it will not be considered some big catastrophe. Flu kills far more every year.

      1. Reading from CDC, WHO and other information outlets, ebola also spreads through contaminated surfaces where it can live for several days.

        So thinking that it only spreads by touch/fluid exchange is totally wrong.

        1. It’s not totally wrong, or it would have infected tens of millions by now. It may survive on a surface for some time, but it does not typically spread that way. I’d like to see any cases where it was actually thought to spread that way. The rate of spread is much more consistent with fluid.

          For any given infectious agent, you can titrate how much virus it takes, on average, to infect another person. You titrate it to plaque forming units, and determine how many need to be present in a sample to infect 50% of those coming in contact. I don’t have the data on Ebola, but would bet my house that it takes millions or tens of millions of PFU to infect 50% of people. Again, otherwise it would have wiped out central Africa by now. So when you need that much live virus, you won’t get it off a door handle two days later.

          1. Tom Aumeg – You’re probably right. I’m just starting to read up on this nasty bug.

            I just wanted to point out what little I had come to know so far.

            Scary stuff, man!

    2. If someone on a plane pukes everyone can smell it. If the passengers can smell it that means tiny amounts of ebola carrying puke got into your nostrils.

  13. Don’t underestimate what can happen… I personally thought this outbreak would spread the world, i made that call a number of months ago. it has broken containment and is in major cities with international air travel. it is killing the doctors and nurses. Think of the crippling effect it could have to world trade and the economy not to mention the possible social panic.. lockdown of cities and towns, martial law. its not that far fetched… if you were wise you would take this seriously… it doesn’t take much to overwhelm the healthcare industry especially when healthcare workers are sure to die when facing ebola, as africa has proven. Numerous threats face us imminently.

  14. Most Africans don’t have the means to travel far or fast. I once heard of a road across central Africa that was nicknamed the AIDS highway. The road was paved in the 70s and that was thought to greatly speed up the spread of AIDS.

  15. SOme years back (20 or 30) Scientific American had a great article on contagious diseases and what it took to become a plague. Ebola failed in one significant area in that it was communicable only while the victim had visible symptoms. What is needed to become the great plague is an infectious disease that is transmitted easily by air or personal contact and can be transmitted for weeks/days before the infected person shows symptoms or knows they are infected. And of course it must be nearly universally deadly. Flu meets most of the requirements all that is sneeded is a particularly deadly strain.

  16. Personally, I think the Ebola outbreak in Africa is biological warfare. If you think about it, Africa hasn’t had much Ebola outbreaks that caused these many deaths in years, then all of a sudden this happens? Then we have Russia and Ukraine fighting each other, along with Gaza and Libya. Something is going on and the government is trying to keep it under wraps. I heard that the CDC were the ones who had the virus and they ‘thought’ it was dead, and that’s how it spread. Like I said, biological warfare. It may or may not just be a modified version of the virus…

  17. The Gays agenda was strong and went to work quickly to quell any safety measures for the general public when AIDs started to pulverize innocent folks in the USA. At that time a 100% fatal disease afflicting blood recipients in hospitals and other innocents. Even children died in agony while the Gays who were spreading the deathly virus were allowed to rampage freely throughout society.

    Will ebola have the same protectors demanding that those afflicted with this virus are allowed to run amok throughout society when it enters the USA?

  18. The experts say Ebola cannot be spread on an airplane because the virus is not airborne, and only spread by touching contaminated fluids. What about people using the bathroom on a plane and then touching the door knob or water faucets in the bathroom. A lot of people do not wash their hands after using the lavatory, and even if they do, they then re-handle the dirty faucet handles. Think about it. Very scary!!

  19. this doesn’t seem like a good idea

    Ebola waste from victims at Emory will be flushed into public sewer.

    The air the patients breathe goes through a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter before it is exhausted outside the hospital. There is no recirculation of air, so no one who works inside the facility is at risk.

    Their bodily waste, including stool, will be flushed into the public sewer system. Ribner said there was no risk of transmission to the general public because waste management practices will kill any virus that’s flushed into waste water.

    “The U.S. public health service has established that that is an effective way of dealing with these viruses,” he said. “Whatever comes out of the public sewer system should not be contagious.”

    “Should not be contagious.” No worries. So, your safety and health from a hemorrhagic virus, is left into the hands of the these guys

  20. The EBOLA virus disease was confined to central and east Africa.

    If a vaccine against EBOLA was to be tested, it should have logically been in these areas.

    How come the vaccine was tested (in January. 2014) in west Africa with hitherto no cases of EBOLA, only for the EBOLA virus disease to erupt a few months after the clinical trial of this vacvine?

    If indeed the source of infection is bush meat, how come people in other west African Countries, where people eat bush meat, were/ are not infected?

    I wonder if the test (Clinical Trials) of these vaccine was monitored by the Government of the Country where the trial was conducted?

    1. I have wondered some of these things, as well.

      Now, WHO is stating, (yesterday on news) that WHO is ONLY recommending giving citizens of these countries blood transfusions from people who have recovered,


      only using vaccines for aid workers from other countries.

      WHO is stating no vaccine for citizens of these countries will be available till AFTER the end of the year. Won’t the citizens, by the end of the year, be dead or cured by then?

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